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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2 has been as special to me as season1...this short journey has given me enough memories to cherish & I'm thankful to everyone who made this possible...Thank You for the two intense journeys that you have given us... There can be no show like KMH whatever avtar it cums in, it gives out the basic message of kitani...I'm soo proud of the team for having made a piece that has touched our hearts in a beautiful way...
  i feel soo lucky to have had two loves in lifeLOL Punji & SinghaniaBlushing.. My heroesHeart
KMH2 is even more special coz we love it despite the record breaking bloopersLOL Thats wonderful how the show managed to mesmerize us in all possible ways..Thanx to the writers & actors for having made the difference...& I'm gona miss my Singhania terribly after tomorrow...Cry
You where a legend!! just wanted more of you...Havent got enough of KMH2... & Arjuhi are still fresh as ever...

Welcome back guyzHug
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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged

Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
HeartThank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our livesHeart
*Credits* -Sanju- <<- we love you..HugHugHug


Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:37am | IP Logged

Last but one episode of our dear dear KMH2  CryCry

Technically for me episode ended yesterday , with the judgement passed that  arjun is innocent and both arjun and arohi come back to clean their ghosla and start a new life,  yes that is where it ends for me.  
Why I did not like today's episode in terms of love story is ,  they did not show that intensity we were waiting for.  Where is the title track ?  What happened to arohi  as soon as chachu came ?  Why arjun had to get hurt only so  that  chachu can come and shoot the killer ,  is this to make chachu mahan or just  to redeem him ?   why so many flashbacks yet again ?  There was so much time where in all these scenes cld have shown and all this drama could have been shown till yday and today  and tomorrow  u ld have aired  Arjuhi's love story blooming?  how many times  viewers asked for that, but in vain. 
As for the episode  cachu today suddenly thinks that bevda vakeel was bechara ,  how slow ,  har kaam slow kyun karta hai yeh aadmi,  okay now at the line 'mujhe dhundna chahiye'  what is with the  'what did u say ? ' expression ? . 
Our   Don Tota and his cute maina  cleaning their ghosla.   But why do they want to clean it ASAP,  arent they tired,  go take a shower and  go to sleep , like  @roma said in yday's lounge  clean up the bedroom first and get going,  once inside  you will automatically know what to do  LOL, ofcourse woh to sapna hi rehgaya viewers ka to see Aman Preet . So they want to clean with the bg of saibo again , ek gaana pakad liye to bas pakad liya, we are screaming our lungs out that use the title track, but nai, all our requests fell on deaf ears. Oh wait did we not ask for arjuhi scenes , so that is what they are showing , so what if its all flashbacks only Silly they are still arjuhi scenes na. they have1-2 mins of extra time so what can they show other than flashbacks, Stern Smile. Creativity you see Tongue dialouges likhne ki zaroorat nai padegi na tab. Okay let me just look at the bright side Tongue.   Karan  looked damn handsome in that casual look.  Thumbs UpClap   Kritz was pretty in pink Embarrassed  looking fresh.    Arjuhi looked happy in each others arms after all that ordeal they went through.    The scene was cute and the little  gestures arjun was doing and arohi's reaction to that was nice EmbarrassedClap.   The kiss on the forehead and the eyelock Thumbs Up.   Glad they did not show her resting her head on his chest again.  LOL
