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Maaneet Ki Prem Kahani - Thread 1 (Page 74)

Niharika.Nair IF-Rockerz

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Maza aagayaWink toh party kab shuru hogi!!!

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TeamMcSwarek IF-Rockerz

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cont soon
thanks for the pm

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Loved the update! Can't wait to read more!

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Zohamaaneet IF-Rockerz

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hey appu
awesome yaar
thanx for update
continue soon

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Water. IF-Rockerz

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Thanks for the update...lvoed it v much...

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MishtyShah Goldie

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Part 35 

Everyone, left but maan and geet. Geet wanted to make everything clear to Maan.


Geet: Maan...woh mujhe maaf maine aapko kuch nahi bataya...I am really sorry.

Maan: Its okay Geet...main samaj sakta hoon...

Geet: nahi maan...main uss waqt nahi kehna chahti thi...par ab keh rahi maine aapko pehle nahi bataya kyunki aapko tho pata hai ki mere piche kitne gunde hain..aur unko zara sa bhi shak hogaya hota ki main delhi main hoon...tho kya hosakta hai...aur annie ne mujhe challenge kiya tha ki that I can't get caught whatever happens...

Maan: Geet...its okay!!

Geet: Nahi Maan...aap mere dost hai aur dosti main yeh sab chupana nahi chahiye...aur mujhe sach main bahot hi bura lag raha hai...

Maan: theek hain..tumhe bura lag raha hai (she nods her head innocently) tho mere paas ek soloution hain...miss hoshiyarpur express!!

Geet: Kya?

Maan: Yehi kit um mujhe promise karo ki meri aaj ki har shart mani padegi...mazoor hai?

Geet: Hmm...par aapki shart hai kya?

Maan: yeh tumhe sham ko pata chalega...

Geet: Hmm...okay!

Maan: Waise not bad...KPMG ki malik ho tum! I am very lucky that ki tum meri dost ho!

Geet: Maan..(hits him playfully)

Maan: I am serious Geet...bahot kuch sunna hai tumare bare main...bas yehi nahi sunna tha ki tumara naam kya hai! Agar pehle sunna hota tho shayad hum pehle hi acha dist banjate!!

Geet: Hmm...mujhe toh aaj shock laga...I mean! Annie tumari behn hai...I am so happy! Woh meri bilkul choti behn ke tarah hai aur meri sab se achi dost!

Maan: I am glad that you two are friends! Ab geet...mere paas bahot kaam hai...main tumhe baad maine milta hoon (With that he left her)


Geet: Hmph...wish bhi nayi kiya...aur chalegaye...par geet tu itna udaas kyun ho rahi hai...lagta hai unjaane main bhul gaye honge!




Maan: Mujhe pata hai Geet ki tum kya soch rahi hongi...main tumhe wish hi nahi kiya...par kya karu Geet...main yeh bahot hi special tarike se wish karna chahta hoon aur yeh suprise tumhe raat ko hi milsakta hai! (With this he starts to work)


After 3 hours, Annie calls Geet...


Annie: Geet main bahar khadi hoon...tum jaldi neeche ajao...

Geet: Bas...panch minute annie...ek email send karna hai!

Annie: Geet...tum jaldi neeche aao...warna agar main upar agayi na...tho tum deklena...aur agar bhai ko pata chal gaya na toh...

Geet: Annie...mujhe maan ke naam se dhamikyan dena band karo...

Annie: Kyun? Mujhe pata tum sirf bhai ki bate maan thi ho..rukho main unhe phone kar deti hun...

Geet: Nahi main aa rahi hoon na...aur unhe disturb mat karna woh meeting main hain...

Annie: Okay...main neeche khadi hun...tum jaldi aa jao...


Geet turns up downstairs after some time. They both sit in the car and annie starts driving but Geet can't recognise the place where they are going to.


Geet: Annie hum ja kaha re hain?

Annie: umm...woh geet...surprise hain!

Geet: Hmm...okay!


In half an hour...they reach their destination. Annie had taken Geet to the parlour so she wouldn't have to do anything by herself and spend time. This was the best way for her and Geet to have some quality time together, she was seeing her after 1 one month so it was a big thing for both of them.


Geet: Parlour?

Annie: Hmm...yeh sab tumhe ready kardengi?

Geet: Wow...Miss Khurana? Kya dimaag hai...but I still don't get it...3 hours?

