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MG FF: Quantum of Solace -Thread One- (Page 29)

Limerance Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 8:11pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Dreamy_Mystique

awesome update

Thank you!

Originally posted by zaara2212

hmm something with Maan's past...waiting 

Maan's past will come soon. When I can't say exactly but soon! LOL

Originally posted by mrk_1

awsome yar ...loved it more !! 

Thank you and glad you enjoyed it! 

Limerance Goldie

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Originally posted by ammu5

good bonding btwen dadi, piyu n geet. good maan says sorry 2 geet

Thank you ammu5!

Originally posted by sindu555

loved it

Thank you sindu!

Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

awesome update...

Thank you aamirkhanfan!

Limerance Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Azizah I should have mentioned I'm reserving for comments also! So the next part is coming up on the next page. LOL

Originally posted by -pixie-

Great update! 

Thanks pixie!

Originally posted by esha143

Such a wonderful update...great to see Geet n Piyu bonding n having fun at the beach...n Maan apologizing for his behavior to Geet n both of them considering each other as friends...both of them are in need of that friendship at their current stage in life...Geet has Meera of course but Maan seriously needs a friend like Geet in his life...would like to know abt Piyu's mother some time update soon please...

Thank you esha143! Yes this Maan is in need of a friend and slowly both of their relationship will progress together. Geet is definitely lucky to have a friend like Meera as you will see in the upcoming updates. And Maan's past you will see a little glimpse in this upcoming update but there won't be much rather soon unfortunately. But then again that could change so I guess you will have to wait and see! Wink

Originally posted by Shalve

superb update...

Thank you Shalve!

Originally posted by mandymore

LIKE,my like button nt wrkng,it shows error whenevr I press it ufff,cmng back to update it was a grt prt interms of advancemnt in maan geet talks n piyu geet bonding,realy liked it.cont soon n sorry 4 like button.

Thank you mandymore!

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arabianpaki Goldie

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this was me before Big smile...this is me now :( ..jk
 ... I never knew you could reserve a spot for replying to a comment TongueWink

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Limerance Goldie

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Originally posted by Morning Star

hello dear writer,

indeed a very beautiful story. thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts with us. do update soon


Thank you Morning Star, I'm glad you like it so far. 

Originally posted by amzu32

wonderful update!!!

Loved the Geet n piya bonding:) Beach scene are so lovely..

Maan realized his mistake n apologized so nice ...

yay Maaneet r friends now. it great!!

thanx 4 pm:)

Thank you amzu32! Yep Maaneet are slowly making progress!

Originally posted by 080588

amazing story

plz update soon

a humble request add me in ur pm list 

thanks in advance

Thanks I'm glad you like the story! I will definitely add you to the list! :)

Originally posted by shalini01

i love the bonding between piyu and geet and dadi. lovely update. thanks for the PM.

Thanks shalini01!

Originally posted by -dia-

wow ...wonderful!!!

Beautiful part!!!

loved it ...awesome!!!

Thank you dia! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Limerance Goldie

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Part 6

The following morning Geet woke up to the bright sun rays peeking through the white curtains. Since it had been months since she had had a good night's sleep Geet didn't appreciate nature's beauty. Constantly being on call and the long hours had taken toll on her sleep patterns but that had always been of little concern to Geet. She had known what was she was getting into when choosing the medical career and for her the patients were above all else. Nothing came in between them not sleep, not food, not relationships. And that's exactly the way she liked it, simple and uncomplicated. Unfortunately life was anything but simple. She attempted to go back to sleep by hiding herself under the covers to block the light out but to no avail. Finally Geet rolled herself out to get ready and make her way to Dadi's house. 


Maan was sitting at the breakfast table with the Sunday newspaper when Geet walked. The noise caused by the sliding door made him switch his attention away from the business section and to the source. From the wet hair and fresh look on her face it was obvious she had just come out of the shower. Maan was curious as to what she was doing at his house so early but then he remembered she "worked" for them now. The circumstances fate puts one in he thought. 


"Good morning Maan" she said while looking around. 


"Good morning Geet, I think the person you are looking for is in need of a doctor today."


"Oh no...Piyu?" 


He nodded, "She has a slight fever and is still in bed. Dadi went to check on her again." 


"This is all my fault I knew I shouldn't have let her play in the water for so long."


