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Mistis thoughts 25th may 2011 (Page 4)

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In a way, the whole episode was about Dev getting to know Radhika. How she grew up, her circumstances, and most importantly, how important her marriage and KK are to her. This way, he will truly fall in love with her (not just a crush like he had before) and this will be true love, culminating from the initial attraction. He will try to help her, and this caring side of Dev will make Rads fall in love with Dev, not just KK.

Well, at least I hope that's what CVs make happen.

Then they fall in love with each other for the human beings they are today, not 12 years ago guddi gudiya ka khel. And acknowledge their marriage as adults.

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Misti,  I just had a routine visit with the doctor, but was cancelling it several times.  Was tempted to cancel the appointment again (hate doctor visits) as I saw your comments just when I was about to leave.  But then didn't feel like getting a lecture from the doctor and family.  So went ahead.  Thanks for the concern.

Originally posted by misti73

Today I don't know who takes the cake...Ermm...Mohini or Fruitcake regarding humor...LOLWink.I mean there was a clear competition going on between these two...LOL...

 Actually, I really liked this episode a lot after a long time.  Fruitcake got almost sympathy from me in the first part because he is falling badly for Phuljhari and just about when he decides he won't be able to live without her,  Bhasmasur would pop up.  But am going to enjoy Bhasmasur (as long as they don't make him a molester or a murderer - really keep him grey.  Again as you said,  change from positive to negative or vice versa can be made easily in that case).   Both Mohini and Fruitcake were excellent in the first part.  Second part belonged to Radhika and her family as well as Fruitcake.

First Mohini or our resident Bhabhi aunty in full force...LOL...Rohan throwing a tantrum that he will not eat because his favorite doll that is pari has left him alone and gone off...Stern Smile...and his mother like a clucking hen following him around trying to feed him kheer...Stern Smile...arreh whats the problem?Ermm...if he does not want to eat then let him be...Stern Smilesee how long can he stay away from food...Stern Smile..hunger will make him come down from his tantrum and he will eat whatever you give him Mrs. Clucking hen, I mean Padma...Stern Smile...Now I am talking like my own mother...EmbarrassedLOL...Bhabhi aunty was on the phone...she observes this scene in front of her LOLand passes a remark...don't do so much it...Big smile.well as usual she was rightApprove...problem is no one pays attention to her pearls of wisdom...Stern SmileAnyway Rohan again runs and Mrs. Clucking hen goes cluck cluck and Bhabhi aunty with her next pearl of wisdom that at this moment her phuphi that is her aunt would have said that to have patience...LOL...and then says this is a common problem in every family...LOLDILs come and spoil the familyStern Smile...even Mr. Pintu, I mean Chunti did that...his wife build a wall...D'oh...badi bahu is thoughtful and then bhabhi aunty peers at badi bahu and says no one is as good as I am...LOLLOL...badi bahu is on a mission to prove how good choti bahu is and says no the problem is with Mrs Clucking HenStern these two between themselves have made Mrs. Clucking Hen more insecure...D'oh..

Ok, Mohini is really becoming one of my favorite characters.  Hope they don't ruin her.  I found her intolerable in the beginning but they have improved her dramatically.  If only they had paid this attention in the beginning instead of rushing everything.  Slow and steady wins the race.  To me today's episode showed that these writers have a capability of writing, but are probably forbidden to do so because of TRP love of production house and the channel.  There were bloopers but they can be excused because of this need for churning out quantity over quality.  So hard to keep track of every thing.

The discontinuity bothered me because it would have made the initial scene more understandable but still it was easy to get the missing part.  Still wish they would stretch an episode that needs to be stretched rather than always going for Friday cliffhangers.  This rush sometimes create dull shows on Monday.

Coming back to that scene,  Mohini's comments were so good.  First she irritated Baby Bhasu when she told him that his pari was gone (gone with Dev or he has lost pari if we talk about double meanings).  Then she pushed Padma's buttons.  So it is clear that superstitions are not the main driver of her insecurity.  She is possessive about Rohan and first she lost him to Maheswari (again her fault but she is blind to her own faults) and now to Radhika for whom even Baby Bhasu is denying her.  Here she is like Vaishali who was also very insecure for a long time about this.  But Vaishali was scared of losing Dev and hence used to behave in his presence.