Annie: You will see where the time goes!


She was right...time went really fast while they were in the parlour. They both got the waxing, threading done and were given a back massage and then the beauticians got their hair done.


Geet: Wow...annie...this was really relaxing...waise does Maan know about all this...i mean I am missing work for all of this?

Annie: Bhai knows about everything...actually it was his idea to take you to the parlour so you can be relaxed for the evening...and don't say thanks to me...say thanks to bhai because he is the one paying for it...

Geet: Hmm...(So he does care!) Ab kya?

Annie: What do you mean ab kya? GEET 6 baj gaye hain..aur party 7 baje hain! Chalo...tumhe abhi tayiar bhi hona hain..ghar chalte hain!


They left the parlour and Geet saw annie, driving in the wrong direction.


Geet: Annie...yeh pinky ke ghar ke taraf nahi hain...

Annie: Who said that we are going to Pinky's house?

Geet: Matlab? Aur main tayiar bhi nahi hoon!

Annie: Oh don't worry about that...we are going to my house...and you will find everything you need there...all the arrangements have been made.

Geet: I should have guessed...I mean when you plan has to be good right!

Annie: Yep...khurana's ki toh style hi aisi hain!

 Just then they arrived at the Khurana Mansion. She dragged her to the outhouse and then a bedroom.

Annie: Geet...yeh outhouse hain...its newly built! Aur iss kamre main sab kuch help you get have 45 minutes...ab main chal rahi hoon...I will see you at the party!

Geet: Okay...and thanks for everything...

Annie: Thanks tho tum mujhe baad main kehna... (Annie left the outhouse to get ready)


Geet was looking around to see what she could wear when she noticed a parcel on the dressing table. She opened it up to see a white saree with silver embroidery. The blouse was backless and and hand strings at the back. With it was a diamond necklace with matching earings. It also had a note, from someone. She opened it...

Geet...yeh white saree sirf tumare liye...

Maine yeh shop main dekhi toh laga ki sirf tumari liye bani hain...Kya tum yeh apne dost ke liye pehnsakti ho?


Tumara Maan

She hugged the letter...she felt at peace reading his letter...


Geet: Maan ne aaj mere liye kya kya nahi kiya...aur main? Maan aap itne din main mere itne gareeb kaise aygaye...mujhe pata nahi par ab lag raha hai ki main aapke bagair ek second bhi nahi ji paungi.


With this thought she started to get ready.




Dadi: Annie...(Annie just enters the KM while Dadi is in sitting on the sofa)

Annie: Hmm...boliye dadi...

Dadi: Yeh kya hai annie...mujhe Geet se abhi tak milwaya bhi nahi?

Annie: Arree...dadi aap itni udaas kyun ho rahi hai...woh actually late ho raha that oh Geet change karne outhouse gayi hain...woh party main aapko milegi...aur ab toh woh free hi free hain...Kyun?

Dadi: Hmm...theek hain...tum bhi jahke tayiar ho jao! Waise maan aya hain ki nahi?

Annie: Haan...bhai aagaye hain...aur bus tayiar ho rahe hain!

Dadi: Good...glad to see that he is here in good time...


Both of them go to leave to change.




It is soon seven o'clock and guests start to arrive. Annie, Maan and Dadi are greeting the guests. After 5 minutes Maan goes to the bar and his eyes are glued to the door, to see her walk in through the doors of the mansion. Suddenly, he sees a vague figure, draped in a white saree looking angelic. He stands up and just stares at her. Geet enters the mansion doors, nervously. This was the probably the first time she was nervous to do anything, she had gone to many high-profile parties like this but today it was just a different feeling altogether. She didn't know why she was feeling like this so she just tried to get her heart beat down and she walked in gracefully. She was looking everywhere, her eyes were only searching for Maan, who she has come so close to in just one month. Then she spotted him at the bar but just as she was about to walk Daadi came to wish her.


Dadi: Geet bete...

Geet: Dadi!! (She bent down and took her blessing)

Dadi: Janam din ki bahot shubkamnayie...

Geet: Thankyou Dadi...

Dadi: Tum tho tumari dadi ko tho bhul hi gayi ho na...ek bhi phone call nayi aur tum delhi main itne din yaha ho aur mujhe ek bar bhi nayi milne ayi.

Geet: Nayi dadi..aisi baat nahi hai...main tho bus...

