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MG FF: Quantum of Solace -Thread One- (Page 15)

Limerance Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by arabianpaki

Adding to Shaheda baji's comment,
and Praying for you to have dreams about updating tomrw..hope all your dreams come true WinkTongue


Thanks Azizah so sweet you are just like your Shaheda baji. Wink
But you are in luck because I didn't have a dream about updating since I was busy writing it since I couldn't sleep! LOL

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Limerance Goldie

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Originally posted by -dia-


love it ...

do PM me

Thank you and will do!

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Originally posted by eiya22

i really loved it...tooo continue soon..plzzz add me to ur pm list...

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it and will add you. Smile


Originally posted by Shalve

wow... just loved yr FF storyline... plz add me to yr pm list...

Thanks and I will pm you also!

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Limerance Goldie

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Part 4

The next morning Geet got ready and made her way to Dadi's house. All morning she was contemplating the situation, yes she liked being around Piyu and Dadi but a question troubled her. What was she going to do all day? She was a doctor trained to treat people in a hospital not in their homes. Not to mention neither one of her so called patients here was in dire pain. Geet just concluded come what may, at least she will get a laugh or two with Dadi and Piyu.  She had found it easier to walk behind the two houses rather than the maze of shrubs in the front. Upon entering through the back patio entrance which led straight into the kitchen Geet saw Piyu sitting alone on middle of the kitchen island. As she got closer Geet saw that Piyu was trying to stabilize a big bowl between her legs while vigorously mixing with a spoon. Geet shook her head and smiled to herself.  

"Good morning Piyu, what are you doing?" Geet asked curiously as if she didn't have a clue. 

"I'm helping make pancake batter since Dadi's busy." She said while continuing to mix. 

Geet couldn't help but let out a small laugh quietly at the sight in front of her. There was nothing in the bowl except pancake mix. "Well how about I also help you?" asked Geet. Piyu simply nodded she was exhausted from all the mixing and welcomed any help. Geet made her way to the fridge and grabbed the milk and eggs. Then decided to get the electric hand mixer since it would've been quicker than the spoon. After Geet got everything ready she started mixing the batter while  Piyu curiously watched the shiny gadget swirl. She was mesmerized by its movement and slowly moved her hand to touch the rapidly moving whisks. Geet immediately pulled the mixer out of the bowl midair while it was still running. Her first instinct was to make sure Piyu didn't get hurt so Geet didn't even realize what she had done until she heard someone growl. She turned her head towards the source of the bewildering sound and saw a very angry Maan covered in pancake batter.  Geet quickly turned off the mixer and grabbed a hand towel and went towards him to clean up the mess.  

"I'm so sorry! Here let me help you." Geet said while wiping the batter off his face. 

Maan was busy looking at messages from Adi pertaining to their meeting today on his phone when he suddenly felt cool dollops land on his face and body. The previous night's conversation with Dadi had left Maan in a foul mood which affected his sleep causing him to be late. Thus he was in a hurry and the sudden surprise was the last straw. He looked up and saw a startled Geet holding a mixer in midair and realized what had just happened. He was about to walk away before his anger exploded but before Maan could he felt Geet wiping the batter off of him. Trying to remain calm he said "Geet, its okay. Just forget it."  And tried to walk away but with one of Geet's hand on his shoulder and the other gliding around his face and neck it was a difficult task. Maan's patience level was slowly diminishing with Geet's continuous  blabbering and Piyu's giggles. He lost it and yelled "Geet!" and took hold of her wrist that was wiping his chest now. Maan gritted through his teeth in a very agitated tone, "I said its okay."  

"Maan, why are so upset it was a simple mistake and I said sorry." Geet said clearly confused and slightly irritated at his attitude.  

"Well if you weren't so stupid this wouldn't have happened and I wouldn't be so upset." He said glaring at her while snatching the towel from her and wiping off the remainder.  

"I can't believe you, did you just call me stupid? You are the one that's stupid!" Geet was now in full anger mode. 

"I did so what are you going to do about it?" Maan said and the war of words would have continued had it not been for Piyu. 

She stood up on the island and screamed "Dad stop blaming Geet, it was my fault and she already said sorry so stop being all mad!" 