I like the dynamics between Maheswari and Mohini.  Maheswari knows about Mohini and vice versa.  The only problem is that Maheswari considers Mohini an airhead which she is not.

Now coming to fruitcake...he stops the car...LOL...marches out of the car...LOL...without looking back...Stern Smilefinds Radhika standing next to the door...and then again barks at her for creating nuisance...Stern Smile...when actually it was him creating the scene...Ermm..and tells her off...Stern SmileD'oh...then realizes that Radhika's pallu is stuck in the cars door (which Radhika shows him by moving the handle up and downLOL) meekly opens the door to release the pallu...LOL.but then as a parting shot again barks back at her that why didn't she tell him!...Stern SmileD'ohLOL..arreh fruitcake did you give her choice in this matterStern Smile...poor thing gets a shouting when she speaks and also gets a shouting when she does not speakD'oh...eetna bhao kyun kha rahe ho aap...Stern Smile.How long are you going to project the anger that you are feeling for yourself on her?..Stern Smilebecause you think that she is making you choose between your obligations and loving her...Stern Smile.merah kya hai...laroh apne aap se aur bhughtoh...D'oh...

Actually, I found Fruitcake very funny and realistic this time.  Even though he is denying it, but he is being a typical chauvinist husband who is taking out his frustration on the only person who is closest to him.  He is becoming more and more possessive about Radhika despite his denials.  So he barks at her for no reason because he is angry at himself.  Then he was sheepish when he realized that he was at fault and took that out on her too.  Since Radhika is not smiling anymore at him and ignoring him quite effectively, he is not finding his usual excuses to throw tantrums at her and so is using lame reasons to do so.  He pointedly brought the car at a high speed, screeched to a stop and then strode towards the dhaba without opening her door.  Did the same when they were going back.  Would have loved to see the pre-scene as to who decided on a break.  I have a feeling that it was Dev who wanted to have a break and just blamed Radhika for delay even though she only took few minutes at the temple.

Now the reason I felt almost like sympathy for him was because mainly due to RAdhika's response where she refused to let his tantrums affect her and hence drove her point deeper and behaved like a mature dignified person.  So that made him look like a kid at his obnoxious best and secondly because he is falling for her and Bhasmasur is coming just when he would be ready to surrender.  So this time it would hurt him worse because he would have fallen for real Radhika and not some image.  On the other hand, he would be insecure because Radhika gives him importance due to her thinking of him as her husband but she has not fallen in love with him and is only in love with KK.  So I would like to see an episode where he wonders if Radhika loves him or not.  She has never really told him that.

In any case,  Radhika is taking away his "reasons" for disliking her and this would force him to do self-reflection and hence he is resisting that.  So his needless anger at Radhika.  Waiting for his remorse, punishment and repentance for doing this.

then he orders one plate of pakora and two cups of tea..I am warning you two...Stern Smileyou better finish that plate of pakoras...Stern is not fair that I am now dying for a plate of pakoras and you to will not eat that pakora...Stern Smile...anyway gets a lecture from the dhabawala regarding the intricacies of initial married life...and then passes on a glass of tea to Radhika...without looking at herD'oh...Fruitcake does she do jadu tona on you by just looking at you...Stern Smile...but he remembers to ogle her and very kindly moves the plate of pakora towards Radhika who moves it backLOLClap...good girl...Clap...anyway fruitcake goes on eating...yes don't you dare waste them...Stern Smile...and then there is one pakora left (the one that was left behind was on her side of the plate which Dev also refused to eat...showing that he does not accept things given by her...well thats what I got) which prompts the dhabawala to give some more gyan on love...Ouch..Fruitcake rolls his eyes...and one pakora is left behind.Stern Smile.ok Radhika I am forgiving you now...I know that you had to prove a point to this nutty I am letting that be but next time you better eat your pakora...Stern I want to eat pakoraUnhappy...but how am I going to get pakoras fried on streets of London?...Ermm...Not fair! Chunnu munnu...Cry... 

