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Maaneet Ki Prem Kahani - Thread 1 (Page 55)

angelic_cute IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
plz plz plz update yaar 
eagerly waiting

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MishtyShah Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by charuagarwal

plz plz plz update yaar 
eagerly waiting

just give me half an hour...I have promised a long update for thats why!!
MishtyShah Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged

Part 29


(8 am in the morning)


Everyone was crowded around (except Mohit and Dil) geets bed in the hospital room. They were all gazing at her intently, wishing that she would wake up soon. Geet's mother tied the black thread to her wrist and wished to god, that her daughter would be alright. Just then, Geet slowly started to open her eyes.


Maan: Geet ko hosh agaya (Maan was standing next to Geet's bed)

Mumiji: lak lak shukar hai...


When she first opened her innocent hazel eyes, everything was a blur. She could see a faint outline of everyone, she slowly rubbed her eyes together, now she could see everything so clearly and intently. All of her family and friends looked overjoyed to see her back in life.


Geet: Main kaha...

Yash: Tum hospital main are you feeling?

Geet: Umm...fine...bas thoda sir dard kar raha hai..aur kuch nahi.. (She tries to get up but struggles)

Maan: Ek minute Geet (He helps her get up and he places the pillor behind her so she is in a sitting position)

Geet: Thanks...(She notices all the roses around her) Yeh saare flowers?

Yash: Oh yeh? (Geet nods) Yeh tumari behn aur tumari best friend ne beja they couldn't come to visit you.

Geet: (Oh toh yeh sab Arohi aur Annie ne bheja hain!) Pagal...itna koi deta hai kya?

Yash: Tumare credit card se hi liya hoga...

Geet: Bhai...mujhe hospital main heart attack kyun dilana chahte ho? There must be 50 bouquets with pure red roses...

Arjun: Geet chill...yaar! Tumhe kya hogaya hai?

Geet: Hmm...


Just then the doctor walked in.


Riddhima: Good morning...main hun aapki riddhima!

Geet: Hi doc...(Riddima...took a quick reading of everything)

Riddhima: Please can you all step outside for a few minutes...I need to do some tests.

Arjun: Sure doctor...(They all stepped outside)

Riddhima: Abhi tho kuch normal hai...par you need bed rest and constant care.

Geet: When can I be discharged doc?

Riddima: Not before two, three days...and it all depends on how you feel. Aapki surgery tho normal thee...with no complications but we just have to make sure, so we have to go through some more tests...waise your case was the hardest I have ever witnessed.

Geet: Matlab?

Riddhima: matlab ki yeh...goli tho shoulder pe lagi thi...par aisi jagah lagi thi that the surgery was very complicated. The bullet was shot at the joint which joins the arm and the shoulder together...aur isliye..

Geet: Samaj gayi...matlab if I was even admitted 2 minutes later, I could of lost my arm...

Riddhima: Are you a doctor?

Geet: Nahi...Kyun?

Riddhima: No seem to know so much...

Geet: Wo kya hai na..I have a friend as a doctor and to help her pass her vivah, I tested her so this one of the things...

Riddhima: oh ok...Take care..

Geet: Will do...




Riddhima walked outside...


Yash: Kya hua doctor? Is everything alright?

Riddhima: Not to worry...everything is normal...I am impressed though...she is quite intelligent and I am actually very glad that I took on her case. Uss jaise patients ki vajah se toh hamara din iss dull si hospital main jahta hai...

Maan: Yep...wo hai hi aisi...kisi ki bhi zindagi main rang bharne wali.

Riddhima: Anyway...look after her...and she needs constant care! Uski health abhi bhi bahot hi nazuk hai but if she takes care of herself then in no time se will be fit and well.

Yash: ok doctor...we will make sure that she takes care. (Riddhima leaves)




Everyone walks in again...


Geet: Mamma...

Mumiji: Kaisi hai meri bachi?

Geet: Main theek hun...maa...bilkul fit and fine! Aapke ankhon main ansoon?

Mumiji: Kya karu...teri yeh hal dekha nahi ja raha hai!

Geet: Mom...main bilkul theek hun aur bas ab aur mat rohyiye! Ab smile karo!

Smile na mummy...(she puts the hand on her heart) say all is well...wo mere babaji hai na...bahot hi ache hain...aur mujhe kuch nahi hone denge!

