Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 6:37am | IP Logged

@ari - you had made one siggie  with  all characters for 100th  episode,  hai kya woh? 

want to put it today along with the tere sason se hi siggie. 

SHIKHA19 Goldie

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oh i m late again . but still writing Wink

so 2day's show was at least better than d tuesday 1 . Smile

show started with continuity ...zaroorat nahi thi .Ouch then tota maina'a saaf -safai with flashbacks ok but kuch aur nahi ho satka tha kya Confused i mean i m getting bored of seeing same style of romance every time Confused . n i agree with some ppl here that unko pehle bedroom clean karna tha ...kya fayda hall clean karke ..floor par sona pada na .Confused but i guess adat ho gayi hai jab se show start hua hai they r sleeping on weird things n places LOL
n then whole sequence of mikhael's  was very nice . good job by danish . n by director as well ClapClap this scene n sequence saved d entire episode . full logic was there . though i was not intrstd b4 in this shooter thing but chalo it was well placed .Thumbs Up

n then chachu came sudnly ...file mein adress bhi likh tha ki kahan jana hai ..LOLkuch bhi dikhate hai ...waise sanchit agar ye batata to baat samajh mein aati but ..anyways ..that sequence was d most funny 1 . i mean 1 bullet in ARM n chachu gone he was behaving as if goli chest par lagi ..what kind of police wala he is ..kuch arjun se hi seekh le ..itni baar goli lagi phir bhi kuch nahi hua .

chalo so overall good episode n now d last 1 2day ...with full doze of ahulu family Sleepy n as kk n kk said in sbs that they r not happy with ending so i m keeping my expectations low . n moreover its kinda same like season 1 . with shaadi photos LOL

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by aksh4IF

Originally posted by roma2011

                                            KITANI QUESTIONS HAI 
Since last 15 days I am totally disappointed from execution of each episode . Same here Cry

Lots of questions from today's episode remained unanswered any body from Imagines & c.vs bothering to answer like the many spaces n blanks they have  left for us this season.. we have to fill in ourselves dear.. lemme give it a shotEmbarrassed

 1.       Why unnecessary footage is given to side charactersAngry , leads toh sideline ho gaye hai .Ouch because DVs r standing in the side of the set n planning na, they felt their brains were too heavy so they dismantled those, put those on the side.. so now all they cud perceive is the ppl closest to them.. which were the side characters since they were on the side.. so unko footage mil gaya.. LOL

2.       Why title track is not used , when it is a masterpiece and perfectly suits the situation , I wish it was song from some Ekta's movie kam se kam usko promote karne ke liye toh use karteAngry . because even CVs know that KMH2 title track is a masterpiece, which if used in the garbage of a story they have put together wud be insulted.. so they r paying their respects to the track by not using itLOL

3.       Where is Mr Punjabi's death body .Arohi toh court aa gayi thi bhag kar .Confused the dead body ran after her too, "arohi, arohi, mujhe bhi saath lekar jao, mein court me aakar arjun ke liye witness dunga.." but since arohi was running so fast.. she didnt' hear.. meanwhile the dead body gave up n decide to settle itself in a graveyard along the way..Tongue Ram Punjabi R.I.P

4.       Why not even court bother to find reason of death of  Servant of Law. ( MR Punjabi).Silly because law is blind... did not realize servant was dead.. there r so many servants na.. ek ki kami nazar nahi aaya.. waise hi andha hai..LOL

5.       Why old scenes are shown again & againOuch .Arjuhi ka toh phir bhi acceptable hai but ullus ka ?? at some point we had bashed them that they have no memory n that they are diseased with amnesia.. so they r proving that they remember.. with their version of Kitani Flashbacks Hai.. also it occurs to me.. they r looking for the lost title track.. toh while looking for it, all the old scenes r being found, which r haphazardly being thrown into whichever epi is being edited at that time..LOLCry

6.       Why chachu not reading case file in the punjabi's house itself .Sleepy becuase he is worried about three things.. 1)punjabi's bhoot might be haunting the place.. 2)the khooni might be waiting to kill anybody else who comes n finds arjun's innocence wala evidence.. 3) hez worried rathore will take over in his absence ROFL

7.       Whether sudhir will be shown Nikama in whole season  Confused, Ok Sabse chota ullu is concentrating on mission pakodo tattoo wala what about vampire and senior ullu "Shut Up" . Kal toh bada bol raha tha suna 'suna lagta hai . Most useless character in KMH is Vampire kabhi kam karte hue nahi dikhaya gaya . ek muka mila tha apne dad ka case ladne ka who bhi sexsena ko de diya .Angry nalayak .LOLLOL i had wrote this somewhere.. that vampire is not shown working for two reasons.. 1) he knows he will be prosecuted if he is seen telling mein tera khoon pee jaunga in the court..n actually attacking anyone 2) he knows his talents at lawyer-giri are non-existent.. Tongue

