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Maaneet Ki Prem Kahani - Thread 1 (Page 36)

Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Great update! Hope the plan is successful! Maan knows the truth!

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Niharika.Nair IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
Wow!!! Geet the action heroine!!! amazing writing, waiting for next part (actually biting my nail Smile)

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 6:43pm | IP Logged

amazing update.

geet is giving shock after shock.
love it
MishtyShah Goldie

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 6:57am | IP Logged

This update was really hard to right but please tell me if there is something that you do not like...I will welcome critism! Please keep on commenting and liking the post! Smile

Part 22 

Geet picked up her second phone and called happy...


Happy: Boliye maam

Geet: Happy...I want you to arrange security for the whole of Khurana Constructions, friends and family...and even for you!

Happy: Yes there any problem?

Geet: Yes! There is actually! I want you to be alert at all times...filaal tho main Asal Mall ja rahi hun goregaon main! Agar main ek gante main tumhe call na karu toh you call back-up! Get it!

Happy: Yes..maam

Geet: Ab main rakti hun!


Geet: Adi sir...agar aap ek gante main police ko phone kar dijyega...asal mall bulayega!

Adi: Yes geet..anything else?

Geet: No...maine tum log ke liye security arrange kardi hai...aur haan jab main phone karu toh aap mujhe password mangyiyega...aur main jawab dungi...'Khurana Constructions is the best constructions company in the whole of India' and then only talk...

Pinky: Par yeh kisliye geet?

Geet: isliye ki koi mere naam dekhe tumhe phone na kare yeh kehkar ki sab theek hai!

Adi: Nice par geet...tum ho kaun?

Geet: Agar main bachi toh main apko khud batungi...aur agar nahi bachi toh media tum log ko bateygi!

Pinky: Nahi geet...tu esa kyun kehrahi hai...tu zaroor kamiyab hogi!

Geet: Thanks ab main chalti hun!

Maan: All the best...

Geet: Hmm...


Geet walks in the washroom and changes into tracksuit! She walks back into the conference room, only to find that no one has moved an inch! Everyone looks at her because she is wearing a western outfit! She just ignores them!


Geet: Pinky tu yeh bag ghar leja!

Pinky: Is bag main kya hain?

Geet: Bomb!

Pinky: Kya?

Geet: Ofcourse kapde! Aur tum log yaha ek jaga is kadhe raho ge...

Rahul: Hum log kaise jasakte hain...ab toh kaam karne ka bhi mann nahi kar raha!

Geet: Jaho jake kaam does not stop in any circumstances!

Mr.Chopra: Hmm...tum theek hi kerahi ho but let us know that you are ok!

Geet: Sure...!!




She puts her trainers on and puts the bluetooth device in her ear! She walks out the conference room and starts running! Jarvis was right...there was a lot of traffic on the road...then a call comes...she recieves it!


Geet: Hmm...bolo

Arman: At what time do you want the bomb scare?

Geet: At exactly 10.30

Arman: why 10 minutes earlier?

Geet: There is a genuine reason! You just get there...on time!

Armaan: Ok

Geet: Aur mohit se contact ho paya??

Arman: Haan...he will be there dressed as a civilian!

Geet: Ok..good! I am nearly there! Bye

Arman: Bye


(Shopping centre) - 10.25


All of the four terrorists were closing in on Dil and suddenly one grabbed her by waist and whispered in her ear...


Person 1: Chal mere saath warna...yaha hi mardalunga...aur woh chota bache ke saath (He points to a small boy who was standing by his mother and since Dil had a real heart for kids she went with him)


They took her in what seemed to be an abandoned shop. It was cold and seemed and the room was dark. Dil seemed to be shivering. The guy who was holding her by the waist...dragged her in and pushed her to the chair...He tiedup both of her hands behind her back.


He called his Sir...


Person 1: Sir ji...kaam ho gaya..

Sir: Good...

Person 1: Sir itni sunder maal hai...hame kuch tho waqt dijye uske saath khelne ke liye. (He is staring at  her with lust in his eyes)

Sir: Kyun nahi..she is useless to me...par ek aur aa rahi hai! Wo usse bhi zyada acha mal hai...when you are finished with them...kill them!

Person 1: Theek hai Sir..


The person came to touch her and she turned her face...


Person 1: Aise nahi...meri taraf dekho...

Dil: Main tum jaise log ke muh nahi lagti!

Person 1: Muh tho tumhe lagna padega...aur bahot kuch karna padega! (He let out an evil laugh)




Meanwhile on the loudspeaker of the Mall'.it was announced that a bomb has been planted so everyone just ran for their life while Geet was trying to sneek in...She made sure that no one realised that she was walking in, however she did not know that every move of hers was being watched. She got a call on her other phone.


Geet: Hello

Unkown Person: Tho tum ahi gayi...

Geet: Kaha ana hai?

Unkown Person: Mall ke 1st floor par ayo...waha mere admi tumhe milenge! (He cut the call)


Geet made her way upstairs. Mohit and Arman were stuck in traffic and could not make it on time. Geet found two men waiting outside a shop.


Person 2: Tho tum ho Sunaina...

Geet: Dil kaha hai?

Person 3: Uski chinta kyun ho rahi hai tumhe? Tumhe toh apni chinta honi chahiye! (Then he aggressively grabs her T-shirt and rips in it) Ooops...


Geet cannot stand their lust and kicks person 3 in the groin really hard that he falls on the floor. She punches Peson 2 in the mouth but he recomposes himself quickly and grabs her by the hair. He drags her inside the room and pushes her against the wall.


