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Maaneet Ki Prem Kahani - Thread 1 (Page 31)

Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
It's okay if you wanna add new characters
Can't wait for the update x

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 1:27am | IP Logged
i am looking forward to some action scenes involving Geet...i ma really excited...opened your PM today thinking that u have updated...please update soon

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MishtyShah Goldie

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 3:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ritzy09

i am looking forward to some action scenes involving Geet...i ma really excited...opened your PM today thinking that u have updated...please update soon

Dont worry...I will update today...just need another an hour and the update is yours!! 
MishtyShah Goldie

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 5:11am | IP Logged

Sorry for the late update but as I mentioned previously it was really difficult to write. Sorry for the mistakes and I tried to make it as visual as possible. This concept was taken from Iron Man and Iron Man 2, if anyone has seen the movie. If you do not understand then please ask...but as I said that this update involves high-tech technology!! Please keep on commenting and liking the post! Smile

Part 20


(Khurana Constructions)


Geet arrived and saw that Maan was busy with the work in his cabin. Geet's entry did not go un-noticed by Maan but he was trying to behave normal. He called her..


Maan: Geet

Geet: Yes Sir...

Maan: Mere cabin main ayo...woh Mr. Chopra ke project ke file ke saath.

Geet: Yes sir...


She entered his cabin...


Geet: File sir...

Maan: Hmm...tum mujhe sir kyun bula rahi ho?

Geet: Kyunki aap mere boss ho!

Maan: par main tho tumara dost bhi hun...

Geet: Jo bhi hours main mera khadus boss aur office hours ke baad mera sabse acha dost...

Maan: Khadus?

Geet: Main mazaak kar rahi hun sir...

Maan: Hmm...warna Maan Singh Khurana ko koi bhi ulta jawaab nahi deta...

Geet: Kyunki isse pehle aapko Geet Handa nahi milli isliye!


Then they both burst out laughing...and it took them 5 minutes to recover.


Maan: Geet...tasha ko mere cabin main andar bhejo...

Geet: Ji...sir


She leaves his cabin and calls Tasha. Maan is lost in Geet when Tasha comes in.


Tasha: Ji...Sir aap ne mujhe bulaya?

Maan: file ki dus copiyan karni hai...for Mr.Chopra's project..(However he gives her the wrong file because he was lost in Geet)

Tasha: Ji sir..(She takes the file and leaves his cabin)



A week has passed with Maan and Geet doing preparations for Mr. Chopra's project. Maan would stare at Geet and Geet would stare at Maan when the other person was not looking. Both were playing this hide and seek game. However, In the course of two weeks, both came closer and closer to each other. Geet was trying to be upfront to Maan about the reality of her life that she is Sunaina Manholtra but whenever she tried to bring the subject off, Maan would take it as a joke and laugh it off. Today was the day of Mr. Chopra's Meeting which was very important for Maan because it had the potential to take his company to a brand new level. However, today was also the day of the award ceremony where they had been issued a death threat for Aditya Mittal. However, none knew what today had in store for them.


(Pinky's House)


Geet woke up and saw the time and raced out of bed. She first made a call to Arman who was more of a really good friend and collegue which worked with her in the MI6. She was Sunaina Malhotra maybe to  half of the world but only some knew her real identity such as Arman. Geet outranks Arman but has never treated him in a bad way. The two of them together were like partners in crime. By talking to Arman, she had found out that Aditya Mittal was going to check in the hotel in approximately 6 hours which meant that she had enough time for the meeting and then she would go straight there. She quickly packed all the things in one bag that she would need as she felt that she might not have time to come back home. She quickly got dressed and headed to work.


(Khurana Constructions) ' 9.00 am


Everyone was gathered in the conference hall. The clients arrived and were seated.


Maan: Sasha...presentation start karo.

Sasha: Yes...MK (She switched on the powerpoint that she and Adi had prepared)

Before, I start the presentation can you please take a look at the file that has been placed in front of you.


The clients start to look at the file and are shocked.


Mr.Chorpra: Yeh kya hai Mr. prints sab adhuri aur sirf rough sketches.

Maan is astonished and looks at the file. Then looks at Tasha because she is the one who made copies of the file. Adi and Sasha also take a look at the file.


Sasha: Sorry Sir! Maybe hamari assistant ne galat files ki copies banwa li...(She glares at geet)

Geet: (Wah...kam kisi aur ka aur dosh kisi aur pe...kya zamana aygaya hai babaji)

Mr.Chopra: Agar aap log ek theek se presentation nahi de pathe tho yeh itna bada project kaise handel karenge...(He gets up with all of the other clients)

Another man: Hame..yeh project nahi karna...waise bhi tum log ne hamara time barbad kardiya...


Maan cannot say anything as she know that it is their fault that the files are not up to date and his expressions show that in a second he could kill tasha. has spoken to him like that especially in that tone and that too in his office. His anger and rage was taking over now and if looks could kill...Tasha would have been dead in the space of a second and this Sasha was blaming everything on Geet. He was more upset of that than anything else. The clients were about to leave...when geet suddenly said...


Geet: Rukiye (All of the men turn around and glare at her) Presentation abhi adhuri hai Sir...

Sasha: Geet...tum chup raho (But Geet just ignores her)

Geet: Aap ko presentation chayiye na...toh aapko wo aaj hi milegi par ek naye andas main...please mujhe aap do minute dijye...

