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Maaneet Ki Prem Kahani - Thread 1 (Page 61)

loving_girl Goldie

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Posted: 02 August 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Main aap ki ff ki faan hogayi hoon...Big smileBig smileBig smile
its very interesting...ClapClapClap
oh god kya hoga jub maan ko patha chal jayega ki geet is
 a business women...ShockedShockedShocked
update soon...StarStarStar
hume patha hai aap holiday par gaye hui hai...SmileSmileSmile
par kya karoon sehm nahi hotaLOLLOLLOL
waiting...Big smile
waiting...Stern Smile

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MishtyShah Goldie

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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged

Sorry for any mistakes...but this update was really rushed as I got so many comments on the updates!! Please drop a comment, I really want to know everyones views on this FF!! Also you may feel that this FF is a little slow but what can I do...I want to portray the story in a right way...anyway I would also say that in the coming updates...the story will progress much faster so stay tuned and keep reading Wink

Part 31


Maan immediately stands up as they hear the door open!


Aditya: Hello...saali saiba (Aditya just walked in through the door with Simran, Mohit and Dil)

Geet: (In log ko bhi abhi hi ana tha kya...Maan ko main sab kuch bata rahi thi aur in log ne sab kuch gadbad kar di) Hi...jeeju!

Simran: Jaan nikal di thi...meri...tu aisa kyun karti rehti hai..

Geet: Maine kuch nahi kiya...bas...

Aditya: Thanks...Geet...yeh sab kaise hua kisiko pata nahi hai...brij jail se bahar kaise aya...

Geet: Its okay...ab wo iss duniya main nahi raha...

Mohit: Hmm...well you were fantastic...ab tho tune yeh sab chod diya par seriously agar koi aisa case aya tho main teri help zaroor lunga...

Geet: Hmm...

Dil: I just spoke to the are fine but just need rest dear! No tension!

Geet: Main kaha tension lethi hun...main tho mango people ki tarah hun yaar...

Aditya: Woh tho dikh hi raha hai...aur tuje jaldi theek hona hai...kyunki phir ek party hai tumare naam jo rakhegi hai...

Geet: Jeej...aapko tho pata hai na ki mujhe yeh partiyan achi nahi lagti aur yeh sab mujse nahi hoga...

Mohit: Geet...tu ek bullet se nahi darti par tu ek party main jane se gabra rahi hai

Geet: Aisa kuch nahi hai...I just don't like the attention...aur mujhe itna hangama...yeh sab acha nahi lagta! Aur waise bhi parties itni boring hoti hai...aur agar aap log party rakhna chahte hain...toh just close friends and family...

Simran: Theek hain baba...bas aisa hi hi-fi arrangement! Theek hain!

Geet: Hmm...

Maan: Par tum pehle theek hojao...aur phir kuch baat karenge!


Simran came close to geet and whispered...


Simran: your lucky to have him Geet...

Geet: I know...he is becoming more than a friend every day! (she whispered back)

Aditya: Tum log main kya khusar pusar ho raha hai?

Simran: kuch nahi...aap apne kaam par dyan do...yeh mere aur geet ki beech ki baat hai!

Aditya: Waise Geet thanks..meri jaan

Geet: That was my duty...aur maine kuch nahi bhi kiya aapke body guards ne kiya! Waise...they are really strong...pathar se bane hai kya?

Aditya: (He bursts out laughing) Aisa kuch hi samajlo...(He gets a message on his phone) Geet, Simran mujhe abhi jana padega...kaam ke wasteh!

Simran: Main bhi aapke saath chalungi!

Geet: Haan yahi theek hain...kaam pehle...baaki bad main!

Simran: Tum yeh inhe kya sikha rahi hio? Pati ayega na...phir pata chalega tumhe ki time ki hasiyat kya hoti hai! Aur waise bhi pura din kaam...he should bhi married to his mobile phone rather than me...because he spends more time with it! Hmph! (She storms out)


Aditya stood shocked...Maan, Dil and Mohit just burst out laughing!


Geet: Jayiye..aur unhe pehle maniye...warna...aaj sofe pe sona padega! (she said laughing)

Aditya: Take care...main tumhe baad main milta hun! (He rushes out looking for Simran)

Dil: Arree...haan hum bhi chalte hain...bahot kaam hain...

Mohit: haan...bye geet! Kuch bhi kaam ho...toh hume phone kardena...tumara kaam hojayega!

Geet: Thanks...and bye!


Mohit and Dil leave...


Maan comes to sit on her bed again...


Geet: Waise maan...kaam se yaad aya...agar aap yaha hain...toh kaam kaun sambhal raha hain?

