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The good, the bad and the Ugly: A tribute to GKD (Page 6)

Dreamygal301 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Oooh, love reading everyone's good, bad and ugly!ClapThumbs Up
Quite a few people mentioned the unspoken love, the sneaking looks from the beginning and I have to say, yeah that was one of the appeal of GKD.
I mean here we have this tough gunda, goes around shooting/fighting and he can't talk to a girl!ShockedShocked...It was so funnyLOLLOL. I adored the contrast, and one of the best scene that highlights this is the temple episode.

Remember chulbul taunting Avi afterwards?...that his eyes were shut as if by fevical!!LOLLOLLOL...I laugh like anything when she is going, the pigeons get startled and Avi springs up, a gun in his hand and an wild look in his eyes!ROFLROFL
Oh gosh, now I feel like more day and that's it, we will never see another new episode. The Story of Avdesh Singh Thakur is finished.Ouch
Everyone keep your tribute coming, can't wait to read them all.Thumbs Up

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Dreamygal301 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 April 2010
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fuzzyface

Nice tribute Big smile

The good
Well need I say more, it is none other than our hottie Avdesh Singh Thakur and his lovely hair Day Dreaming. The other would be Arpita sincerity in loving Avdesh.Heart Also the other best thing is you guys in this forum, totally awesome bunch Hug

The Bad
Hmmm Ranvijay Singh and his ego that clouded his judgment on truth and justice Dead

The Ugly
Bhaoji lust YUCK! Dead
@ red...I remember the high hopes we all had when RV first came strutting to the haveli!Ouch
We all thought that maybe he was here to show Avdeshji the right side of the life...phewww what a joke, we forgot the cardinal rule of Television shows: twist every character, no matter what!!LOLLOL

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Dreamygal301 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
yes I distinctly remember your unhappiness, mirrored by majority of us, when Arpi willingly went to RV's bed - to outwit him off course.
I think from then onwards, the whole thing very rapidly spiralled downwards!OuchAngry...In fact from the moment she made that decision, totally unlike Arpita, the writing was on the wall...
Well as for 'getting naked' well, I'm sure we all knew bhootni had more than just that in mind!!LOLLOLBig smile...I'm sure she was thinking alot about bedroom gymnastic...the positions/flexibility...Big smileWinkROFLROFLROFL...that's what being a repressed homicidal virgin widow is all about!LOLLOL

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Sidda8 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Good: Nearly everything about his show seemed good for me and that is why I loved it dearly. First of all, I admired this show for giving the perspective of a gunda who could justify his actions and also live a normal life aside from violence. I am a Law & Order admirer who is very curious about criminals. I have always wondered why only a certain few individuals choose to do crime and the reason for corruption. This serial provided the answers to some of my questions. Avdhesh's justification was to fight thorn with thorn and throw daggers at a person who is also throwing. He believed that being offensive was better than defensive because people will never get anywhere. Although, I disagree with violence and fights, Avdhesh seemed to make me melt every time he fought courageously. He was a force to be reckoned with and he sent vibrations that he was on a mission to complete. Nevertheless, this serial showed that everyone is capable of loving no matter who they are. I respected the fact that even a gunda could experience true love because he may also have a heart. I feel that the cure for hatred is thorough love and that love has the power to change an individual. Avita's love impacted Avdhesh's life and he has changed to some point even if it is not obvious. He began to love someone thoroughly and appreciate the gift of loving without demanding or receiving. His love tried to heal all the pains and miseries in his life and provide brightness to a shadowed lifestyle. Arpita's pure and sincere love made this show grow beautifully. We fans felt each and every emotion that Avita experienced because we went on a journey of identity with them. As Avita learned about each other, we also gained better understanding and love. Simple gazes held an infinite amount of words which demonstrated Avita's great love. They may be a regular couple but to us, they hold great status and importance. They were two people who could love each other without even speaking to each other. Sometimes, I wondered if Avita would still love each other if one of them was mute and then I realized that they would because their hearts and eyes speak more words than their mouths. Avita was made up of two individuals that made one soul; the soul will remain lifeless without the other half and thus Avita needed each other to survive.