Maan just continued to glare at Geet and walked back upstairs to get changed. After getting redressed he rushed out of the house without saying goodbye to anyone to avoid any other potential mishaps. 

After Geet cleaned up the mess in the kitchen she finished making pancakes and got Piyu's plate ready. While settling her down at the table Dadi came in and joined them. She apologized for not helping Geet due to being caught up on the phone but Geet brushed it off. Piyu filled her in on the little fiasco between her Dad and Geet. Dadi couldn't help but laugh but immediately stopped when she noticed Geet's face fall. 

"Oh Beta, don't take it to heart. Maan's like that, all angry and cold but inside he's truly a gentleman. It's just certain circumstances have caused him to be the way he is." By the end of the confession of her grandson's attitude her voice had a tinge of sadness.  

"Oh I'm sorry Dadi. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I'm not upset at him but actually at myself. After I thought about it, Maan had full right to be upset at me plus I ended up kind of being rude to him also." Said Geet.  

"I'm sure Maan will get over it. Don't worry about it." 

"I know but I feel bad, Dadi. I will have to apologize and make it up to him somehow." Geet said while carrying their finished plates to the sink.  

Meanwhile Dadi thought this might be the perfect opportunity. Although she told Maan meddling in his personal life wasn't first priority she couldn't let the chance slip when it came to her on a silver platter. "Well, if you insist Geet then why don't you take him out on a date?" Dadi then mentally hit herself for the choice of words that came out of her mouth.  

"What!?!" Geet screamed while dropping the plate she was rinsing.  

Dadi quickly tried to salvage the situation, "Uh'what I meant is coffee, a coffee date, you know just treat him to a coffee." 

Geet sighed a breath of relief and said "Oh okay, that sounds good. I'll do that next time I see him." 

"Why not now? Here I'll ask him to meet you at the coffee shop." 

"Right now! I can't go now, what about you and Piyu?"  

"Don't worry about us, we'll be absolutely fine" Dadi said while dialing Maan's number.  

"But'" before Geet could argue further Dadi gave her a look and she realized it was useless to argue. So Geet went home to change and quickly ran out of the house taking Meera's car keys. Geet gave her quick explanation she was going out but didn't want to indulge in details. Meanwhile, Maan couldn't believe his luck. From the way Dadi was talking on the phone he had realized this was another one of Dadi's ideas. Maan knew Geet wouldn't naturally meet him for coffee after what happened this morning. It was official. He was being set up on a date by his grandmother. How pathetic had his life become? Maan tried to argue his way out saying he was with an important client but Dadi wouldn't hear it. So he had no choice but to come and now his already low patience level was getting lower second by second waiting for Geet. He was about to leave but instantly stopped at the sight of her entering. She was dressed beautifully but that's not what caught his attention. It was her aura that  made her different from other women he interacted with. 

"I'm sorry Maan for being late. I'm not used the roads here yet so I got lost." Geet said while settling down into the chair opposite him.  She noticed he was a little agitated and didn't want to make things worse so quickly explained her delay. 

"It's alright. So what did you want to talk about?" Maan asked. 

"I just wanted to apologize for what happened this morning especially for being rude. I'm normally not like that it's just this stress is getting to me." 

Maan felt guilty now. He had totally forgotten the situation Geet was under all this while. Any person in her shoes would be tensed. "I understand Geet and thanks but it actually should be me apologizing." 

Geet couldn't help but twist the left corner of her lips into a half smile. Maan caught on that she was holding back and asked "What's so amusing?" 

Geet gave a full blown smile and replied "Nothing, I just wasn't expecting you to apologize." Maan arched his brow up in curiosity implying the question why. 

"Simply from observation I noticed it's not your nature to do so."  

"It's true I don't apologize often or ever, but I truly meant it." Geet smiled replying, "I know, I don't deny that."  

"And may I ask why that is?" Maan questioned.  

"It's because I can see the sincerity in your eyes."  

"So you can read eyes too? Tell me what else do you see in them?" Immediately Maan then questioned himself on what urged him to ask such a ridiculous question. 

Geet didn't respond right away instead she pondered over what she should say while circling her index finger on the rim of her coffee cup. She knew Maan would get angry easily so she wanted to pick her words wisely, "Do you really want to know?" 

"Well you have tweaked my curiosity.  So yes tell me what else." 

