Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

CI Thursday's thread MSK ka jalwa ...

sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
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For New and Old Crazy Members!!! ' GiRlS Please read the rules!!


         Introduce yourself to everyone (name and why)... as members would like to know about you.          Crazie Incredibles thread is a fun thread... and we are here to have fun! ' So it is important to keep the thread clean.          For CRAZIES... Maan & Geet are equal and Maaneet love is divine...therefore we love Maaneet to the core...           No bashing of characters / actors is tolerated in crazy thread...           No bad words should be used to describe any character/actor. If you are angry with any character or scene, just say U are angry!!! Or be angry with CVs.          No bashing of Maan or Geet will be tolerated - WARNING to ALL!!!          If any bashing is found in the thread. 3 warnings will be given & then after that they will be thrown out of the thread.          We call DEV - DEV(IL)... please mention as such when u quote in the thread.          We are not Fans of NAAS, NT & DEV(IL)..Don't bash them.. just criticize them!!!! ' You can include them in the analysis.            Quote each other limited to 3 quotes...  

                 If any rule is offended by any crazies, beautiful and wonderful sazaas are given to them By SAZAA GIVERS


                                             ******ALL crazies who open a thread will have to post the rules*******


                                             ******Topic Starter...will give the analysis in the next post!!! 

Reserve your place crazies

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sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 December 2010
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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged

Sign karo Sign GHSP...and save herself...

Today I had some problems and Maine thik se episode dekha nahi ...I attend many phone calls on episode time , So I can't do analysis...

Maine samjha in precap Maan is where Delhi ya Amritsar...

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-Saruu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Mee wanting 2 join.EmbarrassedTongueSmile
 Im Called Sara,Im 14,Liv In UKTongue

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
edited after epi-

The episode was awesome...loved happy that now cvs r giving equal treatment to both Geet's and Maan's characters...

DD and GC were awesome loved their expressions as always...


Geet's tears of pain and guilt that bcuz of her, Maasi and Teji have a wrong opinion about Maan, and also her tears of pain and guilt for hurting her Maasi Teji and all...Geet someone who was deprived of care and love frm family since she became sabse parayi has finally found care and love frm her Maasi and her family...this is one of the reasons to y now Geet wants to make everyone understand the reason MAANEET were hiding truth and waiting for the right moment to tell everyone the truth...similarly Maan has seen how much Geet used to miss her family when she had come to Delhi leaving behind her dreadful past in, even Maan was hiding truth for the same reason bcuz MAANEET wanted to go back to their home Delhi taking blessings and love of Geet's Maasi Teji Pammi Lucky Mamaji now Geet says sorry to her Maan bcuz right now she does not want to go back to Delhi until everything is set, MAANEET r saying it's conflict between Geet as daughter of Maasi and Geet as wife of Maan but i feel here there is no such conflict i mean Geet wants to stay back both bcuz she wants Maasi and everyone to see the real Maan who is known for his truth, honesty, transparency and strong principles and also Geet wants to stay back to wipe tears and pain given to her Maasi and her family unknowingly and here more than conflict, Geet is staying back both bcuz of her pride, respect, admiration, worship and love for her Maan and his principles which r now being questioned bcuz of unfortunate circumstances and destiny as Maan himself told Geet that sometimes bcuz of destiny many things happen which r beyond our control and which might be totally opposite to wat v might have expected...and also Geet is staying back for the love, concern towards Maasi and all and also to be relieved frm the guilt of giving pain to everyone unintentionally...Geet says sorry to Maan that she cannot go with him right now and also says please let her stay back...Maan replies saying Geet tumhe please hene ki koi zaroorat nahi Maan apni Geet ke liye apni jaan bhi de saktha hai similarly yest Geet tells her Maan she can die but cannot see anyone insulting her Maan or questioning his principles...MAANEET can do anything and everything for each other...Maan understands her unsaid words and feelings and now Maan promises his Geet that he will not let Geet as his wife lose...MAANEET's self-respect, honour, pride is in each other' self-respect, pride and honour afterall MAANEET r one...MAANEET will now go bac to delhi only after showing that they never meant to hide truth nor hurt them intentionally everything happened bcuz of unpleasant and unfortunate destiny and circumstances which were beyong anyone's finally Geet will win both as a daughter as well as a wife...finally MAANEET will win...MAANEET r always a pillar of strength, hope, understanding, concern and love for each other...MAANEET everyday show us a new aspect of relationship and that is y v all love, admire, respect and worship them so truly and deeply to infinity and even MAANEET both together will ensure that they will clear all the misunderstanding, soothe all the pain given by them to Maasi and all unknowingly and they will return home only after taking blessings and love frm Maasi and her family  afterall Our MAANEET r known for spreading happiness love and positivity...also as v all had predicted Maan will go back to delhi taking his Geet once everything is fine...he cannot leave his Geet alone to to solve the problem...Afterall MAANEET r soulmates, so they wud share everything be it happiness or sorrow, joy or problems, roses or thorns, dreams or nightmares...they will face everything together and emerge victorious...MAANEET will go back home only when they wud show to Maasi and all about MAANEET's divine and sacred bond, their true divine and genuine feelings and that MAANEET r epitome of truth honesty and transparency...MAANEET will do everything possible to show it to Maasi and teji that MAANEET were not lying but hiding the truth for a while because they were waiting for the right moment to tell everyone...hiding something for a while for a good and noble reason is considered higher than zillion truths...MAANEET will prove it to all that whatever they did was for a noble reason MAANEET did all this just to show it to Maasi's family the divinity, purity and truth of MAANEET's relationship atooth ristha and to show that both r the happiest with each other and both r the luckiest to have found each other...


