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Chaand Chupa Badal Mein
Chaand Chupa Badal Mein

FinalUpdate - Emotional Rollercoster - My thoughts

anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:20pm | IP Logged

I found today's episode emotional as regards to NiVren. And both - Kinshuk, Neha acted very well. Nivi did not have much to say today but her silence conveyed hurt, sadness as well as her stubborness. For me it was Viren and Dadaji today and I will focus on these 2 characters and their dialogues which were so meaningful, thoughtful and had some lessons for us to learn.

First let me start with the appreciation of Siddharth as I was in all smiles when he spoke and stopped Chanchal from bad-mouthing Nivi. I have waited for this day for so long where Sid takes Nivi's side. Thanks CTs for giving me this. This shows that they are reviving his character which is so good and this also shows that he knows Nivedita pretty well. Way to go Siddharth and I am sure he will not let NiVren drift apart. He has seriously moved on and is happy in his little world where only he and Dwita live - ofcourse with Sood family.
Then comes appreciation for Viren. He was mindblowing today. I had to watch NiVren confrontation few times to get hold of the essence of husband-wife relation as it relates to NiVren. Yes, we know they both love each other but today this scene showed me that Viren's love for Nivi is way deep than Nivi's for Viren. They both are similar in some sense - they both look for the happiness of the others, in this case other for Viren is Nivi and she comes first and then family ofcourse. But for Nivi as shown since beginning for her family comes first and then Viren. But she does love him, and there is no doubt about that. I saw that pain in her eyes when Viren signed the papers, she was dying from inside but still her guilt and repentance at this moment was not letting her go beyond and touch Viren. The part that I did not like was that she forced her decision on him, she begged him to listen to her and sign the papers whereas he did the total opposite. He did not force himself and he gave in. He signed the papers because of Nivi and his love. Today he showed us an example of sacrifice in real sense. He did not refuse her but argued with her, tried his best to convince her but when there was no way left, he signed it as he could not anymore see her in that state. He left his desire, happiness, right to be a dad - everything for Nivi. This is what true love is.
Whatever Nivi has done till now - leaving Sid for Divya was not true love as she did not involve Sid in this important decision of their life and made decision on behalf of both of them. So, CTs did not change her this habit or nature.. She takes decisions on behalf of others too and today also she took the decision (the extreme step) on behalf of Viren. He was shattered, broken, hurt, sad, upset...everything and every emotion possible in this world was going through his mind and heart. He gave away his life to Nivi, their future as he did not want to have a baby as a result of force..rather have it as their happiness and nishani of their love for each other. It was a very very powerful scene and very well done by both the wonderful actors. In this scene actually my heart went out to both - Viren and Nivi as even NIvi is suffering. This suffering is for both of them not just Viren. Nivi is suffering because of her guilt. The only thing that I do not understand is who told her that Divya wanted her to take care of baby? Why is she assuming that DD wanted her to take care of Dwita when Sid is there? If somebody can clear this confusion it will be great. I can keep on going on and on for this scene but I would rather move on to the next part that I loved.
I was so happy to see Sood family so happy and excited and waiting for NiVren. This kind of joint family set up is so nice and so enriching. I am not talking about CC here. For me she is not a Sood. Pata nahin kahan se Viren iska beta ho gaya... shayad Kumbh ke mele mein iska asli aur yeh nakli beta badal gaya.. Oh man I am so pissed at her.
The whole Sood environment has changed and they have whole-heartedly accepted Viren and worry about him and his future, it is so good to see. Here comes our couple and DS is not able to hide his happiness and immediately calls Viren over to bless him and share the happiness. DS is genuinely worried for Viren and is now happy but he does not know what shock is in store for him. I cannot even tell how happy I was seeing Siddharth so happy today and that too for NiVren. I am like, what the hell- why CTs killed Divya... Kya jata agar puri family saath rahti...
And he notices his brother's bechaini and then sees the form in his hand. I liked how he asked him to show what it is as he was able to make out that something is not right - oh, my Milee's Sood brothers...
And boom... Viren could not hold it anymore and he could not hide the pain inside him..He blurts out what that form is. He did the right thing now by telling the family about it as it would not have been correct to hide this big a truth from all as it affects the Sood family too and not just Viren. Nivi decided to not give heir to the family so in turn it badly affects DS too. I felt so bad seeing Viren in that position and crying - uske sabar ka baandh toot gaya... And the pain came out.
As usual our wicked darling CC started her tricks and bad mouthing and here comes Nivi's friend Sid saving her.. Viren was in no position to stop his mom.. This was shown so beautifully byt CTs today. Sid saw that Viren cannot so he jumped in. And then the final ultimatum by the head - DS. I will only say when I hear it from Nivi's mouth.
Now the best part - experience and age can only teach you so much and that is what was shown by CTs here when DS took Nivi alone to talk to her.
DS understood what Nivi was going through and that she is putting Dwita's happiness before hers and Virens. He acknowledged that Nivi has always done good and has brought happiness in the house but - mind you - BUT that does not mean that Nivi cannot make a mistake. If you all remember Friday was the day when I said the same that Nivi is making a huge mistake and supporting her is wrong as that way she will keep repeating her mistakes. If we love someone and the person is making a mistake, it is our duty, repsonsibility to show the right way to the person, else there is no difference between us and our loved one. If our kids make a mistake we scold them, we tell them to learn from mistake but scolding does not mean that we do not love them. Same here, Nivi is our character, we have seen her from the start, fallen in love with her, so how can we see her making this huge mistake of her life.
That was the SAAR of DS talk with Nivi - that you are making a mistake and it is OK to make mistake but think before you decide in haste as you are right now deciding based on your guilt. Even Divya will not be happy seeing you do this sacrifice, she would never want you to not be mother. Love and Repentance are 2 different things aur uska difference Nivi ko pehchanna hai. Kyonki aaj to tumhe praischchit theek lag raha hai par zindagi bhar is mode se nahin jeeya ja sakta, woh tumhare liye bojh ban jayega.. Whereas love has no boundaries and it keeps expanding, never decreases. Agar Nivi ne repentance ke bal pe Dwita ko pala to woh Dwita ke liye bhi theek nahin hai. This we all have said and agreed upon. Obsession and possessiveness for a kid is not correct. That is what DS explained to Nivi and made her think. I loved when DS said "tumhe lagta hai Viren khush hai , kahan hai uski aankon ki chamak."  These dialogues were superb.
What should I say about CC? She got the chance of her life and Viren is in such a state that any instigation will have an effect on him. He has just given up his happiness and his mind, heart are not in his control. CC took advantage of that. The look on Viren's face said it all that he has enough. I think the separation time is near and it might happen sooner... But if you all noticed, CC in the spur of moment blurted out that she has tried so hard to keep Nivi away from Sood house... So her truth is going to be revealed soon - maybe that is what the Mahaepisode is going to be about.
I am so badly waiting for that day when she and JW will be exposed...
Precap - Nivi has made a decision... It is either going to be Viren freeing her or Nivi freeing Viren... I mean separation for sometime.. And them ultimate reunion. CTs are trying to show that after a marriage it is husband and wife that should matter and they both have to take decisions together not individually and specially such decisions which affect them as whole.
Sorry, I was extremely busy today hence so late in posting my thoughts.. Please comments.