I know your feelings about pakoras.  Dhaba food is the best and that too stuff like Pakoras.  Haven't had dhaba food for a long time.   Now Misti, I expect that London would have some dhaba type place selling pakoras.  I usually miss the chat especially pani puris and they bring that longing feeling for me.  I got it when Bumbum and Phuljhari were having panipuris.  Was expecting a copy from CB1 but this one was different due to their interaciton.  Liked that Radhika accepted the tea cup after some time of letting him hold it and then refused the pakoras because of his idiotic behavior.  So he ended up eating almost all pakoras deliberately to show that he didn't care.  But she didn't ask for one and left the one on her side.  I liked her silent message that she will not take his crumbs anymore and he has to show her respect.  

Now would like to see Phuljhari going out with Baby Bhasu for an outing as she did promise him that she would go out with him once she is back.  So would like Fruitcake to pace in frustration to see his "wife" going with Baby Bhasu.  Then when they come back, Baby Bhasu brags about the fun they had eating panipuris (Baby Bhasu can tell him that he snatched one panipuri from Phuljhari's plate and that would remind Fruitcake of his own mistake with Pakora incident where he had the perfect opportunity to do the same and he wasted it because of his stupidity).  Also would like to see Phuljhari playing with Baby Bhasu even though it would be against her desire.  That would drive both Banshee and Fruitcake up the wall.


Then they reach home...Mansaram is very happy to see Radhika and Shanti is jumping with joy and runs as soon as she hears that fruitcake is also here...Stern Smile...who wants to immediately run but gets stopped by the family and...and then gets scared when dotty (chanda) comes and sits next to him...LOL... 

The remaining part in the comment section...

 Ok,  I used to dislike Vishaka/Kanika with Dev.  But today for the first time I was rooting for an extended scene of Fruitcake with Dotty especially now that he knows Dotty's true nature.  He is scared of her but he deserves her company.  Radhika is not insecure like him and knows Dotty as well has faith in Kanha.  So will not be affected much and Fruitcake would be scared to even talk to Dotty in case she gets some wrong hint and starts kissing him.

Liked the bond between Mansaram and Radhika.  Both were genuinely happy to see each other.  This relationship is beautiful and is portrayed beautifully by both.




Interesting episode with the right mixture of humour and drama... 

Starting with Dev and Radhika's interaction...Liked that Radhika refused to eat that pakora. This was prompted by her listening to Dev asking for another plate and that dhabawalas comments regarding sharing a plate and love and married couple...Felt like she gave the message to Dev that thank you but no thank you...she does not want anything from him that he does not give based on the fact that he wants to give but because he is forced to give or he thinks that it is good manners if he gives. Liked this display of self respect in Radhika...she did it in her own way and I am happy.

 Yes, I liked this scene a lot because of Radhika's silent treatment of Dev and her dignified behavior.  She is asking for her rights but he has to be the one now to approach her and ask her to accept it.  She has done enough running and now it is going to be Dev who has to make a clear choice.

Now comes the interesting part...Mansaram and his love for his daughter Radhika and the messages that he unknowingly passed on to Dev...first he does not want her to do any work and wants her to rest...shows that he is a  caring father who wants her to take a break after all she is going through in that house...and being prompted by him Radhika says that she is very happy with a very good MIL who cares a lot for her (Dev's expression changes because he knows that is not true)...a very good SIL (again Dev knows that is not true...he knows the barbs of Mohini) and that badi bahu is like Mansaram to her (well both do not know badi bahus real face)...then Shanti notices the absence of sindoor and mangalsutra...and remarks on it and says that neighbors here will talk about it  (well that is true in a small place, that will be a topic of conversation), to which Mansaram says that she has finally got married to her KK (the pin drops for Dev, he might have just now realized that this belief is not just Radhika's childish fancy but something that the entire family is aware of and that her father also believes this belief is very real) Radhika just looks at him...and that for 12 years she has put sindoor on the feet of kanha so why isn't she putting it in her mang? Radhika looks at Dev, who with a thoughful look looks back at her and then throws a challenge at him that she will only do that after her KK puts it in her mang and puts the mangalsutra around her neck...So Dev got to know that how serious and real this belief is for Radhika and the family (well the family is not true but it is to the father) and it is not some childish play that can be swept under the carpet.