 Eventhough temporarily MAANEET have to be away frm each other still MAANEET r always connected thru their hearts, mind, soul, feelings, thoughts, dreams and memories...MAANEET ki dooori mein bhi hai when Maan was leaving house, MAANEET were in pain but at the same time, Maan was proud of his Geet...Geet's were tears of pain for temporary doori but still v all cud see MAANEET's pride, respect, admiration, worship, love and concern for each other and each other's principles...Maan was very proud of his Geet today...V all r very proud of Our MAANEET...




Lucky can understand MAANEET and the reason to y they were hiding truth but teji and maasiji fail to understand them...usually, Lucky is always hilarious and usually bindaas type no one takes him or his opinions seriously but now v r seeing the other side of him...he can distinguish between wat is right and wrong and can see MAANEET's divine sacred true and pure bond of love and to how MAANEET can do anything for each other like Maan Singh Khurana becoming driver for his beloved Geet and now Geet staying back away frm her Maan for few days to show maasi and teji real Maan a man of principles...


Mamaji and Lucky were hilarious!...Mamaji ko tappad pada bechara aur lucky hass raha tha!!!...mamaji now feeling guilty...ab sab kuch hera pheri kar diya hai aur ab pachtha raha hai...lucky is so mad at mamaji yaar!...


Teji gets a call that money lender has sold the house and given one month notice to vacate the house...maasi teji pammi nandini shocked...Nandini in tears in front of Geet...Nandini tells Geet soon as Geet hears this frm Nandini, Geet calls Maan...Maan's smile so sweet and he was in romantic mood initially but when Geet tells him there is some problem, he becomes serious and he tells Geet ab kuch nahi ho saktha...but  frm precap seems like Maan has bought the house... ofcourse MAANEET r known for helping others and here is it their own family so obv MAANEET wud help them...also now Maan can stay close to his Geet his Misthi!...Geet will be surprised to see her Maan as the new owner!!! happy for waiting to see Maasi teji' reaction to this...


Geet was lost in her Maan's thoughts missing him so much she wants to go back to Khurana Mansion MAANEET's ashiyana their paradise...aww can't wait to see MAANEET back in delhi the divine special dreamy lucky and blessed place which has seen different feelings thoughts and stages in MAANEET's relationship...



MSK is back!...Lovely to see Adi back with Maan Sir...Maan has bought the house ofcourse MAANEET r known for helping others and here is it their own family so obv MAANEET wud help them...also now Maan can stay close to his Geet his Misthi!...

Now back to signing petitions and sending messages...I'm sure V all MAANEETIANS will be successful in our mission our dream our wish of saving 'Our Life Our GHSP Our MAANEET'...