"Relax Geet, she'll be okay and I know Piyu. I'm sure she used sweet innocent voice to get her way."


"Yes she is an expert on that. Let me go check up on her." Geet placed her keys and phone on the kitchen island and proceeded walking to Piyu's room. There she saw Dadi tucking her in bed. 


"How is she doing Dadi?"


"Much better, I'm glad you are here now. Do you think you can watch her for a few hours? I have to go to a friend's house for brunch."


"Of course Dadi you shouldn't even have to ask. After all that's what I'm here for, to take care you all remember?" 


Dadi nodded smiling and walked out. Geet then grabbed a book from the shelf and moved to the corner seating area. She sat down on the sofa and flipped through the pages with a small disdainfully smile appearing. It was the classic happily ever after with a prince charming book. What nonsense, it's unfortunate our sense of reality is diluted so much at a young age she thought.  Things like these give girls so many false expectations. She let out a long sigh and just shook her head. 


"I have heard of light reading Geet but even that is'well'" Maan said with a smile while standing in the doorway. 


Geet laughed, "I wanted to be near Piyu in case she woke up and needed something. As for this, I grabbed the closest thing to keep me entertained. Did you need something?"


"No, I just came up to tell you Meera called. Your cell phone was ringing and recognizing her name I picked it up. I hope you don't mind." 


"No, of course not. What did she need?"


"She wanted to let you know that she won't be able to return until for another day or two."


"Oh I see, I'm guessing some unexpected work came up." Suddenly remembering that Maan had been sitting downstairs with only a cup of coffee she asked if he would like to eat something. 


"No, I'm good but if you would like something you're more than welcome."


"Thanks but I'm not much of a breakfast person."


Maan realized this was the first thing about herself that Geet verbally told him. Everything else up until now had been gathered from observation and Dadi. Remembering their previous conversations mainly consisted of bickering and apologizing he decided this was the perfect opportunity to get to know her more. He walked towards her and sat down in the chair opposite her. "Skipping breakfast doesn't sound like a good thing especially for a doctor."


Geet put the book down on the coffee table, "Yeah, well who said doctors are perfect?"


"Perfect'I don't believe in such a thing. We are all flawed."


She tilted her head to left, a habit she often did when things perplexed her, "Interesting'that's a statement I would least expect from you."


"Why? Do you think I'm perfect?"


"No I don't, I just think it's a statement that's out of character with a man of your type.  I expect the cut throat business world the appearance is made out to be of a strong and shrewd man. So I think admitting that you have flaws would make you seem weak don't you think?"


"Geet weaknesses are an inevitable fact of humanity. We all have them but few of us admit to them. And last I checked Geet this wasn't a business meeting." He smiled lopsidedly during the end.

It then dawned on Geet that although Maan admitted to having flaws he cleverly didn't personally divulge into them. "Maan, you are without a doubt very wise for the way you pick your words. Should I think of it as a side effect of the boardroom?"


"It could be that or my family since they tend to twist my words and read between the lines."


"Can you blame them Maan, you aren't a man of many words. I'm surprised you're actually talking to me this much."


Maan laughed, "Geet did you happen to hit your head overnight and forget mentioning we'll try to be friends?"


"Of course not it's just I wasn't expecting you to be so talkative. But no complaints, I like talking to you since you don't sugarcoat things. These days everyone just tells you what you want to hear not the truth."


"How do you know I'm not lying just to be your friend?"


"It seems like now you've hit your head Maan. Did you forget I told you I see sincerity in your eyes? And telling me I carry a facade is a little too honest don't you think?"


"Geet I'm sorry for that again. It wasn't my intention to..."


"Maan I didn't bring it up to make you feel bad. In fact I said it to make you realize that I trust you. And that's saying much since I don't trust people easily."


"Well looks like we have a lot in common."


"I guess we do. So tell me..."


But before she could complete her sentence from the corner of her eye Geet noticed Piyu shifting around in her bed. She quickly got up to check on her. Fearing her temperature spiked Geet touched her forehead but felt no fever. Maan watched her concerned. Geet looked back at him and shook her head indicating all was fine. Slowly making her way back she settled into her chair.


"Does she get sick often?"Geet asked curiously. It occurred to her now that during their first Piyu was running away from taking medicine and now she'd fallen sick.  


