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MG FF: Quantum of Solace -Thread One- (Page 54)

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Next is yours...I take a break...kit kat break.. break to banta hai dost.

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Part 10

Maan immediately started to get in touch with his New York contacts that were familiar with the late Mr. Walters. According to them the family was ruthless and would do anything to get their way. Then Maan realized that the possibility of getting anything out of this meeting was nil. But he had to try nonetheless. After numerous calls he finally got a hold of them only to be told they were out of the country in their French villa, supposedly to mourn their loss in private. Maan after much convincing got Edward Walters, the eldest son of the late Mr. Walters to agree to a video conference. 

"Hello Mr. Khurana. What do I deserve the delightful meeting? A business proposition I hope? I have heard wondrous things about your company."

Maan already couldn't stand the man before him. From appearance he had the look of a corrupt opportunist.  "Not exactly Mr. Walters. In fact you most likely won't like my reason for contacting you." 

"Is that so? Please elaborate quickly then I don't have much time." 

"I wanted to talk to you about your father's death. I heard about the case you have filed against the doctor. If I may be honest I think it's baseless."  

"Look Mr. Khurana things aren't always fair in life." 

From his relaxed tone Maan could tell he was felt this was a game. "You are playing with her career you know that right and for what just doing her job?" 

"Had Dr. Handa been doing her job my father would still be alive. It's her negligence that led to his death and hence only her fault."

"Only because she was helping her another patient does not make her negligent. Her job is to take care of people regardless of their backgrounds. I agree your father's death was unfortunate but that does not mean you can..." 

"Listen Mr. Khurana, I don't have anything else to say about this matter. And I don't understand why you are so concerned about this but whatever else you have to say regarding this, my lawyer will be available." 

And with that he disconnected the call. Maan took a few deep breaths and snapped his head against the back of his plush leather chair. Now that he tried and failed he knew there was only one thing left to do, get the best attorney for Geet. At the moment he decided to shift focus for a few hours onto his own work to clear his mind before returning home.

Maan knew Dadi was still feeling upset about the whole situation and with no resolution in sight he wanted to be best prepared to break the news not only to her but also Geet. He was expecting the atmosphere to be gloomy in the house but was pleasantly surprised when he heard the sound of the piano and Piyu's trademark giggling. Maan made his way to the formal sitting area where they had placed the long forgotten musical instrument. There he saw Geet trying to teach Piyu how to play.

"Just follow my lead Piyu. Now don't slouch that's not good posture." Immediately Piyu straightened up and tried to mimic Geet's hand movements. After a short while Piyu was getting more and more agitated because she wasn't getting the hang of it. So Geet pulled Piyu into her lap and placed her small hands over top hers and continued to glide her fingers across the keys.

"I hope I can get to be good as you one day." Piyu said turning her head towards Geet and giving her a big smile.

Geet returned the gesture, "I'm sure you will be even better than me one day. All you have to do is practice." 

Maan stood in the corner entrance directly behind them. He knew if anyone could bring a smile to one's face it would be Piyu. 

"Well I will surely practice every day then!" She was still looking at Geet then peering behind her shoulder saw Maan standing there. She quickly jumped off Geet's lap and ran into his arms to be picked up. "Dad! You're home!"

He lifted her up and exaggerated, "Oh you are getting to heavy for me to pick up Piyu."

She punched his shoulder "That's not true! Am I big Geet?"

Geet also got up and moved closer to the two of them. "Of course not sweetie your dad is just teasing you."

"No, I'm not Piyu. My back is really going to break one day." Maan tried hard to keep a straight face while he continued with the teasing. 

"Whatever! Dad, I don't want to talk to you!" She tried to wriggle out of his arms but Maan wouldn't let go. So she pinched his arm and he instantly put her down. Maan looked at her shocked, since when had she become such a firecracker. "Piyu, I was only kidding. I'm sorry."

She ignored him and kept walking away clearly giving him the silent treatment. Piyu proceeded in direction of the kitchen most likely to complain to Dadi he suspected. But she stopped halfway in her tracks and turned to stick her tongue out at Maan. Geet couldn't help but laugh at how adorable she was. Maan then turned his head towards Geet. She felt his gaze on her and wanted to quickly disappear. But luck wasn't on her side. 

 Despite knowing how ridiculous the question was he asked her. "So how are you feeling?"