Dadi: Annie ne hume bataya...aur waisi bhi hum mazak kar rahe hain...ab aap yeh party enjoy kariye...aur phir hum bad main behte key...dher sari baate karenge!

Geet: Okay Dadi...

Dadi: Aur haan...jisse tum dhoond rahi ho...wo waha behte hain!

Geet: Wo..wo..

Dadi: Ab hum chalte hain...(She begins to walk away to greet other guests) (Pagal ladki...par yeh pagal ladki sirf meri hi bahu banegi)


She was about to walk to Maan when she found the whole gang infront of her. (Meera, Yash, Arjun, Adi, pinky, Mohit, Dil, Arman and Riddhima)


Meera: HAPPY BIRTHDAY...sweety!

Geet: Thanks...Meera...oops I mean bhabhi! Kyun bhai?

Yash: Geet..tum bhi na...!

Arjun: Happy Birthday... (Everyone then wishes her one after the other)

Geet: Thanks arjun...

Arjun: Aur haan...sorry ki pehle wish nahi kiya...woh kya hai bhai ne mana kiya tha...kyunki woh tumhe surprise dena chahthe...tho isiliye..

Geet: koi baat nahi...mujhe surprise bahot acha laga...

Arman: looking good in a saree..

Geet: Thanks...waise tum log ke paas aaj koi mission aur kuch nahi hai?

Dil: kya kare...jab meri dost ka birthday ho tho hum kaam kaise kar sakte hain?

Mohit: Right...aur jaha...Maan Singh Khurana ki party ho...aur hum waha nahi...aisa kabhi hosakta hai kya?

Geet: Tum log bhi na...


(Just then Annie joined them as well)


Annie: Arre...tum log yaha kyun khade ho...chalo party enjoy karo! (Everyone dispersed)


Then she held Geet...and said!


Annie: I have surprise for you! Chalo mere saath...(She takes Geet out of the mansion)

Geet: Kya hai annie?

Annie: Woh dekho...(she points towards the gates...where an aston martin is coming in)

Geet: Woh kaun hai? (The car comes and halts infront of them. A young lady in a evening kurti steps out of it...and Geet screams seeing her).

Geet: AROHHHI...tum yaha? (She comes close and hugs her)

Arohi: Hi...Di...Happy Birthday! Kaise ho aap?

Geet: Thanks...I am fine...par tum yaha...

Arohi: Well me and Annie had planned to give you this surprise so here...but there is also another one...(she hands the car keys to Geet) Yeh aapke liye...we know how much you wanted to get this car but it took a lot of convincing from our side to stop you buying it so we can gift it to you! You don't know how hard it id to shop for you...

Geet: Thanks...guys...yeh bahot hi acha surprise tha...but the best one was that Arohi came. (she gave them both a hug) Chalo...andar chalte hain...people would be looking for us...

Annie: Hmm...chalo!!


At the same time...Yash and Maan were sitting at the bar...


Yash: Kya baat hai dude?

Maan: Kuch nahi...geet ka wait kar raha tha...kaha chali gayi wo...

Yash: Wow...the dude is actually waiting for a girl...first time in his life..aur woh bhi meri sis

Maan: What...shes not like that...always flirty everyone in college! You know how it is!

Yash: Hmm...I happy for you...but if you ever try to hurt her...mujse bura koi nahi hoga! (he said mockingly)

Maan: Hmm...tum mujhe yeh dhamkiyan bhaad main dethrana...and because she's your sister...I care for her too you know!

Yash: I know...thats why you let her work in Khurana Constructions!

Maan: Hmm...waise Geet hai kaha?

Yash: Woh meri sabse choti behn ayi hai London se...Arohi!

Maan: i am guessing that she is busy with her!

Yash: Hmm...don't get jealous..teri hone wali sali hai woh!

Maan: Yash...sach me!

Yash: okay...have you told her that you love her...

Maan: No..not yet but soon...actually I want to know her more and I want her to know me!

Yash: Hmm...maine uski ankein main tumari liye pyaar dekha hai...but I hope she has realised it herself and I am guessing that yeh party aur yeh sab tumara hi idea hai...

Maan: (he didn't say anything but just sipped his drink)

Yash: Chal..main aata hoon...meera ko thodi company den eke baad!




