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ff: The promise of love(chapters 50,51,52) (Page 13)

warg IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged
fantastic ff...lovely updatesBig smile...gettin more n more curious to kno abt viren...hope nivi finds it soon...Smile!!!!!

eagerly waitin for next chaptersBig smile!!!!

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edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
finally got time to read your ff...loved all the chapters of your ff...
i like the love triangle between Nivi, Viren and Raj...
interesting story and wonderful ff
thanks for writing such a beautiful ff
continue soon dear

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-aamina- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
I loved the song selection 'ek dujhay Kai vaastay' perfect. The last scene was just awsome. Viren was scaring me when he was moving closer to nivi. it just goes to show what a brilliant writer you are.
I hope viren gets jealous now, love it that he knows he has feelings for nivi but is in denial.
Please update soon. Can't wait.
Thanks for the beautiful scenes
-aamina- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
Sorry double post

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daffodils06 Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 1:01pm | IP Logged




The whole day nivi or viren didn't c each other?nivi didn't understand as to how she can be his problem..nivi wanted to know about it very badly..but she thought that the best thing would be to stay away from viren..

But nivi will soon come to know that no matter how much u try to avoid it, certain things happen in your life..because they are meant to happen..and as the saying goes everything happens for a reason..

Sasha and the others were very worried about nivi..

she seemed so happy at the party..they thought that mayb she was missing hom..

viren didn't say any thing to anyone..he was feeling very bad about the way he talked to nivi..

nivi was so happy and just lik his other friends she was also concerned for him..and he spoke rudely to her and made her cry..he had such a bad feeling about it that he wanted to apologise to nivi..but he decided not to..after all wat he wanted was that nivi stayed away from him.. now she is exactly doing wat he wanted.. viren thought that once she leaves she will forget about it and then every thing will be okay. ..

well thatz wat viren thought..

viren made himself determined that he will not talk to nivi..

on the other hand raj decided that he will speak to nivi at any cost..

Nivi had only four days left in delhi..she just wanted the days to go fast so that she can go back to shimla..she was missing dadi, papa, yash and divya very badly..

at first she decided to talk to them over phone but then thought that it wud b better if she talked to them after reaching home..

sasha and the others felt that nivi was avoiding them..but then sasha convinced them saying that she is ok wen she is at hom?mayb itz just that she wants to complete the course quickly..

Viren was leaning against the pillar outside his class talking to a classmate wen he heard someone talking over the phone standing on the other side.. "r u sure she will b out of class soon..then I will inform raj now..u just keep an eye on her.."

viren was sure that they were talking about nivi..even before realizing it, viren found himself running towards niviz class..

on the way he saw nivi and in front of her was raj blocking her way..viren felt anger filling in and he moved quickly towards them and grabbed her hand..

Nivi finished her classes and was on her way out of college..she suddenly found raj standing in front of her blocking her way? "y r u alone today??where r the others??"

nivi looked at him saying.. "they r coming..i'm in a hurry plz excuse me.."

"Hey nivi I will drop u..come with me.."

nivi said "itz ok u needn't bother.."

she was about to move to the side when she felt a tight grip on her hand..she looked up and saw viren.. "niveditha..i hav been searching for u.. come on letz go.."

nivi looked at viren and she was not sure wat to say..she was so happy to c raj was getting on her nerves..but nivi said to viren "itz ok viren I will take a cab.."

viren looked at nivi his eyes red with anger.. "maine kaha na mein ghar chod dhoonga thumhe.."

raj looked at viren and said "hey viren I was gonna drop her home.."

"nivi tumhare saath kabhi nahi aayegi.."

"acha toh vo tumhare saath jaayegi main bhi tho dekhoo.."

"stop arguing raj and get lost.."

"somebody should drop nivi,y can't it be?? asked raj

"if your help is needed I will surely ask" said viren and started walking

"nivi is not just ur friend,even I want to b her friend..give her some space..she is not your personal property.."said raj

"Raj I'm not in the mood to argue.." said viren

"Nivi kiske saath jaayegi ya kiske saath nahi is not upto you to decide" said raj

"Yes mayb itz not upto me to decide..or may b it has already been decided "

every time viren spoke his grip on niviz hand tightened..her hand was paining but she didn't dare utter a word..there was fire in virenz eyes..and nivi for the first tim was getting afraid of viren..

nivi didn't understand wat was goin on..y should viren argue with raj & wat was raj trying to prove??