bevda vakeel's home,  wah  that  dude had  contemporary(read  random / lame ROFL) art  hanging  on his walls LOL,   why is chachu picking up all possible  files  from there ROFL ROFL bas hogyaa chaan bheen ROFL did not look for blood marks,  any  fallen objects, any other clues ,   uff finally  akal  wali line sunayi di chachu ne 'aaj woh dono jaha bhi hai jis haal mein bhi hai merei vajah se hai '  Stern Smile.    Now wait yday I forgot to ask this  why are ulluwalia's  thinking that arjuhi could be in trouble?   did they think that  only and only if they came to their house arjuhi will be safe? Silly.    They  underestimate Arjun so   much Angry  cant  they think that   they could have gone  somewhere to  spend some time Confused.   They  have and will always  think high of themselves Dead.    Bua calls out of concern Thumbs Up  and chachu gets back to fiddling with the files,  now wait  this has to be the most hillarious  moment of  kmh2 ROFLROFL ROFL suddenly out of one of the magic  files  bevda vakeel's  akashvaani  is heard  ROFLROFLROFL ROFL "maine  mr. ahluwalia ke khooni ko pehchaan liya ,  main jaanta hu use , arjun kal aazaaad ho jayega "  and  chachu  ki dimak mein bhagvan ne connection de di and it immediately recognised the khooni ROFLROFLROFL "ohh  toh yeh hai  arjun ka khooni , aur main itne time se arjun ko galat samjha,  Log (matlab viewers)  sahi kehte hai jalbaazi mein dimak  kabhi nahi chalta "ROFLROFLROFL  it continues  ,  isi enlightening  situation mein chachu got another  vision "ab mujhe pata chal gaya arjun arohi kaha par honge " ROFLROFL  and also that "unki jaan khatre mein ho sakti hai "  ROFLROFL,  ek file mein do lines ki notes padne se itna sab kuch   kaise pata chal gaya Silly  Wacko  footage ki bhi had hoti hai bhai Angry.  
Arjuhi  in deep sleep and the killer finally  decides to strike.  It is micky  only  like we all expected.   Danish Pandor  too good in this whole scene ClapClap  ,  dialouges were apt and his frustration well expressed .  and motive to kill arjun is also  valid, he was always  jealous of him and wanted to hurt him before also.   Good choice here, if it was anyone else  it would have been  hard to understand the connection.   Even though I hate to see that all this is being shown towards the end when it could all have been shown few days earlier only ,   I still liked micy's  performance and they show proper flashbacks to enhance his grudge towards arjun .  they even show the scene where when RPS was arrested he asks micky to follow whatever arjun decides and that is when both jiggy and micky decided to send kaliya.  scene  nicely done .   Arjun tries to  takeover micky and fights ,  both of them good here,  while arohi looks on ,  Arjun needed to vent out as well,  he has forgiven micky many times , and it is  hightime now to do some punching.   But micky is  took over by vengence and grabs the opportunity to strike arjun Cry  ,   aah  how I wish that did not happen, but now while watching the epi I think that was how it is supposed to be Ouch.   Arohi anxious , and micky  victorious ,  I liked micky's attitude here  wants to kill them both and adds with sarcasm that   this is what they both wanted and so be it  ,   from micky's pov he was really good Thumbs Up.   and  this seems to the right time for chachu also to redeem and ask their forgiveness,   so he had to get hurt protecting arohi.   before watching this scene I was really mad at arohi for tending to chachu , but as I watch it  I think that was the instant reaction she gave,   arjun was hurt  first so she attended to him first and now that suddenly out of nowhere chachu came she is anxious abt him now.  but flashbacks were unnecessary .   only positive thing out of this last scene is that  chachu ne  maafi maangi  finally ConfusedClap
Danish Pandor  take a bow Clap ,  where were you till now?  I mean you have always performed your  role well, but this one was  more powerpacked and you did  full justice.    All the best for a successful future.    well done ClapClap.  
Karan Kritika  , even if you are there for few mins the epi becomes brighter,  just  few seconds of lovey dovey looks today and  it was enough to make me smile Embarrassed.   ClapClap.  
CVs kya kahe Unhappy you could have shown all this  a little before and kept this time to show us aman preet, lekin nai .    Director good in micky and arjun scene Clap.    music dept please atleast tmrw  hume title track sunayi do and that too only on arjuhi please, dont include the ullus. 

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TeekhiMishti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Beautiful start shibz

Today was all about danish for me...everything else ignore mode dnt care


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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Shibz, awesome start.. KMH1 and KMH2 have permanently reserved their spots in our hearts. It's definitely been a very beautiful and memorable journey, bloopers n all!! Itani Mohabbat Hai KMH se ke we love it with its imperfections!! Arjun Arohi, we will miss you terribly!! Hug

sucks IF doesnt have an emoticon for numb!! thats the word of the week!!

