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MG FF: Quantum of Solace -Thread One- (Page 64)

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Originally posted by Newdime

Originally posted by Krishnaluv94

Haha, yes I was wondering where you two went. Special screening?! :O lol. Will be waiting for the update!

Oopsii doopsii we got caught Min...Embarrassed

It's okay. You're not going to get a special screening anyways! You all will get it at the same time! :)

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Next is urs.Minu..i hate it when it does not post have to wait for few more secs...silly IF

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Part 11

That night Geet went home extremely worried. She was precise and meticulous when it came to money. Splurging unnecessarily wasn't something Geet did as surprising as it maybe to some. But despite this, living in New York and the surmounting costs it brought left Geet with little to spare. She sat on the couch with her bank statements, student loan papers, and other bills spread out in front of her trying to figure out how she would be able to get the money for the lawyer. Geet knew if worst came to worst she had Meera and even Dadi who would be more than willing to help. But she wanted that to be last resort since this was her own struggle. Lost in crunching numbers Geet failed to hear the door being opened by Meera who had come home from another client meeting. 

Not wanting to enter the area that seemed to be hit by a tornado Meera stood by the kitchen island and questioned, "What on earth are you doing Geet?"
"Oh hey Meera, I wasn't expecting you to be home already. As for all of this I'm trying to see how I will be able to manage my costs. Maan and I are going to see a lawyer tomorrow. And right now money really isn't a luxury."

Meera silently thought of the irony in the situation. She moved aside the papers and sat down next to her. The situation was fragile enough so Meera picked her words carefully. "Geet, don't worry I'm here to help."

This is exactly what Geet didn't want, to be pitied. She continued to fidget with the papers and wouldn't look away from them. "I know Meera but I don't want to be a burden besides if I really was desperate enough you know'."

Meera's grip tightened on the pillow upon hearing what came out of her mouth. The word burden was unbearable to Meera and the unsaid words only added to that. On the surface Geet seemed like an ordinary girl but there was one fact that most people didn't know about her. 

The small detail was that she came from one of London's wealthiest families. It was one of the reasons she moved to the states after leaving home since people wouldn't recognize her name as much. Still though once in a while people would question her if there was any connection and Geet would flat out deny it. This was the one thing Geet tried her hardest to hide from all. In truth she was heir to a substantial share of the Handa empire and also possessed an untouched trust fund worth millions. But in all of these years she hadn't and wouldn't even now claim any rights on either. 

The day she stepped out of the house was when Geet gave up not only relations if one could even call them that but everything that was rightfully hers. Geet thought that at least her mother would call once and ask her to come home but all in vain. It dawned on Geet then that her entire life she had been living in false denial that she was ever a part of this family. That she actually had some worth for them. Very few people knew this about of Geet. But those that did like Meera couldn't help but wonder what she was made of. Any other person in her shoes would have lived a carefree life with the money and forgotten about family. But Geet wasn't like her family, she was simple and selfless. Things like money and status meant nothing to her. All that mattered for Geet was living fairly. 

The deadly silence was guaranteed to bring up the unwanted emotional conversation so Meera ignored the topic by diverting. "Well I only want to help out so until all is settled and you are back on your feet the loft and bills will be my responsibility." Geet immediately opened her mouth to protest but Meera stopped knowing fully what she was going to say.

"Don't worry Geet. It's not charity you can pay me back later."

"Thanks Meera, I don't know where I'd be without you."

"It's simple Geet you'd still be your own boring self which you still are." Meera finally got the angle to lighten the conversation and jumped at it. 

Geet playfully hit her arm and smiled softly at her. She knew what Meera was doing and had been since they arrived, trying to take her thoughts away from the past. "Whatever Meera I'm not boring."

"Have you even seen anything in the Hamptons beside Maan's house? I don't think so. That's why we are going to go on an outing one day. And maybe I might even be able to get a date or two." Meera winked. 

Geet laughed, "Like you need to worry about that. Your prince will come one day soon enough."

"Having a change of heart Geet? I thought you didn't believe in such things."

"No, I still don't but I know you do."

"So you are going to New York with Maan tomorrow. Is that a good idea after your little fiasco? Plus Maan's so what's the word...unsocial?" Meera knew from talking with Maan a little that he was actually relatable and decent. But she intentionally brought up the conversation this way to get Geet talking about him truthfully.

"Oh Meera he's not that bad once you get to know him. Maan is actually a good listener. Not to mention I can tell he's gone through a lot so I feel for him."

It was early for Geet to admit anything but unconsciously Meera knew there was definitely something cooking on both ends. The scene she witnessed of them colliding at the restaurant and what he was doing for her now was evidence enough. Meera inwardly had a gleeful smile. She was glad Geet found someone to relate to on a level that neither her nor Maan yet realized it but she could definitely see.