Mr. Chopra: Theek hain...we will give you one chance! (and they sit down back to their seats)


Maan is just hell confused of what is happening and what is geet trying to do. Meanwhile Geet goes to her cabin and brings her bag. She re-enters the conference room. She takes out a device and has the orginal file of the project in her hand. The device she is holding is transparent and is a computer. She starts typing things on the transparent screen while everyone else is just staring at her trying to figure out what she is trying to do. (please watch this youtube video you will get the idea of the technology that I am talking about )

Geet: JARVIS initiate...(The powerpoint turns off and automatically the screen now reads 'JARVIS' and then the screen on back drop reads enter password and she enters her password. The screen now reads 'password accepted'. The little transparent screen opens up to be a screen for 4 computers. Then she goes to switch off the lights).

Jarvis: Good Morning Maam (Everyone wondering where the strange voice came from)

Geet: Good morning JARVIS! Gentleman meet JARVIS...a supercomputer or a robot in your words. (The clients just have their mouths open).

Jarvis: look lovely today but the colour the lighter pink would compliment your skin tone better.

Geet: Thankyou Jarvis scan this file for me. (Blue rays are shot at the file while Jarvis is scanning the files and every detail.

Jarvis: Scan complete maam..

Geet: for the design I want a closer look. (The design is projected on the screen). Now you see gentleman this is the completed design of the buildings and it is showing you the floor plan. Sir kyunki yeh project middle class ke liye design kiya gaya hain, yane ki aam admi yeh woh log hai jo apni saari zindagi apna ghar banana ke sapne main bithadetha hain...hum inhe cheap prices main luxurious homes denge, ek aisa ghar jiska sapna woh dekhenge par pura hum karenge. Isliye humne basic design tho ki hain jo aap screen par dekrahe hain par client apne hisaab se ghar modify kar sakte hain. Ek aam admi ke liye...unka khaas ghar.


Maan and the staff are just looking at her and are astonished that she spoke so confidently and the clients are extrememly impressed.


Geet: Jarvis...I want a 3-Dimensional view of the buildings by the end of 2013...(Blue rays are shot through the computer and a hologram of the building is produced to show the intricate and the technical detail that matches the blue prints). Move the hologram on the table Jarvis so the clients can take a closer view...

Jarvis: Yes Maam...(The hologram is moved to the table).

Geet: Rotate 360 degrees (she said by moving the fingers in her the air in a circle)

Geet: Now you can take a closer view...(No-one dared to move a muscle) can you please give me the details Jarvis...

Jarvis: Yes maam...each house should take 6 months to construct which would have have atleast 10,000 bricks. The average cost per house would be approximately 5-10 lacs.

Geet: Thankyou...Jarvis lower the walls so we can see inside (The amount of rays decrease and the all the walls decrease). Rotate Jarvis 360 degrees. As you can see, this is the plan view of the construction. Lights on (The lights automatically switch on) Are there any questions?


All the clients are staring at her as if they are in another world. Then they suddenly stand up and give her a round of applause.


Mr. Chopra: We loved the presentation but just one question where can we get this type of technology?

Geet: Sorry sir...this is unique technology which is not available on the market.

Mr.Chopra: Please don't call me is Mr.Chopra to you...such a unique talent.


Then another man walks towards her and says..


Rahul: Hi I am Rahul and i loved the presentation, count this deal finalised. (He shakes his hand with her)

Geet: Thankyou


Adi and Pinky comes forward and congratulates her.

Adi: Well Done Geet...tumne toh kamal kardiya...kaun kay sakta hai kit um secretary ho? You are just brilliant.

Pinky: Yes...geet...this presentation was fabulous and where did you get this technolog? (Now everyone's eyes were on her)

Geet: Well...actually I did not get it...I made it! Jarvis is my creation.

Jarvis: Yes..and thankyou

Geet: There is no need Jarvis.

Mr.Chopra: Wait so you made this? You must be over qualified!

Geet: No I am not...I just have a passion for technology like in my spare time i would try and examine a simple mobile phone by taking it apart and looking at in closer detail. Jarvis was just one of my imagination of the future of technology.


Maan who was just staring at her in full blown happiness now walks up to her and says...


Maan: Well Done Geet...(he was at a loss of words, he had definetly under estimated her and her work)

Geet: Thankyou Sir

Sasha and Tasha are just furious and want to leave the place as soon as possible.


Mr.Chopra: Mr Khurana...we would love to deal with you aur sab kehte hain ki Khurana Constructions aake kuch aur hi experience milta hai aur aaj hum ne woh bhi experience kar liya...this presentation was awesome and we have never seen anything like it and Ms. Geet we would love if you would attend the party in a weeks time.

Geet: I cannot guarantee but I will try Mr.Chopra.


Just as they were about to leave Jarvis interrupts...


Jarvis: Sorry maam...but there is a call for you!

Geet: Call?

Jarvis: unkown number.

Geet: But no-one has this number!


Precap: Unkown person: Agar tum bacha sakho toh tum bacha lo...tumare pass sirf 40 minutes hai!

Geet: 40 minutes kafi hai mujhe usse bachane ke liye par tumko mujse kaun bachega?

Part 21

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rupzloveu IF-Rockerz

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too good...

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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Fab update::
Loved jarvis,,,wow geet made that herself and all the clients wer stunned to see her creation.,,
Awww maaneet wer cute
Hu is this unknown person?
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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who is this call from

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MishtyShah Goldie

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The mysterious call my dears you will see in tomorrow's update but just a warning get ready for some action! Wink

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