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Maaneet Ki Prem Kahani - Thread 1 (Page 108)

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Superb !! Heart infinite likes !! continue soon !!

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waiting eagerly for you

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how much time more dr?????????????

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waiting...Day Dreaming

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The next update is usual lots of comments and likes! I really would like to finish this thread soon so fingers crossed. 

Part 44

All the rituals were happening at a good pace. Geet went to Handa Mansion so she could check up on her brother and then she attended the barat. The barat had arrived and yash was properly welcomed by the Khurana family. They both exchanged the vermalas. It was time for the wedding ceremony. The ceremony was performed by the priest. Meera and Yash were sitting by the holy fire, while the priest was chanting sayings from the holy scripture. They then took the saath pheras around the holy fires. They were now officially married. Yash went to get his shoes but saw that they weren't there.


Annie: Yash jiju...agar aap joothe maang rahe hain...toh yeh humare paas hain (she shows him the shoes)...aur aapko itni aasani se nahi milne wale.

Maan: Annie...joothe do jaldi..

Annie: Bhai..main aapki ek baath nahi sune wali.

Arohi: Hmm...bhai..agar joothe chahiye toh paise dedo...

Arjun: Kyun...wo tumhe paise kyun de?

Arohi: Because joothe hamare paas hain!

Yash: Arohi...tum meri behn ho...

Pinky: Toh kya hua...yeh ladkiyon ke taraf se hain!

Adi: Zidd mat karo..aur jaldi do...

Riddhima: Lagta hai..aapko paise dene hi padgenge...

Arman: No ways...hum kyun de!

Dil: Kyunki my dear friend yeh ek ritual hain!

Mohit: Screw the ritual...aur humhe joothe do..

Geet: Bhai...annie itni aasani se nahi manewali toh aap jaldi paise dedo warna agar aapko nange pair ghar jana hai...toh ja sakte hain! (with that statement all the girls start laughing and so does dadimaa and geet hi-fives annie)

Yash: Kya geet...tum bhi...

Meera: Paise dedijye na...(she said with her shy self and Yash could just adore her innocent self)

Maan: Bilkul nahi..yash tumhe paise dene ki koi zaroorat nahi...aur geet tum yash ki behn ho!

Geet: Tho aap bhi toh meera ki bhai ho na...toh!

Maan: Umm..woh..

Annie: Hmm...agar aap log ko joothe chahiye toh khud aa ke lelo! (then she runs and the boys start to chase her)


Adi gets the shoes off annie first and yells hooray, but pinky see's him and goes to flirt with him.


Pinky: Adi sir...main kaise lag rahi hun? (she said giving an extra cheesy grin)

Adi: Bahot khoobsoorat pinky (he gets lost in her so much that he didn't realise when she took the shoes off him and ran away).


Mohit came there and yelled in his ears..."ADDDI...pinky joothe leke chali bhi gayi aur tumhe pata bhi nahi chala!" Pinky passed on the shoes to riddhima. Arman saw that and chased her around. He cornered her to a wall and kissed her cheek which made riddhima freeze. He took advantage  of that and took the shoes from her hands with a smirk on his hands. "Ridzy tum kya kar rahi ho...dekho wo leke chala bhi gaya" said dil. Arman threw the shoes at Mohit when he saw all the girls coming in his direction. Mohit took the shoes and ran while Dil just chased him took the shoes before even he knew and punched him slightly on his stomach. Justt as she she was about to go and give the shoes, arjun came from behind and scared her and took them. Arohi saw this so she walked upto Arjun and stood with her hands on her hips. Arjun just dropped the shoes while looking at her anger and arohi took the shoes off him and gave them to geet. Maan was just a silent spectator because everything was too confusing on what was happening, but then as soon as he saw a pair of shoes in geet's hands, he made a run for it. Geet looked at him and just ran in shock, knowing that he would probably get to her soon enough.