PB, I hate you and I do not want to ever watch a show that has you in the creative dept. and this emoticon is specially dedicated to you guyz Clown

now to the episode:
continuity from 1 min before again... chachu is shown to think.. i suppose ye itna rare event hai toh dobara dikha rahe hai toh emphasize.. Sleepy

saibo BG again.. it doesnt even fit here.. i can imagine teri sanson se n it suits perfectly.. even tumko chuke wala bhi yahan pe pefect hota.. i am gonna ignore saibo's usage after the rain sequence for saibo BG made that so special, i can't even hate it in peace Cry n more flashbacks.. no comments.. i will ditto my take from yesterday n the past wk n it will still for today's epi...Sleepy

chachu.. ditto from yest.. ye jo kar rahe hai, woh bohot pehle karna tha.. ab karke kya fayda.. Sleepy

i didnt want bua to forgive them so soon.. its not abt this one incident.. they've always treated their women badly!! Angry

how did rajvir know where to go? if he knew all along where to go, why dint ullus go n placate arjuhi before now? wait.. u know what.. whatever!!!Sleepy

arjun arohi sleeping peacefully in each other's arms.. more chance for having kmh bg.. ek mauka yahan bhi gavaya.. Cry

finally muh dikhayi of tattoo-man..D'oh
Danish - Loved loved super loved your performance today!! Sucks, itne dinon tak chupe baithe the.. Cry The body language, the psycho killer, the jealous brother, the ignored spoilt brat, loved your attitude today!! Pura scene, start to end tak, you and Karan had our full attention.. fight scene was amazing.. baar baar dekho category mein aa gaya...LOL.. its a shame this show n season r coming to an end.. wud have loved a more detailed track for u!! khair, awesome work! Smile

u dint bring singhu ppl but u brought their furniture?D'ohlook what u have done to us CVs.. abhi characters aur story ke jagah we r noticing random stuff like sofas n chairs!! Ouch

arjun singhania being injured in a fight wid micky singhania.. hasi uda rahe ho? hez the character u created.. hez the hero, the don who has never lost.. too intelligent for his own good.. its not believable that micky can get the better of him.. Sirf iss liye ke rajvir chachu gets the chance to throw himself on the line.. u did this!!Angry n then more torture.. Arohi crying over chachu who got a bullet on his hand rather than Arjun who got hit on the head wid a rod and is out cold Shocked ye 'Kitani Mohabbat Hai - Chachu se' kyun dikha rahe ho? Arjun Arohi ki kahani mein chachu ko footage? Arjun gets hit on the head n so is out cold... samajh me aata hai.. but chachu being this arrogant brave chivalrous police officer.. how can he be shown to fall down just coz of a bullet braze!! Shocked Arohi should still be more worried about Arjun rather than Chachu.. the scene could have been written this way:  Chachu pushes Arohi away and gets hit on the arm, chachu shoots back to micky and micky falls down.. but here also micky got shot pretty much where arjun got shot in the jungle.. so he cant possibly have died.. he could have tried to get back at chachu again.. the fight scene cud have gone on longer!! khair.. micky fell, chachu fell.. n he sat up.. nursing his arm.. Arohi saw that he was alright and that micky was down so she immediately goes to Arjun's side who is unconscious, she sat between chachu and Arjun, took Arjun's head in her lap and tried to stem the flow of the wound bleeding on his head, all the while trying to wake him up. Chachu calls for back up and Arohi thanks chachu, and chachu apologizes in turn. 

Karan - loved the fight sequence.. Kritz - full on emotional atyachar Tongue..loved it

good effort by the team, but kya fayda, jab story ka faluda ban gaya hai, toh usme kaju pista dala ho ya na ho kya farak padta hai!!

Singhanias the forgotten family!! Kal alteast ek frame unka dikhaoge ya unka packup kara diya? Daddi, Rashi, Raj, Romit,  Kumud, not to forget my fav - RPS!! And the cupids, unhone itni jo madad ki, unka kya? Where is Shefali? Bechari ne Arohi ke love story ke liye itne pappad bele and now that these two got out of jail, she is not here? Sanchith bechara, behen ke liye thappad bhi khayi.. usko koyi footage nahi? Simi tagged along in all kind of risky plans and now when the good part is here, usko hum aapke hai kaun kar diya? DJ toh pehle se gayab hai.. hope shez having fun in her gurudwara!!
*******************Crying Smiley************************
I totally agree with Kavya here... for me also KMH ended when Arjun Arohi got outta jail, came to Arjun's mom's house n happily started cleaning up the place n started life afresh with nok-jhok n romance!! Mein uske baad ka ignore kar lungi n write my own ending that they settled in that house..arjun went n started that real estate business that he wanted n Arohi Arjun moved on in life with twin kids amanpreet.. at some point.. they forgave the Ahlus n Singhus but lived their lives separately with their own kids.. a perfect family.. showing each day ke Kitani Mohabbat Hai!!