"Okay then, I noticed that work is very important to you, Dadi and Piyu are two individuals you love the most and you are very uptight and reclusive." She paused for a few seconds waiting for his reaction but none came so she continued with apprehension, "But these are the obvious, I can also see the pain you try to hide."  

Maan was no doubt shocked with what she was able to notice in such short amount of time. But it was what this revelation led him to realize that left him speechless. Maan knew there was something about her that he found intriguing from the moment he met her. But never did he think it would be so familiar. 

He now realized why she was so different, why the air around her was heavy, why her eyes were clouded with so many emotions. It was because the facade she carried was the same one he also possessed, a mask to hide the misery within. Maan believed that individuals were best able to comprehend others only when they themselves have gone through a similar experience. And from Geet's words he knew that this was the case and the look of anguish in her eyes confirmed it. No wonder Dadi is so adamant on helping Geet, she's seen the same turmoil in me for so many years Maan thought. 

He now became engrossed in thoughts of the past. Maan's mind started to replay the fatal night that he so hard tried to forget. His one mistake that night almost five years ago changed everything. He was drowning in guilt since then for being the reason they all lost something back then but still felt the pain now. But what killed him the most was that no one lost more than Piyu. Anger and pain began to surge within as the memories began to flood back in. Thankfully the sudden sound of coffee cups crashing on the floor brought him back to reality. Remembering where he was again Maan composed himself and realized Geet was curiously staring at him.  He saw the questions in her eyes but he ignored them by turning to look outside and stiffly said, "We all have secrets and we do the best to hide them but sometimes certain people are able to see through the facade we place in front of the world. And those people are like you...and me." 

Maan sharply glanced at her while stressing the last two words. Geet could sense she had a hit a raw nerve in Maan from the tone he was talking in and wasn't surprised by this reaction. But once he finished speaking she was left startled, especially by the words and me

Thank you all for the comments so far I really appreciate them!  I hope you liked this part please comment and/or hit the like button! Smile

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..shaheda baji Tongue


Coffee date..that turned into something more...! I'm glad Geet took that opportunity and tell Maan what she see's in his eyes.. though,  while I was reading the update, I thought she would brush it off, knowing Maan's anger issues!Clap I could sense a friendhip brewing hereWink... so will Maan trust Geet with his pain?!?!?  If the pain has to do with Piyu's mother.. then I agree, that Piyu is the one with the greatest pain...beside the husband...but maybe its not Maan...omg, maybe its someone else...?!? ..ok I'm done with theory..LOL
Keep dreaming, keep writingTongue
Thanks for the update!!

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Minal Such a touchy comments...I really do wish you well from my heart...Big smile
Aah I got the spot...Azi u beat me for a bit...Smile
Fine next time i'll show the Tongue

Let me first get grip on my jumpy nerves...sighsss...

Minal, indeed the aura around is heavy...that is true we all carry a secret...nonetheless...only few can catch it. 

Maan believed that individuals were best able to comprehend others only when they themselves have gone through a similar experience.

How true this statement is, each words tells the meaning of it...Only one can understand the pain the other is going through when you know the definition of the word pain learned by the cruel reality. 

I loved the morning was funny...but oh boy...temper is the hard part to control...

Dadi is gearing up if she will miss the 9:15

Let see whats the dreaded mistake Maan made and poor Piyu became the victim of it...I have a feeling but will leave the curiosity to build... till you update next...will ponder more...Excellent...

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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First of all, YAY!!!! You updated! Hehe. Dancing Thanks for the update and the PM. 

Dadi setting Maan and Geet up for a date? That was interesting.

Two people trying to hide the pain inside and secrets. Isn't that how most people go through life, trying to hide something, whether that be past incidents, hurt or secrets. 

What did Maan do that caused Piyu to lose.. her mother? 
Anger and pain began to surge within as the memories began to flood back in. Pain from the loss, but what about the anger? Anger at himself? Or someone else? 

The saying curiosity killed the cat? Yeah, so not true. FF writers like you kill people [figuratively, of course]  Big smile

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Newdime IF-Dazzler

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Krishna that is so true...

The saying curiosity killed the cat? Yeah, so not true. FF writers like you kill people [figuratively, of course]  Big smile

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