Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF-Sleeping with the Enemy Prt18 Pg131(July 22)

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So I thought I'd try my hand at another FF.  I know I'm crazy, but let's see how this one goes.  I've written the first part.  If you guys like it, then I'll continue, if not, then that's okay too.  : )

Also, please let me know if you have suggestions for a Title for this one.  I'm a little stuck on that part.


Part 1-Page 1
Part 2- Page 6
Part 3-Page 9
Part 4-Page 13
Part 5- Page 19
Part 6-Page 26
 Part 7-Page 35
Part 8-Page 42
Part 9-Page 47
Part 10-Page 53
Part 11-Page 61
Part 12-Page 69
Part 13- Page 78
Part 14- Page 89 
Part 15-Page 93
Part 16-Page 105
Part 17-Page 119
Part 18-Page 131
Part 1
"Arohi Ahluwalia you get down here right this minute." Arohi closed her eyes and sighed.  Time to face the music she thought to herself.  Coming to the top of the stairs she put a sad pitiful expression on her face and looked down at her dad.  He stood at the foot of the stairs glaring up at her.  "Yes daddy?" she said as she walked down the stairs, her eyes downcast.    Arohi's dad's eyes bore into her.  He knew his youngest daughter a little too well.  And he knew how quickly she could put on a sad, helpless face.   As she took the last step to come stand infront of him, her eyes filled with tears and her lips trembled.  "Did you crash the car again?" he yelled.  Arohi shook her head no.  The lower lip still trembling.  "It wasn't me daddy."  "Don't you lie to me Arohi." he said sternly.  "This is the third vehicle in a span of 5 months."  "What is wrong with you?"  Arohi looked up her dad.  "This time it wasn't my fault."  "The City put in a meridian where there really shouldn't be one."  "Arohi, that's the problem, it's just never your fault."  "This time it's the City's fault?"  "They apparently need to ask the great Arohi Ahluwalia before they make routine adjustments to our roads."   "Yes." Arohi said nodding, but one look at her dad and she could see that was not the answer he wanted.
"Arohi, this is partly mine and your mom's fault."  "We've spoiled you too much."  "You're so irresponsible."  "You think money grows on trees."  "Don't let me even get started on your schooling."  "How many times have you changed your major?"  "How many times Arohi?" he roared getting himself worked up again.  "Four," Arohi said pouting.  "But that's not my fault either."  "The problem is that I keep finding something even better."  " I just excel at so many things, that it's just so hard to decide what I should focus on"  "You should focus on getting a degree, any degree." her dad said sarcastically.  "Look at your cousin Gauri, she's only 24 and she's already being headhunted by large corporations."  "You at 23 go to University to dress up and look pretty and hang out with your equally useless friends."  "And that stupid boy that hangs around with you."  "What's his name?" "Abhi." Arohi supplied.  "Yes, him, he just adds to your  irresponsibility."  "Did I see him carrying your purse the other day?"  "Dad, he was carrying my shopping bags, my purse just happened to be in there too."  "Perfect." her dad said shaking his head."  "Just the kind of son in law I want."  "Just perfect." 
Arohi looked away rolling her eyes.  This was a conversation her dad and her had a atleast once a week.  Atleast some version of it.  Either it was the car, or how much money she spent, or her University, or her friends, on and on it went.  She could repeat it verbatim.  "Arohi, it's time for you to grown up, learn from your didi at your age she was finished University and already engaged."  "You're my acha bacha, don't you want to make your dad happy?"  Then he would rest his hand on her head and she would say ofcouse daddy, leaning in and giving him a quick peck on the cheek.  "I promise I'll be good," and he would smile and say that's my girl."  Five minutes later Arohi would forget the whole conversation even took place.
That was just the kind of girl she was.  She ran from responsibilities of any kind.  She wanted to party, and have fun.  As for Uni, she attended classes...sometimes.  But what it really was, was a place to socialize, and gossip, and flirt and look good.  She was only 23.  She had her whole life to study and work.  Now, it was time to enjoy.  If only her dad understood that.
