Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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arjuhi4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged

I really hate the dvs!!
WTH are they showing us?? Why are they palying with our emotions??

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
beautiful banner AriDay Dreaming

sorry for being late guyz...Embarrassed Luckily i was able to come today..i thought i wouldnt beCry he he...glad i didBig smile


For me the show has abruptly ended on the last Friday itself.. the rest of it i read in Aksh's n Kavya's fictions.. This week seemed like PB had a memory loss..he forgot that KMH means Arjuhi & not girgitwalias..

'saibo' song sucks now!!Angry
Rajveer Singh Ulluwalia got the bullet shot in his arm & being a police officer he did not have the strength to take that much?!!
Thumbs Down he reacted to the bullet as if he had a muscle catchROFLROFL itni overacting kisliye?!!Stern Smile Arohi se sympathy paane ke liye?!Wacko maafi maangne ka excuse...the flashbacks i'm sure every viewer has got the sequence by heartSleepy
& ArohiAngryDeadThumbs Down.Stern Smile Arjun is lying there unconscious...hez hurt on the head & is bleeding...he needs quick aid n not your chachuSilly how illogical & stupid!! chachu ki aate hi Arohi ki ullupana waapas aagayiWackoDead
remember Arjun was shot by kalia in the chest yet he had stood strong for a long time & your police chachu just got shot in the arm..he is not going to die like thatPinch argh!! Hate the new CVs for spoiling our lovely show with dher saara stupidity!!Clown

DanishStar What i like about your acting is that you are originalClap...n dont try to imitate anybody else...You are awesome!!Clap A true talented star!! You gave the evil character Michael his own identity...took it to different heights & made it unique!!Clap I wish i saw more of you rather than some horrible acting we got to see lately by some others!!ClownGeekWacko
Wish you good luck for the future!!
Thumbs Up You have a long way to go!!

Arjuhi were cutely shweetly cosily warmly shleeping together in each others armsDay Dreaming

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-SweetGirl- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Guys I hv just written Take But dunno how I lost It when was up to post..CryAnyways
I hv just read that Kitni is ending tomorrow's Itself..OuchCryCryAnd I m totaly taken a back ..not in state to react Propely..Imagine Sucks Really..CensoredI hv no words..I m feeling like crying..Its effing retarted..
Show is ending Tomorrow and Look at todays show...OuchPsycho Mikhel and stupid Chachu ..Now this is all about Kitni Mohabbat Hai..!Ouch CV's -You guys really sucks..This show deserve the best But Its not getting a porper atleast...Was that really needed after Last Shows Ahuwalia Drama Now Today's show dedicated to Mikhel..OuchI m disapponted...
Arjuhi scene was really nice as always ..Karnika are Flowless and so comfortable and Natural in such Romatic Scene...Their Charm is something else..Magic..Love this Couple..God Bless them Ever and Ever !
One Scene I loved most When arjuhi both were sleeping close on Floor..Aww Aww..AwwThat was beyond beautul..Loved It !Day DreamingBut did they really need to ruin it with Mikhel's shots...
Another Poorly written show with Blooprt and Random Scenes..This was expected that Is Mikhel But Why to Drag couple of last with his Psycho speech..and by the end Chachu is shot.So Tomorrow 's whole show will go in Chachu's greatness and again Ahuwali'a melodrama and Arjuhis comeback to that family and all..OuchI m done..
Is there any hope of Good Arjuhi Scene...Their SR or Baby...OuchAnswer is No...Gosh ! CV's you guys hv lost It..Hate you..We Love Arjuhi and You ruined this show's ending with such Poor Script and unnecessary characters screen space...Its Last Show Tomorrow I still cant belive It..and above all What can I expect from It..My Fav couple Arjuhi..No--Ahuwalia's and their melodrama..Never knew cv's that You guys will make this Bitter Truth more painful that Show is ending and that to this way...