Person 1: Sir theek keh rahe the...kya maal hai!


He pins Geet to the wall and moves closer to bite her ear when the door suddenly bursts open.


Maan: Haath mat lago usse...


Geet murmers 'Maan'. He punches person 1 for touching her right in the nose so he frees Geet's hand and he pushes Geet behind him with his hand protectively on geet's bare waist.


Maan: How dare you touch her? Tumari itni himaat...jaha tak Maan Singh Khurana hai...waha isko kuch nahi hosakta! (Geet looking at him in awe)


He thrusts his leg at person 4 straight in his abdomen so he retreats backwards. Person 3 comes from the side and tries to punch him in the face when maan successful blocks him. He twists his hand and pucnches him in the stomach.


Maan: Geet tum theek tho ho na? (He brings her to the front and he hugs her tightly and doesn't want to let go of her and geet hugs him back with the same passion)

Geet: Hmm...

He moves back and then notices that the T-Shirt she was wearing was ripped and her cleavage could clearly be seen. He removes his shirt and covers her with it protectively. Just then person 1 comes from outside with a gun in his hand.


Person 1: Don't move warna...I will kill her (He points the gun at her who is still tied up in the chair with her mouth covered)


Geet slowly bend down and slides her tracks up her leg and grabs the gun which she hid there and shoots the person in his right shoulder. With a thud...the person falls down clutching his shoulder in agony.




Geet: Do not mess with Sunaina Malhotra! (She quickly unties Dil from the chair removes her mouth tape)

Dil: Looks like they really wanted you dead...

Geet: Hmm...but these are just his pawns...

Dil: Yh...insabka mastermind tho kahi aur hi hai!


Geet then turns to Maan...


Geet: Thankyou Maan...

Maan: Tumhe kuch chot tho nahi lagi na?

Geet: Chot mujhe nahi...aapko lagi hai!

Dil: Haan...Maan dehko...and thanks Geet you risked everything for me and didn't once think about yourself. Aur yeh terrorists ka dimag...oh my god...agar maan sahi time pe nahi ataa tho pata nahi kya hojata! Tumhe pata nahi hai par unki dimaag main kya chal raha tha...aur tum janna bhi nahi chahogi! Chalo hum theek tho hain...

Geet: Haan par mohit and Armaan kaha hain? They should have been here agaes ago!

Dil: Speak of the devils and the devilsare here..

Arman: Sorry Sorry...I know we are late but the traffic was horrendous!

Mohit: Hes right! Then we decided to abandon our cars and run here! Then we found you guys! Thankgod Maan...was here! Though you really didn't need saving!

Geet: Tumko mazak suj raha hai?

Arman: Sorry! Aur (he looks at her) yeh kisne kiya?

Geet: Don't worry I am fine!

Maan: Ok will someone explain to me what is going on please?

Geet: Ok main Sunaina Manholtra hun par sirf criminals aur terrorists ke liye and I am a sharp shooter. Yeh Dil bomb diffuser in the world. Wo kisi bhi bomb ko diffuse kar sakti hai...yeh Mohit...shakal se katarnak lagta hai...par hai bahot sharif! He is a sharp shooter like me! Aur yeh right hand man, he mosly deals with all the cases. But for my friends and family I am sirf Geet...maan aditya ki jaan khatre main hain...aaj raat ko award ceremony jo hai..usme bahot kuch honewala hai!

Maan: Matlab?

Geet: Matlab...yeh ki jo admi Dil ki kidnapping ki...wo aaj aditya ki jaan bhi lesakta hai!

Arman: Oh so you also thought that this is related!

Geet: Why not...the only person who can stop him is why not get rid of me before he tries to kill Aditya so he will have a clean shot!

Dil: make sense...par why me!

Geet: Dehko! He doesn't know me because there is no photo of Sunaina Manholtra anywhere...he knows that you work for MI6 so he got me here through you because he knows that I must know you!

Mohit: Hmm...


Just then Geet's phone rings!


Geet: Hello..

Unkown Person: Tum abhi tho bachgayi par raat ko tum nahi bachogi!

Geet: Tumhe jo karna hai...tum karlo! Par yeh jaanlo ki main haar mane waale se nahi hoon...tumhe zinda nahi chodungi!

Unkown Person: Ab tho waqt hi kaun kiski khatam karta hai...(He cuts the phone call)


Geet: Hamara shak sahi nikla! Yeh hi admi hai...ho sabke peeche hai...par main usko itni aasani se nahi chodnewali!

Arman: Ab iska kya karna hai? (He points to Person 1 lying on the floor with his shoulder bleeding because of the bullet)

Geet: lejao! He will survive! Par haan...ensure that there are enough security guards outside because I don't want him to escape!

Arman: Ok



Precap 1: Geet: Maan aapko chot lagi hai...main dressing kar dehti hun..

Precap 2: Geet: Yeh room ki master key hai! Main aur Maan sab rooms main check karte hain...kahi clue milgaya toh aur mohit aur armaan dil ko jahke help karo..

Arman: Yes...good luck!

Geet: Chalo Maan...

Part 23

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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great part
maan saved geet it was Day Dreaming
continue soon dear

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 7:18am | IP Logged
awesome ... superb ... interesting ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

continue soon ...

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ridhz21 IF-Dazzler

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Superb update
continue soon

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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update::
Enjoyed it
Glad dat maan came to the rescue
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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