Arohi walked in and saw Arjun entertaining some guests. It had been 8 years to be precise, the last time she saw him was when she was 10 and used to live in hoshiyarpur. She walked in as she walked in, Arjun's eyes were on her. She could feel his gaze. They walked towards each other.


Arohi: Hi...

Arjun: Hi...

Arohi: Bahot saal hogaye...

Arjun: Hmm...par tum waisi ki waisi hi ho...cute...

Arohi: Arjun...don't you dare call me cute!

Arjun: Dekha...gussa bilkul naak pe chadha rehta hai...I still can't believe your geet's sister...I mean she is so calm and you bilkul jangli!

Arohi: What did you call me?

Arjun: Jangli..

Arohi: Theek hain...main jhangli hoon na toh tum mujse baat hi mat karo! (Saying that she walks away as she spots Armaan).

Arjun: Bilkul waisi ki waisi hain...pari!




Adi: Pinky...yeh party tho bahot hi achi hain...

Pinky: hmm...

Adi: Chalo...khana khate hain! (he knew that pinky just loves her food)

Pinky: Chalo Adi sir...(she said with excitement)




Yash walked from the bar and pulled Meera into the desserted corridor.


Yash: Missed me?

Meera: Yash..choddo na..kya kar rahe ho?

Yash: Pyaar...meri mangetar se...

Meera: Acha?

Yash: Hmm...(he said nuzzling her neck)

Meera: Yash...koi dekhlega...please!

Yash: Theek hain...aaj ke liye chodiya hai par shaadi ke baad ek minute ke liye bhi nahi chodhunga!

Meera: (She turned red and hit him on the chest)

Yash: Hayye...tumara sharmana...hame bahot pasand hai!

He loosened his hold and Meera just took her chance and ran away.

Yash: Ohh...Meera...(he ran behind her)




Geet walked ahead while Maan was just busy staing at her...looking at her how delicious she looked in that white saree...It was like that it was just made for her and no-one else. Maan started to walk towards her with a drink in his hand.


Geet: Hi...nice party...

Maan: Thanks..

Geet: Sab kuch aaphi ne arrange kiya hai na?

Maan: Tumhe kaise pata?

Geet: Annie ne bataya...

Maan: Hmm...chalo bahar chalte hain..

Geet: Bahar?

Maan: Hmm...kyun darr lag raha hai..

Geet: Hmm...nahi kyunki mujhe karate aata hai..tho aapne mere saat kuch bhi try kiya tho...

Maan: tho kya? (he said huskily)

Geet: Hmm...woh tho aapko tab hi pata chalega na...(She said while Maan led her out to the brightly lit garden). hum yaha kya kar rahe hain?

Maan: Pehle tum apni ankein band karo...


Geet closed her eyes. Maan slowly bent down and and she felt a tickling sensation on her ankle and then on the other leg. Maan slowly got up and stood behind her. He moved close to her and whispered from behind...


Maan: Happy Birthday Mishty (Geet suddenly opened her eyes)

Geet: Maan...(she whispered)


Then she looked down at her ankes and saw a lovely silver anklet with diamonds shaped heart. She then turned her around and Maan's hand went to her waist while her hands went to his neck.


Geet: Maan it is beautiful...

Maan: Not more than you...

Geet: Thanks maan...for everything!

Maan: Your welcome...


They were just staring at each other for a long time but after some time geet got a naughty idea. Geet came close to Maan and gave a quick peck on his cheeks and ran inside the mansion. Maan tried to catch her but she was too fast. At first he was shocked that Geet could do this but Geet is Geet...totally unpredictable!


Maan: Bhaglo...geet...jitna bhag na hai..bhaglo par ab mujhe pata chal gaya hai ki tum mujhe pyar karti ho...tumaro ankein mujhe tumara dil ka haal batarahi hai...


Geet ran inside and one after one all the Guests wished Geet a happy birthday, they all knew Geet as they were actually friends or were business associates but Khurana Staff was invited as well and their clients so there were some people who didn't know her. She was standing alone, when one of maan's business associates came to talk to her.


Rohan: Hi...I am rohan...and you must be Geet...(he was staring at her with lustful desires)

Geet: Hi (she looked a little uncomfortable...

Rohan: Wow...a saree...what a beautiful choice! (He held her hand brought it to his lips)


Maan just entered the mansion when he saw Rohan's gaze at Geet, he could feel his blood boiling. He took long and quick strides when he heard Rohan ask a question to geet, he felt like punching him for just looking at her but he actually had the audacity to ask geet that...his geet.