Ok, I had written about this scene (Mansa telling Dev about KK) in one of your threads and was glad that they showed it.  Dev was surprised by Mansa's comments as he didn't expect it to be important to Mansa and also he realized for the first time that Mansaram agreed to the marriage only because he thought that Rohan was KK.  So now he would be forced to think that he was disregarding Radhika's family when he was forcing her to marry Rohan.  There was guilt in Dev's eyes and he swallowed when Mansaram was telling him about all this.  Avinash portrayed that scene quite well for me with his expressive eyes and facial expressions.  He is beginning to see that Radhika was not who he thought her to be.  I like this way of realization rather than him valuing Radhika for what she can do for his family.  It is going to be true love only when Dev falls for Radhika based on what she is.  Also he got to see that Radhika never told Mansaram the truth about Rohan not being KK .  Otherwise, Mansa would have broken the marriage.  So Radhika is not the only one who is living with false identity.  He (Dev) is doing the same to Radhika's family.  If there is deception, it is on both sides.  Hopefully they show Dev soon with some monologues.  Today his behavior was acceptable because in last 2-3 episodes, they showed his monologues.  They need to continue to do so.  The story is very interesting at this point and can bring new audience if they write the script properly.


Then when the father leaves to get some food...Shanti and her daughter attack Radhika...that she will have to do something in return now...Shanti says that they need the money immediately and if she cannot give the money then she should sell the necklace'which Radhika hesitates because to her all these are still not officially hers. ...Chanda keeps on insulting her that she does not care about them and Shanti says that it is payback time for her now and Radhika is standing there crying helplessly...she does not want to hoodwink the Purohits for her own family...Chanda also says that she is selfish ...well actually she is not selfish nor self centered, if she was then she would have done all that for this family 

This was also shown that Radhika would never misuse RP property as she is going to be the owner.  Also, it showed Radhika's honesty and basic nature to Dev.  Now Chanda calling Radhika selfish was similar to Dev calling Radhika selfish.  Dev called her selfish because he didn't think she was thinking of PF and here Chanda is calling her selfish because she is not thinking of Julaha family.  So this has to pinch Dev as he was wrong.  lets see what they show tomorrow.  

(I am wondering whether she will offer the ring...although the ring is close to her but she might consider that as hers...well it depends on whom she thinks has given it to her...Dev babu or KK...If it is Dev babau then she won't but if it KK then she might)...

That is interesting and you have talked about in the last few episodes.  The ring has to play a part here.  Radhika would use it most reluctantly if she thinks it is from KK.  In CB1 too, she used to distinguish between money meant for CB and then money she would get from Dev.  She felt free to use the money from Dev but was never willing to spend the money given to CB.  This is natural as we only distribute things that belongs to us.  Maybe Radhika using the ring would open Dev's eyes to his importance in Radhika's life.  Since Radhika is smiling in the montage, it has to be because Dev helps  Chenu.  So he helps her as a husband helping his wife's family.  This  to her signifies progress in him and she is happy at that.

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Misti thanks for ur thoughts
I had a feeling that maybe the CVs are moving towards complete isolation of Radhika so that Dev will be helping her otherwise if he thinks he has some support he will not bother and Chenu also who does know the real facts will for time being misunderstand his behana but then he also has to realise that he cant continously fool people and he has to get punished at some point of time for him to reform. Shanti has Chenus life at stake so she is not bothered about niceties and not bothered who is listening
Shanti is demanding her pound of flesh from radhika and here Dev has to see that no blood dropsWink
Liked the way Dev to getting to know the truth of Radhikas life  and nature.which is essential for their relation to go further and also that KK is a part of Radhika's and her father's life.
liked the episode today and  like you  pehle aap was a fragment of Dman's thought not Dev or Radhikas' mindWink
I think Dev is going to get a call from BB asking to bring back Radhika looking at her last look.

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Originally posted by misti73

 Radhika just looks at him...and that for 12 years she has put sindoor on the feet of kanha so why isn't she putting it in her mang? Radhika looks at Dev, who with a thoughful look looks back at her and then throws a challenge at him that she will only do that after her KK puts it in her mang and puts the mangalsutra around her neck...