"iss ladki mein aisi kaun si bath hai jo the hot shot of college viren isspe fida hum bhi tho dekhe.." said raj

that was the last thing viren needed to hear..he held niviz hand with one hand and hit raj hard on the face with his other hand..

that was not enough..viren pushed raj on to the ground..

y was viren will make things worse..nivi was thinking hard..she kept looking at viren..she wanted to stop him..

she looked around to c where ssasha and the others were..

and saw that every body started to notice them and nivi felt ashamed..

viren took niviz hand and moved ahead.. "mujhe ye tho patha nahi ki nivi ke saath kiske naseeb mein likha hai..lekin vo tum nahi, ithna zaroor patha hai.."

viren gav one last angry look at raj..raj got up to fight bac..but his friends warned him that it is a risk to fight inside the college..

viren took nivi to his car and asked her to get in..viren was so angry nivi didn't talk to him at all..viren drove her to sashaz hom..nivi didn't say anything but got down from the car and viren drew away..

nivi looked on at the speeding car and there was a determined look on her face..

she hailed a cab and asked to go to sunshine-a caf in delhi..sasha had once told nivi that b it happiness or sorrow the gang spent their time at  the sunshine..

nivi was sure that viren will b there..and she was right..nivi went inside the caf and saw viren sitting at the far end..

nivi went to him and called..viren looked up and saw nivi..he couldn't control himself..he started to shout at nivi.. "how many times do I hav to say to u?stay away from me..wat happened today shouldn't hav happened..and bcoz of u I picked a fight today..of all the colleges u had to com to our college..??y did u even com to delhi??y cant u stay away?? Y cant u just leave??"

Viren was almost yelling and the attention of the whole caf was diverted to them..nivi started crying..she felt so insulted..never in her life had she been treated like this..

she tried to say something but no sound came from her..she turned and ran away from the door she found varun standing completely lost at wat happened there..nivi didn't say anything but the tears in her eyes said so much that varun got so angry with viren..he looked at viren and turned around deciding to first check on nivi..but before he cud reach her she left in a cab..

Varun asked viren to control himself and tak a grip.. "aaj kal tum bahut chida chida rehtha hai.. speciallly with nivi..but didn't think it was this cud hav said wat you wanted to say but this is a public place and she is a girl..not just any girl..a friend of ours..come on letz go.."


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Nivi couldn't stop her tears..wen she reached hom it was so difficult to hide her tears?somehow without sashaz parents noticing her she reached her room..this is the first time somebody shouted at her like this..that too without reason..she felt so bad that she could feel her insides wrenching in the pain and virenz voice seemed to ring in her ears..

On the way home varun told viren.. "how could you yell at her lik that..did u c the tears in her eyes..y did u get angry at her for wat raj said??may be raj just wanted to irritate u and u fell for his plan.."viren kept quiet..

"Whatever be reason..she was equally insulted..and on top of that you insulted her again.." varun for once couldn't support viren..

After taking viren home, varun called sasha and informed her about wat happened at the caf..

Sasha was already tensed at wat happened in college..she was trying to call nivi and viren..but both of them were not answering..

The incident at the caf made sasha and the others to worry more..

sasha rushed hom and found nivi in bed with the pillow held tightly on to her face as if to hide her cries or may b the pain from every one..

sasha called out to nivi.. nivi didn't want to look at sasha..she was so ashamed..but sasha pulled the pillow away from her.. "bahut thakleef hua kya..??"

nivi nodded and tears came rolling down and she hugged sasha tightly saying "y did this happen..wat did I do that I offended viren so much.."

Sasha patted nivi saying "tumne kuch nahi kiya..viren pagla hai..usske baath ka bura math manna..sach hai nivi.. aaj kuch zyada hogaya lekin, vo dil ka bura nahi..this is the first time he has done something lik this..v ourselves are at a loss to understand wat happened.."

