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my new ff Rab ne banadi jodi!!!! pt 5 @ 83 (Page 81)

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Originally posted by pvlaks

enikku    thonnunnu    akshi   preg   aayikazhinju   ennu...symbolic   aayittu   kaanichathavam...nestil   mayilpeeli    veezhunnu Embarrassed
njan ithu parayan varuvayirunu enikum angene thoni natik thiruchu chelmbol e news kodukumayirikum

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ashattiye   njan   pokuva...guest   vannuttunde...pinne   pm   cheyyam  bye

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part 4

Edited by i4naksh - 26 August 2011 at 1:45am
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part 5
After the big fight ,naksh came 2 their own room,both fall on the bed with teary eyes.they rethinked about the college incident...both were feeling a kind of repentance @ sadness ...they sat on the bed taking the albums,a small smile flowered in their face seeing their past sweet moments that they 2gether lived @ they tried 2 think about in each others point of view...

@natik:mein kyon itna insecure ho raha hoo

@akshis:ap nah apki pyaar...apse insecure feel karwa rahi hoo

@natik:kya mein ab b akshara par vishwas nah karthi...

@akshis:apse zyaada mujhe koi nah samajh saktha natik bas halat isse ho jaata ki...hum samajh h nah paa rahe h...

@natik:mein apse kaise kahoo ki mein isse kyon react karthe h??

@akshis:apko kehene ki zaroorat b nah h...kyonki mein vahi toh hoo..apke dil mein..

@natik:jo b ho mein apke bagare nah rah saktha..i lov u akshara ...

@ he kisses on her photo..

@akshis:mein b apke bina nah jee sakthi hoo,, love u 22 natik...

@ she also kisses on his photo...


they drift in 2 sleep holding each others photo!!

Next day ,it was a sunday,

singhanias invited maheswaries 4 lunch as they shifted 2 new house as mainatenance work was going in ss.but natik was unaware of this

vishwabhar(vis),rajsree(rj) akshi {sorry i avoided some unnesassery characters} reached @ got a grand welcome

Akshi understood that natik was still not up,so she made some bahanas @ reached infront of his room she slowly got in @ closed the room..natik was still sleeping like a baby by hugging a pillow in which her name was written through the craft works..he was smiling in his sleep 22 ,she stood there taking the essence of moment.she suddently got an idea 4 wake uping him @ also 2 close the distance between them which occured due 2 the previous fight...she decided 2 wake up him through his style..she came near him with a bunch of rose petals @ showered it on him contiunuosly till he wakes up,but he thought it was his dream(which he always used 2 see in morning) so he pulled her above him..akshi was unaware of this fact..

nt:aj ane mein itne der kyon ho gay...

ak:kya matlab...

nt:matlab vatlab chodiye pehle mere subah ki shagun digiye ...

ak:ap kya keh rahe h natik..mujhe toh lagtha h ap poori tarah pagal ho chuka h...

nt:hone digiye...

he waited 4 some time,then he came over her

nt:vaise b har din mein h toh shuruwaat kartha hoo

@ he slowly kisses on her face @ she completely become blank seeing his this face,soon she realised wat was happening @ take the jug 4m the table while he was about 2 kiss her neck.she poured the water on him 2 bring him back in 2 his senses..He fastly sat up

nt:(wiping his face @ his eyes were still closed)kya maa...ap thodi der bhadh nah uda sakthe the..ek b din, mein iske agae nah dekh paay...

he opened his eyes @ get astonished 2 see akshi near him.he touched her cheeks 2 check whether he was dreaming or not...his face turned down wen he understood that she was truely there,it was happening 4 the 1rst time,,becoz he was completely ashamed of his own behaviour...

akshis eyes also filled with tears @ tried 2 got up 4m bed but he pulled her in 2 a hugg @was literally crying,he said everything through his tears..akshi wiped his tears

ak:har baar apke anzo dekhkar mein apko maaf kar deti thi lekin iss baar issa nah hoga..