Maan: Geet...agar tumhe pata nahi tho main bata doon ki main employees ko pay karta hoon kaam karne ke liye...aur mujhe unlog pe pura vishvas hain...

Geet: Acha? Maan yeh na aap yaha hain aur KC pet ala lagjaye!

Maan: Aisa kuch nahi hoga geet...tum fiqaar mat karo.

Geet: Aur maan...main bhi office nahi jarahi...sab projects, meetings oh my god party bhi organise karni thi...(she starts to get up)

Maan: (Maan instantly pulls her back in a jerk and collides with his chest) Geet...abhi toh aisa lag raha kit um KC ki maalik ho aur main nahi...waise tum itna tension leti ho? (He asked teasingly)

Geet: Maan aap mazak mat kijye...mere liye kaam bahot hi important hai...

Maan: Aur mere liye tum...(he just blurted out...eye-lock) mera matlab hain...meri employees ki health...ab dekho tum theek nahi huyi tho...mujhe ek nayi secretary dhoondni padegi...toh tum ache se theek ho jao...phir hum baat karenge!

Geet: (Main aapko kaise baton ki main KPMG ki malik hoon) Par maan..

Maan: Koi par nahi...geet! Mujhe kuch nahi suna hai...tum sojao...aur main jar aha hun...ghar subha milenge.

Geet: Hmm...(She waves bye to him)


Maan had gone home half-heartedly because he knew that Geet needs the rest and while he was there she was not going to get any. He tried going to sleep but all he could think about is how she silently confessed to him everything about her. She found him trust-worthy enough to tell him all about her pain and suffering. He knew that she was the one who could bring a smilw to his face after what sameera had done to him. He also knew that Geet had started to love him and that it would take some time for her to register the feelings that they had for one another and he would give her as long as she wants.




Next morning, Geet opens her eyes to find Maan sitting next to her, caressing her hand. She smiles after seeing who it is that just disturbed her wonderful dream.


Maan: Kaisi ho?

Geet: Bilkul theek hun...

Maan: Bas ek aur din aur tum ghar jasakti ho!

Geet: Hmm...waise time kya hai?

Maan: Subah ke saath baje hai...

Geet: Aap saath baje yaha kya kar rahe hain? Subah se sham tak aap mere saath rehte hain aur yeh sab kya laga rakha hain...haan? Aap bhi tho insaan hai koi machine nahin...aap pehle ghar jayiye aura ram kijye...phir office.

Maan: (Isne thi abhi hi biwi bane ke rang dikha diye...Maan tu toh gaya) Geet...aisi koi baad nahi hai...

Geet: Nahin...Maan aap abhi aur isiwaqt ghar jayiye...aur main kuch nahi suna chahti!

Maan: (Isne toh taan li hai ki mujhe ghar bejqar hi usse sukoon milega...iske saath toh reverse psychology use karni padegi!) Geet...tum yeh kyun nahi kehti ki main yaha hun aur tumhe acha nahi lag raha...tumhe pareshaan kar raha hun...isliye tum muhje ghar bhejna chahti ho...hai na?

Geet: (oh no..yeh kya hogaya) Nahi maan aisi koi baat nahi hai...main toh aise hi...bas

Maan: Nahi...main jatha hun (he gets up to leave)

Geet: (Geet quickly pulls his hand to bring him back) Nahi aap yehi rahiye...mere saath..

Maan: kyun?

Geet: Woh..woh..haan aap mujhe company je rahe hain isiliye...aap please ruk jayiye...waise bhi maine aapko kuch zyada hi kehdiya...I am sorry!

Maan: Its okay...geet! Ab thoda smile karo (She smiles)




Maan made sure that Geet had proper breakfast. After that they were watching t.v. together, actually Geet was watching Tom and Jerry while Maan was working on his laptop, because he had to complete some important work. After a couple of hours, the doctors came into Geet's room.


Riddhima: Good Morning

Geet: Good morning...riddhima! Kaise ho?

Riddhima: Bilkul theek...tum kaisi ho?

Geet: Fantastic!

Riddhima: Aur kyun na hogi? Itne acha khayal rakha hai tumara (She pointed at maan)

Geet: Woh tho hai...(Maan heard their conversation and smiled to himself) Waise aaj tho aapki Di ka birthday hai na...

Riddhima: Tumhe kaise pata?

Geet: Atul ne batayiya...

Riddhima: Lagta hai...sab doctors tumare dost bangaye hain...

Geet: kyun nahi?


At that Moment, Doctor Shashank entered the room.


Dr. Shashank: Kaisi ho Geet?

Geet: Aap? What a brilliant surprise? (maan looked up and was interested in the conversation)

Dr. Shashank: Hmm...main yaha ka malik hoon, the owner of sanjeevani.

