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MG FF: Quantum of Solace -Thread One- (Page 25)

Limerance Goldie

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 6:28pm | IP Logged
Part 5

 Undoubtedly their coffee date didn't end on a normal note. Both felt the depth of what Maan said rendering them speechless and lost in their own thoughts. Geet tried hard to block out the ringing "and me" in her head but with great difficulty. She didn't know what to say and wished she was anywhere else but there. Geet didn't want to be pitied or appear weak towards him or anyone else for that matter. After all these years on her own Geet believed that the weak were not respected in this world so despite the possibility that Maan may be able to see past the front she put up there was no way she was going to willingly fall in his eyes. Geet contemplated how to break the awkward silence when the opportunity came up itself with her cell phone ringing. Meera requested Geet to come home since she had to make an urgent trip back to New York that same day. Needless to say Geet was thankful for her timing. She told Maan she had to get going and walked out.

Once Geet reached home she saw Meera already had a small bag packed and was ready to go. She quickly explained the urgent trip back to New York had come up because various curtain samples requested by the client had arrived and she needed to review them before placing the order. Meera was initially worried about leaving Geet alone but remembered that Dadi and Piyu were here to support her. So she didn't even want to entertain Geet of whether she wanted to come along or not. The city would no doubt cause her to stress more so Meera quickly bade Geet goodbye and left saying she would be back the following day.?

After Meera left Geet quickly made her way back to Dadi's house hoping she would be able to get her mind off what just happened at the coffee shop. The entire conversation with Maan had left her feeling even more awkward around him then before.

"You are back already Geet?"  She didn't even realize she had made it all the way to the house until hearing Dadi's voice.

"Yes Dadi.  Meera needed her car because she had to go back to New York for work reasons."

"Oh alright, so how was coffee?"  Dadi knew that something had gone wrong. Maan had already called stating he'll be home late and from the tone she could tell he was angry. And the troubled look on Geet's face while she walked here was also evidence to the same. Dadi wanted to see if Geet may be able to shed light on what happened since Maan definitely wasn't going to tell her.

"It was good."  Geet replied dryly. Not wanting to get deeper into it she questioned the whereabouts of Piyu.

Dadi realized she was just like Maan and wasn't going to get much, " Piyu is getting dressed in her swimsuit. I am going to take her to the beach for a little while since she's wanted to go for some time now."

"Dadi don't trouble yourself I'll take her myself." Geet said.  

"It's no trouble at all Geet. I would also like to take a walk and get some fresh air so how about all three of us go?"

Geet simply nodded then proceeded upstairs to get Piyu. "Are you ready sweetheart?" Geet asked while knocking on the door.  

"Geet! You're back finally!" Piyu came running across the room and gave her a big hug. "Will you also come with us to the beach?"  

"I wouldn't miss it for anything! Now let's go Dadi's waiting for us." Geet said and together they made their way down. 

They were the lucky few to have the luxury of having the beach as their backyard. So their trip was only a short five minute walk. The day was perfect not to hot with a light salty breeze. Dadi settled herself down in a beach chair while Geet and Piyu started playing in the sand. 

"So what would you like to make Piyu?" Geet asked while piling sand into a mound.  

"Umm'I don't know maybe a sandcastle."  

"Alright let's get started then." Geet helped with getting water while letting Piyu enjoy the building part of it. She liked being the silent observer of Piyu. Since her time here she had watched both Dadi and Maan but hadn't gotten a chance to do the same with Piyu. She was the cutest little girl in Geet's eyes with the plump cheeks and short curly brown hair with eyes to match. In the short time she had gotten to know Piyu, Geet had undoubtedly begun to love her. Geet had often met children her age who threw temper tantrums and outrageous demands left and right. But Piyu wasn't like that and her well behavior could be attributed mostly likely due to Maan's strictness she concluded.  Thinking of Maan, it finally hit Geet that nowhere was Piyu's mother in the picture. Her heart broke with that thought. Geet knew how important a mother's love was and the fact that from what she could see Piyu not having one around killed her inside. Her eyes began to sting now with the pool of water filling in them, at that same instant Piyu announced she was done with the castle. Geet just smiled brightly at her, "It's absolutely beautiful Piyu." 