nt:ap sah keh rahe h...galthi apki h hein...ap har baar meri galthi ko nazar andaz kar dete h...agar pehle se mujhe isse daathi toh mein kab ka sudhar chuka hota...

ak:nt,ap vada ap kabhi b hum donom ke beech isse situations kabhi nah layenge...

nt:akshara,mein apse vaada kartha hoo abse mein ap ke ankhon mein anzoo kabhi nah ane doonga..aur choti choti baaton par apse gussa nah karoonga

he kisses on her 4head @ she placed her head on his shoulder

ak:agar aap ye vaada thod diya toh...

nt:toh ap mujhe jo saza denge mein vo manoonga

ak:acha...toh teek h ,nt,ap kaise kaise sapne dekthe h..apko sharam nah aati..

nt:kyon...apko pata nah mein aur kitne sapne dekh chuka hoo...shadhi toh ho jaane digiye,mein vo sab poora karoonga...

he winked at her


ap bada bhadmash hein...mein jaa rahi hoo

but he didnt leave her @ fall on bed such that he was on the top of her

nt:shayad isiliye mein iss sapne ko kabhi poori nah dekh paay kyonki ab mujhe isse poori kar ne ka mauka jo mila h...

he slowly bent down @ kissed on her cheeks...akshi tried 2 push him away but she couldnt do it as his grip was so tight.

ak:nt...chod digiye ...koi dekh lega..vaise bi khane keliye sab bait gaye honge aur ap abi tak tayar b nah huwa

nt:teek h..toh...

he pointed his cheeks


nt:toh teek h mein b nah chodoonga


she take a saftey pin @ pierced in 2 him he yelled in pain ,in this gap she easily escaped @ ran away 4m him

@dining table

every1 sat on their positions,akshi was about 2 sat on natik*chair,then she sat on the chair next 2 him.natik also came @ fastly sat near her(natik on right of akshi),ga3 was serving food @ after sometyime she also sat 4 having food .natik noticed that ever1 was busy in their gupshup,he started his mischevious,she hold her hand ,akshi got shocked ,she asked him 2 leave her hand but he didnt @ they began 2 speak through their eyes



ak:nt...koi dekh lega...

nt:dekhne digiye...


nt:toh (pointing his cheeks)

suddently ga3 noticed that akshi was not eating

ga3:kya huwa beta...tumhe khana pasand nah ayi

ak:issi koi baat nah...

she again asked him 2 leave but he was still in his demand,so he purposefully put a fork down @ while taking it,she pierced in his hands ,this time he controlled his pain as he couldnt yell infront of every1.

they had a delicious dinner, @ it was the time 4 meeta(sweet),natik was iritated,1rstly becoz he didnt get chance 2 meet her alone @ secondly due 22 her behaviour,so he went 4m there...ga3 understood it...she gave gula jamun in akshis hand @ asked her 2 give it 2 natik..akshi also become happy seeing her in~laws love


akshi came with the gula jamun,she saw him standing there.natik felt her presence with out turning,but he didnt turn back as he knew that she would surely do something 2 make him happy,she stood infront of him

nt:yaham kyon ayi...jaa jakar baaki gharwalon ko impress kar..har vakth unke peeche pade h...abise perfect bahu banene ki race mein h...mere baare mein sochthe h nah...

she placed her fingures on his lips...

ak:bas bas natik ...itne saare complaints...baap re...vaise kisine mujhse thodi der pehle h vada kiya tha ki ab mujhse vo choti choti baaton par gussa nah karenge...

