Wed Update -25/05/2011 - Money, the hero is caught

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 11:39am | IP Logged


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Shemmo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Thanks Nox for the wonderful and superfast Update!Clap
Today scene was quiet nice. I didnt expected Kanagu to help TA, but he proved that he is a great friendStarHug. 100% he wont be the spyBig smile. Noone of TA friends are. Man it was sad seeying TA begging by Kanagu. But i hope his business wont get spoiled of this, please TA pay his money in 2 days backEmbarrassed. He will, yenna he does not like if his friends are in danger.

YayyyParty! The truth came out, but it was not that much as expectedShocked. OMG, i cried when TA was talking with GWLOL. ARG, etho nallava mathiri that lady is talking, ithula poi kanneer veraAngry. It was very sad to see TA like that. He was right, yaar enna thappu pannalum thats not a problem, but last-la hurt avurathu only TA thaanCry. But therila whether to pity him or to be angry with him. Today i pity him, but loosu paiyan believed his mom koncham, not fully. GW ur acting wont least, soon u will get caughtBig smile. Appo TA itha vida hurt avaru then u can laugh. Huh, seiyurathu ellam pannithu, asking to take him the money. Lav itha mudhale unga ammakitta solli irukalam, you should have been adamant, but ur a loosu, so cry nowAngry. Soon ur mom is going to spoil ur life aswell, enna spoil panrathu, erkanave spoil ayacheeeLOL.

That manager is a paanapeiAngry. Koncham kooda nandrikadan ille. Okie he is right still athukunu ipdiya oru ponnu kitta pesurathu. Intha serial-la periyavangaluku epdi behave panrathunu therila. Chaa. Hope he wont go to Police, approm AP-ku Diwali thaanLOL. Someone give TA a job,
pleaseee, as our hero is lazy!AngryEmbarrassed
So T&T promo scene is missing. Hmm, hope friday nothing happens to ThulsCry.

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Pearl. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged

Thanks Tanu for the lovely update with nice comments!Smile

Great, now TA borrowed money from KanaguOuch. Atleast it is intrest freeConfused! Not sure how TA is gg to return the money back to Kanagu. If not, this will cause a rift in their friendshipConfused.
4 Lac issue went like a bhusvaanamSilly! Thought some big aapu will come for GW and Lav, but as usual director made us foolOuch! But one thing is, TA relealised that he got cheated. He was more worried that this issue created problems in TA/T relationshipClap.
Stupid GW! still asking TA not to believe Thulasi fullyDead. Thirunthatha JenmamAngry. Her mouth is full of lies when she opens itAngryDead. The same women who told before that let TA suffer and realise that it is all becoz of marrying Thulasi, now acting by shedding crocodile tears so her son will fall for herConfused. But as per her wish, TA believed his mom side of story eventhough he is totally hurt that he has been cheated fully.
Lav shameless creatureAngryDead. You don't deserver a brother like this. Now you want to act offering money to your brother?? What happenned before when he was desperately in need of money and hit his hand for getting money from MM? You lied along with your momAngryDead! The only person who does not believe your thilalangadi acting is your MIL.
Request to the Director:
Friendship has been portrayed so good by the director in this serial during every thick and thin. Please do NOT change that on any circumstances.

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Janani20 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Thank you for the fast and awesome update Tanu ka! Big smile

Wow! Kanagu...your just great, you proved yourself that your a true friend. Smile I don't think Tamizh will pay back the money within two days. Confused

Haha! LOL GW and Lavanya nalla maatikittinam. Ada thoo, ithu ellam oru amma, enna oru drama poduthu. Ippo koodu konja manachaachi varele! Angry Lavanya ku vantha, but still athu oru selfish thaan. Tongue It was really a pity to see Tamizh crying like that. Cry But his reactions after knowing the truth were not that good, he could have showed more anger towards his mum and sister. Sleepy Awww, Deepak was superrr, his expressions were chanceless, what a hero!! Clap

Aiyooo, this man is getting on my nerves arghhh. Angry Shammu ka sonna mathiri oru panapeii onnu, chee. Angry Paavam Thulasi, more tortures and suffrage are to come. Cry

