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ff: The promise of love(chapters 50,51,52)

daffodils06 Goldie

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Hi everyone..


I am a person who is totally in love with nivren..i'm not sure if it is nivren that I like more or is it kinha..but one thing is for sure I love anything and every thing on it the VMs,the siggies,the FFs or the is always a pleasure to see many talented people in the forum giving out their very best..


There are so many things that I wanted to see in the show,but couldn't..with the looks of where the show is going there is no chance of seeing wat I want to see..the story has moved ahead a lot..there is no point in expecting..


Thatz wen I thought of writing scenes..but later on decided that it may not gel with the current thought of writing an ff..this is the first time I'm writing that too on a couple that already has a place in many hearts..i've changed certain things in the story.. there are some things in life that are inevitable..but I believe nivren deserves the best..


I don't knw if I have done justice to the story and the characters..please do comment and let me know if I have written something that I shouldn't have or didn't write something that I should have written..


Thank you..



Here goes an introduction..


The Sharmas


The family consists of Nayantara Sharma, her two sons Keshav and Pratap'Keshav has got two kids..Yash and Nivedita..Their mother died due to illness when they were very young. They were bought up by their dadi and dad. Keshav made sure that his children got everything in life that they needed and he worked very hard for it. His hard work paid off and he has a pretty respectable position in the society. He and his mother made sure that the children never missed their mother. Nivi is her dadz laadli beti'she is simple, loving and caring.. Her world rotates around her family.. She is in her final year in college..her family is a little too protective about nivi..she was never given permission to go anywhere outside shimla without her family..nivi like any other girl of her age wanted to spent time with friends..not that she is not enjoying her life or the time spent with family.. She was ready to take life as it comes..she had no plans for her future nor did she worry about it.. but god had every thing set for her and may have given signs but she didn't realize it..her little brother Yash is in the 12th standard..a sweet little brother.. Her uncle Pratap has a daughter named Divya..Divya has completed her studies and is looking for a job.. But her mother Hemlatha wants to get her married just like any other typical mother.. Divya is niviz biggest support, watever be it, ups or downs nivi wil always find divya by her side and vice versa


 The soods


The head of the family is Bhupat sood..his family includes his wife Yashodhara..his children and grand children..he lost his elder son Bhuvan in an accident..Bhuvanz wife Vandhana and son Siddarth r staying with them..his younger son Jawahar and his wife Chanchal are staying in the US.. their son Viren used to stay with dem in the US..but now viren has joined college in Delhi for his has been two years since he came back..For Viren his parents are the best in the world, but his taaygi has a special place in his heart..his parents love him so much that his every wish is granted..itz more like before Viren wishing for anything he was granted with everything.Viren luvs his parents a lot..the only thing is that they never understand him..Viren is a guy who wud prefer to eat bhel puri from the stalls in the street with his family rather than enjoyiny pizza in a posh restaurant in Italy all by himself.. he has been to different places in the world'but Viren wants to stay with his whole family in Delhi along with his parents..since Bhuvans accidental death in Shimla the whole family shifted to Delhi,Jawahar decided to take his family to the US..he and his brother were the best of friends and he loved his brother so much..he always blames himself for not being there when his brother needed him the most..Jawahar loves Sid and Viren very much..and he wants both of them to be the best of friends and be each otherz support just like how Jawahar and Bhuvan used to fact Bhuvan ,Pratap ,Jawahar and Keshav were very gud was time and its unexpected turn that resulted in the parting of ways and later on each of them got busy in their own world.. Sid has completed his studies and joined the family business and is eagerly waitin for his little bro to join him..



Chapter 1    -   Page 1

Chapter 2    -   Page 2

Chapter 3    -   Page 4

Chapter 4    -   Page 5

Chapter 5    -   Page 5

Chapter 6    -   Page 7

Chapter 7    -   Page 7

Chapter 8    -   Page 9

Chapter 9    -   Page 9

Chapter 10   -   Page 12

Chapter 11   -   Page 12

Chapter 12    -   Page 13

Chapter 13    -   Page 14

Chapter 14    -   Page 18

Chapter 15   -   Page 18

Chapter 16    -   Page 21

Chapter 17     -   Page 24

Chapter 18     -   Page 26

Chapter 19    -   Page 28

Chapter 20    -   Page 30

Chapter 21    -   Page 32

Chapter 22    -   Page 35

Chapter 23    -   Page 39

Chapter 24    -   Page 40

Chapter 25    -   Page 43

Chapter 26    -   Page 43

Chapter 27    -   Page 44

Chapter 28    -   Page 47

Chapter 29    -   Page 47

Chapter 30    -   Page 50

Chapter 31    -   Page 53

Chapter 32    -   Page 54

Chapter 33   -   Page 56

Chapter 34   -   Page 60

Chapter 35  -   Page 65

Chapter 36    -  Page 69

Chapter 37    -  Page 71

Chapter 38    -  Page 76

Chapter 39    -  Page 79

Chapter 40    -  Page 83

Chapter 41    -  Page 83

Chapter 42    -  Page 86

Chapter 43    -  Page 89

Chapter 44    -  Page 90

Chapter 45    -  Page 93

Chapter 46    -  Page 96

Chapter 47    -  Page 99

Chapter 48    -  Page 101

Chapter 49    -  Page 101

Chapter 50    -  Page 105

Chapter 51    -  Page 105

Chapter 52    -  Page 106

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chandmeinchupi Goldie

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Great to hear that u r writing an ff

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dyhardfan IF-Dazzler

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The introduction was awesome can't wait to read the first chapter. Please continue soon dear. I'm a Dyhardfan of NivRen and KinHa. Love reading they scenes and FF.