"No, don't worry Geet.  It's the change in environments that always causes her to fall sick. It happens every time we travel no matter where it is."


"In that case you really shouldn't move her around much Maan, it's not safe."


Maan looked over at Piyu who was cuddled into bed and remembered all the times she would get upset when he'd have to go to work. "I know Geet but what can I do she doesn't like it when I'm gone on business trips. So I have no choice but to bring her along."


Geet observed Maan look across the room and watch Piyu sweetly. "You love her dearly don't you?" Maan simply nodded with a serene smile on his face. But it didn't last long after hearing Geet speak again.


Although she held her tongue the night before Geet couldn't do it any longer. "Forgive me for prodding Maan but what about Piyu's mother?"


Maan stiffened at the question. It was something he didn't like to talk about but it was a legitimate question. Maan knew he could trust Geet but he wasn't ready to open up all the wounds just yet. For years he tried to reach a point where he could move on and forget but no one could totally escape from the shadow of their the past. Maan knew ignoring her question would raise her curiosity so he decided to tell Geet just enough to keep her at bay. "Piyu's all I have left and I'm all she has left."


Geet could see the pain in his eyes when he spoke that. She could sense that something amiss from the way he was talking. It wasn't the time to push further that much she knew and plainly said, "I'm sorry to hear that."


Maan nodded and dejectedly replied, "It's alright Geet. Some things just don't turn out the way we want them to."


Geet reflected for a few minutes on her own life. She thought of all the hardships she had gone through until now. And what was still to come ahead. "I know exactly what you mean."

Maan looked over at her and saw her staring out into space. "I told you we have a lot in common."


Geet looked over at Maan and realized that indeed they were alike. There were few people she was able to connect with to such an extent. His eyes spoke of the same feelings that drifted inside of her. There was not only pain and sorrow in him but also understanding. Geet didn't have words once again so she just nodded. They sat in silence until the rustling of sheets broken them away. Simultaneously they looked over at the bed and saw Piyu was awake now. Geet made her way over with Maan following behind her. 


Geet sat down next to her and asked, "How are you feeling sweetie?"


Piyu slowly rubbed her eyes and let out a small cry, "My head hurts."


"I know honey how about I go make you some soup? It will make you feel much better."


Piyu moved closer to Geet and shook her head. "I don't want soup." 


This time Maan spoke up, he knew Piyu wouldn't listen to Geet easily. "Come on Piyu I know how much you like the beach. If you don't get better soon we can't go." 


Piyu immediately looked over at Maan, "You mean you will come with us next time?"


Maan moved around to the other side of the bed. He kissed her cheek and pulled her into a hug. "Of course I'll come with you guys. Now will you have some soup?"


Piyu sweetly nodded. Geet then made her way to the kitchen while Maan freshen Piyu up. After quickly making soup Geet was about to take the tray upstairs until she saw Maan come in carrying Piyu in his arms. 


"Maan, you shouldn't have brought her out of bed. I was on my way and she's still not completely well."


"I know Geet but she wouldn't listen plus her fever is gone now." 


Geet let out a sigh shaking her head and proceeded to set the table. Maan started to feed Piyu but after being interrupted by a phone call Geet took over. After she was done eating and had taken her medicine Piyu was asleep once again but in Geet's lap this time. Geet hugged her close, took her back upstairs and laid her in bed. After lingering around the room for a while she decided to catch up with Meera.


So she stepped outside and made the call but Meera didn't answer the phone. This concerned Geet since in all the years she had known Meera there was never a time when she didn't answer her phone call. Remembering the message Meera conveyed through Maan tension began to spread inside her. Geet tried to console herself with the possibilities that maybe the battery died or Meera went to sleep. But none of these scenarios stopped the pessimistic voice within her.


Okay I know a lot of you are curious about Maan's past and it will come but I can't promise it will be fast and all the same time. So please bare with me! Thanks for all of your lovely comments and I hope you continue to read and don't find it too boring! 

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For now its and excellent work again minal...will come back to edit more...

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Maan's home when Geet's home?!!? how did that happen Tongue..
its funny how you can connect..and have sooo many things comman with the most random person.. Geet and Maan's convo without any arguments...and Maan didn't even get mad at the mother question... it shows that there getting along just fine..Clap

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