Geet: It is a beautiful hospital.

Dr. Shashank: Hmm...aur yeh meri beti hai...shes an intern at this hospital and she assisted me in this surgery.

Riddhima: Wait you know her?

Riddhima: Wait you know her?

Dr. Shashank: Of Course I know her'geet tumara assan main kabhi nahi chukasakta'

Geet: Nahi Uncle'aisa mat kahiye'maine kuch nahi kiya!

Dr. Shashank: Nahi tumne bahot kiya hai'you know riddhima'7 years back I was kidnapped by some goons but this girl actually saved me in such a way that she didn't harm anyone. It was amazing. I mean she had a gun but she didn't shoot or anything and neither threatened them with it'.but she used her gymnastic skills to show them their real picture. She rescued me and brought me to a hospital where I can be treated.

Riddhima: Wow'tumne yeh sab kiya?

Geet: Hmm'but aisa kuch nahi hai'

Riddhima: No you saved my father'.that is a very big thing for me'you know on that day'we were all very tensed because we could not reach through to dad'especially mom'thanks for everything and I am very glad that I could save you'

Geet: Thanks doc'

Dr.Shashank: Aur haan'you can be discharged early morning tomorrow'.I am sure Mr.Khurana will be able to take good care of that'right Mr. Khurana?

Maan: Yes sure doctor'

Dr.Shashank: and you need 1 full week of bed rest am I clear?

Geet: Yes doctor'

Dr. Shashank: Good now take care'.bye

Geet and Maan: bye


Dr.Shashank leaves'.Maan sits on the sofa and Riddhima sits on the edge of Geet's bed.


Riddhima: Toh bato'kaisa raha tumara experience sanjeevani main?

Geet: hmm'bahot acha aur yaha log kitne friendly hote hain'.

Riddhima: Hmm


Just then armaan walk in the hospital room'


Arman: Hi'I hope I didn't disturb anything'

Geet: No carry on'

Arman: Hi doctor'

Riddhima: Call me riddhima'

Arman: Riddhima'nice name'(he was just staring at her beauty and not registering anything else).


Atul and Anjali walk in with a patient who is just a little girl about 5 years old.


Atul was carrying a very large bucket which was foil wrapped in his hands.


Atul: Anjali'meri baat suno'plz

Geet: Hi Anjali'.happy birthday!

Anjali: Thanks'

Riddhima: Happy Brithday Di..

Anjali: Thanks Ridzy'

Arman: Happy Birthday'

Anjali: Thanks'

Geet: Hi Atul'.

Atul: Hi'(He moves over to anjali) Anjali yeh mera gift kholo na'please tumhe bahot pasand ayega!

Anjali: For the last time Atul..yeh ek hospital hai'aur yahan 'yeh sab nahi chalta'agar papa ko pata chalegya tho hamai khair nahi'.

Riddhima: Offo'didi'kuch nahi hoga!

Geet: Haan yaar anjie'bichara ka gift kholo na'(She gives a thumbs up to Atul)

Anjali: Ok theek hain'dedo..phir kyunki aaj tum meri jaan nahi chodnewale'.(he gives her a huge bucket which is foil wrapped and because it is so heavy, Anjali is unable to carry it) yeh isme kya hai? (She puts it down with a loud thud)

Atul: (Atul then opens the foil to reveal all the fruits) Kuch zyada nahi hai'yeh carrots tumare ankhon ke liye aur jaat jaat ke fruits tumare health ke liye. Bahot ache hai tumari health ke liye'(Arman, Riddhima and Geet start laughing and Maan smirks)

Arman: Yeh anjali'iske saath fruit chat banaygi? (Everyone just roars in laughter)


Precap 1: Geet discharged


Precap 2: Back to work 

Part 32

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superb update.
love it

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Originally posted by loving_girl

Main aap ki ff ki faan hogayi hoon...Big smileBig smileBig smile
its very interesting...ClapClapClap
oh god kya hoga jub maan ko patha chal jayega ki geet is
 a business women...ShockedShockedShocked
update soon...StarStarStar
hume patha hai aap holiday par gaye hui hai...SmileSmileSmile
par kya karoon sehm nahi hotaLOLLOLLOL
waiting...Big smile
waiting...Stern Smile

Sorry for the delay but right now I am on I am out like everyday...doing something so I don't have time to write!! Cry
loving_girl Goldie

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Superb update like always...
its ok apne ab tho update kardiya...
Time milegi thoh update karna ...

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awesome update

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thanks for the update!!! please update soon! i want annie and arohi to come soon!

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awesome ... superb ...

thnx 4  d update ... ...

continue soon ...

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