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Maaneet Ki Prem Kahani - Thread 1 (Page 44)

mysteriousmilli IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
lovely update...Smile

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 10:40am | IP Logged

all r on the mission..have to find out b4 its too late...loving it...

manager was scared of MSK..LOL

ye jewellers ko maarne ka kya chakkar hai??

continue soon...

thnx for Pm...

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MishtyShah Goldie

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged

Sorry for the late update...but there is a lot of action in this one!! Hope you like it!! Sorry for any mistakes! Cry Please keep on commenting!! One more update and the there will not be action and just romance between the updates!! Wink

Part 25


She places the cabin luggage on the side where it is clearly seen and she walks away. Mohit goes closer to the bag and is hesitant to open it but decides to because of his suspicions. He slowly opens the zip of the bag and jumps bag in a sudden fright, it's a bomb! He quickly calls Dil..


Dil: Hello...Mohit! Tum kaha ho, hum tumara kab se intezaar kar rahe hain!

Mohit: Dil...tum jaldi se car parking main ajao! Bahot time nahi hain!

Dil: Theek hain hum paonch rahe hain!


He then calls Geet..


Geet: Hi..

Mohit: Geet jaldi se car park main ajao..its an emergency.

Geet: Ok


Maan: Kya hua?

Geet: woh tho mujhe bhi nahi pata par car park jakar pata chal jayega! Chalo..

They both run to the car park...and so do Dil and Arman!


Dil: Kya hua? (And then she notices the bomb in the bag) OMG..

Maan: Kya hua?

Geet: BOMB! Jaldi...dil...tumare paas sirf paanch minute hai bomb diffuse karne ke liye! Come I'll help you!

Dil: I need scissors...

Geet: Maan...quick scissors mere hand bag main hain (she give the bag to Maan)


Maan looks for the scissors and finds them and gives them to Geet.

Geet: Red wire you cannot cut and Green is ground...that leaves blue and brown..

Dil: As far as I know brown is also ground! That leaves the blue one (she cuts the blue wire and the bomb gets deactivated) Ohh...thankgod!!

Geet: Thankyou Babaji!


Both the ladies get up from the floor...and Dil decides to tease Mohit..


Dil: Mohit tum dar gaye the?

Mohit: Koi bhi dar jayega!

Dil: Ab mere hotehua...bomb kaise patsakta hai...

Geet: Right aur mere hote hua...tumari jaan kaise jasakti hai?

Mohit: Dil ka toh mujhe pata hai..par Geet tumare saath mere doubt hai!

Geet: Kya? (She hits him playfully)

Mohit: Haan...agar tum meri jaan bachogi toh tum khud phas jaogi..

Geet: Not to worry! Maan hai na...mujhe bachane ke liye! (Suddenly maan looks up) Right Maan?

Maan: Right! (He smiles at her innocence)

Arman: Ab bomb bhi rukgaya...toh hame chinta karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai!

Dil: Wrong...ab toh chinta bad gayi hai!

The three guys look at her in a confused look.

Geet: Dil is right! Agar yeh bomb phuttha...toh 5-10 log ki jaan jathi aur wo bhi jo sirf car parking main hai...aur yeh hotel main toh impact hi nahi karta..aur conference toh raat main hai toh Aditya bhi harm nahi I said this is just a trailer kyunki jo raat main honewala woh uss ke khas kar hone wala hai..

Arman: Hmm...your right! World ke best businessmen aur women yeh conference attend kar rahe hai aur inhe kuch hojata hai toh bahot bada impact aur media main!

Mohit: Hmm...right!

Maan: It all doesn't make sense! Pehle Dil ka kidnap hona...phir phone call ana aur phir woh RK jewellers ki death hona aur phir ek bomb! Yeh koi bada plan hai...and we need to be alert!

Mohit: I saw the girl who kept the suitcase here..but it doesn't have to be hers...I mean she could have found the bomb and kept it in the parking lot...the manager said that she was with Mr. Jimmy Shergil and they are attending the conference too!

