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MishtyShah Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 6:39am | IP Logged

Originally posted by sekhonpuneet

Maaneet moment ws cute.

Wat if Maan's n Geet's companies contest fr same tender etc.?

Also wud lov to c office romance,chup chup k.
Also sumthing making 2 teams,girls vs. boys among their gang

I will definitely try and implement something in my writing. Actually i really like some your ideas so maybe in a little while but right now I am trying to bring some action back into their life!!

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MishtyShah Goldie

Joined: 02 May 2011
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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 7:09am | IP Logged

Hey...I am back with the update again! Sorry for the lateness again. As it was Christmas, I was out everyday so I had no time what so ever but with this update I was really confused and ended up writing it 3 I want comments on how it was! Also I will try and reply to each and everyone of your comments from now on Wink

I hope everyone had a good Christmas...I wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas...

Part 45


Arohi had shifted back to Handa mansion on the pretence of giving company to her bhabhi as she would want some company and she wanted to get away from Arjun as he was confusing her. It was meera's first day in sasural. She woke up and blushed at the thought of the night before. She looked at her husband which was sleeping calmly next to her. She got out of bed and showered, she wanted to be a good bahu so she made breakfast and a sweet dish according to the tradition. She saw arohi walk into the kitchen.


Arohi: Kya baat hain...bhabhi...badi jaldi utt gaye?

Meera: nahi aisa kuch nahi hain...

Arohi: Hmm...waise bhabhi...woh aapke gardhan par nishaan...(she teased)

Meera: Woh...woh...(Meera blushed)

Arohi: Koi baat nahi...bhabhi..mujhe sab pata hain...ab chaliye...aap mere room main ayie...main make-up kardeti hoon aapka...abhi maa aur papa bahar gaye hain aur woh jladi aajayenge...


Meera had no trouble settling in the Handa Family as they were so friendly.




It was Christmas eve. Geet would celebrate this day a lot when she was in London with annie and she had some plans of doing the same. However, this year she wanted to spend it with maan. She went to office as usual with maan. The first hours they were working, as there was a new project and Maan wanted Geet to work on it and no-one else. Maan went for a site visit early in the morning so he would be back in the afternoon for lunch with Geet, he would try and much time with geet as much as he could, even during office hours. As maan was gone, geet decided to surprise him, by decorating the office as it was Christmas eve.


Geet: Aap log ko nahi lagta ki aaj humhe kuch karna chahiye?

Pinky: Kyun aaj kya hain...

Tasha: ohh silly girl...Christmas eve hain...aur kal Christmas hain

Romeo: hmm...humhe kuch karna chahiye...

Geet: Kyun na hum office ko decorate karein? Aur phir half day karday!

Adi: Agar boss ko pata chalgaya toh humhe kacha kha jayenge...

Geet: Woh aisa kuch nahi karenge...

Sasha: Miss Geet...KC koi dharamshala nahi hum kuch bhi kare...yeh ek office hain...aur

Geet: oho...sasha..mujhe pata hain...

Sasha: Mujhe sasha maam bulayo...main tumari senior hoon!

Adi: Sasha...agar geet chahiye...toh tumhe 3 gante main iss company se bahar karasakti hain...

Geet: Adi rehne do na...

Pinky: Nahi geet..woh sahi ke rahe hain...sasha...she at a much higher position than you...soo watch before you talk...


Sasha stormed off angry at everyone else.


Geet: Usko chodho...chalo hum karte hain!


They finished the decorations off the office. It was afternoon when maan came back into the office. As he walked in, he saw the decorations and got surprised, but then knew who could have been behind this. He felt her presence behind him. He turned around to find his mishty looking sweetly at him. He tuned around and saw her.

Maan: Tho yeh sab..tumne kiya hain...

Geet: Hmm...acha laga...

Maan: Acha?? Isme acha lagne main kya hai geet...

Geet: Kya?

Maan: Aur nahi toh kya? Agar kuch karna hi hain..toh kuch different karo na...i mean yeh sab decorations tho tumne kharide hain...khud kuch kaha kiya hain...

Geet: Yeh sach main Dusht Danav nikle...hum sab ne itni mehnat ki aur inko...hmm (she murmers but maan hears her)

Maan: Kya kaha tumne geet? Dhust Danav...ab tumhe pata hain ki kya hoga! (He starts walking to towards her while geet is walking back)

Geet: nahi maan..maine kuch nahi kaha...

Maan: Par maine tho suna...ab tumari saza bhi sunno...

Geet: Saza? (she looked up at him scared while maan just smirks)

Maan: Hmm...tum mujhe kiss do...

Geet: Bilkul nahi...(she stops walking back and starts walking forward)

Maan: Haan geet...agar tumhe woh half day chahiye...toh tum mujhe kiss karogi...

Geet: Aapko kaise pata chala ki main...half-day..

Maan: geet...main bhi maan singh Khurana hoon...mujhe sab pata mere office main kya hota hain aur kya nahi...samji tum...


Meanwhile they were fighting, pinky and adi noticed them bickering. Then a romeo and tasha joined them. They were staring at them as they realised that both were standing under a mistletoe. Maan and Geet noticed some people staring so they turned around and saw Adi, Tasha and Romeo watching them and some others. 

Maan: Kya hain...