"Raj and viren are old enemies..raj wanted to irritate viren and he got wat he wanted.."

But nivi was not ready to be pacified she asked.. "but y me??kithna bhi pagla ho..koi kisi ke saath aisa behave kartha hai kya??"

"Nivi.. hez really crazy..uska craziness ka andhaaza bhi tum nahi laga sakthe.." said sasha

"Yes you are right sasha..i have no idea about his craziness nor do I have any idea about him also.." said nivi wiping her tears..

Sasha looked at nivi and thought for some time and with a determined look she said..

"I'm not sure  if viren will lik the idea of me telling you this..but.." but nivi told sasha she doesn't want to know anything about viren..

"nivi hamara viren ki zindagi ki sabse bada sach uska sabse bada pagalpan hai..hav u ever heard of any one madly in luv with a girl..a girl that he hasn't seen for the last 10 years or so.." nivi looked at her surprised.. "yes viren ek ladki se paagalpan ke hadh thak pyar kartha hai..pehle ham bhi nahi jaanthe the..hamara chodo vo khud nahi jaantha tha..he always used to speak about a frnd..usski har bath uski iss dosth se shuru hotha tha, ya fhir khatham..kahi bhi jaatha ho uss ke liya gift zarror latha tha..i was so sure that dere was more to this than frndshp..but viren was adamant saying that there is nothing lik that.." nivi listened to sasha surprised..

Sasha continued.. "until valentines day last year..varun was going to buy a gift for payal wen viren said that he also wants to go..v started making fun of him..he got irritated sayin y can't I buy a gift for her on valentines it only for lovers..??

saaketh had enuf of this frndshp thing and said "sasha,payal aur nayana bhi tumhare dost hain..aaj unhe kyun yaad nahi kiya..agar tumhe patha nahi tho we will tell u..kyunki tumhari ye dost special hai..ithne saalon mein tumne ek baar bhi usse dekha nahi..uske bare mein kuch bhi patha nahi..ab vo kya karthi hai..kahan hai..kuch bhi nahi?tum chaho tho jaan sakthe ho lekin..either tum pagal ho viren ya phir we don't understand you..ithne saal hogaye..phir still remember her everyday..this is not a normal thing..stop fooling urself and accept it?u love her.."

viren looked at us and we were all agreeing to wat saaketh told..

viren left from there without another word?

Viren didn't com to college the next day?wen he came bac he was happy and his mood had completely changed..he accepted that he luvs her?we were very happy for him..

Nivi looked on at sasha and asked her "kaun hai vo..??"

"patha nahi..viren ne kabhi naam nahi bathaya..humne poocha lekin usne kaha uske pyar ka naam aur patha ke alaava vo aur kuch bhi nahi jaantha..agar vo hame batha dhega tho uske paas kya reh v never compelled him.."

"Ab tumhe ye sunkar kya lagtha hai..viren bilkul paagal hai..haina.."

Nivi tried to smile?but she couldn't..viren luvs someone?there was a painful feeling inside nivi which she even couldn't explain..was she feeling bad for wat viren told her today or is it dat viren loves someone else..just then sashaz fone rang..sasha picked up the fone saying itz viren..and went outside?

"Viren y did u do this..??she has been crying from the tim she reached here..i don't knw watz in ur mind..but today was too much..she is such a nice girl..she wud never do anything bad..not to you or anyone else"

"Yes sasha ur frnd is nice.. may b mor than nice.. and mayb that is the problem.."

"kya mathlab??"

"Nothing sasha..i was wrong and I wanna apologise..plz giv her the fone?"

"I don't knw whether that is a gud idea..wat if she cries again?"

"Plz sasha this once.."

Sasha gave d fone to nivi..

at first nivi didn't tak it..sasha said "please"

then nivi thot baath na karke koi faayda let it b..


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Thank you every one for your wonderful comments..i know somtimes that my chapters are way too lengthy..but many of you take the effort to read it and comment..that is very much appreciated..

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sandy_nivren Goldie

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awesome chapters dear Smile loved it

pls continue soon

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