@ natik had completely forget about that @ he acted 2 be normal

nt:mein kaham gussa ho raha h...bilkul nah...chaliye ye sab chodiye ab ap agay na..

he hugged her

natik turned mischevious

nt:akshara,khana toh ho b bhar gaya...ab meeta khane ka man kar raha h...

ak:(with out realising wat he was actually meaning)ye ligiye apki favourite gula jamun...

she 4warded it @ asked him 2 open his mouth

nt:(pushing it back)apko pata h na isse zyaada mujhe apki mitaas pasand h... ligiye.. akshara maheswari apne hathon se apko khila rah koi choti baat thodi na h...

nt:agar akshara maheswari ki jagah akshara singhania hoti toh mein zaroor khata..

ak:vo tabi ho payenge jab ap baarat lekar mere ghar mein ayenge

nt:mein toh abi ane keliye b tayar h...par mujhe in sab ki zaroorat nah h...pehli nazar mein h meine apko akshara singhania bana liya...ap mere liye akshara singhania h hein...ap par mera copy right h...s samhji... (pinchimg her nose)

ak:bas bas...zyaada tareef mat kigiye mein apki baaton par nah ane wali hoo...ap ye khayenge ya nah

nt:teek h..toh ap kuch special tareek se khilayiye


she take 1 piece using a fork @ hold it between them @ she started eating it

ak:nt...mein toh kha rahi hoo ap chahe toh mere sath kha sakthe h...

how he could miss this **golden oppurtunity**with in a fraction of second he also began 2 share it..through their mouth they r tasting the sweetness of gula jamun @ through their eyes they r tasting the sweetness in their love @ there was no doubt ,ofcourse their sweetness in their love is more tastier than any other sweets!!!natik noticed the sugar syrups sticking around her mouth.he stopped

ak:kya huwa natik??

nt:isse b meeta cheez mil gaya mujhe...


he came more @ more closer 2 her,@was inches away 4m her,when he was about 2 touch her lips she naughtily put another piece in 2 his mouth

ak:ap isse kaam chala digiye...

@she tried 2 ran but he caught her @ held her tightly

nt:bachpan se ab tak mujhe jo jo cheez ki icha thi vo sab mujhe mitha tha...toh aj mein ye reeth kaise thood doo??

he brought his lips near her by continuosly looking at the syrup spots in her lips she closed her eyes seeing him very close 2 her but suddently ga3 called them akshi got shocked @ opened her eyes

ak:nt...aunty ji bula rahi h..chaliye...varna sabko shak ho jayega

after completing his wish he let her go.

soon maheswaries also departed 4m there

@that night

akshi came after a shower @ was about 2 take her books when she notice a book in which **how 2 propose ** was written she couldnt resist herself 4m reading that book,she take it @ sat on the bed,she curiously opened its 1rst page and it was written ***why girls dont propose their boy friend***

1rstly she felt it very strange then she read some more pages then kept the book aside @ tried 2 concentrate in her studies but her mind was still on that question

ak:hum b toh propose kar sakthe h...kya mein ye kar pawoongi...ismein mushkil kya h..."will u marry me" sirf itna toh kehna h aur vo b natik se...

in the next second::nah baba mujhse nah hoga...agar teek se bol nah sake toh mein natik ke saamne kaise jawoongi nah nah..mein ye nah kar sakthi..

in the next second:agar mein ye karoongi toh natik ko bahuth khushi milegi...vaise b mein unkeliye kuch nah karthi..mein unkeliye itna toh kar saktha hoo na...

she take the name of the god @ started her research on this,she read the book that 22 numerous time,she checked in internet @ she made complete plan within 3/4 days,she had arranged all things...

***proposal day***

As usual natik came 2 pick up akshi,they reached infront of the college,,akshi got down 4m car @ went 2wards natik who was still in the car

ak:acha natik jaldi h hamara mulakat hoga!!

nt:jaldi ?shyam aur ab ke beech ka 4 ghanta apko jaldi lag raha h

akshi smiled at herself

ah:nah natik mera matlab tha ki shyaam ko milthe h,ab mein chalthi hoon...

natik fastly got down @ hold her hand

nt:dekhiye toh, friends se milne keliye kitni jaldi ho rahi h...thoda pyaar mujhpar b barsayiye...

he pointed his cheeks,she slowly 4warded then stopped thinking about her surprises @ then simply wished him good by.. @ ran 2wards her class,natik disappointely drive back 2 his office,

@ natik*s cabin::

with in minutes he began 2 think about akshi,he was really missing her,he couldnt controll himself @ went in 2 dream world along with her memmories

rajbanna came with a file @ started explaining something with out realising this,

rb:munna tum ye designs ek baar aur final kar do phir kal...

