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SS: Forbidden Thoughts ~MG~ Part 4 Page 21 ~ 6/4 (Page 7)

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you did great with the third person write like a painted a picture so clear i felt the hug at the endEmbarrassed...really loved reading this...Clap

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She abandoned his arms and shoved him away in chagrin, "Don't you ever touch me like that Maan Singh Khurana. I am engaged to another man. Who the hell do you think you are?"


Maan was frazzled for second. He did not understand what had just happened partially due to the warmth that he lost when he was touching her. However, after her accusation he hardened his face to make sure that she would not be able to see the long roller coaster ride he just went on.

"I have no interest in touching you Ms. Geet Handa," he condescendingly responded, "I too am engaged, and I am happy with her. And it is you who touched me first. Can't keep your slithering hands off of me, I see."

A smirk touched his lips as walked off into the room. Exploring the new found territory.

"What are you doing?" she curiously asked.

"Looking for a fireplace," he flatly spoke to not hint out his masked feelings, "Lucky I have matches on me."

"As if I care."

 Geet shrugged her shoulders in negligence and wondered about the old shabby house. A hand swept around her waist and pulled her closer; she felt a rock hard chest behind her. The hand clenched onto her stomach as her sucked in her breather. Than a small audible voice whispered into her ear, "You'll care when you are freezing to death."

He than removed her hair and began to skim his nose down her neck. Geet had clenched her teeth in worry of her desire to hold being shown. He soon stopped at the beginning of her fully drenched shirt. No longer feeling the sweet sensation she unclenched her teeth and relaxed her tense shoulders.

"Honey, don't hold your breath for me," Maan chided to her, "I'm not worth your life."

Hearing those words leave his mouth her became shocked. 'I'm not worth your life'. Was there a dual meaning behind those menacing words? Was there a side that cared?

"I'm much more valuable than you." He continued his sentence and Geet immediately pushed him off. The audacity of this supposed humble man was atrocious. Never had she meet someone like this.

He chuckled as he managed to tangle her in his words and saw the effect he had on her. Or still had on her. He walked away quietly looking for a fireplace.

Geet remained motionless for a while. She never would have guess that this man would ever become to cold-hearted and downright cynical. She removed the petty thought of this man from her mind and began to continue her quest of the house.

There wasn't really anything huge. A couple a cupboards and desks and nightstands lying around. A small little rug on the floor and some sheets lying on furniture. She pulled a white sheet and out came a couch. It looked antique and withered away as well. The designs were impeccable, they looks magnificent from her point of view. She wanted to look at them in great detail but it was hardly noticeable due to the lack of light.

She leaned in closer to see everything and than a dim light formed that soon became louder and filled up the entire room. She looked back and noticed that Maan had been able to start a fire.

"Looks like that you can actually do something for a change," she sarcastically retorted to anger him for the comment her had made earlier.

"Yes, I know. I can do things. It's better than you who waits for other people to help them in every crisis," Maan shoot back with anger in his voice, but she could not miss the mockery as well. And than he walked away. Geet no longer having the patience to handle his antics she ran right behind him. She grabbed his shoulder and turned his around.

"I'm sorry if Mr. Big and Tough had to pick on little kids to make him seem tougher," Geet unleashed her fury in that one line. Maan appalled at her sudden outburst remained transfixed on her.

"What are you taking about?" He still didn't understand what Geet was talking about.

"You know exactly what I am talking about," she poked him with every word she said.

"Do not poke me, Ms. Handa," Maan gritted through his teeth.

"I can poke you if I want to Mr. Khurana," Geet continued to poke him.

Maan losing his complete and utter patience grabbed Geet's shoulder and hauled her to the wall and caged her in with his hands when she tried to escape his deathly hold.

"I told you not to poke me," Maan growled, "And now pay the price."

Maan lowered his face to the crook of Geet's neck and brushed his lips against the soft satin skin. A whimpered 'no' came out of Geet's mouth as she fell into the Maan charm. She knew she had to fight but didn't know how.

Maan continued his assault on her creamy skin without hesitance. Touching her again was touching heaven over and over again. He planted kisses as he skimmed down her slender neck. He waited for her resistances to go down and than with one sharp move her delicately yet passionately bit her neck, leaving a his mark on there. After which he continued to suck on that same spot.

Geet received cognizance after that bite. Everything came crashing. From the delicate feel to the horrendous act. That not only was she going to be someone else's but he belonged to another. She jabbed him in his stomach and he crouched and came down, "Your engaged, you ass. What the hell are you doing?" 

"Teaching you a lesson, to never poke me again."

"Consider lesson learned. And there are others way to handle this than doing that."

"Doing what?"

"Just shut up Mr. I'm too tough."

"I really don't know what you are talking about."

"So you don't remember the first day we meet?" Geet was astounded that he could forget.