Also please comment on DD's and GC's profile, pics, videos on IF, hit chaska meter, vote for Gold Awards...




(Proud to be a GHSP and MAANEET's lover, admirer and worshipper)

(Proud to be a MAANEETIAN)

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:00pm | IP Logged

keep signing the petition ... save GHSP ...

OMG OMG ... Maan Purchased the house ...LOL 

me so happy ... loved this twist ... Smile
knowing maan ... we should have guessed that maan would do some thing like this so that he can be close to his meeshti ...
no wonder ...  he was so cool when geet gave him the info that the money lender sold the house to some one ... He was not at all worriedLOLLOLLOL 

Kya dimaag lagaya maan ... bechari geet she could not even have guessed that maan purchased the house ... LOL

would love to see the expressions on every ones faces when thy see that maan is the new owner of the house ...

BTW - lucky & mama did  a great job today ... Lucky is a guy with gud heart & better thinking ability that tejji ... proved today that he knows what is wrong & what is right ...

no wonder beeji does not like lucky ... coz lucky is not like her ...
tejji is like her ... that's why she likes tejji more ...Angry
I was ROFL when bechara mama got the thappad ...ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Damn it AngryAngryAngrythe cable ... no power for the last 5 min ...AngryAngryAngrymissed the scene after nandi walks into geet's room ...CryCryCrybut as i saw the precap ... so could get the scene ...

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RajeevGurtiFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
save ghsp...
well the episode was enjoyable though maanet's scenes were less..
loved the first scene geet's justification and maan's support that's why we love maaneet..
lucky-mamaji was also good..
i would have enjoyed devil-msk scene more since both gc-ss are god actors if only ss played anything other than devil...
anyway at least devil is not trying to woo nandini..
msk is either the owner of the house ..or he has come back to help the family from the clutches of the new owner..
well he definitely has plan otherwise when devil asked whether he will leave geet alone we saw the famous smirk...
tomorrow's preacp awesome..hope more msk and geet...scene tommorow..

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Aarthi_01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:20pm | IP Logged

today's epi was good... and the precap was super hot...So Maan is the new owner of Maasi's house... Geet will be at her happy best... as she knw he did it for her and her family wic she respects... hope soon Tejji and bejji will understand Maan...

Geet was super cool she wanted to clear Maan's name of him being called a cheater...loved to see the sherni mode back on her... if anything happens to Maan she will not take it and vice versa...

Man Man he is very hotilicious in the precap and is Back with the Bang wic we are a great fan of... OMG OMG OMG another of his Mass entry alread y dead...

loved lucky and Mama convo... the duo are all set to kill... Lucky is doing a good job in comedy... i have seen him only in normal mode... in Kashi opposite to nandi...LOL and now she is his sis... 

Poor Mama ji got the slap of his life...but cund't hear wat biji said after slapping him...
and lucky cudn't stp himself form laughing after tat... he thinks Mama deserves it as he ws the one who was responsible for Maaneet not staying together...

loved lucky's dialouge of Maan being a tycoon was working here as driver... just for his love... OMG OMG OMG thanks Barry...thank  u very much...

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drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Hi Crazies, Don't worry we'll all succeed in saving GHSP.

I'm glad that today they made it clear that Geet wanted Maan's name cleared so she wanted to stay, I was quite upset with the Geet bashing but knew that things would be cleared today.

Poor Mamaji, sab kuch karne ke baad khudh hi sab pe naraz ho raha tha ROFL I loved the Ranjha and Laila ROFL

Our Lucky puttar turned out to be good hearted and loved how he outsmarted Mamaji to sunao Beeji. LOL And poor Mamaji thapad khakhe wapas aaya, but then he regretted what he did so kudos to him LOL

That Teji and Beeji have too much ego now they'll be brought down to earth Angry

I agree with you Hima, Maan is surely the one who has bought the house, there's no way anything is impossible for MSK especially if it's for his Mishty, so he saves this proud horrible Amritsar family (except Lucky & Pammi and maybe Nandini) from being ruined

I loved the precap, let these people see the Shaan of Maan Singh Khurana LOL

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