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged
hey guys ...
abt todays episode hmmm...i liked d rushing ONLY bcz of d hope dat tmw hope we cd c sm CUTE ARJUHI MOMENTS.. !! Embarrassed
n abt mr tatoo.. i mean it was all expected dat he ll be MICHAEL SINGHANIA ..SleepySleepySleepy
frst part saibo song was good n d flash backs made me cry..
aur itani achanak raat hogaya?? okey dats acceptable n gd tymng of ARJUN awaking frm sleep ..Wink
bt i was really impressed by danish ClapClap
he was too good in potraying micheal 's anger thogh it was all of a sudden revenge OuchLOL
n d stunt mm arjun can try bollywood baba .. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
n thank god dey dint shw more ULLU scenes except d fonecal of lovedeep..
y dont dey care abt ARJUHI .. n cal back rajveer Dead
pheww ...n also chachu's dialogues made to thnk dat he donno where arjuhi s staying ??Confused
n suddenly after seeing d file he rytly reached arjun's home ShockedConfused
n dat too in d ryt tymng bt thank god arohi was nt hurt !!
hmmm i wanna ask one thng hw cd rajver faints n shwn dat he s almost dead i thnk he s nt ...Dead(only cz i dnt wanna c any mout n karmas n sady scenes tmrw)WinkLOL
 n i dono wat dey  gonna shw us tmrw if in case tmrw s d last day of kitani...AngryAngry
i hope i hope i hope... dey ll atleast shw us an epi full of arjuhi moments.. EmbarrassedCryCry
fingers crossed !!

except ds hope d epi was super fast more dan a filght !!

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roma2011 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 10:34am | IP Logged

Edited ...

                                            KITNE QUESTIONS HAI

Since last 15 days I am totally disappointed from execution of each episode .

Lots of questions from today's episode remained unanswered any body from Imagines & c.vs bothering to answer :


1.       Why unnecessary footage is given to side charactersAngry , leads toh sideline ho gaye hai .Ouch

2.       Why title track is not used , when it is a masterpiece and perfectly suits the situation , I wish it was song from some Ekta's movie kam se kam usko promote karne ke liye toh use karteAngry .

3.       Where is Mr Punjabi's death body .Arohi toh court aa gayi thi bhag kar .Confused

4.       Why not even court bother to find reason of death of  Servant of Law. ( MR Punjabi).Silly

5.       Why old scenes are shown again & againOuch .Arjuhi ka toh phir bhi acceptable hai but ullus ka ??

6.       Why chachu not reading case file in the punjabi's house itself .Sleepy

7.       Whether sudhir will be shown Nikama in whole season  Confused, Ok Sabse chota ullu is concentrating on mission pakodo tattoo wala what about vampire and senior ullu "Shut Up" . Kal toh bada bol raha tha suna 'suna lagta hai . Most useless character in KMH is Vampire kabhi kam karte hue nahi dikhaya gaya . ek muka mila tha apne dad ka case ladne ka who bhi sexsena ko de diya .Angry nalayak .LOLLOL

8.       Why  better dialogs for Mr Punajbi's notes was used  pura voice message copy kar diya.Angry

9.       Why every body suddenly  became ataryami  first name is  KSA then  Mr Punjabi was also anteryaami 'phele hi bavishyavaani kar de Arjuhi kaha milege .ShockedWacko

10.   Why Every time ullu's refer  shooter as killer . WackoArre tumhara baap jinda hai .jab who mara nahi toh uska shooter killer kaise ho gaya,LOL phir se law study karo . Confused 

11.   Where is Mikeheal's wadrobe , before shooting of KSA , I have never seen Mikeheal  without shirt uska pura wadrobe choori  ho gaya kya . LOL 

12.   For what Mikeheal was waiting , if he was determined to kill Arjun then , every time Arjuhi  hugged   guest appearance kar ke chala jata tha.Stern Smile

13.   Why a don's heir is  not having silencer for his pistol Thumbs Down, poor fellow  has to wait for aas pass wala people to sleep .LOL

14.    When did people started residing near Arjun's Mom's house , first time when they show location was totally virana.Sleepy

15.   Why Arjuhi are sleeping on the floor Shockedthat too in main hall .itne bade ghar maine jaha sofa hai , bed room kyu nahi hai .ConfusedCry

16.   Why Arjuhi  ne sone se phele door lock  nahi kiya.D'oh

17.   Whether Arjuhi  has taken  syanyash or what ,Shocked they are still sleeping  , SR kab manaege ConfusedEmbarrassed

18.  When u have such a good actor why not used it beforeD'oh I am taking about Danish , he was awesome today .Thumbs UpClap  why we are forced get tortured by ullus .Angry

19.   Why ullu is driving so slowly .Sleepy

20.   why sabse chota ullu has to be shown hero at the end .Angry

21.   why a police officer is not able to take bullet pain & that too in hand ,he was acting like he is in death bed .Ouch

22.   Why Arohi is not giving attention to Arjun. Poor fellow behosh tha .CryShocked

Imagine & C.v's I will be grateful if u can answers only one/fourth of it .