A girl with two pigtails walked in to school with a daunt gait. She was afraid to look up from the ground in fear that someone might see the tears in her eyes. She was going to go to kindergarten, which undoubtedly meant that she needed to go away from her parents. She held onto her teddy that was clutched in her small and frail hand. She could hear loud murmur everywhere, kids walking in hurry, friends' high-fiving each other. Teacher's talking about lesson plans and older kids playing at the basketball courts, she had the sense of feeling that she did not belong.

"I'm scared Teddy," she clutched her teddy tighter as teenagers walked by and she easily felt intimidated, "I don't like this place."

She shook her head profusely, "We should go back to mama, and papa and tell them we don't like this place."

She raised the teddy bear as if it was real human being and began talking to it. Than her little eye raised and she no longer saw her parents. She realized that she trailed off somewhere, away from them. She on the verge of tears, she was scared of this humongous place that she had no clue about and she was lost as well. She spun around in circles hoping to find her parents somewhere; however, all was in vain.

A boy on a skateboard zoomed by and she lost her balance and shuffled to the side and stepped on something that she believed to be a rock. When she finally balanced herself on the pavement she noticed a whole group of boys almost the same age as her staring at her. She was paralyzed thinking of what could happen to her. But she thought they could help her so she quietly asked them, "Hmmm, do you guys know where my parents are?"

She muttered her sentence afraid that her voice might crack.

"You new here?" One of the boys asked.

She didn't look up, but simply nodded her head.

"Look at her. She probably is. See, no where's pigtails nowadays," another voice spoke up and Geet got scared. He seemed very mean and rude and he insulted her pigtails, "and you stepped on my brand new shoes. They are completely dirty now."

"Sorry," she mumbled afraid to look at them, however he did not hear her sorry.

"So we have to be even," he gleefully responded and than did a strange aberrant handshake type thing with his friends and yelped out in laughter.

She was too frightened to even move from her spot she stated rooted. Soon a hand swept down her one of her two pigtails and she felt a sudden contraction on her scalp. He had just pulled her pigtail as revenge. 

"Now we are even," he boisterously exclaimed, "And to make sure that you never step out of your boundaries," he grabbed her teddy bear and slammed it down on the ground.

He once again turned and started to high-five his friends in happiness and she was shaking in fear with tears streaming down her eyes.

"MAMA," she cried in agony, "PAPA."

The boys roared in louder laughter seeing her wale like that.

Two figures came running from the distance and huddled around Geet almost to protect her.

"Beta, where did you go," the man chided to her daughter for running away.

"I was so scared," the woman hugged the little girl in worry and trepidation. She held onto her as if she lost the most priceless possession she ever had, "Don't ever do that again Geet."

"Mama, he mean. Pulled my hair and threw my teddy bear," Geet spoke through her sobs, as she attempted to make coherent speech.

            "What?" the parents spoke in unison.

            "Yes," Geet pointed behind her parents to show the boy group who were attempting stealthily leave the scene.

            "Maan," a more louder and prominent voice spoke up from behind Geet.

            Maan shut his eyes at the voice and turned around with his face downcast, "Yes, Papa."

            "Is what I am hearing right," his father spoke in a scrutinizing voice.

            Maan nodded his head subtly, ashamed that his father had caught him. His father gave a disapproving look and looked at the little girl who was huddled in her mothers arms.

            "I'm sorry Mr'"


            "Yes. He usually doesn't act like this. It's probably a phase."

            "Boys are boys," Mr. Handa sighed.

           "If it is okay with you, can Maan apologize for his actions," an ashamed Mr. Khurana pleaded to Mr. Handa.

            "Sure, if it is okay with Geet," he addressed his little angel and nodded his head to see if Geet was okay with it.

            She shook her head gently to indicate she was okay with that idea.

            "Great," Mr. Khurana roared, "Maan," he eyed his soon to come and apologize.

            Geet stood up from her mothers hug and walked to Maan with extreme trepidation.

            "I'm sorry," he shyly spoke.

            "It's okay," Geet responded and held out her hand, "friends."

            Maan looked at this small little girl who offered to be friends. She looked angelic with a smile on her face. He was more ashamed of his action now. He offered his hand and shook her hand.

            "YAH," she yelled in happiness, "Maan, I'm going to be in kindergarten, what about you?"

            "First grade," he proudly responded and placed his hands in his pockets.  

            "Wow," Geet was amazed by him.

            "I know."

            Maan and Geet dove into a long discussion about school forgetting that there parents were right behind them.




            Geet walked away from Maan angered by his forgetfulness. How could he forget the first day they met?

            She busied her self in rearranging the sheets that she pulled from the furniture. And started to place it on the ground next to the rug, her mind still jumbled on the past. They started their entire friendship that grew from that day. It was day that should be remembered by them, but this stupid man had a certain problem with his mind. From that day forward Geet was not to be messed with and the only person who had that right was Maan, and he used it fully. Whether it was teasing her appearance or her learning capabilities. They even spend all their free time together. Eating ice cream, which he always bought, or playing in the park or doing fun projects together. They spent there entire childhood together  

            And he forgot. And she was not going to easily forget it, she knows how to hold a grudge and she was going to show him that Geet Handa is not a sweet and simple girl.