She simply shrugged. "Things won't get better overnight but I'm better now."

"I called them Geet." Maan didn't know how to say it in any other way. He knew it was rather direct but he also knew Geet wouldn't like it any other way at this point. Dadi informed him that she hadn't told Geet about their conversation so he wasn't shocked by the look of surprise on her face.

Geet didn't know how to continue any conversation with him. After her breakdown at the beach she suspected Maan must have thought her behavior as being completely absurd. Then the thought of her falling asleep and him carrying her back home just made her want so smack herself. She tried so hard not to be weak all this time but the news became her breaking point and there opened the floodgates. And of course right in front of him. Still not over it and not wanting to face him now she quickly started to walk away. But instantly stopped and turned her head back with a look of surprise when he spoke. "What? Maan, why?"

The day had worn him out and figuring this was going to be a long talk Maan took a sit on the sofa. "I thought it wouldn't hurt to talk with them once more." 

Geet likewise took his movements into notice and went back to her piano bench."I see Maan...and I take from the look on your face that not much happened, right?" 

Maan shook his head dully. "At this point all we can do is wait for the papers to arrive. In the meantime I started having my assistant search for lawyers. He has shortlisted a few names and set up appointments. The first one is tomorrow so be ready at eight sharp."

She picked up the 'we' in the monologue and wondered what urged him to say that. Geet could see that he cared but all she wondered of was why? For most people no amount of care could be enough to help a person one barely knows to this extent. "Why are you doing all this? You hardly know anything about me Maan."

"Geet, it's true I may not know each and every little fact about you. But I don't need to know anymore than what I see in your eyes to realize how much this means to you and the way it's breaking you down."

His words refreshed her memory of the previous night's confession Maan made. At that time Geet was too lost in her own emotions to have time to analyze what he had said. Now thinking back on it she realized it was the first time he clearly acknowledged the fact that he had been experienced with this roller coaster of emotions. And though he wouldn't admit it to anyone he was still walking on the same path. She wondered what it was that had caused him so much pain because from what she could see it still hadn't disappeared. And that scared her. Geet had always wished that maybe a day would come when she felt no pain. But now thinking about what Maan had said and the despair she could still see in his eyes Geet realized such a thing wasn't possible.

"Geet say something." Maan looked at her worriedly since she was again lost in her thoughts. After much hesitation she looked directly into his eyes as if trying to make sure what she saw was there and not a figment of her imagination. There was no point in hiding anymore she thought. She gave up on seeming weak in front of him and decided to let down her guard. He had already seen her at her worst. And if there was anyone she would have asked this question it would be him and him alone. "I know now that this feeling of hurt doesn't go away but does it get better, ever?"

Maan remained silent for a moment, "You might be asking the wrong person."

Geet shook her head. "Anyone can answer this question but I want the truth and only you can give me that."

He let out a deep sigh. "It never truly goes away. Some say time heals everything. But I don't think so. Nothing ever disappears without leaving behind a trace. There will be times when we feel it hurt more and times when we don't but no matter what though it will always be there." 

Geet wasn't expecting to hear anything else but was surprised by it nonetheless. "Not an optimist are we now Maan?"

"You asked for the truth Geet and that's what I have said. But you are right I'm a realist. Life taught me long ago to give up on false expectations. I realized at one point that once expectations we have of people or life itself fail to live up to our standard no one but we ourselves are the cause of all the disappointment and grief we feel."

"I may need to change my views quickly then to survive. Optimism hasn't been fairing too well for me as one would notice."

"Why do you think that? Whatever you are feeling now is normal. We are all different with various ways of handling situations and contrasting views. It's what makes us human. Only in an ideal world would everything be perfect. And this is anything but ideal it's real."

Geet digested all he had said and was amazed. Not because it was divine revelation to her but because it was coming from a man she least expected. He didn't seem like one to be so reflective. "They say realistic optimism is the best point of view. So if that's the case then I think we balance each other out. And you know what Maan, in case you ever need a change of careers I would suggest psychology."

Maan couldn't help but laugh a little at the thought. "Yeah right Geet. I don't have enough patience or empathy to solve other people's problems."

Geet shook her head. "See that's where you are wrong. If you didn't have those things you wouldn't be helping me."

He thought a little and realized she had a point. "But your case is different Geet...besides you aren't in the category of people, you're a friend."