Papaji: Kuch seeko..tumari beti se...kitni bahadur hain...aur sab ka samna bhi karti hai...(He winks at her daughter)

Geet: Haan bilkul kyun nahi?

Mumiji: Har waqt baap beti mujhe satate rehte ho! Ab bad bhi karo! (She hugs Geet) Hum ab ghar ja rahi hun...sham ko milenge.


Mumiji, papaji leave.


Pinky , Meera, Adi and Arjun come next to Geet.


Pinky: Arre...Geet...tumne tho hamri jaan hi nikal di thi...(she said munching her packet of crisps...

Geet: Pinky!

Meera: Pinky...kuch tho sharam kar...yeh hospital hai aur tu yeh crisps kha rahi hai.

Pinky: Kya yaar...yeh hospital hai...koi mandir nahi ki that you can't eat food aur waise bhi koi board nahi lagaya hai..

Geet: Bas..Bas pinky...tu kha...koi tujhe kuch nahi bolega! (She said nodding her head)

Meera: Ab..tu jaldi se theek hojah...because then we need to go engagement shopping together...ab tareek bhi fix hogayi hai...2 hafte main engagement aur ek mahine main shaadi...

Geet: KYA? Aur tum log mujhe abhi bata rahe ho? Itni saari shopping..tu akeli kaise kargegi...hame designers, aur beauticians aur...

Arjun: GEET...tum yeh sab chinta chodo...abhi toh lag raha hai ki tumari shaadi ki date fix hui hai aur meera ki nahi...

Geet: Arjun...yeh shaadi mere liye bahot hi important hai...kyunki yeh mere bhai ki shaadi hai...samje...aur meri honewali bhabhi...should look amazing on her wedding day!

Adi: Okay...Okay! Pehle tum theek hojao...phir dekha jayega! Waise tum hame kuch batane wali thi...wo conference room main...

Geet: Oh haan...main..Sunaina Manholtra hoon but I have quit  now so actually main Sunaina manholtra thi...and I used to work for the secret service.

Meera: Your the Sunaina Manholtra?

Geet: Yep...

Pinky: Tune yeh pehle kyun nahi bataya?

Geet: Rule hai...nahi batasakti par ab maine wo sab chod diya hai toh...

Arjun: Wow...thats actually really cool...ab tho mujhe kuch ho bhi nahi sakta because I know you are there...Right?

Geet: Right! Ab tum log ghar jao...aur aram karo...

Pinky: Par tu akeli bore nahi hogi?

Geet: Nahi hongi...ab ja!


Meera, Pinky, Arjun and Adi leave. Now the only people in the room are Arman and Maan.


Armaan: Are you alright?

Geet: I am fine...

Maan: Sure?

Geet: Yes...

Geet: Ab tum log bataoge ki waha kya hua tha?


Arman told her everything that had happened...


Geet: guys handled everything smoothly...

Maan: You call this smoothly?

Geet: civilians are hurt so its all good...

Maan: Par tum..

Geet: Maan main bilkul theek hun aur mujhe kuch nahi hua hai...I am just glad that you are alright!

Arman: Ab main ghar jar aha hun...sham ko milta hun...there is another case and I need to look into that...

Geet: comes first boss!

Arman: Yea I know...take care and Get Well Soon...


Arman leaves.




There was silence in the room and Maan decided to break it.


Maan: Thanks Geet...

Geet: Kiske liye?

Maan: Meri jaan bachane ke liye...

Geet: Maan maine kuch nahi kiya...and it was part of duty remember...aur friendship main no sorry aur no thankyou! Waise bhi agar aap ko kuch hojatha tho sab ladkiyan ke dil toot jathe...aur sab ladkiyan ko dil bachathe...mujhe sacrifice dena padaa...(Maan burst out laughing and then so did Geet)

Maan: Tum kitna bolthi ho?

Geet: Kyun koi shak? Maan mujhe bhook lagi hai...(she said innocently)

Maan: Haan...mujhe pata tum kitna khati ho...aur khate khate tum kitni moti hogayi ho...

Geet: HAWW...Maan...tumne phir mujhe moti bulaya...theek hain...mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni...main aise hi theek hun...aur main koi aur ko bulake khana mangwa lungi...

Maan: Geet...tum mujse baat na karo...aisa ho nahi sakta aur tum kisko bulaogi...sab log ghar chale gaye hain...