She ran upstairs, into her room and locked the door behind her. Maan saw her running and smirked. He knew that she forgot about the secret door and so she went into his bedroom and locked the door. He slowly creeped in his walk-in closet and opened the interconnecting door. He stood there trying to see what geet is upto. Geet was busy trying to calm herself down and she had a big smile on her face. "Not for long Ms. Handa" maan thought. He then walked towards her from the back, Geet still couldn't see him. He was very close to her now and put and arm around her bare waist which made her body tingle. She knew the touch like her life depended on it. "Maan" was all she could say and she clutched the shoes harder in her hands. She moved away feeling shy and turned around facing him. She saw the naughty glint in his eyes as he stepped forward. She ran away, not giving the shoes to him. As soon as she ran, maan chased after her. They kept on running around the red chair, dodging each other. Geet was running but her feet got tangled with the rug and she was about to fall when maan caught her by the waist making both of them fall on the bed with each other.


Maan was on top of Geet, while she lay beneath him. Maan's hands were on either side of geet's head. Geet still had the shoes in her hands which she clutched tightly. Maan's proximity was doing wonders in geet, it was like she was in a trance that she couln't get out of. She was brought back to this world when she heard maan say.


Maan: Ab bhaag ke dikhao...(he looked at her as if she was his prey)

Geet: Maan...utto na...sab humara neeche intezaar kar rahe hain!

Maan: Uh Uh...pehle joothe do...

Geet: Nahi...

Maan: Nahi? (she nods her head cutely) Geet..sharafat se joothe do...warna...

Geet: Warna kya? (she looked at him with confusion clearly written in her eyes)

Maan: Warna yeh...


His hand moved towards her bare waist and he started to freckle his fingers everywhere, tickling her to the core. Geet was having laughter fits. This was her only weakness that she  was beyond ticklish. She just couldn't stop laughing when maan was tickling her. This was another worry for her because now that he knew her secret he could make her do pretty much anything. "MAAN...plz ruko" geet screamed.

"Not until you give me the shoes" he said with a victorious smile. Maan was clearly enjoying himself while doing this because he saw her laughing which like a drug to him. Her laugh was the purest thing that he had ever felt and his mishty was so cute and innocent that he could always tease her like this. "Maan...main derahi hoon...please rukh jao" she said in between laughing hysterically and she just gave him the shoes so he would stop tickling her. Soon as she gave him the shoes, he stopped and just looked at the angelic face of his mishty, lying underneath him, trying to calm her breathing. He caressed her cheeks slowly with his 1 hand, feeling her soft milky skin. He placed a soft kiss on her cheek.


Geet: Maan...aap bahot bure ho...

Maan: Kyun?

Geet: Kyunki aap mujhe hasa hasake rula sakte ho...

Maan: Geet...meri mishty mere samne ruowe...aisa ho nahi sakta...samji tum! Mishty tumhe pata hai...jab tum mujhe aise dekhti ho na...toh bahot hi cute lagti ho...koi kahi nahi sakta ki tum SM bhi ho sakti ho...

Geet: Woh isliye...kyunki jab main aap ke saath hoti hun to sab kuch bhool jati hoon and I am just geet...not SM or KMPG ki malik...

Maan: Acha?

Geet: Hmm...

Maan: Par mujhe toh apni mishit ke inte saare rang bahot khoobsoorat lagte hain...(He slowly nuzzled her neck with his nose and got up seeing her all flushed.) Chalo geet...sab humara neeche intezaar kar rahe honge!

Geet: hmm...woh bhi sirf aapki wajah se hain!

Maan: KYA?

Geet: Haan...mere piche piche ane ki kya zaroorat thi...aur dhusht danav ki tarah joothe leliye!

Maan: DHUSHT DANAV? (he glared at her when she said that taking dangerous steps towards her)

Geet: Aur nahi toh kya...aisa koi karta hai kya...

Maan: Acha...tho tumhe ek aur demonstration dikaho kya ki main kitna bada dhusht danav hoon? (he continued walking towards her until her back hit the wall, he cornered her trapping her in between his body and the wall)

Geet: Nahi..main..wo main...

