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Maaneet Ki Prem Kahani - Thread 1 (Page 72)

maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 6:00pm | IP Logged
will be waiting ... 

all d best 4 ur exams ...

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MishtyShah Goldie

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Part 34


Geet reached office and entered her cabin and was pacing around. She wanted to see Maan, as she hadn't seen him in since two days.


Geet: Geet jot u soch rahi hai na'woh kabhi nahi hoga! Maan ka tera birthday yaad kaise hoga'I mean tu unhe kitne din se jaanti hai'.kuch hi dino se na'toh'par abhi tak annie, arohi yah kiske bhi wishes nahi ayeh'lagta hai'sab tera birthday hi bhool gaye aaj! Chaddo'mujhe kya hai? Aur waise bhi mere paas aaj bahot kaam hai'.agar who chudail ayi toh mujhe aaj phir se data padegi'chal jhali'thoda kaam bhi kardal!


With this she began working as she had a lot of work pending. After 30 minutes Adi burst into Geet's cabin.


Adi: Geet yeh sab kaam chodo'

Geet: Kyun adi sir? Hua kya hai?

Adi: Kya hua hai? Aree geet'.woh goregaon ke clients 3 din baad subah dubai ja rahe hai aur maan sir ne aaj hi meeting rakhi hai'.aur sab ke ideas lene ke liye conference rakha hai 5 minute main'

Geet: Yeh sab'itna jaldi!

Adi: I know'par tum late mat hona! Aur haan main tumhe inform karna bhool gaya ki aaj hi ek naya employee hame join kar raha hai'aur uska naam hain romeo'who tumhe conference main milega!

Geet: Okay thanks Adi sir'


Geet made her way to the conference room. She found everyone sitting there, panicking waiting for Maan to arrive.


Geet: oh must be Romeo'.

Romeo: Hi..aap?

Geet: Main Geet'maan ki secretary'

Romeo: Oh'nice to meet you!! Lets take our seats otherwise maan sir will really kill us!

Geet: Yeah...


She took her seat and shortly afterwards, she found Maan entering the room.


Maan: As all of you know already that in such a short notice, we have to complete this project because of the clients. Ab kisike paas koi ideas hai toh who dehsakta hai'

Sasha: MK mujhe lagta hai ki hume yeh ghar main ek conservatory bana chahiye'jaha couples relax kar sakte hain'

Maan: Okay (Yeh annie kaha rehgayi!) Kisi aur ke paas koi idea hai?

Geet: Haan Sir mujhe lagta hai hai ki'conservatory nahi hona chahiye kyunki phir who cost ko badadega aur dining room ko chota karna padega.


While she was talking, Annie sneaked in the conference room and told everyone else to be quiet and not notice her. She was standing behind Geet, she pulled a blindfold out and tied it on her eyes very quickly and pressed Geet down so she can sit on her chair.


Geet: WHAT THE'? Kaun hai? (She sound really annoyed and everyone was shocked that it was maam whom she was talking to, in such a raised voice.)

Annie: Woh toh tumhe guess karna padega!

Geet: This is a conference'whoever you are'get out from here! (Maan was watching her with amusement) (Yeh maan kuch kyun nahi kehrahe hain?)

Annie: Woh toh nahi ho sakta'.but I'll give you a clue'.I am very important as a person to you'

Geet: AHh (She gasped) Annie' (With this annie pulled of the blindfold off her eyes. Geet turned to look at her)

Annie: Yep'its me! (She hugged Geet)


Sasha was really angry and jealous by the fact they were on good terms.


Sasha: Uh'Geet'unhe maam kaho'woh tumari maam hain'unse respect se baat karo'aur yeh bachkani harkat chod do'(When annie interecepted)

Annie: Excuse me'sasha! There is no need for her to say anything to her. It is my choice that she calls me Annie and don't you dare insult her while standing infront of me'DO YOU UNDERSTAND? (All the staff members jumped hearing the tone of her voice, she had definetly proved that she was Maan Singh Khurana Sister as she was talking with great authority)

Maan: (He clears his throat) Yeh sab kya ho raha hai? (Pretending to be annoyed) Aur Annie tum yaha'.tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?

Annie: Sorry'I just came.