8.       Why  better dialogs for Mr Punajbi's notes was used  pura voice message copy kar diya.Angry read kavya's take for that.. punjabi bhagwan ke paas pahunch gaye, may he R.I.P n since chachu has his new found connection to bhaggu.. bhaggu is doing idhar ki baat udhar LOL

9.       Why every body suddenly  became ataryami  first name is  KSA then  Mr Punjabi was also anteryaami 'phele hi bavishyavaani kar de Arjuhi kaha milege .ShockedWacko CVs logic: when in doubt, talk to god.. when character in trouble, make him god. n god is antaryamiLOL

10.   Why Every time ullu's refer  shooter as killer . WackoArre tumhara baap jinda hai .jab who mara nahi toh uska shooter killer kaise ho gaya,LOL phir se law study karo . Confused law nahi science study karna tha.. coma aur death mein diff nahi pata.. sucks one of them is not a doc.. nahi toh ye prob nahi hoti.. am sure jab doc inko bata raha tha ki daddy dearest abhi zinda hai, arvind ne usko 'shut up, ye bullet wound hai' bola hoga, sudhir ne usko 'chup ho jaa kaminey, mein tera khoon pee jaunga' bola hoga aur rajvir ne uss doc ko pillar samajh kar maara hoga.. LOL

11.   Where is Mikeheal's wadrobe , before shooting of KSA , I have never seen Mikeheal  without shirt uska pura wadrobe choori  ho gaya kya . LOL micky wanted to make sure ppl didnt misunderstand n that they knew that he killed arjun n ksa.. why u ask? coz he wanted to prove that he was better than arjun.. zindagi bhar usko issi baat ki issue thi na ke arjun got more importance when it came to dangerous tasks.. toh this was his chance, his one shot at glory as a first rate criminal LOL

12.   For what Mikeheal was waiting , if he was determined to kill Arjun then , every time Arjuhi  hugged   guest appearance kar ke chala jata tha.Stern Smile its feed the goat before slaughter logic.. "aur karo romance.. jab romance se thak haar kar so jaoge, tab mein aake goli maarunga!!"LOL

13.   Why a don's heir is  not having silencer for his pistol Thumbs Down, poor fellow  has to wait for aas pass wala people to sleep .LOL  ya true.. but am thinking.. since he is don ka beta.. uske gun ki awaaz miles n miles tak gunjti hogi, silencer or not.. DON ke gun ki shaan vakhri... sucks he stole arjun's pistol rather than arvind's during ksa shootout.. arvind ne apne gun ko toh kitni baar shut up bola hoga.. am sure it wud know by now to be silent..LOL

14.    When did people started residing near Arjun's Mom's house , first time when they show location was totally virana.Sleepy well no.. the first time they showed it.. the entrance looked like a cave.. then when arohi came to meet.. it looked like a 70's home.. now it looks like a 70's home that had some grandeur.. its like the house is remembering memories.. arjun ne kaha tha na ke iss ghar ke kone kone mein, har room mein iski koi story hai.. toh itni lambi kahani ko yaad karne mein time lagega.. give more time for the house to remember.. am sure it will look much different in the end..LOL

15.   Why Arjuhi are sleeping on the floor Shockedthat too in main hall .itne bade ghar maine jaha sofa hai , bed room kyu nahi hai .ConfusedCry woh clean karte karte arohi giri thi na, n then there ws an eyelock session na.. uske baad aur saaf karne ka mann nahi kiya hoga.. why bother going into the bedroom.. pura ghar hamara hai aur koi aur aayega bhi nahi yaahan.. toh bedroom me so jao ya living room me.. ki farq painda hai.. sadda ghar hai.. kitthe vi bistra laga lo!! (kavya did u notice, only quilt used)LOL

16.   Why Arjuhi  ne sone se phele door lock  nahi kiya.D'ohcoz no electricity, no fan, so only source of hawa to udaofy arohi's hair n make atmosphere romantic for arjuhi was the doors n windows.. so keep  them wide open.. Wink

17.   Whether Arjuhi  has taken  syanyash or what ,Shocked they are still sleeping  , SR kab manaege ConfusedEmbarrassed open door se hawa udd raha tha na.. it was so strong that unke dimaag me jo ideas aa rahe the, woh bhi uda ke le jaa rahe jail ki hawa se bhoot bangle ki hawa zyada acchi thi..itni acchi hawa udd raha tha ke unko neend aa gaya.. kal darwaza band karne ko bolenge Tongue 

18.  When u have such a good actor why not used it beforeD'oh I am taking about Danish , he was awesome today .Thumbs UpClap  why we are forced get tortured by ullus .Angry coz CVs think, if u give something gud at the end of a long torture,its appreciated better.. its like saara din bahar dhoop mein khada karo.. then give one bottle thanda paani.. u'll take it w/o complaints n then u'll be too tired to complain n go to sleep quitely!!Cry

