Wed Update -25/05/2011 - Money, the hero is caught (Page 2)

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

Thanks Tanu for the wonderful updates and side comments!!

I hated seeing Tamil begging like this to Kanagu.  It was horrible to see the hero of Thendral acting like this to his friend.  Why can't he beg for a job instead??  I didn't expect Kanagu to give money to Tamil.  He already has expenses for his store and now that he gave money to Tamil he will face problems soon.  It's impossible for Tamil to pay Kanagu back in a short amount of time.  But Kanagu proved to be a great friend to Tamil today. I loved how he said that Tamil has the right to go and take money and that he is more important than money...just hope nothing goes wrong to his business.

Yay Tamil knows the truth!!!  I didn't expect this to happen so soon.  But as usual Tamil gave a small reaction to this big matter.  He looked so sad and tired.  He had no energy to yell at his mother.  I felt so sad watching Tamil at his mother's house.  He started crying too... 

But Lavanya was a little better today.  Do you guys think she was acting??  She told her mom that it was her fault and that it would have been better to give the money to Tamil in the first place.  I liked how she offered her brother the money again.  I don't think Periappa will mind if the money went to Tamil.  If Lav really cares about her brother, she should ask Periappa to get a job for Tamil in his company.

Grr...GW!!!!  What an act she put today in front of Tamil.  Her tears were fake and she was lying!!!  What made me so mad was when she told Tamil not to always believe Tulasi!!!  I liked how Tamil questioned his mother about Tulasi and said that she was right from the start and that she is really innocent.  He yelled at her for no reason and now he feels guilty about that...

The friend who came to see Tulasi is so rude!!!  He would have went straight inside that house if it weren't for Tulasi!!!  But he does have a point...Tamil should have spoken to him and told him that he can't arrange for the money right away and should have asked for time.  If he had done that in the first place this man wouldn't have come and yelled at Tulasi. 

Poor TT.  Tamil had to see his mother's fake drama while Tulasi had to hear all these rubbish words form an outsider.  Wonder what is next for them...Tulasi's life is already in danger and Tamil still owes so much money..

Overall I liked this episode.

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Thanks Tanu for the update.Smile Interesting episode as things are moving fast. Nit 4 lakhs issue finally came out. TA over heard his mother and lav conversation which has created a hatred towards them. Ithu evalo nallaikunu theriyalai.Confused
TA asking money is really paritham to watch. Initially they have shown TA was   helping his friends at the cost of his own dis comfort.Unhappy Basically TA trusts all of his friends and wants them to help him in the same manner. This guy even keeps his key outside his house for his friends'sigh.  Than uGu 'michinathugu 'appuram 'than dharmam ell am. Ithu eppa puriya pogutho TA...Lukku.Angry  
It is good that kanagu helped TA on time. So tomorrow will have the scene   with TA crying to thuls. But in the last part thuls was scolded badly by TA's friend which was sad to watch. I really liked the way the dir has maintained TA char esp when he asked  lav if he should drop her ... inthu than TAClap

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Thank you Tanu for the nice update, Smile

Kanagu was so sweet.Embarrassed.!! He is really a good friend for TA, But yeah as you all said their friendship should not be ruined for this money matter...!! Confused

How come TA will pay back to Kanagu?? It is just the interest he has paid.. There is much more to go..!! How will he be able to manageConfused?? He just has two days to pay back to Kanagu and also that colleague...!! In this case how is he going to pay all the money he has borrowed from different persons..!! Till he gets his job he won't be able to pay it back fully..!!! OuchConfused

TA's situation when he heard the truth about 4 lakhs was justified..!! TA was more frustrated than getting angry.Clap.!! OMG that GW and both doesn't deserve him..!! Even though she has put some drama to make TA believe, soon all the 3 (SQ, GW, Pshyco) will be caught and yes as @ Theiva said can't even imagine how TA would react as that will be cheating to Thulasi and not to him..!! LOLClap

TA's colleague was too harsh with Thulasi.Cry. Hmm lets see what is going to happen and how is TA going to pay back all his money..!! Confused

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I want to teach a manthiram to selfish beauty queen Lav  "I will do what ever my mom doesn't matter if its right or mom wont think or do anything bad...she only thinks about uniting couples...she got her own reasons behind her every action" she should tell this everyday to Nithesh and her in-laws...even to TA, i dont all can disown this creature sooner or later tooDead.

GW i will give you a gold coin if you go tell the mathiram that your thanga silai DIL taught you...give a try and tell about Thulasi's dhosham to this lady is too much...she is very keen on getting good looks from TA after getting caught...she doesn't care about her son who is suffering because of her only and trying to cover her spoiled look...what a heartless useless creature.

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Thanks da Tanu for the wonderful update and comments Hug.

I could not watch TA begging Kanagu, was just listening to his dialogues. I thought he is gonna fall at his feet Shocked, was more than happy Kanagu did not allow him to beg him. Mr. Kanagu, Deepa will be more than happy to hear the help you have done to her best friend's hubby Big smile.