My favourite scene is the very first scene that I had seen, where Avi saves Arpi from the water monster. First impression is always the best impression.  I was mesmerized by this scene. I remember Arpi doing prayers in the river and then this creep grabbing her feet and trying to drown her. Her struggle for life made me stay hooked to the TV and I anxiously watched to see what would happen next. Our prince charming was traveling in the jeep with his awesome foursome and he was in deep thought about his lady love. Chubul teased him and called the haveli so that Avi could hear her voice. They find out that she is performing religious prayers at the river and drive there. Once, they are at the scene, Videsia pleads Avi to save the drowning Arpi. Avi has this shocked expression and then he composes his face and watches the attack. He soon realizes that someone is attacking Arpi, so he races to the river, and dives into it. Avi beats up the creepy dude who lets go of Arpi and she struggles to float. Avi handed over the goon to his friends and he picked up Arpi with such ease. I loved how he carried her with great love and affection. His eyes were asking her a million questions and worrying if she would be fine. I saw great love for Arpi in Avi's eyes and every gesture and I fell for this guy at once. Avi gently laid Arpi on the ground and made her spit out all the water. His voice brought Arpi back to consciousness and she was happy to be in his secure arms. When I looked at Avita, I could see their deep and pure love and I began to admire this show.

Bad: I really disliked RV's track where he had to interfere with Avita's personal life. In fact, I was pissed off that he had interrupted Avita's private moment when she served him breakfast, and Arpi tapped Avi's head lovingly while he coughed. These two lovebirds had an intimate gaze and stupid RV had to come and break their gaze. I was really irritated because after marriage Avi was rude to Arpi and this was one of the few times that he recognized her great love for him. The cocky and egoist RV thought his intro was important and he shouted Avi's name. I disliked him from that. Then, when RV was leaving after warning Avi to stop the criminal activities, his eyes had fallen on Arpi who was on the terrace. He gazed at her for a while before leaving and my heart told me that Arpi was in trouble. I had this weird gut feeling that RV would prey on Arpi since their first encounter and his indecent proposal proved it. He took satisfaction in destroying Arpi's honour and pride and making Avi suffer. I felt like he was a savage that would harm anyone for his own pleasures. Due to RV's scheming, Avita suffered a lot and Arpita died. I would never forgive him for this because I respect woman honour and he ruined a woman's life.

Ugly: BJ's lusty dreams for Avi was definitely ugly and disgusting. This was not a shock for me because I had seen many Indian movies where the bhabi would like her devar. Although I did not watch the initial episode first, I knew that BJ fancied Avi from the way she gazed and talked with him. Believe it or not, BJ and Avi hold an intimate relation even if Avi does not return her feelings. He has an elder sister/ mother bonding to her while BJ plays the obsessed and secret lover. It was disgusting to see BJ dream of feeling and hugging Avi. Also, to watch her give lusty gazes at Avi and his photos. Her wardrobe full of Avi's pics pissed me off and made me call her a pedophile. Technically, she may have been a pedophile checking out Avi when he was a teenager and she was 18. In my country, she would be arrested for her actions and gestures. Eww, her keeping Avi's shirt and admiring his upper body was too much to bear. This woman was consumed by her lusty thoughts that she was ready to harm anyone who had the power to destroy her dreams. She reminded me of Ravan's sister Surpanakha who had lust for Ram and Laxman and she was ready to kill or give Sita away to Ravan. She is among the cheapest women to walk on this earth and BJ will walk beside her.