19.   Why ullu is driving so slowly .Sleepy coz indian police ki izzat ka savaal hai, for decades now, indian police have been known for their last minute entries.. how can rajvir break that tradition.. its probably a capital offense!!Confused also he had just applied so much amount of brains in figuring out bevda's case.. it needs time to process, then cool off (it heated up badly like my laptop coz of all that highspeed work) then get on to the next job - driving!!LOL

20.   why sabse chota ullu has to be shown hero at the end .Angry its lottery system.. pick a character n redeem him.. coz saare ullus ko accha dikhana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai..LOL

21.   why a police officer is not able to take bullet pain & that too in hand ,he was acting like he is in death bed .Ouch taking a bullet in hand that too ur left arm is the most painful thing in life.. coz thats the hand that he uses the least.. coz hez a right handed person.. he punches wid right, he slaps the pillar wid right.. so left not used being hit on it must be very bad for the nerves in that hand.. they r not used to so much work u see.. LOL

22.   Why Arohi is not giving attention to Arjun. Poor fellow behosh tha .CryShocked coz Arjun was actually pretending to be out.. arjuhi really wanted to be left alone.. so they cud get to some ahem ahem.. so he figured best way to get rid of his bro n her uncle was to do some nautanki.. so he went out cold.. she decided to finish up chachu's apology at speed of light ullu stds i mean.. n micky ko toh chachu ne take care kar liya.. Wink

Imagine & C.v's I will be grateful if u can answers only one/fourth of it .expecting that out of them shows our brains r 1/400 th of what we really have.. n since DVs wont answer.. am helping u out..Tongue

May be c.v's are taking starting  promo seriously that's why they are showing Arjuhi cleaning house .LOL we know it chate hai who kyu nahi dekhate Cry.kyunki agar tum jo chahte ho usse puri shiddat se chahoge, toh saari kaayanat usse pura karne me lag jaayegi, toh CVs ko kuch karne ki zarrurat nahi.. lazy butts.. they figured, they'll leave it to the universe to figure that one out..!!LOL

Tomorrow we will hear our Favorite Dialog from MR Shut Up  " Yeh Toh Gun shot Wound Hai".  ROFL  ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

ahahaah this one cracked me up badly.. i hope we do hear it .. kuch toh comedy hoga.. nahi toh rotlu family drama se the end ho jayega Cry

Last episode of KitniCryBroken HeartBroken Heart & my last day of watching Imagine .Angry


I wish very Best to Karan & kritka for wonderful  performance Heart. Arjun & arohi will be in my hearts for ever .EmbarrassedBig smileHeart and eagley waiting for ur next project .Day Dreaming

ME TOO!! Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Outstanding questions  with   even more  outstanding  answers. Superb  Aksh .  ClapClapClapClapClap.
@roma - maine kaha tha answers doongi, but  wont  be able  to  match even 1% of these answeres.   bit DITTO!! to them. 
@aksh -  really!!! Shocked  they used only quilt ,   I din notice that yday .   wah wah kya kamaal kitha art director ne Embarrassed,  and  the scene was cute  too, Day Dreaming
and yeah me too guys  last  day  of  watching  imagine and for that matter  right now any other show  until something watch worthy like kmh2  comes 

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katrina_petrova Goldie

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nice take shikha19

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged

@shika - ditto !!.  nice take,

@sur - nice take .
@all -  m  scared to watch sbs/sbb.   jo hume dekhna  nahi tha wahi dikhayenge ,  why  remarry?  why  go and  be surrounded by family ?   I wanted to see them  say  we are better off without  fake family members and start afresh, while the  so called  family members brooded in guilt.  that is what I wanted to see.  

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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& why only ullus?!! where are the Singhus?!! offcourse Mickey ki maatam mana rahe honge but they have always been our favz n not ullusAngry hume itni torture kyun sehni hai?!!Cry Love KMH n KK2!!
seems like KMH2 is Arjuhi's reunion with the family!!Dead wich is not even theirs!!

kavya wat bout song of the day...nobody has posted!!

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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phichle  kuch  dino  se  no one is posting  song of the day  shibz..  aaj ke liye  atleast  kuch   post  karna hai. 
I  dont  understand  how  they  cannot  show  raashi and  daadi  atleast ,  I mean  ullus  are not even arjun's family   and  they have done  something  very bad  to his  mom ,  and still  they  are  considered  as  great family AngryDeadShockedThumbs Down  Booo  CVs
and  I Love  KMH and Arjuhi and will love  any praise worthy character,   unworthy  character  yes  I will FF the scene. 
watched  micky's  scene  twice yday,  he was fabulous.

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M here

hai kavya but its in pen drive will give it after the epi ends here..


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