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Arizes. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Thanks da Tanu for the wonderful update... Big smile
Sigh, It was ofcourse really sad to see TA begging for money to each and everyone, the money which he never even spent for his own expenses. It was for hosp expenses and useless sister's wedding.Angry
Finally the truth came out and TA heard it, but the essence of the scene was not completely enjoyable as this GW played her part well and managed to convince atleast to an extent. Though TA was not convinced he was not showing his anger,it was only frustration that was shown by him and he could not take the truth that his mom cheated him. His reaction very true and i m happy that it was not too dramatic but only reacted with hurt.(Deepak did a good Job hereClapClap). The way GW convincing TA shadowed the happiness that TA had heard the truth. This lady needs to be punished at least when he comes to know about her evil plan to separate him from Thulz. But I was wondering why he did not relate things whatever thulz accused this lady, was it bcos it was from Sudha and why never he asked about the dosham thing the useless lady told. But still it is understandable, he was helpless and hurt and his behaviour was quiet convincing though.  Big smile..
If at all he has to be guilty for his acts bcos of him mom and useless sister, more of his guilty feeling should be towards Deepa for chasing her badly and making her miss her exams.Ouch...will he tell this truth about the money issue to Thulz..Confused
This SQ, when she rendered the money to TA, saying she felt bad as she heard him say he was struggling for money, i was like going to slap this stupid female. She is like giving pichai to him. Good that he did not accept the money. And when he asked if he had to drop her, shows how good TA is..and will that SQ even did not have any guilty feeling for that. Such a losers both mom and daughter.Angry
Finally, this colleague, wednesday's spl is it...he pops every wednesday and asks money...sigh ...
when he told he borrowed not for his mom and for MIL, wow man what a affection u have on your mom, wonderful...TA should be ashamed to call u as a friend.Dead

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Theiva Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Thank you Tanu for the superb update and nice side comments! Big smile

I was disappointed when Kanagu gave the money to TA, but really happy to see what a nice friend he is to TA. The scene reminded me of the scene at the beginning how TA gave the money when Kanagu informed his friend that his mother was hospitalized, he did not even ask for it. I hope Kanagu's business does not get ruined because of our hero. Disapprove

Wow, TA overheard his mother and sister's convo about the money.  It was very clear that he was deeply hurt by his mother. That Gutter tried her best to act as if she really wants the best for her children, but even then she looked at TA to see if he was really convinced by her acting and lies as it would make her job more easy. Angry

TA knows how he was cheated by his own mother and sister, but again he forgives them easily (?!). I didn't expect him to react more harsh towards his mother and sister because it is himself who has been cheated. If they had cheated Thulasi, he would react the way we expect which is still to come once psycho's true face is revealed. Someone like TA can only be sad, but can't show hatred or anger towards the ones who cheat him. But i don't think he was convinced by his mother, not even a bit. Now i do believe his crying to Thulasi is genuine, if he acts like crying, it would be the same as Gutter did today to convince him. Angry

TA's collegue was too rude. It looked as if he wants revenge on TA at any cost and not as if he wants the money back. If he needed the time to repay TA, why can't he give TA some more time rather being this much rude to a girl who was begging him to understand their situation. Well, TA might not pay the loan sharks but this collegue. Never ending problems for TT is the aim of the director. Sigh. Ouch

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acornn Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the excellent update and comments!  Gut wrenching yet very uplifting and positive episode.  Will today's episode be a page turner for TA?  

Stars of the day - K and TA! In the midst never ending cycle of misery and gloom due to the deceit of gutters, TA has rare positive moment courtesy of Mr. K.  When TA started his begging routine, what K said to TA was amazing – TA has full access to K's lockbox. Finally, TA has couple of people who will put human relationship i.e. friendship over money.

Just when one thought the 400k will close in a whimper, TA got lucky by coming @ the right time, finally he got to know the truth - for him, Thulz is as pristine as ever.  When cornered, GW tries hard to conceal the lie under the garb of 'motherhood' …er gutterhood, but TA did not fall for it. GW calls god for aide, tells TA "god knows the truth" ….. ROFL ROFL. SQ spills few drops of 'crocodile tears', TA snubbed her offer of help.

Poor T, she has to face music due to TA's follies from the jerk.  While TA's ex-colleague was rude and mean, T should have kept quiet instead of provoking him. Not sure how much more humiliation TA has to take.

 The core friendship circle of TA & T is intact. TA rightly summed up his position to K – a prisoner of his own situation, but it his own making. Hope TA hits pause button on his social service mission for a while and starts to live life for T's sake and fixes all his $$$ problems.

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Arizes. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shamz.

That manager is a paanapeiAngry. Koncham kooda nandrikadan ille. Okie he is right still athukunu ipdiya oru ponnu kitta pesurathu. Intha serial-la periyavangaluku epdi behave panrathunu therila. Chaa. Hope he wont go to Police, approm AP-ku Diwali thaanLOL. Someone give TA a job,pleaseee, as our hero is lazy!AngryEmbarrassed
U cant expect it from him, when his own blood and mom does not have any towards him. He was behaving mean though. But his inentions was money here. But the shameless intentions are more than when compared to these loses the manager can be excused thoughOuch

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