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Limerance Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 7:36pm | IP Logged
Part 2

The next morning Geet woke up to the sound of doors slamming and things falling on the floor. For a moment she had forgotten everything that had happened but no thought could flee her mind for long. She managed to drag herself out of bed and cursed the stars for the luck she had. One after another life had always managed to send her tests to see what she could handle. This left like the breaking point. Becoming a doctor and working was her top priority and it had finally been achieved. Life was supposed to be all set. But now that it's over only one question remained, what now? But before she could ponder on that thought in her already strained brain Meera came in a little too cheery and said let's go. Geet looked at her puzzled.

"Come on Geet! I don't have all day, we are going to be late and we really don't want to hit rush hour traffic." Said Meera.

"I don't want to go anywhere," said Geet.

Meera wasn't having any of it, "Nope, I'm not hearing any of it. I have already planned it all we are going to the Hamptons for a few weeks for a nice needed vacation."

Geet was getting irritated now. She had just lost her job and Meera here wanted to go on a vacation. "Are you crazy, Meera? I've lost everything and all you can think of is a vacation. I don't even have an income now! I don't even know where I'm going to get the money to pay the rest of my loans, this loft, or anything else so a vacation is totally out of the question!"

"Geet, do you really think I don't understand what you are going through? I know this is a difficult time for you but to sort this situation out you need a clear mind which isn't possible in this environment. Remember that saying, everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay then it's not the end? I think it is more than apt right now and seriously Geet with that malpractice suit on your head what are you going to do here? I've already gotten everything ready for our stay there, so don't worry about a thing. Just please, please put a smile on that pretty face and get ready."

 Geet didn't know what else to do but listen to her best friend. Meera was right about one thing there was absolutely nothing she could with the case lurking its nasty head over her now gone at least live able life. So she packed her bags and both hit the road in Meera's black Mercedes.

Meera was an interior designer that graduated from NY design school and was a celebrity among the wealthy for her refined decorating taste. Thus having worked for many wealthy people she managed to become friends with some of them. So that's how she landed this Hamptons idea, one of her clients still owed her money for some work she did but didn't have it yet. So when this happened Meera decided to borrow her house in the Hamptons in turn for the payment. The struggling celebrity was more than glad to do so since her latest films were a mega disaster and not to mention it was recession. This was perfect Meera thought, now she can help Geet get back on track with her life. A change of scenery would be good for her.

The drive had been rather quiet since Geet's mood still wasn't normal enough to talk. So the entire trip consisted of noise provided by Meera verbally abusing other drivers and the radio. By late noon they had reached the Hamptons. The palatial house that stood before Geet made her jaw drop. It was simply gorgeous and the private walkway towards the ocean was the perfect addition. Geet stood in the living room which provided an unobstructed view of the tranquil blue waters due to the high glass walls. The simple sight of sunlight glistening against the water gave her a feeling of warmth in the corner of her heart. One might think that this ray of hope would emanate towards the rest but it was far too early for that, there was still much to heal. For Geet this slight warmth only increased the contrast of darkness in the rest of her heart and caused a clear sheen of water to form in her eyes.

Meera stood behind watching her stare out into the water. She hoped this will help Geet's mind get away from everything, it would be difficult no doubt but certainly not impossible. She knew it'd better to remain ignorant of the obvious issues and divert her mind. So Meera suggested Geet accompany her into town since she has to go see a future client. Geet was in no mood for it and said she would simply stay at home and relax. From hearing the tone in her voice Meera didn't feel like forcing her so she let it be. 

After Meera left for the meeting, Geet decided to relax and went out to the pool to sun bathe. She hoped maybe just maybe the radiating sun rays would soak up all the pain and sadness she felt right now. The heat caused drowsiness and she dozed off until the sound of musical giggling brought her back to reality. She slowly opened her eyes and lay there for a few more minutes trying to let her pupils adjust to the onslaught of light. After turning her head towards the source of sound she got a visual of little girl dressed in a pretty white and purple dress hiding behind a flower pot.

"Excuse me sweetie are you lost?" said Geet.

"Shhh….be quiet or else I'll get caught." Whispered the cute little girl

"Oh I see, so are you up to some mischief and don't want to get into trouble?"

"It's time for my medicine but I hate the yucky taste so I'm hiding from my Dadi."

"I'm quite familiar with the nasty taste of medicine but it's important to become strong and healthy. I'm sure that's what you want when you grow up right?"

The girl was lost in her pensive mood and had a finger on her chin and on her waist and thought methodically before replying, "I guess you are right, I do want to be strong and healthy."

"That's my girl, so let's go back to your Dadi and take that medicine." Geet held out her hand for the girl to proceed walking towards the monstrosity of the house that lay rather in close proximity for the Hamptons. The girl latched onto her hand immediately and started walking.

"So what's your name?"

"My name is Priya but everyone calls me Piyu and you can too, Miss…"

"Well Piyu, that's an absolutely beautiful name and you, can call me Geet. By the way you shouldn't run off like that I'm sure your family gets worried about you."

"Oh Geet…" Before Piyu could continue a clearly angry Dadi could be heard coming from inside the house.

They stood in Piyu's backyard and there Geet saw an elderly lady draped in a beautiful cream sari and ornate jewels walking closer towards them. If appearance wasn't enough this woman's style of walking and her aura spewed elegance.

"Piyu, this is absolutely ridiculous! You cannot go running of like that you almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Oh Dadi! Calm down, look I'm all safe and back with a new friend, her name is Geet."

"Namaste Dadi," replied Geet.