Geet smiled. "Well I'm glad that you don't have many friends in that case."

"Now that's harsh don't you think?" Maan stated.

"No, this way I can retain all of your wonderful insight all to myself."

Maan laughed and Geet had no choice but to join in. After it died down and before the awkward silence could resume Geet started talking. "On a serious note Maan, I really want to thank you. I don't know how to explain..."

Maan raised his hand indicating her to stop speaking, "Please Geet don't go any further. Your praise might just inflate my ego."

"Very funny Maan, you are the last person..."

Then the sudden voice of Dadi calling out Maan startled both of them. "Here we go again." Maan muttered. He knew what was coming now.

Dadi was walking in front with Piyu dramatically stomping behind her. "Maan, what's this Piyu is telling me. Why are you teasing my dear granddaughter?"

Maan decided to have a little more fun since he could tell Dadi was being extra dramatic also. "Well Dadi, I wasn't teasing it was the truth."

Piyu quickly moved next to Dadi and tugged onto her arm. "See Dadi I told you Dad is being mean! He should be punished."

She gently patted Piyu's head and gave a glare towards Maan. "Don't worry honey I will give him just what he deserves!"

Maan realized it was getting to far and made his way over to Piyu. He bent down to talk to her but she turned her face away, Maan finally held her face and gently spoke. "Piyu, I'm sorry, I was only kidding. I promise I will make it up to you with whatever punishment you have."

Piyu smiled wide and hugged him. "It's okay Dad. And your punishment has already been decided by Dadi and me."

He couldn't believe he got outsmarted by his grandmother and five year old daughter. "I should have known this was a setup by you two. Alright what is it?"

"You will have to spend the whole day with us tomorrow!" Piyu grinned.

 "Oh sweetheart, I would love to but I can't." Maan said.

"See I told you Dadi, he's always too busy for us!" Dadi looked at Maan complainingly.

"It's not that Piyu. I would have definitely spent the day with you tomorrow but Geet and I have to go visit a lawyer."

"So why can't I come too! Geet please tell Dad to take me along with you!" Geet looked at her helpless. She knew Piyu would definitely get bored but also didn't have the heart to leave her.

Maan was trying to stay patient. "Piyu! It's a long drive and you are going to get bored. Not to mention we will be back before you know it."

The words long drive got the attention of Dadi and Geet. The former was the first to question what he meant by that. "Dadi, the law firm is in the city. So it's bound to take all day and Piyu will get exhausted. Now that's the end of the conversation." With that said Maan walked upstairs. Needless to say the three ladies were left silent and in their thoughts each having their own concerns about the abrupt trip. 

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I'm sorry for not individually getting back to you all but I appreciate them all!

Let me know your thoughts with comments and likes on this next part! Smile


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Right to banta hai dost...
Very realistic and to the point.

*~*Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead.  We must therefore accept it without complaint when they sometimes collide with a bit of reality against which they are dashed to pieces.*~*
"It never truly goes away. Some say time heals everything. But I don't think so. Nothing ever disappears without leaving behind a trace. There will be times when we feel it hurt more and times when we don't but no matter what though it will always be there."

How true these words are.  Reality bites big time and the truth hurts but thats the fact and we can't turn our back towards it.  Might as well face it.  Look at the bright side, it was meant for it, forget about it what has happened now look forward.  How encouraging it sounds, but it does not help.  Its difficult all the time to be optimistic, we are humans and we break, we stumble and then we get up. 
Life is life, it will not change its course we do and continue. 

I like the fact Maan didn't ponder too much got to the point and how Geet, accepted it without wasting much energy. 
Its one hell of a bumpy ride.

Lets hear this one...shall we?

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superb duper update...

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Ooh, Maan and Edward Walters' conversation... I already didn't like the Walters, this update made me not like them even more. 

I love that Maan is helping Geet, but what's going to happen when she realizes it.

Aw, I loved the Piyu and Geet bonding, they have such an unique relationship.

I loved Maan's answer to Geet's question. And the whole conversation was written amazingly.

Piyu and Dadi, I just love them.

Can't wait for this long drive!

Like button isn't working ;( So I "like" your update! ;) Never mind, it works now...

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lovely update dear...

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ummm loved d update
nice part 
cont sooon
thnx for d PM Smile

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lovely update

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