I liked the way Radhika looked at Dev and put forward her demand.  She now will not beg anything of him, but Dev would have to approach her to give her rights and that includes acknowledging her as his wife.  Dev got to know how her father would be devastated to know that Rohan is not KK.  So Radhika did wrong by entering as Rohan's fake wife, but Dev did wrong too by forbidding Radhika to tell the truth and forcing her to go through the ceremony with a guy against her father's wishes.  Also like the fact that Radhika has challenged Dev to accept her on her terms.  So he would need to change to become Radhika's KK as you mentioned in your previous posts.


.Anyway Dev listens to all this talk and maybe realizes the pressure that Radhika has grown up under (he had a very thoughtful expression)...maybe might also be prompted to think that although she has come in as the false bride but there is enough morality and truthfulness in her that she does not want to use any of the stuff given by the Purohits to save her brother (he did blame her for shamelessly accepting the gifts)...Might be prompted to think that she came in as the false bride because she was desperate because of her beliefs and that if his belief is important for him, then so is also her belief when it is also the belief of her father. ...might also be prompted to understand that it is not only him that is living with obligations...Radhika is's just that she does not show it...she smiles...laughs...lives life despite of all the obligation,  whereas he carries it like a chip on his shoulder. I can't blame Dev's reaction to his obligation here...because he did not get the unconditional  love that Radhika got from Mansaram...who always told her let people shout and do what you have to do..which Radhika subconsciously follows in all her relationships.  


I liked how they are showing realization on Dev's part.  So far he has never considered that Radhika too is an orphan and has her own set of obligations.  So he is getting to realize that Radhika's decision to enter as Rohan's fake wife was not just some whim or delusion on her part, but also a desperation as she can not rely on her family for support.  So for her there was no choice between no marriage or marriage with Rohan.  It was just a choice between marriage with Rohan or acceptance of childhood marriage with Dev.  When Shanti threw that "Paraya" word at her, it hit home for Dev.  He has heard similar things whenever he has rebelled a little bit.  But he has always bowed down.  Now he was hearing the same things being thrown at Radhika and seeing her strength in going for the right thing despite all the pressures.  She hasn't complained once to him about her own obligations.  So this has to start creating doubts in his mind if this mindless obligation or such comments are right or not.  Here Radhika because of unconditional love of her father does stand up for her rights which is not wrong at all.  Dev doesn't because his upbringing was more flawed.  Now seeing things through a new prism would start bringing him out of his own obligation blindness.  Just hope that these characters are not regressed for some future track.  Radhika got out of her blindness for Vishaka in CB1 when she saw how it affected Dev.  But later on they backtracked that because it suited the track.  Hope they don't do it here.  Slow growth of characters is ok.  What is not ok is sudden maturity on a character's part and then regressing them back to their original character for no reason.

I liked how they showed some grief in Dev's eyes at the end when he realized how perilous Radhika's position was in her own house.  The true picture of Radhika is starting to emerge for Dev and he is getting to know that Radhika is not a self-centered person, but a caring if complex person who hides a lot of things behind her quietness.  Today for the first time I liked Dev in CB2 as they showed a buildup in his character.

So on the whole a very good episode...Liked Mohini ...She is feeling very insecure and is looking for someone who will pay attention to her, but looking at the wrong people. Chunnu munnu please leave her like this...she is hilarious, don't spoil her by making her negative and there is something very endearing in her. I did not like her initially but she has grown on me. Let the audience have some humour atleast. Noticed something...Chenus eyes were hardening when he realized that Radhika does l not have any money...hopefully you won't spoil him too but make him realize Radhika's limitations, this chap has brains and he knows his behena. Interestingly both Chenu and Mansaram were happy with the gifts...Chanda also smile and di not say anything about it...only Shanti made a face and passed a comment...Finally Dev is getting hints as for the real Radhika.