May be c.v's are taking starting  promo seriously that's why they are showing Arjuhi cleaning house .LOL we know it chate hai who kyu nahi dekhate Cry.

Tomorrow we will hear our Favorite Dialog from MR Shut Up  " Yeh Toh Gun shot Wound Hai".  ROFL  ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

Last episode of KitniCryBroken HeartBroken Heart & my last day of watching Imagine .Angry


I wish very Best to Karan & kritka for wonderful  performance Heart. Arjun & arohi will be in my hearts for ever .EmbarrassedBig smileHeart and eagley waiting for ur next project .Day Dreaming

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
@Shibz...beautiful post...Hug KMH..both seasons have been an amazing journey..a journey of love, passion, intensity n emotions...both Punji and Singhu have captured my hearts to such a extent...Heart..they were both my hero's tooBlushing...I too will miss Singhu badly after tomorrowCry.Cry.Cry.Cry...he was the perfect hero (saving and action)...the perfect don...the perfect loverDay Dreaming..
another disappointing epsideThumbs Down...Saibo is on my hate list nw...Angry..the reason i had loved this song because i loved it during the rain sequence that was shown...Day Dreaming..n speaking abt the rain sequence...i still can't believe that in yesterday's UK episde..they cut half of that sequenceAngry Dead Cry...i so wanted to experience the magic on TV...but even i wasn't destined that..Cry aaj ke epi mein bhi no new arjuhi intense passionate nothing..!! Cry Cry Cry..i don't think i will have the strength to watch tomorrow's episode...the last episode..i cnt see even the last epsode being ruined once again in front of my eyesDead Cry...i hate the way DVs have dealt wid the ending and the way the storyline has been turned into..PB aka Prashant Bhatt... you do realise that KMH2 aka Kitani Mohabbat Hai is a love story?!! not family melodrama...go n b a CV of a family show if u wanna create family scenes n drama...but spare our KMH2...Angry...gosh!! Vikas Gupta was so much better...we had one hell of great scenesHeart and DVs...u have already ruined it...made such a beautiful love story into boring family drama..n totally butchered everythingBroken Heart...and now tomorrow's epi...i have no desire to watch.. esp as we know arjuhi will b at Ullu' way!!Dead..n that even this time our dream of seeing aman-preet will be shatteredBroken Heart..Ullu's shud be apologising n having dialogues of regret..not arjuhi!! only Mikheal aka Danish was outstanding today..!!Clap Clap Clap Clap...bur sadly his charcter was wasted because we hardly gt to see ppl's talents n DVs wated it on ppl hu cannot actStern Smile n of course our arjuhi were as always just amazingStar
That file that Chachu found just stupidly had the dialogues of Ram Punjabi in it...i don't think it had a clue to as where arjuhi wud b n neither do i think it had the killer's name in it..what do DVs think we are?!!Stern Smile...n just cuz he knew hu the killer is that guna tell him where arjuhi mite be?!!..n that they r in danger?!!Silly..
Arjuhi scenes bring a smile to my face but Saibo brings a frownStern Smile...arjuhi were cleaning the house..n wen they got to the stairs..arohi nearly feel..n as always arjun is always he had told arohi once he wud never leave her handEmbarrassed...arjuhi's eyelock...arjun kissing her on her forhead...everything was perfect...but BG was saibo the only BG left in the music dept?!! i want the title track!! atleast for tomorrow's episode make use of it!! just wanna hear it..only for arjuhi's scene...we didn't even get a title track video which cud fully justify arjuhi's Mohabbat and which cud justify the lyrics..!!Ouch..Cry..Angry...i so badly want Teri saanson se to b played...this song never got the recognition the KMH1 title track got...Disapprove
Danish, Danish, Danish!!..what can i say about you..!! your such a talented actorStar...n today you were just so natural!! a frustrated brother, a son ho was always second..a jealous brother...everything was vented out in a great way..!! were have alot ahead of you...n i really hope you get great shows in the future..Smile
KMH2 deff deserved deserved to b treated fairly n deserved to have better CVs that care abt the deserved to b on a better channel that appreciated the show n deserved to have justice..!!...KK2 deserved to get achievments thru KMH

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 11:55am | IP Logged
updated my take above... Had to talk about Danish!!
now have to goUnhappy...wish i could manage some more tym!!

@all *hugs*Hug
love you all & this is really painful though m not expecting much yet we are hurt!!Broken Heart

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Hugshibz.. no expectations n itna dard.. Cry love u too n love u all!! Hug

more mt everests from me.. khotte DVs ko kitna bhi sunao kam hai!! Angry

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