Geet: Just keep an eye on her...

Mohit: Ok

Maan: Ab plan kya hai?

Arman: I book 2 for me and Mohit and another one for Maan and Geet...we have 2 hours before the award ceremony starts...use the rooms to get ready as it is a black tie event and we will all meet downstairs at the bar!

Dil: You forgot me!

Arman: Dil...tum kuch bhul rahi ho? Tum yeh award ceremony host kar rahi ho so there will be special people to help you get ready with make-up and all..

Dil: Oh yh..I forgot! Thanks...I got to go and rehearse...they will be looking for me...

Geet: While your there...check backstage for anything that you can find!

Dil: Will do...see you later! (She walks away)

Geet: We should go now!

Arman: Ok...


(Geet and Maan's room)


Maan is getting ready in a black tuxedo looking like a greek god. Geet is in the bathroom, getting ready. She comes out when she is done and Maan is just staring at her in awe! She is wearing a deep blue saree with silver border with a back-less blouse, enhancing her curves even more. She is wearing a minimal amount of make-up which is showing off her natural beauty. It took Maan just two minutes longer before he stopped staring at her.


Maan: Ready?

Geet: Yep...but wait! (She comes close and neatens his tucks) Looking good Mr. Khurana!! (She winks at him)

Maan: Not looking bad yourself Miss. Handa! (He smirks)


They come downstairs at the bar to be greeted by Arman and Maan.


Mohit: Now that we are all ready...let's go! (Dil just comes down looking elegant in a a purple maxi dress and her skin seemed to be glowing. Mohit was just staring at her with an open-mouth)

Geet: Looking Gorgeous...

Mohit: You stole my lines...but yh you look stunning...

Arman: Beautiful...

Dil: Aww...thanks guys! Its from the the make-over they gave me...they didn't even let me get up for a single minute.

Geet: Woh tho dikhi raha hai...

Dil: You look amazing...I always wonder kit um itni asani se saree carry kaise kar leti ho...

Geet: Practice...ek din tum pheno...tumhe bhi ajayegi!

Dil: Hmm...ab chale!


Arman: Chalo...wait ek minute...weapons...(He hands Maan a pistol) Just in case to protect yourself or someone else...will come in handy. All of you have yours?

Mohit: Yep..

Dil: Yep (They all looked at Geet)

Geet: Obviously...

Mohit: What about Aditya?

Geet: His body guards each have a AK-47 with them and Aditya has a gun on him just incase.

Dil: Ab...chale! Mujhe late hojayega! Aur 5 minute main Ceremony bhi shuru hone wali hai!

Mohit: Chale...

Arman: Chalo

Geet: Chalna padega!


The gang went inside and situated themselves on a table right at the front. Aditya was already there. Dil went straight to the back stage and was getting ready. They all said Hi to each other. Mohit looked back and found the guy on the wheelchair and the girl with him.


Mohit: Geet dekho...woh wheelchair wala...

Geet: Tum aur arman uspe nazaar rakho...


Just then the lights went dim and a group of dancers came on the stage and the music started...


shaam hai jaam hai aur hai nasha

tan bhi hai mann bhi hai pighla huaan

chhayi hai ranginiya phir bhi hai betaabiyan

kyun dhadakta hai dil

kyun yeh kehta hai dil

deewanon ko ab tak nahi hai yeh pata

aaj ki raat khona hai kya paana hai kya

khona hai kya

aaj ki raat khona hai kya paana hai kya

khona hai kya


do ghadi mein yahaan jaane kya ho gaya (Dil was back-stage and started looking for anything suspicious and she found the Ozonics 100 equipment which was sitting there)

jo hamesha tha mera dil mera ho gaya

kaun kiske dil mein hai faisala hoga

faisala hai yahi jeet hogi meri

deewaanon ab tak nahi hai yeh pata

aaj ki raat khona hai kya paana hai kya

khona hai kya

aaj ki raat khona hai kya paana hai kya

khona hai kya


(In between the song)


Dil phones Maan up as the others were not picking up their phones.