The following morning was a mixture of various emotions. Piyu was still upset, Dadi was flustered, Maan was extra moody and Geet was confused as to how to deal with it all. Geet didn't know where to start first but realizing Piyu was the center of it all she decided to pacify her first because dealing with her would help Dadi. And Maan, well she had all day to deal with him.

Once she saw Maan was out of earshot gathering his files and laptop Geet moved towards Piyu who was playing with her breakfast with a big frown on her face. "Piyu, sweetie can you please smile. I can't leave when you are all sad like that." 

"Well then take me along that way I won't be sad. I promise I'll be behave."

Maan could hear everything despite Geet's efforts of whispering. He was getting agitated and sternly called out to Piyu but Geet cut him off. She knew him getting angry and yelling at her wouldn't help. "Maan, why don't you go to the car? We should get going. I'll be there in a bit." He glared at Geet for being interrupted and walked out of the house."

Geet then bent towards Piyu at eye level and tugged her close. "You are my good girl aren't you?" 

Piyu looked down and simply nodded. "That's what I thought and good girls don't mope do they?" She shook her head and softly replied, "I'm sorry Geet."

"It's alright honey I understand. I'll bring a special treat for you and we'll spend a whole day doing what you tomorrow, okay?" Geet said sweetly.

Piyu smiled, "Okay." Geet gave Piyu a quick hug and turned to Dadi. "I should go before he gets angrier. Piyu behave and don't trouble Dadi too much. And please take your medicine on time Dadi."

"Geet relax it's only a few hours. Now go!"

As she got closer Geet could hear Maan screaming which only increased once she was within his sight. "Geet, will you get in the car!"

"Maan, I'm coming will stop complaining like a five year old."

"I wouldn't be complaining if you'd hurry up."

Geet returned his icy glare and slipped into the backseat next to him while the driver proceeded to pull out of the driveway. "I was ready way before you for your kind information. I was just trying to make Piyu's mood better."

Maan really didn't have the energy to argue with her now. He again had a sleepless night. "Alright let's stop arguing Geet. We have more important issues to cover now. I have already briefed the lawyer on the basics of the case. But even that wasn't necessary since he knew most of it from the newspapers..." Geet was completely focused in the beginning but her mind drifted off once again. She started to wonder how fate worked and why it brought her to the point she was at now. Geet was on this track for only God knows how long until Maan noticed her spaced out once again. He wondered how in the world this girl had managed to become a doctor and with such recognition when she has such short attention span. 

"Geet, what's wrong?" He said a little angry since all this time he had been talking away senselessly and she wasn't even listening. But after hearing her faint and dry reply of nothing. He softened realizing she was still deep in her thoughts. This wasn't the time to upset her Maan knew. She most likely must have been pondering the usual what her had become of her life question. Or where had she gone wrong in her decision making he thought silently. After letting her continue her trance for few more minutes Maan broke it. "Why are you lying to me? You should know by now that you can't."

Geet blinked away the thoughts and came back to reality. "You are just like Meera, you don't give up on things easily."

Maan was tired of having serious conversations so he tried to lighten the mood. "In those terms yes but personally I think I'm a bit more handsome."

She gave a faint laugh. "Please Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, let's not get carried away." 

"I'm rather offended you know with that statement." Geet smiled and shook her head not being able to comprehend Maan's behavioral changes. He was so understanding and calm one minute then completely icy and rude the next. It was as if he had two different personalities. "Will you enlighten me as to why you were so moody back there?"

He breathed out a deep sigh. It was going to be a long few hours he thought. "I'm not moody, it's been a long day that's all."

"Long day! Maan it's only 8:30 in the morning the day hasn't even started."

"Please Geet don't start. I'm stressed out as it is right now." His response was more of a desperate plea than an angry order. Taking into account his request Geet realized she should stop trying to strike a conversation with him to brighten his mood since she was only bothering him more. Geet glanced over at him and started to feel guilty now for aggravating him so much. 

Geet edged closer to the driver and quietly asked him, "Can you take the next exit please?"

Maan was too busy with his face buried in his laptop to notice anything. Well that was until he felt the car stop. "Why did you stop James?" Maan asked while trying to make sense of the location by peering out the tinted windows. 

Geet knew the driver was scared to reply and before Maan chewed him out she replied instead. "I asked him to stop. I'll be right back."

"Geet! This isn't some road trip that we can stop constantly." 

"Maan, this will only take a minute so relax will you! I seriously don't want to put you on anxiety medicine at such a young age."

Maan gritted her name through his teeth but before she had to hear more harsh words Geet shut the door in his face and sprinted out the car leaving Maan to glare at her retreating back. He couldn't believe it only half an hour since they left the house and she stopped already. At this rate we aren't going to get anywhere Maan muttered.