TA came to know the truth about the 4 lakhs and that too from his mommy darling's mouth Shocked...nice to know. Ouchhh...was very sad to see TA today after getting to know the dhrogam his mom and sister did to him Cry. He was helplessly standing there as if he felt like an anadhai all of a sudden Cry. I thought he was trying to control his tears as if he did not want to show to those heartless creatures how hurt he was, but could not succeed in that. Somehow i guessed he won't react much more than this coz namma hero thaan rombhaaa nallavar aache...sigh. Poor thing, was all worried about his wife. He knows how much it will hurt her if he himself tells her that he knows the truth about that money Ouch. I don't think he believed his mother's words...his expressions were not like that. I liked Deepak's acting today.

Grrr GW and Lavanya...Angry Angry...pana pisaasus...none should believe her in the future even if she tells the truth. She should beg everyone like TA is begging now for money. Once psycho returns, TA will be completely against his mother...GW will be psycho's first enemy. Epdiyachum adichukattum Angry

Hmmm Lavanya...adhu muzhiye sari illai just like her mom's. Now she will be happy she got the money back and could prove her MIL. Athoda she won't worry about her brother...useless lady Angry.

That friend of TA is so ungrateful and was not minding that he was talking to a girl. If TA had not paid the money for his MIL, he would have let her die as it was not his mother Dead. I think next week, Kanagu will call Thulasi and ask about his money...Thulasi might come to know about the loan matter through him if she is not harmed by then Confused.

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A very nice update with a good title and funny side comments.
Today's episode was really good and brought out the best from our hero. His expresiions were very good.
Kanagu going out of the way to help TA and giving more importance to friendship than money proved he cannot be the spy at any cost. I really admired his character and hope our hero doesn't cause problems to his budding business.
I'm so happy that the 4 lak thing came to our hero's notice today. But the way it came out and the related scenes were far milder than anticipated! I expected more drama, anger on our hero's part! But TA was too hurt to say or react as he was betrayed by his own blood! He was hurt that he had to hurt D and T. GW trying to save her skin as much as possible was clear to his son as she faltered at every moment and was fumbling for words! When GW tried to justify that because of Lav and her in-laws she did not give the money, TA questioned her as to why she did not say it out then! Well, looks like TA's brain has  started working. But, GW did seem to put a good drama with her croc tears and not sure if TA believed her completely.
Lav realized things too late   and she cud have helped her bro earlier. GP wud not hesitate to help TA as TA saved VR and it was VR who caused a portion of this loan! I wish GP gets to know abt this and comes forward to rescue TA from this mess. He does also have the resposibility in a way to help TA in this situation.
TA"s bank colleague's behavior was very mean to T. Well, TA cud have called him and asked for time as he did help TA in his hour of need.
All these problems again take their roots in TA's atitude. His tendency to help w/o assessing a person's character or help someone based on their face value! He is going to learn his lesson the hard way when something happens to T.

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Thanks for the Update Tanu akka!!!
Nice Kanagu!!! Emmathiduva endru ninaicheen!!! Really good friend!!!
Yeahhh!!!!!! Nice Dir!!! Sontha mahanke secrets-a!!!
Great!!! Mujangale paaru!!! Thooo Ippidi kevalam ana vezhai pannina Kadavule summa irrupara??!!! I'm so happy!!!!
TA looks so hurts!! Paavam ippidi oru peii vayitha vanthu piranthathuku konja naal azhuthitu avaala thalai muzhigidu!!!
TA enna chinna baby-a sonna puriyamal irruka??!!! Ithu ellam theriyama pannura thappu illai koluppu eduthu poiy seiyurra thappu!!!
Awww TA!!! Romba feeling-a pessuraan!! Yeahhh ippoavathu Thulasiya pazhivanga poraal unn amma endru theriyuthee!!!
Intha situation-layum intha pissasu poiy solluthe!! Thooo enna jenmamo!!!
Ippo azhutha enna puriyojanam!!! Romba kashtham-a irrukuthu TA-va paakum pothu!!!!
Poor TA!!! More problems!!!
Thendral paarthu paarthu thaan comment pannureen so reactions ellam live-a pannura mathiri irrukum!!! Sorry!!

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Thanks Tanu for the wonderful update.

When I saw in the promo I thought Kanagu won't give money to Tamil and in the yesterday episode also I have some confusion whether Kanagu will five money or not. When Kanaguhas give money to Tamil he has prove that he is a true friend of Tamil. It is good to see when Kanagu give more importance to his friendship than his work. Will Tamil able to pay back the money to Kanagu. If Tamil didn't pay back the money there will be a conflict between Tamil and Kanagu.

Finally Tamil has find out about the money matter. Today his dialogues were awesome but he didn't do anything to GW and Lavanya after knowing the money matter. if Tamil want to hate GW he have to know what GW real character is so he will get to know about GW and Charu plan after Charu arrives.It is now clear Tamil has cried because of the money GW and Lavanya hide from him and realizing about how selfish they become that's why he is crying.

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