Maan: Waise Annie'I thought you said that your boss was very kadoos and she would never let you on leave? (He smirked. Geet's head shot up with his remark of her being the boss)

Geet: (Yeh kya kehrahe hain'main usse chutti bhi nahi deti'babaji..yeh toh nainsafi hai na! Aur yeh annie'pata nahi kya kaha hai mere baare main in sab ko)

Annie: Haan bhai'.bahot hi kadoos hain'aur mujhe kitna kaam karati hai'

Romeo: Aap..kaha kaam karti hain?

Annie: KPMG...London main...its a technology specialist!

Tasha: Wow...actually maine unki office dekhi hain...bahot hi khubsoorat hain! Par boss itni kaddos? Impossible!

Geet: Par annie'main toh unhe mili thi na'who toh kitni achi hain'sabka kitna khayal rakti hai'aur khas kar tumara'

Maan: Par tum uske saath kaam thodi na karti ho'right?

Romeo: Correct! Aur waise maam'thou ne aapko chutti dedi??

Annie: Nahi actually who India main hain'aur aaj unka birthday hai toh socha unse aake millu!

Adi: Oh how nice of you maam'

Geet: Nice my foot'

Maan: Geet tumne kuch kaha kya?

Geet: Nahi toh'main kya kahongi! Main toh koi nahi hoon na'

Annie: Arre Geet hum sab hain na tumare saat'tum aisa kyun kehrahi ho'

Geet: (She stared at annie with the 'I will kill you later look')

Annie: (Yeh mujhe aisa kyun dekhrahi hain'abhi gussa hain par thodi der main thanda hojayga)

Romeo: Tho maam'aur aapki boss bahot hi daant thi hain'

Annie: Haan romeo'.kya batou? Woh bahot hi kadoos, nachadi, saru aur akru type ki hain'baat baat pe badak jathi hain aur badi badi ankein dikha ke sabko darah thi hain'aur kuch galti kardo tho baap re itna chilla thi hain ki aapke kaan hi phaat jaye'aur who aapke maan sir se bhi zyada dusht hain'

Adi: Hahaha'(He was doing his signature laugh)

Maan: ADI'

Adi: Sorry Sir'par maam who india main kya kar rahi hain?

Annie: Kaam'woh actually ek company main kaam karti hain'she wanted to work for some different company because she wanted to take a break from KPMG'

Sasha: Which company?

Annie: She works for this company (Geet & Pinky was sitting here silently observing everything Annie was saying. She got the hint)

Adi+Sasha+Romeo+Tasha: KYA?

Annie: Hmm'

Sasha: Kaun hai woh? (who was immediately jealous)

Annie: Main ek clue dethi hoon'who yahi hi hain'iss conference room main!

Geet: (OMG yeh annie kya kar rahi hai? Usse yeh sab'matlab that she wants me to reveal everything)

Adi: Par kaun hosakta hai?

Romeo: Wait she is a woman na'so it can only be Pinky, Tasha, Sasha or Geet?

Adi: Hmm'Pinky aur Tasha toh nahi hosakti!

Tasha: oh hello'main kyun nahi ho sakti??

Pinky: Haan boliye Adi sir?


As usual they all started bickering when Geet just lost her cool. She stood up from her chair and shouted.


Geet: Chup'.(She shouted and everyone became quiet) KPMG ki malik main hoon'


Everyone looked shocked, except Maan, Annie and Pinky.


Geet: Aur annie'main kya kya hoon? (Annie stood up and started walking backwards while geet walking towards her, clearly scared.) Haan'main akru hoon, saru hoon, dusht hoon aur kya kya'.haan chilati hoon'

Annie: Dekho Geet'main mazak kar rahi thi'seriously! I am sorry!

Geet: Hmm'(she hugs annie)

Annie: Happy Birthday SIS'.

Geet: Thankyou my dear!


Annie and Geet now sat at the conference table, while all the employees were staring at Geet.


Adi: Happy Birthday geet...

Romeo: Happy birthday... (Everyone says Happy birthday except Maan)


Geet: Looks like I have some explanation to give. Main hi hoon KPMG ki malik! I am came to India because one of my best friends told me that I needed a break and that I should work in another company to see how it works and take a holiday and i couldn't tell you guys because a lot of criminals are after me because I am a technology expert.