Karan and Kritika - What to say? Am sad Kitani is ending and happy too.. the way this season ending has been handled, am happy you both don't have to put up with this .. well no other word.. nautanki!! You can move on to greener pastures. Kitani and you both deserved so much more. Truly dil ke armaan aansuon me beh gaye!! Next time, hoepfully you come back with a better channel and CVs who actually care about the show and a story that keeps its focus and not deviate into side stories. You both have been a delight to watch, separate and together. And I am sure your talent will take you higher n higher and the right people will recognize your worth. Kabhi alvida na kehna Hug

KMH2: Feel like crying buckets. You came back for a second round thanks to your own charm n popularity. And you did not get what you deserved. I am truly from the bottom of my heart, very sorry that this happened. I feel bad for having wanted a second season for this is a ruthless heartless ending.. 
Crying SmileyCrying SmileyCrying SmileyCrying Smiley

CVs should take note that this is equivalent to cold blooded murder. Such a beautiful story, so much potential, so many talented actors on hand, resources over months - all wasted!! CVs, you have played with the emotions of scores of fans with your moronic decisions, not to mention the channel taking a dig at us as well. For as long as I will remember, am going to remember this back stabbing from you guys - and I wont forget and you shall not be forgiven. 

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Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:43am | IP Logged

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:44am | IP Logged

Cant find words. Theese last episodes have been ruined. All full of ullupanti & their redemption.which i am not interested in at all.

Arjuhi scenes i only wanted but only got a few mins that too summer house cleaning session was in process & flashbacks.

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katrina_petrova Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged


weird epi kya kahu confuse hu right now


Well don't have much to write about the epi it was weird.

Start- chachu kitna time lagate ho sochne mein. therefore some more mins wasted.

Then arjuhi scene was going gud with their jharu. And then Arohi falls in arjun's arms I liked that scene but why give a FB if we want to see that we wud see that epi. There cud have been a longer eyelock rather than a FB.

Then chachu again why cudn't he read the files in punjabi's house itself wasting time in picking up filesAngry.

Here micky waiting every aas pass wala to sleep. Didn't they lived in a sunsaan placeConfused. Whatever he has gone psycho. And he cums in the house why on hell arjuhi is sleeping with open door weird no logic. Then why are they sleeping in the hall Confused. They cud use a room. Why micky is not shooting them right away again weird. Then he shoots but misses them and then starts the looka-chipi. they just dragged the scene. if it wud have been some normal epi then the dragging is okay but this is the second last epi people do some justice CV's.

Then a fight scene basically I love mar dhar but not in this situation when we are dying to see some arjuhi cute moments minus FB. Why on hell is Rajveer driving so slowDead. Then arjun gets hurt it was awful. The way arohi acted then was gud but then micky tries to killl arohi and rajveer cums from somewhere and gets shot.

Why is arohi acting as if rajveer is on his death bed. And cudn't she understand that arjun is more serious cuz he is injured on his head and chachu on handDead.

Well again FB and so boring same sceneAngry.

The whole epi was a waste

But Danish was Gr8 today if they had such an awesome actor why did they not use him in the start and just giving him one epi.


KaranStar GR8 fight scene

KritikaStar she was gud too its not her fault she did what she was told to do

The epiAngryOuch

Cvs I'm not even expecting a good last epi frm u the way u r gonin'

And I don't want a sequel to this season at all This was whole mess and it can't be repaired for sure

And if cuming with a season 3 then plz have logical plotline. Season 2 had gud raw materials but the execution was awfull. The actors were gud but the characterization was horrible. So if season 3 plz make sure u hv a gud digestable story then only season 3 otherwise I don't want it at all.

I was very angry but I'm very sad also because season 2 is ending I will edit some of the last epi and wud only have the gud momories in my mind

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