"Arjun, the client was very happy with your presentation."  "He's signed the contract and we'll be starting work on his building within the week."  Arjun smiled.  "That's great news" he said to his dad.  Singhania Developers was run by both father and son.  Arjun had started working with his dad right after university and now at 27 he'd transformed the company and it was well on it's way to becoming an empire.  He had his dad's faith in him and his own hard work to thank for that.
"Arjun, we're having Sidharth and his family over for dinner tonight."  "Please make sure you're there."  "Siddarth is always asking about you and I'm always left making excuses."  Arjun grimaced but nodded as his dad left his office. Wonderful , Sid uncle was a great guy. But his daughter was a piece of work.  He loathed Arohi Ahluwalia.  She was a stuck up, arrogant, stubborn b***h.  He couldn't stand her but since Sid uncle and his dad were such good friends he had had to spend way too much time in her evil presence.  As kids, they even had to take family vacations together.  Both families knew of the animosity between the two or them but they ignored it.  That's what bothered Arjun.  Everytime Arohi messed up, which was daily, it was just swept under the carpet.  She got away with everything. 
Her irresponsibility had no bounds and as far as he could tell her biggest goal in life was to spend as much of her father's money as possible.  Arjun who had always been so goal oriented and driven couldn't understand how she lived such an trivial life.  As this thought crossed his mind Arjun forced himself to stop thinking about her.  He would not let that girl get under his skin.
"Dad, why do I have to go for dinner."  "I have other plans." Arohi whined "Besides you know how much I detest that loser Arjun."  "Cancel your plans, you are spending the evening with your family tonight."  "As for Arjun, I will never understand why you fight with him so much."  "He's a very nice boy."  "Dad, I don't fight with him, he fights with me. "  "He's the biggest instigator there is."  "He'll keep pushing your buttons until you lash out, then he turns it around."  "He was like that as a kid and now he's even worse as an adult."  Arohi's dad just shook his head and laughed at her.   "One day you two will laugh over all the bickering you did when you were younger."  "Laugh, I don't think so Arohi thought as she walked up the her room.  Laughter and happy things wasn't what came to mind when she thought of  Arjun. Pompous Ass, Egotistical, Self Centred, Stubborn those were the words she thought of when she thought of Arjun. 
Even as kids he would tell her what to do and how to do it.  Being 4 years older then her he thought he knew everything about everything.  One day she had to send him an email and he had returned that email highlighting her grammatical errors.  Just thinking of that incident made Arohi's blood boil.  He was a LOSER with a capital L.
Arjun's house the same evening:
"Abhi, do you want a drink?" Arjun asked his best friend.  "Sure, why not."  "When's Arohi getting here Abhi asked Arjun for the 4th time in an hour.  Arjun glared at him.  "What have I told you about mentioning that psycho girls name in infront of me?"  "Arjun, that's my girlfriend, you shouldn't talk about her like that."  Arjun stared at his his friend with disgust.  "But you're not her boyfriend." he said.  "You're her bank, or her driver, or her errand boy or when she's bored you're her jump through hopes to entertain me boy."  "It's not like that man," Abhi said to Arjun.  "I know it's actually 10 times worse."  "What happened to you?"  "Can't you see past her looks and see what a self centred b**ch she is.  "Arjun!' Abhi warned.  "That's enough!'  "I love her."  Arjun choked on his beer.  "'ve been together for 2 months, and tell me this, has she even let you kiss her?"  Abhi answered avoiding eye contact.  "Yes she has."  "LIAR!" Arjun yelled, another disgusted expression on his face.  "Okay let me rephrase, has she let you kiss anything but her hand."  Abhi looked sheepishly at Arjun and smiled.  "No, but she will."  "She will when I propose to her next weekend on our Vegas trip." 