Maan: Main kya Geet? (staring at her rosy lips he huskily whispered)

Geet: Main...woh mazak kar rahi thi maan! (she managed to stutter)

Maan: (he smirked) Par main nahi kar raha tha...ab tumne mujhe dhusht danav kaha toh iski saza toh tumhe milni chahiye! (he walked closer and bit her earlobe causing her to hiss in pain and pleasure and he was going to move closer when his mobile rang, he cut the call and moved back to her)

Geet: Maan please jane dijye na...jab tak hum neeche nahi tak un log ki shaadi nahi hogi (she whispered)

Maan: Aaj jane de raha hun..par agar agli baar tumne mujhe Dhusht danav kaha toh tum phir dekhlena ki main kya karta hun! (he said sternly trying not to smile at her innocence)


Maan then let her go and moved to steps back. Geet was just about to go when Maan pulled her back. Her back crashed to his well-toned chest. He twisted her one hand backwards and placed the shoes in her hands, then he reached closer to her ears and whispered huskily, "Mishty...tum kuch bhool rahi thi...toh maine socha ki main hi woh cheese de doon tumhe". Geet felt shy so got her hand from his grip and ran downstairs. Maan stood their smirking at her, he loved her too much and her cute expressions that he just loved teasing her and that blush, she could make him go crazy when she blushed. Maan Singh Khurana was falling for a girl and he was falling bad. Geet came downstairs and Maan came behind her.


Yash: Kya hua yaar...mere joothe kaha hain? (Geet smiled at her brother and showed him the shoes)

Annie: YEHHH...well done geet...muhe pata tha ki tum hi laogi!

Geet: Thanks annie...

Arman: Kya yaar...maan...tu ek ladki se joothe nahi chura sakha...

Maan: Main kya karta yaar woh room main chali gayi  aur darwaza band kardiya!

Arohi: Chalo chalo...bhali! Jaldi paise nikaliye...warna...aapke joothe nahi milenge!

Yash: Theek log ko panso ki note dedo...

Annie: Kya...jiju??? (maan smirked)

Geet: Bhai...kanjusi ki bhi hadh hoti hai...(everyone laughed at her comment)

Yash: Kya chayiye...tum log ko?

Pinky: Ek blank cheque?

Adi: Kya...tum log ka dimag tho theek hain na...

Riddhima: Humne kya kiya? Right meera?

Meera: Oh god...yash dedo na..warna hum yehi kadhe rahenge!

Geet: lagta hai...aap log ko bahot hi jaldi hain...kyun bhabhi? (Meera playfully wacked her arms)


Yash had to give in and gave them a blank cheque and he whispered something into maan's ear, "yaar...main tho bankrupt ho jaonga...agar aisa chalta raha tho", which caused maan to smirk.


It was then time for the khaniyadhan. Meera hugged daadi and cried. Then she hugged Maan, he was like her older brother that she never had, then arjun. Yash felt sad seeing her cry but couldn't do anything. He then softly, put his hand around her waist and guided her outide towards the decorated car that stood outside. They went inside the car and yash held her hand firmly, promising to never let go. Meera looked up at him and found him. They went home and performed all the rasams that needed to be done and then meera was taken up to the room and and yash joined her a little while later. It was the their first night together which they thoroughly enjoyed, exploring each other and other and becoming one.


Precap: open to any suggestions

@ Rupzloveu

Thanks dear...I am glad that you liked the update! Just keep reading!


Oh thanks dear...and its alright! you deserved the credit!

@ Sharmake11

Its alright dear...i mean atleast you are reading it now! Glad to know that you like it! Hopefully your exams went well!

@ Meena

Sorry for keeping you waiting dear...but its been really busy with christmas and all!

@ Mayapari

Thanks dear...just keep reading! I'm glad you liked the inter-connecting door because I really don't know what people expect in this FF.

@ Payalpari

Thanks dear..thanks for the pic...really liked it!

@ Zohafareen

Thanks've actually given me a nickname! I was so happy at the time...cos its really hard to come up with one! Most my friends call me guinea because they say that i look really cute! Thanks for liking the update!

@ Anshra

Thanks dear...

And thanks to everyone else as well who keeps reading my really means a lot to me and I love writing but sometimes my schedule can get in the way and i do not get an opportunity and to top all of it...I really miss Maaneet! 

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Me just here to comment first ... Hehehehe I will read now !!

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