Rohan: May I have this dance with a gorgeous lady?


Maan came behind geet and pulled her by the waist like he owned her and said...she trembled. She knew that the touch belong to Maan...her Maan. He gently squeezed her waist, silently telling her that he was there for her in any situation. She felt his warm hand teasing her bare skin softly, she stood their silently, waiting to see Maan's reaction.

Maan: She's with me!

Rohan: Oh Mr. Khurana...must say this party is fantastic, and the guest of this party is also very beautiful.

Maan: Mr. Saxena...I think that one of your ex-girlfriends is calling you, not one but many if you carefully look around this room, and let me just inform you that Geet, is not a type of girl who pays attention to casanovas like you. Excuse me M. Saxena and nice doing business with you. (He walked away with a smirk on his face)


Geet just stared at him flabbergasted at what he just said. She was just enjoying being Maan Singh Khurana's guest. She wanted to laugh so badly at rohan's facial expressions when Maan was insulting him in a sweet way. Maan led her away from Rohan to the dance floor. Suddenly the music changed and to a romantic song. The whole gang was on the dance floor...dancing with their partners. Meera & Yash, Armaan & Riddhima, Pinky & Adi, Dil and Mohit while Arjun and Arohi were just standing alone feeling awkward.

Kurbaan hua (Geet started to walk away but Maan held her from the waist)
Teri tishnagi mein yun (he pulled her back and her back hit his chest)
Kurbaan hua (He twirled her so she was facing him)
Teri aashiqui mein yun (He started dancing with her and she was just matching his steps)

Bekhudi mein bekali mein
Bekasi mein hua
Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi (Everyone just stared at the beautiful couple)
Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan huaaa'
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa..
Ada pe'wafa pe'.jafa pe
Kurbaan huaaa
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa'

Ru-ba-ru hai tu magar
Tanha hai yeh jahaan
Jal uthe meri kufr se
Saanson ka yeh samaan
Kya hua
Pal mein jaane kho gaya kyon
Tu mila aur judaa imaan hua yun

Bekhudi mein bekali mein
Bekasi mein hua
Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi
Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan huaaa'
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa..
Ada pe'wafa pe'.jafa pe
Kurbaan huaaa
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa'

Marne ka sabab
Maangta raha dar-ba-dar
Mitne ko toh dil
Pal mein raazi hua
Poori hui har aarzoo
Har daastaan meri
Ke tum shuru hue jahan
Main khatam hua

Kurbaan huaaa'
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa..
Ada pe'wafa pe'.jafa pe
Kurbaan huaaa
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa'


The song soon ended and another song came on. Maan and Geet were in an embrace and were just dancing together slowly. They were just moving from side to side.


Maan: Geet...tum aaj bahot khubsoorat lag rahi ho...

Geet: Thanks Maan...aapne mujhe yeh saree di...aur aaj sab kuch arrange kiya mere liye!

Maan: Geet...meri best friend ka birthday hai...aur mai uss din ko special na banou...kabhi ho sakta hai kya?

Geet: Hmm...waise aapne jis tarah se Rohan se baat kit oh mujhe lagata ki aap usse khajayenge!

Maan: (Mujhe tho tumhe khana hai! L) Kyun nahi...Geet? Tumne usse dekha nahi kya? Jis tarah woh tumara haat pakda tha...(his voice was rising due to his anger, unconsciously, he gripped Geet tighter, promising to never look at her)

Geet: Maan...please aap shant hojaye...ussne kuch nahi kiya!

Maan: Hmm...waise woh kiss...

Geet: (She immediately turned shy and dug her face deeper into his chest. Maan just smirked at her reaction)

Maan: Woh kiss...mujhe bahot hi acha laga. (Maan started to make patters on her bare back) Par uska jawab tho mujhe dena chahiye na...

Geet: Nahi koi zaroorat nahi hai...(she continued to embrace him)

Maan: Geet...jab maan singh khurana decide kar leta hai usse koi nahi rokh sakta...(he pulled back and planted a kiss on her forehead) Ab hisaab hua barabar! (Geet just hugged him and made sure that no-one looked at them)

For a long time they were just joking around and messing around on the dance floor. 

The wonderful evening soon came to an end and all the guests started to leave. 

Precap: Plan for a Trip

Part 36

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awesome update
waiting for the trip

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