Arjun's drink spurted out of his mouth onto Abhi's face.  "WHAT?!" he yelled.  "You're going to marry that shedevil?"  "Thanks," Abhi said wiping his face with a napkin.  "Yes, Abhi said  pulling out a ring box.  I've bought the ring too."  "Abhi you are making the biggest mistake of your life."  "That girl treats you like her servant."  "Just think a girl who at 2 months only let's you carry her bags and kiss her hand."  "It'll be 2 years before she lets you actually touch her."  'Don't do it."  "I know her better then you." "She's crazy" Arjun said with desperation.  Abhi laughed.  "Arjun you're biased because for some reason you don't like her."  "She's actually a great person."  "You're delusional." Arjun said leaning back in his chair he took a drink of his beer.  There was no way he was going to let Abhi ruin his life by marrying that crazy Arohi.  Hearing the doorbell ring he cringed at having to see his nemesis.
5 days later- Las Vegas- The Venetian- Hotel Room
Arohi woke up slowly.  Her head was throbbing and she could barely open her eyes.  Why had she drank so much!  She opened her eyes and quickly shut them.  This was going to be one hell of a hangover she thought to herself.  Then around the banging in her head, she thought she could hear snoring.  Was she snoring and didn't realize it she thought.  No, how could that be.  She opened her eyes, slower this time and looked in the direction of the snoring and her eyes popped wide open at the sight infront of her.  AAAH she screamed scrambling off the bed and then grabbing on to the night stand because she suddenly felt dizzy.  Beside her Arjun sat up in bed and looked at the direction of the screaming.  AAAH he yelled seeing Arohi.  "What are you doing here? he yelled.  "What am I doing here?  What are you doing here?" she screamed back.  They were fully dressed so nothing happened she thought, thanking god.  Pointing to the door she said "get out, get out right now before I call secuirty and have you thrown out."  Get outtt and then she saw the diamond on her ring finger.  She was wearing what looked like a wedding ring.  She stared at it and then looked back at Arjun with horror.  Arjun stared at her hand, on her ring finger she wore Abhi's ring.  Abhi's ring that Arjun had taken from him last night so that he wouldn't propose to Arohi.
Arohi stumbled towards the bathroom.  "I'm going to be sick." she whispered.  Almost at the bathroom she noticed an official document laying on the floor.  Picking it up she skimmed it over and then grabbed onto the bathroom door steading herself, the peice of paper slipping from her fingers back to the ground.  "What was that? Arjun asked seeing Arohi's stricken expression.  "It's our marriage licence." she said turning white.
So there's the first update.  If you like it let me know.  I will write about what happened in the 5 days post marriage so therre won't be any gaps in the story.  I just wrote it this way so it'll give you an idea of where the story is headed.  Anyways another little attempt at writing.  Let me know.  I will ofcourse still be updating Rab Ne Banadi Jodi.    But this story will be considerably diffferent from it. 

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wow...a new one??? add me to the pm list!
me first to read!!
do i have to say?? do continue!! its awesome!!
 they're married!! ooohhh can't wait for the next chapter!!!*super-excited*
haha...i guess this is gonna be too good!!
that highlighted the grammatical error part was fab!! ROFLROFL

you can name it 'what happened at vegas??' rofl..

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awesome yar...Clapdo continue..
very interesting ff...they r married..very exited 4 next chappy..
grammatical mistake part was too hilarious...
again m saying u r awesome writer n m sure i m goin to addicted to dis ff too...
can i knw ur gud name plz...
n plz add me to ur pm list...Embarrassed

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Another ff...super luvd it. Pm me k? Bt plz cntinue RNBDJ,m in luv wid dat.

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it was awesome do continue
add me to your pm list

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GREAT and for sure you have to continue Big smile Smile

add me too at pm list

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Another FF addiction is on its way..!!..Tongue loved it...a really nyc beginning..Big smile
do continue...i will b waiting 4 d PM..Embarrassed n Rab ne.. is my fav..dun let it end any soon...KMH's end is enuf disheartening..Cry
You cud name it "Opposites Attract"..okay..dats a common dats wat strikes my mind now..Tongue

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