"Namaste beta, I'm sorry if my great-granddaughter has been bothering you. She's a wild one."

"No, no she's no problem at all. I just thought I'd drop her off and make sure she takes her medicine."

"Oh so you know about her little trick? It's a nightmare trying to make Piyu take her medicine without her father being around. But now she can't escape, can you now Piyu?"

"I guess not," sulked Piyu. Then something popped in her mind, "okay Dadi I'll take the medicine but under one condition."

This girl is something thought Geet while she smiled and said. "I thought you wanted to grow up to be strong and healthy but a condition? You are one demanding girl aren't you?"

"Well, of course. Don't you know whose daughter I am? It's my way or the highway. So the condition is that you will have to play a game of hide and go seek with me."

"That's it? Of course, I'll play hide and seek with you sweetheart but first medicine then playtime. Sound good?" Said Geet.

"Yay! You will play with me." Piyu immediately gave Geet a big hug.

After giving Piyu her medicine it ended up being time for her nap so their game of hide and seek had to be put on hold. So Dadi invited Geet to the patio for some lemonade and chitchat.

"This is delicious Dadi. It's perfect for the weather isn't it?"

"Yes, this is the best time of year to visit the Hamptons. But I've never seen you around before. Are you new?"

"Yes, I'm actually staying over in Ms. Brooks mansion. My friend Meera and I are on a little vacation as she would call it." Her voice had a tinge of sourness and sadness at the end.

"And so what would you call it?" asked a curious Dadi.

"A useless way to spend my time by sulking on all the misfortunes life has thrown at me.
 She blurted out before thinking then started to retract but stammered, "Uhh…I..I mean…"

"It's okay dear, you can tell me anything. From the moment I saw you I noticed something was bothering you."

Geet just looked at the woman awestruck. Geet knew she was an expert at hiding her feelings from coming to her face yet how did she recognize her inner turmoil so easily? But whatever it was she could careless at the moment. By looking at her she remembered her mother which then caused other memories to flow into her mind. The suddenly her eyes were now moistening with water.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to make you cry. I just wanted to let you know I'm here for you."

"No Dadi, don't worry it's just that you reminded me of something." She said while managing a little smile.

"Well the truth of the matter is that I'm here because I lost my job, my dream." Geet told the whole story to Dadi who in turn listened attentively. "It wouldn't have been bad if it was just my job but now I have malpractice suit over my head causing me to just wait out until everything is settled, which could be months. I just wonder sometimes what God wants from me; he's managed to take everything away from me one by one."

Savitri Devi sat there wondering what was in God's plan for this beautiful girl. Although she didn't know much about Geet's past she gathered from their conversation that she had suffered a lot. And though her mouth didn't speak those deep brown eyes told of not only innocence but also pain.

"I'm so sorry to hear that beta. I can't believe that people can actually weigh one life more than other, it's despicable. But you know what God works in mysterious ways maybe everything that has happened was for a reason. You may not realize it now but one day you might. But no more crying now, here drink some water. And from what you have told me I think…"

Before she could finish Piyu came running from inside the house screaming. She had drawn a picture of a sandcastle. Noticing the sadness on Geet's face, Piyu inquired but the former brushed it off saying she just missed her. Piyu then gave the drawing to Geet to cheer her up.

"It's beautiful, thank you so much. I'll be sure to hang it up as soon as I go home. Which speaking of I should get going before Meera comes home and gets worried." Geet immediately stood up since she totally lost track of time while chatting with Dadi.

"No Geet! You can't go just yet we haven't even played hide and go seek yet."

"Now Piyu stop hassling Geet. She's right next door and will visit us very soon. Infact she'll be joining us for dinner tonight."

"Oh no Dadi, I really can't that would be intruding."

"Nonsense Geet, besides I'm sure you and Meera are exhausted from your trip down here. And I'm sure my grandson will also enjoy having some company his own age, he's not very social if you know what I mean."

"Are you sure Dadi?"

"Yes, yes I'm positive. So I will see you at 7 p.m."

"Alright Dadi, I'll see you all later." Geet then walked off back towards her house feeling slightly better.

Meanwhile, Dadi had a plan brewing in her wise old brain. After talking to Geet and watching her interaction with Piyu, Savitri Devi had new found hope. Despite only knowing her for a short time, she knew Geet was special and possibly the missing piece in their puzzle of life. 

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Thanks for reading! Big smile

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Newdime IF-Dazzler

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A Friend in need is a friend indeed...Friendship is the most precious, priceless treasure...One is the richest soul on earth who are treasured of great friends...and play huge role in our lives...some come for short period and some stays for long and some become very close in a spun of a time...

And that's what Meera is to Geet...Friend...

Dadima is after all a sweet with the heart of gold...something already started to brew...LOL

Piyu is one piece of a creation...Interesting...

Will wait for the dinner...that will be served soon...lets see the guest will turn to a pleasant site or a sour one...

Eagerly waiting for the next...

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arabianpaki Goldie

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Dadi playing cupid... I love it! Gosh, someone find a Dadi like that for me Wink
The whole idea of Meera being an interior designer and taking Geet along with her ... very unique!
I can't wait till dinner..which will be tomrw, right? Tongue
Don't forget!
Great Update!

P.S: I like masala-dar food WinkLOL

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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I loved it!!! Great update! Keep it up! :) Dinner with dadi? Can't wait. Dinner conversation is going to be interesting...

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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Nice update ...

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nigahlad Senior Member

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Thank u very nice cant wait for nexttt

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Newdime IF-Dazzler

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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awesome update...dadi as usual is to play cupid between maaneet

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