 Chenu's reactions seemed mixed to me.  He is selfish too and so hardening of his eyes indicated that as he comes first to him.  But there was also some understanding for Radhika's limit in giving him the money.  She did give him what was exclusively hers - scholarship money and bridal money from her father.  Now gifts given by Dev to her are also her exclusive property by both religious and legal standards.  So is the jewelry given by her inlaws.  But the latter is meant for CB and hence she doesn't feel entitled to it.  The ring is a different manner.  Lets how it would be used in tomorrow's episode.  But one thing seems to be clear.  Radhika will go back with Dev this time.  That's why that promo is going to come now on Friday where Dev will be shown falling for her and Baby Bhasu would turn into Bhasmasur.

As far as Chenu is  concerned,  his resentment would more than likely be temporary as Dev would help him for sure.  I don't want him to turn negative.  I want him to remain the way he is but mend due to his current mistakes where he is not being destructive.  It may be likely that he could be moving to Mathura due to Dev's efforts.
Liked all the was a good team effort.

I liked all the actors especially Chenu with his expressions, Mansa and Shanti both for superb acting and Avinash and Radhika for their expressions.  The PF was also good.  Even I liked Maheswari as she was somewhat different in her dialogues.

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Originally posted by misti73

Originally posted by Kinara2

guys i dont agree with you today...dont get mad with me...i am giving my view only  today"s episode was boring...what was in it  tell me? .that boring pakoda scene!!. was moving around,around ,around 5 to 6 mins.. on them for nothing in different angle.Wacko..why?what to watch?pehle aap pehle aap ...kind of situation...pakoda plate leke..enough..yaar that camera thingyLOL
then as usual Dev 11 look towards Radhika  (my!! my !!but he was little bit ok for the time being...may be bcoz of under the hot sunny  weather  he needs to cool down as  he was sweating ) sick and tired...same horrible chammak challo red green sari Radhika.put on..and  her hairstyle is same old braid..i wonder cb's hairstylist doesnot know any other style?
same idiot Mohini's  idiotic dialogues..  feel like to shake her head and say pls shut ur mouth dont try to speak..LOL
and above all worse that shanti the churel...disgusts me ...pls CVs give us a break .yaar

Misti urs views are always good i will go for that one @work..just giving my overall views of todays episode..take care.Smile

Angie good luck for Dr ,appointment...Thumbs Up
Kinara, thanks.  It was just a routine visit and I ended up making it a big deal.

Neerja i am not happy with todays episode sorry my dear...if i hurt u...LOL

Don't worry Kinara I am not going to get mad at you.Wink ...thanks for your view.Big smileand your POV is welcome...infact for me any view is welcome so long it does not bash the actors or the members in the forum...criticism is ok...and sometimes a different POV helps.

 I do accept Radhikas hairstyle is horrible...specially the way they tightly tie her hair...sometimes I wonder that doesn't Rubina get headaches. They should give her good quality saris...I am guessing that since she is newly wed thats why they are using that excuse and giving her red+green combinations to wear...but it is now irritating. Radhika does not need to wear such heavy ornaments,...being rich does not mean that one goes for gaudy stuff...Radhikas character is that of a simple girl so she should be given dainty light ornaments.

Now coming to the pakora scene I did not see that as pehel aap...because then Dev would not have eaten first...he would have offered Radhika first and then when Radhika pushed back the plate he would have offered again...thats the pahela aap tehzeebWink...I saw that as a ego tussle...he eats first and then gives it to her and she returns by saying no thank you...being egoistical Dev does not touch that one pakora that was towards Radhikas end of the plate...anyway  thats how I saw it.

Misti, I agree that  it was a total ego thing for Dev.  Since he was in bad mood for not being able to control his feelings,  he first tried to prove a non-existent point (he has already said the worst and he is now just repeating for effect which in fact is having no effect whatsoever) by ordering another plate.  Then he tried to offer her by pushing it towards her.  Radhika rebuffed him and he retaliated by eating first and showing his unconcern.  He then glanced at Radhika to see her reaction but she showed indifference to it.  So he ate all the pakoras except for the one that was totally towards her.  She doesn't eat it either.  I mean that was a childish play from him and had no impact on Radhika as far as he could see .  Then he grabbed that water bottle and flounced back to the car.  Radhika didn't react on that and I like her silent treatment.  Hopefully she will do it again to him now when he tries to talk to her.