Geet: Main mummy ko kehdungi...woh mere liye...khana leyagi

Maan: Arpni mom...ko pareshaan karna chod do...abi tho ghar bheja hain...aur raat se pareshan thi tumare liye...

Geet: Kya?

Maan: Sab log pareshan the...because this operation was a little risky...aur isiliye...(He notices a tear trickiling down from Geet's face, he wipes it with his finger) Ab sab theek hain...geet...tum roho mat...

Maan: (Abhi toh hass rahi thi...aur maan tumne kya kiya...usse phir rula diya...chalo ab uska mood theek bhi karna padega) Wasie Geet...maine tumare liye...khichdi laya hun...

Geet: Khichdi? Par maan...

Maan: Pata tumhe yeh bland food nahi pasand aur yeh bhi pata hai ki abhi abhi tumhe gol gappe, chat, bhel...yeh sab khane ka mann kar raha hai...par kya karu ne kaha hai toh tumhe yeh sab khana hi padega (he opens the box with khichdi in it. He pulls out a spoon and trys to feed her but she turns her face the other way)

Geet: Maan...main yeh tho bikul nahi khaongi!

Maan: Geet...bachon se jaise behave mat karo aur yeh khao...

Geet: Maan yeh itna bland food, main nahi kha sakti...


Maan gets an idea and then puts the spoon in his mouth while Geet is watching him from the corner of her eyes. He tries to maintain his expression but fails because he really hates the khichdi and Geet notices this.


Geet: (He make like bland food...but he does not like this khichdi...thats for sure!)

Geet: Yeh aap..kyun kha rahe hain? Aapko tho khichdi pasand nahi hai na...toh aap please mat khayiye...aapke ghar main aapka food hoga!

Maan: Kyun? Tumhe meri chinta kyun ho rahi hai?

Geet: Woh...woh...aap tho bimar nahi ho toh aapko khane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai...aur aur yeh mera khana hai toh main khaungi...lo dijye (She tries to take the spoon in a haste but hurts her hand in the process) Ouch..

Maan: Geet Sambalke...tum rehne do...main tumhe khilaunga! (He takes the spoon and feeds her slowly. Geet looks up and they have an eyelock...MAHI)

Geet: (Yeh mera kitna khayal rakte hain...hai na...yeh kitne ache hain)

Maan: (Mujhe pata hain tum bhi mere liye feel karti ho...yeh tumari ankhon se saaf pata chalta hai...par yeh tumhe eshaas kab hoga)

Geet: (Ehsaas tho hogaya hai maan...par mujhe dar lag raha...kahin aap brij ke tarah mujhe dhoka na dedo...kyunki uss waqt main bilkul tut jaongi)

Maan: (Vishvas karo...Geet...apne pyaar par vishvas karo! Main yahi hi hun...aur main hi tumhe har mushkil se bachounga)


While they were looking at each other, asking each other the questions that they had in their eyes, Geet finished the food.


Maan: Yeh dekho...khatam hogaya!

Geet: Hmmm...Maan aap ghar jayiye aur fresh ho jayiye!

Maan: Nahi Geet...

Geet: Maan main kuch nahi sunna chahti...aap please ghar jayiye aura ram kijye...aur waise bhi aap kal raat bhi ghar nahi gaye...

Maan: Tumhe kaise pata?

Geet: Aapki ankhon se sab pata chal jata hai...matlab...bhai ne bataya! Ab aap jayiye...

Maan: Theek hain main jaldi vapas aunga...(He helps her get to her sleeping position) Tum itni dher so jao...phir sham ko tumhe sab milne ayenge!

Geet: Hmm...Thanks...

Maan: Tumne hi kaha hai na...friendship main no sorry and no thankyou!

Geet: Hmm...bye

Maan: Bye...apna khayal rakhna! (He leaves)


Precap: Khabar Nahi


Masti in Hospital!

Part 30

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Tamanna_TJ Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2011 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
Wow Apoorva,
I was waiting for this one...
Just thot wen r u gonna update n got ur PM...
thnkx a lot for the PM...
tht was a very good one...
Waiting for the next..!!!!
Thnkx again n keep writing

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angelic_cute IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2011 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
awesome part 
continue soon

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 July 2011 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
awesome part.
loved it,
continue soon

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2011 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the long update! Loved it! Can't wait for masti! Thanks for the PM!

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome and a lovely update

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