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diyaloveskinny IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Excelent Post Anju and Agree with ur each word U have written, So true,  the meaning of marriage and the importance of Husband and Wife's decision both is needed, this can be a happy marriage, Seperation may happen, But hope not for long and then We have our Nivren Re-union,  and this will lead ti their happiness, and As U said High time CC's truth be out to the world

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zarmeeno IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Welcome Back Anju. Axiously waiting for u to finish ur thoughts.

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Nikita99 Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Anju couldn't agree more. Sid so deserve our appreciation today but on the other hand CC might use that to seperate Nivren.

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samin6 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Hi anju I was also moved by what Viren said. It is sad the way Nivedita likes wrapping Viren around her finger in the name of Love and I think no one had realized that Nivedita was so much affected by Divya's death. I also did not understand how can two wrongs make a right. She wants now to abort her own child and opt for sterilization because she thinks responsible for Divya's death, also because HL accused her of the same.
 I think every one should put their own children before going around and doing favours. Like I think at this point Keshav and NT Dadi should  tell HL that she should not have gone and accused Nivedita and they should cut all ties with her, after all at this point she is responsible.
 I actually liked the way Chanchal confronted Nivedita. She was happy yesterday when she thought Nivedita was pregnant yesterday. I think today she was not happy because she wanted to be the first person to know and not to know from Siddharth.  And the way she told her, it was evident she was responding to what Viren was going through. 

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lams Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
AWEsome awesome post Anju ...ClapClapClap
The thing that I can say is when Nivi sees Divya ... is what I presume Nivi thinks that Divya came to tell her to take care of the baby , but actually I think Divya came to ask her for forgiveness and she has misunderstood that ...
Also again she thinks of what the society says that Dwita will be a motherless child ...and thats what I so dont like about Nivi ...Always listenning and pandering to others like HL , DD , CC and never never to Viren CryCryCryCryCry

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anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zarmeeno

Welcome Back Anju. Axiously waiting for u to finish ur thoughts.
Finally finished updating...

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NiViren-Raj IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Thank u so much for the post...You have said it all.

Had tears seeing NivRen today... their pain...loved what Viren said that he is doing it for her love and that he want to have NivRen child out of love and not force...

As per Nivi's thinking...i believe Nivi thinks that because DD came to meet her...Nivi under guilt thinks that DD came because she wants Nivi to take care of Dwita... this is shown in Nivi's flaskback on Monday while talking to Viren and Nivi's  mentioning to Viren and DS in different words today...but we know that DD came to meet Nivi because DD wanted to ask for forgiveness...

Thinking about it...CT's have not shown NT dadi telling Nivi that she had a talk with DD and told DD the complete truth and that is why DD had gone to meet Nivi at the mandir and that is why DD's souls came to meet Nivi to ask for her forgiveness...CT's have also not shown that the Soods know complete reasof why DD went to meet Nivi...From Viren's dialogue to Nivi week before last during the DD's death track was that 'did you not hear dadi that DD is not angry with you and DD has realized her mistake' but CT's has not shown that the Soods, and NivRen know the details of what exactly NT dadi told DD and the what was DD'd misunderstanding...this only Sid and Nivi knew but why this misunderstanding they too do not have any clue 

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