"Thanks Geet but I wish Dad was here to see it too." She further indicated her disappointment by placing her left hand on her cheek and pouting.

 "I know sweetie but he's busy with work today. But next time we'll bring him along too, okay?" 

"You promise Geet?" 

"I pinky promise now let's go home and get cleaned up." 

Piyu finally smiled with her promise but she wasn't ready to go home just yet."No I want to play in the water." She said while pulling Geet's arm towards the direction of the incoming waves. 

"No Piyu we've been out in the sun much too long." 

Piyu just rolled her eyes, "You sound just like Dad, come on just a little while! Please!" 

Geet couldn't resist seeing her sad again and gave in. "Okay Piyu but just for a little while." Geet took her hand and together they walked into the crashing waves. Piyu flicked water on Geet and started giggling. Geet also joined her in the fun. Soon enough both were soaking wet and Geet noticed Piyu getting tired but she refused to get out of the water. After a safe distance was passed with the water getting deeper and waves higher Geet picked Piyu into her arms. She in turn wrapped her arms around Geet's neck and snuggled into her closer. Geet didn't know why but she felt warmth filling inside her with that simple act. She bent her head to look down at Piyu who had buried her face in the crook of her neck and noticed her droopy eyes. Realizing she was exhausted from the day's adventure and in need of a nap Geet made her way back to Dadi. 

 Dadi had watched the two play and laugh with a blissful smile on her face all along. It had been a long time since Piyu had had so much fun. And Geet also had a sparkle in her eyes now that wasn't there before. Right then Dadi knew she had made the right decision by having Geet work for them not only for their sake but also hers.               

Once they reached home Geet quickly took Piyu to the bathroom and gave her a quick bath before putting her down for a nap. Geet sat down next to her and softly moved the hair away from her forehead. She would have continued to stare at her had it not been for remembering Dadi was alone in the kitchen getting dinner ready. So she made her way out of the room quietly and downstairs.  

"She's asleep Dadi, what can I help you with?" 

"Thank you Geet for taking care of Piyu."

"Oh Dadi what's there to thank me about, I love taking care of Piyu. Plus it should be me thanking you for giving me this job. There are very few generous people like you who welcome a person they barely know into their home and give them such a wonderful job."

Dadi moved towards her and patted her cheek lovingly, "Geet I have done nothing special. From our first meeting I noticed something was not right and I wanted to help. So I figured what better way than to keep you constant company so things stay off your mind."

 Geet felt her heart swell with love and admiration towards Dadi. She never had an elderly figure in her life to look up to until now. Then her mind inadvertently started to think about how it could have been if she was still in contact with her own family. But there is no point in dwelling in the past Geet told herself. Shifting her attention back towards Dadi who was cutting vegetables Geet was just thankful for what she had right then and there. In her life nothing lasted for long so she had learned now to savor the sweet moments when they came.

After they finished making dinner Geet asked Dadi if she should wake Piyu up to feed her. Dadi told her not to bother and she would do it. But Geet proceeded to take Piyu's plate upstairs while asking Dadi to relax. She woke Piyu by gently patting her cheek then made her sit upright against the headboard to feed her. "Here Piyu just eat some food and then you can go back to bed." Piyu who was half asleep ate without complaint. Seeing her in such a state Geet realized that their beach time should be cut short next time. After settling her back into bed Geet started to make her way out. But not before running into someone as soon as the door opened from the other side. 
Geet looked up and saw Maan standing there with heavy red eyes. She heard him heavily sigh before a faintly saying "I'm sorry Geet." 

Geet just replied it's okay and tried to walk past him but she paused when he spoke again. "I mean I'm sorry about earlier..." After she left Maan remembered the whole thing was suppose to be a way for them to make up however it ended up being something else completely. He held himself responsible for pushing Geet to say her thoughts and causing the end result.

She simply shook her head, "Seriously Maan you are something else. I think it should be me apologizing'it was not my place to say those things." 

Maan smiled softly, "Well I guess no one better than a perfect stranger to tell you your most unlikable attributes." 

"You'd call me a stranger huh? I'd like to think of us more as on our way to being friends."