 But since I am big on revenge,  I want a outing of Baby Bhasu where he deliberately takes Dev with him for revenge and then ends up grabbing food from Radhika's plate in front of Dev.  That would be a good scene.  

Mohini is obsessed about getting attention and her world is revolves around being the perfect DIL/wife and winning this imaginary competition that she has with Radhika... hence similar dialogues...but her character is constant so thats why it is ok with me. Same with Shanti...again thats what she does...I will have problems if she becomes Miss. Goody...if she didn't shout then how would Dev get t know about all this stuff...Radhika will never tell him and even if she does, he will not believe this news has to come through some other source.

The episode was not perfect...the starting had no connectivity with the end of yesterdays episode and the way Dev overheard in Mansarams house was a bit artificial...I mean they could have shown him going to the car to get something...Shanti takes this opportunity and takes Radhika inside and starts shouting...Dev returns without anyone noticing he is back and then he overhears. Here they showed Dev sitting outside and Shanti inside screeching at Radhika...Chanda also in which family does members shout at each other when a member of the daughters in-law's family is sitting outside, specially one whom Shanti wants to impress. 

I agree and normally I would comment on it.  Obviously, they can show logical way for everything, but that would be expecting too much from Chunnu munnu.  So I was ok with that today.  The purpose was for dev to overhear which is a easy thing to do in that house as it is just a small house and shanti tends to lose control of herself when people don't listen to her or agree to her demands.  But again Dev going out and coming back in time to hear the screeching would have been better.  They sent out Mansa and they could have easily done it for Dev.  In any case Dev would have wanted to escape Chanda and so could have made an excuse.

Edited by why6 - 25 May 2011 at 10:13pm

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by bvs7691

Misti... been enjoying your take on all the episodes. Awesome as always little lady Clap
ThanksWink Little lady! hee hee...well I am vertically challenged.WinkBig smile
I had to comment on your Pakora note... LOL Phikar not - London ki streets pe Frozen Pakora AapKo Dher saare Milenge... LOL
Pata hai milte hai but I will have to fry them at home na...looks like I will have to pay a visit to Southall soon.Big smileWink

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Ansa786

Misti Di,
Enjoy reading your thoughts everyday ... awesome anlaysis as usual.
Thanks Kiddo...I am glad that you like them and thanks for commenting today.
Overall, it was a very good episode and I liked it. Yes, the dhaba scene from CB1 did come to mind initially after watching the precap yesterday but today, as I watched the episode, did not come to mind at all ... Good job done with expressing thru their eyes in that scene. Clap .. Glad they ate the pakoras this time with only one left on the plate ... maybe that one was reserved for you ...   Wink
Reserved for me...oh didn't think about that...Big smile...the dhaba scene was different from what they have shown before. If they want to make this show different then they should stay away from directly copying the scenes, dialogues and using the same songs.
Yes, there is a slight change in Dev's behavior, words and expressions towards Radhika now and today, he got to learn some truths about the real Radhika as you (and others) have put it ... Let's see how he reacts and deals with this situation as he can ...
Yes he has got to know the reality behind Radhika...and now we will get to know how he processes this information and deals with it.  
Misti Di, it is a pleasure to read yours and others thoughts/comments on each episode after watching it and I always look forward to reading your thoughts ... keep up the awesome work.   Big smile
Thanks again Kiddo.

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Originally posted by neerjashingla

Yes  Misti  it was really odd that knowing Dev was sitting outside and all this drama was going on inside the house  in full volume otherwise she wanted that  Dev to know their problem, so that he could help them ...Shanti wants Dev to marry Chanda for that she would like to pose as a good person and same goes with Chanda..when you mentioned then struck it was really very odd ...What happened to DJ,s ..In their earlier soaps always had good taste in clothes and jewellery, even in CB1 ,very elegant...Is Radhika carrying this hairstyle because she is from village ...
Well I think it is not always the PH who is at fault...usually the channel also interferes.I mentioned that part regarding Shanti screeching because I did wonder about it but did not include that in my initial writeup because the rest of the episode was very good ...there were loads of messages being passed to Dev which he was slowly taking in and his change in expressions were showing that he was for the first time realising some truths and contemplating on them.I don't know why she is carrying that hairstyle.

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