Maan: Hmm...bolo!

Dil: Maine back-stage abhi abhi ek Ozonics 100 ka equipment dekha...Unsab se puncho ki Ozonics hai kya?

Maan: Ok (He puts the phone down.


aaon main tumse kahu baat chupke se

rang badlegi pal mein raat chupke se

tumko le jaaunga phir saath chhupke se

jaaoge tum kahaan dekho main yahaan

deewaanon ab tak nahi hai yeh pata

aaj ki raat khona hai kya paana hai kya

khona hai kya

aaj ki raat khona hai kya paana hai kya

khona hai kya


(Song finishes)


He tells the others what dil has told him.

Mohit: Ozonics 100?

Geet: Haan...hume uska box mila thaw oh room number 735 main...

Mohit: Kya?

Geet: Haan...aur ussi floor par hain jaha Aditya ka room hain..

Mohit: Aur woh ladki kar room 789 hain...wo bhi tho same floor par hain...par yeh Ozonics kya hai? Koi bomb hai..(Arman looking on his phone) Arman?

Arman: Ozonics koi bomb nahi hai par agar wo bomb ke saath rakagaya tho iss duniya main koi bhi kutha sung nahi sakta?

Mohit: Kitni doori par raksakte hain?

Arman: 5m

Maan: Tho bomb back-stage hain!


Dil comes onto the stage.

Dil: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope you liked our opening act. Now without further ado...I would like to invite the man himself, Mr.Aditya Mittal who now owns the Mittal Industries by himself. (Aditya comes now to the stage)

Aditya: Good evening...firstly I would like to say that this would not have been possible without my Dad, and for me my dad is still behind the success for Mittal Industries. (Dil goes backstage to grab the award) Now for what all you have been waiting for, the best businessman and business women of the award 2011, before I announce the winner, I would just like to to say that everyone in this room deservs this award and if you don't get it this year, there is always next year. Dil is standing with trophy. Geet notices the tropy...


Geet: Guys yeh dekho...trophy is made by RK jewellers...

Arman: Matlab...bomb usmein hi hoga..OMG Dil

Mohit: Don't worry main kuch karta hun...(He walks up to her and drags her back-stage)

Dil: Mohit...kya kar rahe ho?

Mohit: Dil..iss trophy main bomb hain...main isse lejata hun...

Dil: Main bhi tumare saath chalungi!

Mohit: Nahi tum yahi hi rukogi! Everyone needs you! (He walks away with the bomb)


Aditya is about to announce the winner when Dil comes on stage and tells him that the trophy has gone missing.


Aditya: Unfortunately the trophy has gone missing so I cannot award this to anybody at the moment. Sorry for the delay...

The man on the wheelchair stands up and shouts ...

Brij: Koi delay nahi hai...kyun Mr.Mittal?

Aditya: Tum kaun ho? (He takes the bald cap of and the suit)

Arman: OMG...Brij! Geet get out of here...your not safe!

Precap: Geet: Nahi...(she dogdes everyone and comes infront to protect Maan)

Part 26

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mishtykhurana Senior Member

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 9:11am | IP Logged
vry nice update dear... precap seems scary &intresting !!!

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todayzstar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
cntnue soon...

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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Fab update::
Oh no hope geet doesnt injure herself...
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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piya- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
thanks 4 updating ur index dearTongueTongueTongue
ys this update ws action packed bt still jitne bhi maneet moments wo bahut hi cute the
i loved d way geet said k maan hain na mujhe bachane k liyeEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
n maan staring at geet n geet winks at maan wow mere liye itna dose bhi kafi tha
ya waiting 4 more maneet romance in d future updates
love- Piya

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anshra IF-Sizzlerz

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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