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
good written dreamy di
will remeber tht secene

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged

CryThanks for this post di , its like a releave to racall all Avita memories by this post,

i will start from last one - ugly-
the show was really beautifull but yeah it has some ugly aspects too,
first of all Bj 's desires for Avi yaakkk its so disgusting, the way they both give the scene it makes me feel pity for AST as a innocent boy he worship the lady who entered his house as widow n take whole charge of his house n his life too , for which he give her place of mother n what hell she was thinking about him,
then RV track , the way he give the indecent praposal to Arpi n she excepets it , it was really  horrable for me , i mean how can one girl go to another man in just name of Izzat of haveli , crap ,
n then what ever Avi says to Arpi , though he was right on his place any person would react the same way even Avi ask her to leave if any one else would be thr would shoot his wife but still the words used at that time was not proper i just hate writers for giving Avi such kind of dialouges Angry
after today's sbs seg i can say only the ending was the worst thing which can happen in any showDead
apart from that charactor of RV, BJ, disappearence of Lal singh, n Bj's all trials to kill Arpi b4 thr marriage which still unrevealed n i think will be a sceret till end its all bad n only creative team is responcible for it all.ok now i have much bad hing to discuss its about sudden ending they can make it more tragic but the way it ends i can't relate with it atleast give hthem time to convey feelings naaAngry
when it come to talk about good things its hard to choose some as each n every scene is close to my heart , i fell in love with AST n AR with each scene, start from the begining
their first meet in market,
the way Avi was waiting for Arpi in temple but when she came he got nurvous n start hitting the bell ooh he was looking so cute n then the garden scene was mind blowing AS convey all emotions through eyes ,
then my first fav scene of TB when h\she declear her love for Avi in front of her father wow it makes me believe that this girl will rock the showWink
 making it short coming to only those which give me goose bums
where Avita fight for the first time n Avi pulled her hairs but later go to apply bandage on her injuryEmbarrassed
n then the way avi care her after returning from jungle when arpi shot Rv n that time for the first time Avi replyed back to Bj by telling her "he is her husband will not leave her at any cost,, she is preacious for him then any thing"
wow,n then my all time fav the lock up scene the way they acted i still can feel it .
the banana romance,
hldi of shikha ,
n finally the confrontation part Arpi's last scene n Aiv's crying when he came to know the truth .
these all were so touching for me , well i can go on n on n night seems short for it but scens will not end
Dreamy thanx for this post  again i live those moments again through this post thanx for it.Embarrassed

Edited by joliefille - 27 May 2011 at 1:56pm

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elle22 Groupbie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
This is a really nice post!!! 
The Good (or rather the best on television so far): were the initial episodes of GKD right uptill the time Avdhesh 1st brings Arpita to the Haveli. They were blissful.

The Bad: was its too soon ending that too with a sad end.

The Ugly: was how throughout the entire story Avdhesh never used his own brains. He was always being led by someone else. His blind trust in Bahuji, and how he never questioned her acts, so much that he actually doubted Arpita, who loved him so much, who sacrificed so much for him and also endured so much pain (not just mental but also physical). 
Towards the end when Pihu comes in as Arpi, Avdhesh began to trust her blindly, and turned against Bahuji (even though this time technically she was correct).
So the question that remains in my mind is that "why didnt his blind faith extend to Arpita whom he loved so much? How could he have even begun to doubt her love for him, after she had endured so much for him, and that too at the hands of RV. "

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randomsoul Groupbie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
good...the actors with superb acting skills and funny yet nice accents

bad...the story writers...they truly know how to ruin a good show...why did they waste so much time on RV...the name should have been "gunahon ka devta's enemies: Bhauji and RV"

ugly...imagine tv for ending it too soon...i have feeling if they didn't end it then pihu would have shown to be arpita 

i loved the show but don't like the end and the moral of the story...don't let your kid marry into a gangster family...they'll surely kill her and can never be changed--> Avadesh's family (bhauji) ended up killing Arpita and at the end of the day it doesn't matter how much arpita and avadesh loved each other. Arpita died for no reason...what about her parents...they suffered the most, but they didn't kill themselves...suicide is not an option...its a sin...i would have rather liked Avadesh living and helping poor kids, maybe run an orphanage or just do something productive than kill himself...he could do something to keep arpita's legacy don't have to be with the person in order to love them...he could have loved her and died of something normal...they set suicide as an example for the people who have lost their loved ones...not good in my opinion.

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