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-aamina- IF-Dazzler

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great intro and looking forward to first chapter.
also love anything and everything about NivRren and KinHA

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FrozenRain IF-Rockerz

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jez di..Hug...u started an i missed this...introduction was superb...waiting for ur first upadate...!!!

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daffodils06 Goldie

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It was a bright sunny morning in  Shimla... Nivi reached college just in time and was on her way to class when she was told that she was wanted in the office..Nivi hurried along thinking what might b the reason..The principal was all smiling and congratulated Nivi saying that she got a chance to attend a training programme cum workshop on music in Delhi…nivi was so excited to hear the news..there were so many colleges in Shimla…and she was the only one selected from the whole of Shimla..her excitment went down with the same speed as it came..papa and dadi will never let me go…that too for three chance…she thought
Nivi comes hom with the news and  she was somewhat sure that she won't be allowed  to go..but she decided to give it a try..
Nivi reached home..dadi, Keshav and Yash were having tea..
"nivi you  are home,beta"says dadi.
"yes dadi…"says Nivi and sits beside Yash.
"go and change nivi then have tea with us",keshav said
Nivi didn't hear wat her papa said…she was thinking of a way to introduce the topic..
Every one noticed it.. and yash called out di…r u ok???
Nivi jerked out of her thoughts..she left to change..dadi luked on at nivi wondering as to wat cud hav happened…she stood up to ask wen divya came along calling to dadi…dadi…is nivi home???divya saw yash taking a samosa,she ran and grabbed it frm hm.saying acha bachooo…yahan mera bina samosa khaye jaraha hai…yash ran after divya yelling giv me bac my samosa di…nivi was in her room..she was thinking wat to do wen divya came in running and closed the door bhind her..nivi was lost in her thots..itz wen yash started hitting at the door dat she came bac frm her thots..divya noticed it and went to her  asking abt her day in college..divya cud sense something is disturbing her sister..she asked abt it and nivi told her abt d training progrme and her wish to go..
"I want to go for the training wud b a gud opportunity for me as u know singing is my passion..I wud get a chance to meet so many talented singers..I'm the only one selected from d whole college and shimla too..but dadi and papa wil never let me go..".divya knew dadi and bade papa wil never let nivi go..but she decided to giv it a try..after all it was fr her sister..
she went to the kitchen and decided to talk to dadi.after a lot of persuation and reasoning divya convinced dadi..dadi decided to let nivi go and she promised to persuade keshav bt only on one condition dat she stayed with the soods in delhi..
nivi was nt at all happy wit the decision, as she wanted to stay with her friend sasha who is studying in delhi in the same college.she told divya,' watz d purpose of goin to delhi if I hv to stay wit the soods,one house to another house,and I haven't seen the soods for a long time..there is no one of my age there...i don't wanna go..but nivi cudn't convince her dad or her dadi.if she had to go she had to stay with the soods..
keshav was goin to tak nivi to delhi.he tried callin the soods,bt cudn't get he decided to try again once he reached delhi.nivi had to go the next day and divya called her let us pack ur bag.. nivi was very much annoyed bt divya said its ok after all itz the soods u knw wil b ok and u wil get to spent time with sasha in college..
nivi smiled and started packing..dadi came into the room to check on the girls as to whether they r talking or packing..dadi saw nivi staring into the cupboard..
dadi called out to nivi..nivi turned around with a red salwar suit in her hand..dadi looked at it saying..where do you think you r taking it..did u forget..its shawl is missing..i knw dadi hw can I forget.. itz been almost a year since I wore it..wonder where itz shawl is..mayb I wil find one in delhi dat wil suit it..divya hits her sayin..u wil never change..remember how badly she wanted a suit in this color and how happy she was wen she got it..
dadi smiled sayin..yes yes itz her favorite color..she even had a frock in that color..still remember her wearing it for the school day celebrations  just lik yesterday..divya and nivi understood the change in their dadiz voice..both of them hugged her sayin dadi..if it is lik dis then nivi isn't going anywhere..dadi pulled both the girls ears..sayin naughty if nivi doesn't wanna go…the girls finished packing and nivi went to sleep early as she had to start early in the morning..
nivi left wit her dad the next day..dadi asked to cal bac once they reached the soods and she wanted to talk to yashodhara also..

Once they reached delhi dey again tried the sood residence.since keshav hadn't used the number for a long time..he was confused as to wat to do..he just cudn't barge in to the sood residence without even callin once..itz been around four years since they saw each other..after a while,he said dat dey shud go wen he lukd at niviz face he cudn't stand d luk on his laadliz  face.
"nivi u hav a friend in delhi na y don't u call her"..nivi was so happy as her dad asked her exactly the same thing dat she wanted..she didn't think twice and dialed sashaz number.
Finally keshav tuk her to sashaz house and left her there..sasha was happy to see nivi and the luk on both their faces showed dat dey were gonna hav a gud time..

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daffodils06 Goldie

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Originally posted by chandmeinchupi

Great to hear that u r writing an ff

hope u like u r an awsom writer urself..
daffodils06 Goldie

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yes dear anything and everything on nivre..hope u lik this caught up with work..i hav updated the first chapter nw...hop u lik it..

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