As he didnt get any response,he looked at natik @ saw him lost in akshi*s pics in his laptop

rb:abi se ye haal h toh shaadi ke bhadh kya hoga...

natik didnt hear it as he was still lost in his own world...he placed his hands on his shoulders bringing him back 2 his senses.

rb:sapno ki duniya se baahar aygay toh kya hum kuch kaam ki baat karein???

natik tried 2 hide his embaressement...

nt:vo...babuji,,vo...toh ne bola tha ki karwa chaudh par akshara ko pehne keliye koi achi set design karna h...isiliye mein...

rajbanna smiled hearing this

rb:pehli baat,vo designs tum khudh kal final karke munim ji ko banvane keliye de chuka h, aur doosri baat hum grahak ki pasandh dekhkar designs banvathe h na ki unke photos

he handed that file @ was about 2 leave wen he turned @ said!!!

rb:munna akshara betiya se keh dena ki vo padai ke bhadh yahi join karle taaki tumhara man kamse kam office mein toh rahega...

@he left.

natik become completely embaressed ,he tried 2 concentrate in his work which was becoming almost impossible 4 him,his gaze again got stucked with her pic which was in the desk top of his laptop.he admirs her,slowly traced her face using his fingures which he always liked 2 do...he slowly slipped in 2 the memmories of their 1rst date...he regained his senses wen he heard some bangles sound..but couldnt find any1,his heart started beating fast,he was feeling her presence ,he looked around but didnt find any1

nt:aj mujhe ye kya ho raha h...mujhe issa kyon lag raha ki akshara yehi kai h...

he again started working suddently saw a bouquet infront of him,he turned back @ stunned 2 see her,he thought he was dreaming @ turned back

nt:mein b na...

she put her arms around his neck (4m back)

ak:ye sapna nah h Mr.Natik singhania!!!

he couldnt believe it,he gently pulled her in 2 his lap


ak:kyon mein yaham nah aa sakthi???

nt:nah nah...always welcome!!!

They smiled.

nt:subah toh ap blue suit pehni thi na phir ye red kaise ho gaya?

ak:vo kya h na apke jaane ke bhaadh na mujhpar apke pyaar ki rang chad gaya...

nt:bahuth h bekar ki joke tha akshara

ak:jaanti hoo...

nt:aj ye surprise visit kaise??

ak:batati hoo,pehle chaliye toh sahi

nt:kaham??lovers point?

ak:nah apke purane ghar!!

nt:singhania sadhan

ak:lekin vaham toh maintainence...

be4 he could complete it akshi pulled him out of the cabin

they reached near the car

nt:oh...mein car ki chawi lena bhool h gaya

ak:mujhe pata tha isiliye

@ she showed the key,he was about 2 take it,but she hide it behind her ,natik was confused

nt:ye kya bachpana h...key digiye

ak:doongi pehle apko meri ek sawaal ka jawab dena padega...

nt:kaisa sawaal??

ak:kya ap zindangi bar meri driver bankar rehna keliye tayar h??? (1rst clue)

nt:ye kaisa sawaal h..

ak:natik pehle meri sawal ka jawab digiye...

nt:teek h...abi batata hoo..

he pulled her @ make her stand supporting the car @ he bent over her,

nt:sirf driver h nah...sevak,gulam...sab banenekeliye tayar h bas apko mereliye ek cheez karna padega... mein jitna pyaar mangtha hoo na uski 10 guna dena padega!!!!

he kisses on her both cheeks,akshi slightly blushed @ fastly got in the car,natik also got in.he noticed an envelope near the car stearings,he opened it @ understood that it was her biodata (2nd clue)

nt:apki biodata yaham kaise??

ak:haan..meine h rakha tha...ap ek baar dekh ligiye...