Few minutes later Geet returned. "See that didn't take long now did it. Here you go." She handed him a steaming cup of coffee. "I know it's not your usual but it's all they had. And I know I'm throwing us off schedule but I noticed you were tired and thought this might do you some good."

"Is it that obvious?" He asked. 

Geet was confused as what he meant and responded with a question."What?" 

"That I'm tired."

"Like I said before it might not be to many but for me it is. I noticed your eyes were all puffy and red this morning so I figured you must have not slept well at night. But after seeing you being so short with Piyu I realized it's something more than sleep that's wrong. I'm all ears if you need to vent."

Maan didn't know what to say. He was touched not only by her understanding but even by the simple cup of coffee she brought. He couldn't remember when someone had last done something for him aside from his Dadi without him having to ask. Life had changed drastically in the past few years, things that were of great value such as friends and relationships had been gone for so long that this felt unreal to him. Maan had forgotten the satisfaction of being cared for. He smiled at her softly. "Thanks Geet for this."

"Maan getting you a cup of coffee is nothing compared to all that you have done for me."

"That's not true Geet. Caring is not something that should be measured. Even little things mean a lot especially for someone like me."

Geet pondered at little over by what he meant. "I probably won't ever get the chance to put you on the spot so please define what you mean by someone like me."

"You are smart and a good observer Geet, you should know exactly what I mean by that."

"I have a something in mind but what if I'm wrong? I'd rather hear it from you." Geet could have easily dragged on with her own words but she wanted to hear him talk.

So much for a not so serious conversation Maan thought while he shut his laptop. "It's simple Geet. Little acts of kindness go a long way for those of us that don't have the pleasure of receiving them often or if ever. It's no secret that I have no one in my life but Dadi and Piyu. But it wasn't always like this. As hard is it maybe to believe there was a time when I wasn't uptight and actually a lively person. However fate had different plans and my life turned upside down." 

He paused briefly trying to gather the right words. "In short I lost touch with people after what happened. Not only because I lost trust in them but also in myself. Because of that I forgot in these past few years what it felt like to be cared about, to actually know that I somehow matter, that I am in someone's thoughts enough for them to do something for me without expectations. So I'm not thanking you for a cup of coffee I'm thanking you for something much more than that." He reviewed all that he said in his mind and couldn't help but think if he was absurd.  "I don't know Geet maybe this sounds selfish and silly to you."

Geet was intently listening to him. Maan had finally opened up and she didn't want to miss a word knowing this might not happen again. By the time he was finished Geet felt a little better. She was not able to have the feeling of joy like when treating patients anymore but knowing what she did meant something to him was just as rewarding. But she couldn't believe that he thought it might be silly to her because it was much more of the opposite. "Maan I would say no one better than me would know what you are feeling but I think we are both tied for that. I understand completely what you are saying and I don't think it's silly. Moreover it's definitely not selfish. It's our nature to want to be loved. We all need care and affection no matter how much we deny it." 

He nodded. But something still bothered him. He was slowly starting to feel again but what now? Where did he go from here? Will life become what it was like before? He looked over at Geet who was silently watching the cars go by. "Just one question Geet. Do you think it's possible to become the people we once were?"

She shifted her eyes away from the window and looked over at him. Saying she was startled by the question would be an understatement. Geet didn't really know what he once was or why he was even asking this but she was glad he asked. In the process she also gained some realization about her situation. "Such a thing isn't possible Maan. We can never truly be what we ever were in the past. Nothing is constant in life except change."

Alright everyone this hasn't been reviewed yet. So please ignore mistakes for the time being! :) Forgive me for the long wait! I was on vacation for two weeks and after I came back I was simply busy. You all know life gets like that sometimes. The update is a little longer than usual so I hope that makes up for the delay! 

Enjoy! And please don't forget to hit the like button leave your lovely comments. Big smile

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Is this spot mine? Shocked Cool Clown

WOW that's long it was worth waiting...Big smile

It was a wonderful read.  Humm...

So miss Handa is the heiress of Handa Empire...that was unexpected and also from England.

Understanding each other and have a normal convo is impt for any relation, lecturing the opposite advising to look at the bright side...its more fake to me then agree to each other...I like that...

"Such a thing isn't possible Maan. We can never truly be what we ever were in the past. Nothing is constant in life except change. I so agree to this...loved the statement so true...I tried to be what I was before..the thing is I forgot what I was then?

A good question is never answered.  It is not a bolt to be tightened into place but a seed to be planted and to bear more seed toward the hope of greening the landscape of idea.

One way the other they both look after each other.

I had this song for long time in my head for these 2...and ur FF that I was hoping ur next part could lead me to relate to it...and I see some what to it...

Without accepting the fact that everything changes, we cannot find perfect composure.  But unfortunately, although it is true, it is difficult for us to accept it.  Because we cannot accept the truth of transience, we suffer

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