Maan laughed for the first time all day, "Really Geet you want to be friends with me? If I recall correctly you called me unsocial earlier today." 

"Well I will give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you never have meet someone as interesting and beautiful as me to be friends with." Geet said while trying to keep a straight face and flicking her hair pretentiously. 

Maan laughed again with Geet also joining him this time. "Very possible Geet, very possible. So Piyu's asleep rather earlier today."

Geet turned back and looked at Piyu who was in a deep slumber already, "Yes, we had an eventful day at the beach today it wore her out."

"I see." Maan continued to stare at her lovingly. 

Geet now remembered the softness she saw in Maan the prior night. It was now more evident than before while he watched Piyu sleep. She had never seen him so serene but she couldn't ignore the fact that in his eyes there was remorse also at the same time. Maybe it has to do something with Piyu's mother she reflected. Geet was about to question Maan on it but then remembered it wasn't her place to do such a thing.

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YAY!..I'm first ..LOL

A day at the beach...sounds so amazing right now! We've been planning for a BBQ for about two weeks a near by lake that has a very nice water fall.. but gross weekend weather kills the whole plan! :|
Since Geet made a promise to Piyu that Maan will accompany them next time.. you have to fulfill that promiseTongue
Maan is so sweet for apologizing...where are such men now a days!
Can't wait for both of them to have some intense convo about their that their friends..
Thanks for the update!! Now don't you dare go MIA again.. otherwise we'll hunt you down in every Best Buy/Home Depot/Lowe'sLOL

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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arabi yu beat me
love the  way  btw geet & piyu
bonding  in short time
geet real need change it
made her big different
dadi such sweet person
wow MSK said sorry to geet
he realize his mistake
atleast their friends now
wonder where are geet family
& what happen to her
did piyu mother left maan & piya
or she died
me loving where the story going
but minal  ur suppose to give us
double yaar
i'll be waiting how yu unfold the mystery
wonderful part
love it love it
thanks for update


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Newdime IF-Dazzler

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And every one beat me too...

It was lovely episode Minu...some emotional bonding a motherly bonding on both side, Geet giving motherly love to Piyu and taking motherly love from Dadi...

I know a girl,
She puts the color inside of my world
But she's just like a maze
Where all of the walls all continually change

And I've done all I can
To stand on her steps with my heart in my hands
Now I'm starting to see
Maybe it's got nothing to do with me

Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

So Maan realized his mistake and apologize and amends things verses make it worse.  Geet accepting it and shading it off and offering a friendship its a sign of understanding.

The love is dripping through Maan for his daughter...just amazing.

There are so many emotions dripped in your chapter...I'm not up for it to point out today...only if you could read my mind...Clap

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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(sigh) Everyone beat me... Back to the update! The beginning was so sweet. Geet-Piyu bonding was so sweet. Maan, apologizing? Even a broken clock is right twice. lol I know, random. Maan and Geet are on the path to becoming friends! Yay! Great update! Thanks for the PM Smile

I agree with Azizah, don't you go MIA on us again! Smile

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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awesome update

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
hmm something with Maan's past...waiting

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Limerance Goldie

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by arabianpaki

YAY!..I'm first ..LOL

A day at the beach...sounds so amazing right now! We've been planning for a BBQ for about two weeks a near by lake that has a very nice water fall.. but gross weekend weather kills the whole plan! :|
Since Geet made a promise to Piyu that Maan will accompany them next time.. you have to fulfill that promiseTongue
Maan is so sweet for apologizing...where are such men now a days!
Can't wait for both of them to have some intense convo about their that their friends..
Thanks for the update!! Now don't you dare go MIA again.. otherwise we'll hunt you down in every Best Buy/Home Depot/Lowe'sLOL

Thanks Azizah and you are on a roll today being first everywhere!
I agree a day at the beach sounds amazing! As for Geet's promise becoming my promise I'll try my hardest to fulfill it! Wink
And I would so not like to go there with men these days! No one can compare to MSK. I sometimes wonder what I have become ever since I discovered him. LOL 
Don't worry now that I have been warned and threatened I won't go MIA! Haha. 

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