ak:isse h...jaankari keliye

nt:ismein isse kya h jo ab tak mujhe nah pata

he checked it,he noticed her

"status :single/engaged" (3rd clue)

nt:ye kya h akshara??ap status isse kyon likha ...

ak:khudh ko bahuth smart samajhthe h na toh guess kigiye...

every time she was trying 2 give him some clues but he was not able 2 spot it

nt:ak..ap teek toh h na...subhah se kaise kaise ajeeb batein kar rahi h...

ak:(taking the biodata back)kuch nah ap ghadi start kigiye...

they started their drive.

akshi was continuosly looking at him @ was smiling ,he turned the fm on @ the rj was talking about the mariage proposals @ he says "why girls dont take a initiative 1rst??"",she shocked 2 hear it,she feared that whether natik would find her complete plan,so she fastly turned it off,

It was the time 4 her (4rd clue)

she slowly hummed these lines

""Aaye ho merii zi.ndagii mein

tum bahaar banke
Mere dil mein yuuhii rahana,

tum pyaar pyaar ban ke
Aankhon mein tum base ho

sapne hazaar banke
Mere dil mein yuuhii rahana

tum pyaar pyaar banke""

she placed her head on his chest

nt:bahuth acha gaati h ap...

ak:hm...aur aj toh mujhe ye gaana gaana h padega...

nt:vo kyom???

ak:kuch nah...

she smiled remembering about his surprises...

nt:vaise vo rj teek h keh raha tha har baar hum ladke h kyon propose karoon???ap log b kar sakthe h na!!

ak:(sat up)vo isiliye ki ladke h hum ladkiyon ke peeche pagalon ki tarah ghoomthe h.. jaise ap mere peeche...

nt:acha ji...mein ek baat janta hooo...koi ladki uske boy friend ko propose kare ya na kare lekin ap mujhe kabhi propose nah kar paayenge...

he smiled as he was teasing her


nt:aur nah toh kya...ap i lov u kehne mein b 2 ghante sharmathi h toh propose karne keliye poora saal lag jayenge

@ he smiled out ,she got angry.

ak:acha toh abi kon propose karne jaa rahi ...

@ she fastly stopped her words

nt:kya kaha...

ak:kuch nah mein toh bas...isse h

she sat there silently,

he slowly placed his hands above her

nt:apko pata h aj apki vajah se mujhe kitna embaress hona pada...

she was still in anger so didnt ask anything but was eager 2 know wat had happened but natik purposefully didnt tell as he knew that akshi would surely ask.


nt:mein toh apki khayalom mein h khoy huwi thi tabi babuji akar mujhe dekhliya...phir vahi purani dialogues...aj toh ye b keh diya ki apko hamari office mein join karna chahiye taaki mein apna dhyan office ke kaamom mein b doo

she couldnt controll her smile

ak:acha...ismein konsi nay baat h...ap toh hamesha se isse h hein...

nt:mein ek baat poochoon,apko meri yaad nah aati??

ak:sach kahoo ya jhoot!!

nt:jhoot h.. kahiye...

(becoz he knews that it would b easy 4 her as she is a shy girl ,but akshi didnt expect this)

ak:toh sun ligiye mujhe na apki yaad bilkul nah aati,mein apke baare mein bilkul nah sochthi,mein kabhi b apko apne sapnom mein nah dekhthi...

@ she said all these in 1 strech,he become very happy 2 hear this as the actual truth would b just opposite of all these words...

precap :: the proposal & the karwa chaud!!!!

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asha wow so nice part loved it

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ente ashattiyee ClapClapClap   adipoli...assalayittundBig smileBig smile   morning   scene, dining   table    scene   kalakkiBig smile    terrace   scene    is   awesomeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed loved   their    car  scene    alsoEmbarrassedEmbarrassedRB yude    dialogue   enikku   shtappettuLOLLOLnaitikinteyumEmbarrassedellam   kondum    mindblowing updateEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by nishi755

asha wow so nice part loved it
hii nishi  thank u so muchBig smile

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