Adi: But in the interview you said you were not qualified?

Geet: Sir...I had to lie to you because i am over qualified for this job...and thats one reason you wouldn't have picked me! So sorry for everything else and on more thing to clarify on Jarvis was my creation, if any of you had figured that out.

Tasha: Par how do you and maam know each other?

Geet: Well...we went to the same University together and then i opened my company, and Annie was and will be my most trusted employee, infact she's done the whole interior decoration herself.

Adi: not fair maam...aap yaha ka bhi interior decoration kardo na!

Annie: Karungi...zaroor karungi!

Adi: Aur haan...apne toh kaha ki geet bahot strict hain...par woh aisi lagti nahi hain!

Geet: Adi sir...usne sach kaha tha par uska naam galat!

Adi: matlab?

Geet: Matlab...meri office main hai koi aisa hai...aur woh hai annie! Woh khud ki tarif kar rahi thi! Office...mere hai par usse sab darte hain! Aur jab woh chilathi hain na...sab ke ankhon main ansoon aajate hai...aur all the employees come to me worried that there job might be at stake!

Annie: GEET...

Geet: Kya sach hi toh bol raho hoon!

Annie: hmm...phir dikhaongi...tumhe!


Geet answered all the questions, while looking at Maan, almost trying to explain to him why she took the step but something felt out of place.


Geet: Annie! I don't understand one thing, why does everyone call you maam?

Annie: Oh that...because i own the company with bhai?

Geet: Bhai?

Maan: Haan bhai...Annie...Maan Singh Khurana ki behn hai..Anvesha Singh Khurana! (he said with attitude)

Geet: Kya? That means you knew all this time about the reality?

Maan: Ofcourse...Maan Singh khurana se koi baat chip sakti hai kya?

Geet: Par aap mujse gussa tho nahi ho na?

Maan: kyun mujhe hona chahiye kya?

Geet: nahi...i mean!

Maan: Its okay...Geet!

Geet: Wait a minute...toh annie it was you who shouted at me yesterday?

Annie: About that it was bhai's idea! Not mine!

Geet: Maan apne?

Maan: kyun...sirf tumhi natak karsakti ho kya...main nahi?


Then everyone just burst out into laughter.


Romeo: Geet...agar aap London se ho...tho you are not very modernised for a Londoner?

Geet: Actually...main NRI zaroor hoon...par dil se toh Hindustani hoon na!

Pinky: Wah...Wah kya baat hai?

Annie: Geet...aaj tumare liye ek ghar pe party rakhi hai hamare taraf se..

Geet: Annie kya zaroorat thi yeh sab karne ki?

Annie: Acha? Behn bhi bulati ho...aur phir yeh sab bhi karti ho...aur waise bhi dadima tumse milna chahti hain!

Geet: Dadimaa...

Annie: mujhe pata tha...tum bhi unhe milna chahogi!

Geet: theek hain...par sirf close friend circle rakhana!

Annie: No ways...abhi tumhe Khurana Style ki Party dekhi hi kaha hai?

Geet: oh God annie...

Annie: Acha bhai...main sab ghar jake arrange karti tak aap log apna kaam khatam kariye! Aur haan geet...main tujhe lene theek 3 baje auongi...

Geet: Abhi toh Sirf bara baje hain...aur party kitne baje hain?

Annie: 6 o'clock

Geet: Annie...mujhe 3 gante tayiar hone main nahi lagte...

Annie: pata hai dear...par bas tu ready rehna! Bahot kuch kaam hai! Chalo main chalti hoon!

Maan: hmm...bye annie and now everyone get back to work!


Precap: maaneet moments + Party begins

Part 35

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mysteriousmilli IF-Sizzlerz

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Fantastic update...loved it...
so now everybody knows who Geet is...
and geet also came to know that annie is maan's sister...great...
waiting for your next update...Tongue  please update soon...

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Angelic_mishty Goldie

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superb updates sweets Tongue 

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome update

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friends_4dream Goldie

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awesome part
loved it

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todayzstar IF-Stunnerz

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LOvely update...
cntnue soon..:)

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loving_girl Goldie

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Awesome Dear...Just Amazing...

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