Romeo: Woh sir kya hain na...aap log mistletoe ke niche karde hain...aur jo mistletoe ke niche kadha hota hain...un log ko kiss karna padta hain!

Maan: (maan and geet looked at each other and then maan whispered in geet's ears) Dekha geet...jab tumne meri gift nahi di...toh santa ne meri wish puri kardi...ab kya karogi geet? Kaha jaogi?

Geet: (she whispers to him) Please maan...jane dijyena...(maan nods a no to her) Aap log kya kar rahe hain...chaliye chaliye...get back to work! (she then walked off leaving a smirking maan behind)

Maan: (aaj tho main mera gift lekar hi rahoonga geet)




Geet was doing work when she got a phone call from maan.


Maan: Geet mere cabin main ayo...noida wali file ke saath

Geet: Ji...


She then walked into his cabin with the file. As soon as she walked in, maan closed the blinds of his cabin and he bolted the door shut. Geet was angry so he didn't notice this. She placed the file on the table. She was about to to outside when maan stopped her.

Maan: Geet...maine tumhe jane ko nahi kaha!
Geet: Kya hain?
Maan: Geet...main tumara boss hoon...aur boss se aise baat karte hain? (he tried to hide his smile)

Geet: Agar mera boss itna khadus hain...toh kehna toh padega!!

Maan: Acha...main ab khadus hoon! Abhi dikhata hoon tumhe! (He started walking towards her with a predator look in his eyes)

Geet: Maan...yeh aap kya kar rahe hain? Yeh office hain! (she said while looking down)

Maan: Tho...blinds band hain...andar koi nahi aa sakta! (he said while smirking)

Maan: Geet yehi tumari saza hain mujhe dhust danav kehne ke liye...(He whispered seductively while staring at her rosy lips)
Geet: Maan...main...woh...
Maan: Geet...yaha koi nahi hain...sirf main aur tum! Tho gabro mat! (He said while trailing his fingers from her shoulders to her her arms) Geet kya main?

Geet: Hmm...

The distance between their lips slowly started to decrease. Maan pecked her lower lip gently as first. Maan placed his lips on hers, gently sucking her on her lower lip. Geet stood still, trying to take the sensation in. Maan gently bit her bottom lip, and probed his tongue inside her mouth, to play with hers. Geet soon started to respond to Maan's kiss and the kiss turned passionate. None were willing to let go. After what seemed like hours they, they pulled away as they were breathless. There was a red blush forming on Geet's awe struck face. She hid her face in Maan's chest.


Geet: I love you maan...(she hid herself further into his embrace)

Maan: I love you too Geet... 

Maan: Geet...tum jab Sharma thi ho na tho bahot pyari lag thi ho...

Geet: Maan...plz...

Maan: Kya please geet? (he said teasingly)

Geet: Kuch nahi...

Maan: Hmm...(then he bends down and whispers in her ear) waise tum half-day rakh sakti ho!

Geet: Sachi?

Maan: muchi! (out of shear excitement, Geet hugs maan and maan enjoys having her near him) Chalo geet ghar chalte hain!

Geet: Hmm...chaliye!


Before they go, Geet informs Adi about the Half-Day. Everyone was first surprised at the fact that their boss agreed but they were too happy to question them. On the other hand, Sasha was fuming with rage. She had to do something and fast.




Maan and geet reached home and spent time with Arjun, Daadi and Annie. They were all playing cards and then they enjoyed a movie together. Geet was becoming a part of their family, especially when they know her really well.


At night, Maan and geet were sitting on the terrace, staring at the stars.


Geet: Maan...yeh tare kitne khoobsoorat lag rah hai na...

Maan: Haan...Par wo..tumse khoobsoorat nahi hai...(she blushed)


Maan rubbed his hand on her arms, sending shivers down Geet's spine. He started to kiss her forehead and her eyes, her nose and then her cheeks. He finally got her lips and he sucked on her lower lips. He then gave her a full open mouth kiss. Geet opened her mouth giving him entry. He probed his tounge in deeper, tasting and exploring all the places in her mouth. Their tongues danced together in a rhythm. They didn't know how long they were kissing each other but there passion was just oozing out in th kiss. When they were breathless, they broke apart, gasping for some air.


Maan: taste like sweet honey! I could taste you for hours!

Geet: MAAN (she blushed scarlet red) Stop embarrassing me!

Maan: Kabhi nahi...(he bit her earlobe and she moaned in ecstacy) Chalo ab hum so jate hain!

Geet: Hmm...




It was Christmas day when geet woke up and she found a bouquet of red roses on the side table. She red the note.


"For the lady I love the most...

Love Maan"


This was the best Christmas day ever, but who knew that the troubles are yet to come.


Precap: SM is back!

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angelic_cute IF-Rockerz

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wow awesome 
love the intimate part 

gr8 SM will be back 

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Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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awesum one..
luvd deir christmas celebrn..

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honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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nice one...thanx for the PM

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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awsem so maan taste geet haye

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krati5 IF-Rockerz

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uh oh!!!!! a twist to come

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MishtyShah Goldie

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Originally posted by angelic_cute

wow awesome 
love the intimate part 

gr8 SM will be back 

Thanks...yh i want to bring back some action...I actually don't know where this story is heading i am trying to sequence it out...also Maaneet Honeymoon SS is soon going to come to an end...maybe in 3/4 parts...more to come! 

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