            "Geet, listen to me," Maan yelled from behind hoping to get her attention.

            Geet however remained oblivious to his calls and remained transfixed on the work at hand. She placed the sheet on the ground and began to straighten out the crinkles. She reached the next sheet to repeat the same task again when Maan again spoke up.

            "Geet," he soothingly called her, "That day is impossible for me to forget. I can forget an the whole world but I can never forget that day Geet."

            "It's the day you came into my life, how can I," he mumbled very softly hoping it would not reach her ears.

             "Did you say something Maan," she asked, even knowing what he said.

            "Oh, ummm. What are you doing," he skeptically asked.

            "Oh, cleaning the floor," she genuinely answered.

            "Uh," he was confused by her answer.

            "I'm making a place to go to sleep you dumbo. What else do you think I am doing?"

            "Oh. Well don't have to be sarcastic about it."

            "You don't have to be dumb about it."

            Than they stood in a quiet impasse as they grew comfortable with each others' surrounding. Maan stood numb looking at Geet's angelic face. He smiled slightly thinking of her smile. She was a beauty, a God given on.

            "Are you going to help," Geet probed him, "Or stand like that?"

            Maan walked towards Geet to fulfill her demand of him working and edged closer but his foot got tangled in one of the disheveled sheets leading him to lose balance of himself and fall.

            And in that fall he managed to get hold of Geet, or it was Geet trying to stabilize him.

            They were going to fall down to the rock hard ground and Maan's instincts to protect his Geet came and he forcibly turned so he would make contact with the ground. Geet was completely discombobulated and she felt a sudden gush of air and than touching something soft yet firm. She snuggled in closer with the comfort and the warmth that it was offering. She felt two hands touching her lower waist and scorching her skin in the process.

            Maan grabbed her waist to steady her fall and but Geet's cuddling caused him to hold on tighter and that lead to him breathing heavily. Geet's hair covered his face completely and allowed an intoxicating scent to fill him. He had an urge to touch her more, kiss her, and be with her.

            He let the urge take control and turned making Geet go on the bottom and him towering her. Geet was confused with the sudden action and looked a Maan with questions masked by the passion in her eyes. Maan gently removed her hair on Geet's face to look at her more cleary. Geet shut her eyes with the fiery touch.

            Maan leaned in and kissed her forehead and Geet grasped onto the sheets on the floor. Maan made his way down her face, passionately and slowly making Geet leave the sheets and touch him, hold him. He was hovering over her luscious red lips, smirking at the red hue that had displaced her cheeks.

            "Why did you kiss me?" Geet asked suddenly and Maan groaned and tossed over to the side.




            "I don't want you to leave. Ever." Geet told Maan. She held his hand to prove that she never wanted to distance herself. They were at their favorite spot in town. A little lake by the park. It was simple and yet beautiful. Maan would always say that it was 'Little Geet'.

            "Geet, please understand." Maan attempted to explain to her, "I need to go. Papa knows best."

            "But what about me," she pulled his hand closer, "You can't leave me."

            "Papa says that it is the best high school here."

            "But it is a boarding school." Geet pouted and poked her lower lip out knowing Maan always melts but however Maan avoided looking at Geet, "Oh. I see. You want to leave me isn't it?"

            "How can you ever say that Geet," Maan's eyes were shooting fire but his voice was very hurt, "Never in a million years would I want to leave you. But I have to."

            "Than don't." Geet tried again to convince him.

            "Geet. I am going to miss you so much. But don't worry. My weekends are always yours. Do you think I am going to forget you," Geet reluctantly shook her head, "That will never ever happen. I can forget this whole world but never Geet Handa. She would never let me, and I really do value my life. Geet just remember, this friendship can't easily be broken. Never. How can it, it started from me pulling on your hair. I think we can take this."

            Geet still looked away from Maan. He pulled her hand that was holding his closer and placed it right next to his heart, "Geet, you are right here. And you never ever going to go away."

            Geet looked at him and hugged him crying profusely in his arms. Maan hugged her to but with held his tears. He had to remain strong, otherwise Geet would be a lost hope. They stayed in that hug for a long time. Feeling each other and reliving the memories and enjoying each other's company.

            Geet pulled out of the hug and looked at him intently. Hoping that she doesn't have to cry anymore.

            Seeing a disheveled Geet he cupped her face and placed a small little peck on her lips'





            "Why?" she continued to probe him.

            "Why are you asking after all these years," an agitated Maan looked away.

            "Cause it matters," she responded.

            "Not anymore," he retorted.

            "Oh, yes it does," she pulled him back so they were looking at each other, "It matters to me."

            Maan continued to just stare at without answering her question.

            "You really don't know do you?" she sounded astonished.

            "Know what?" he was baffled.

            "That after that kiss, you changed me. After that day I always looked at you differently. I was scared almost, terrified of the new feelings. But I guess you never knew that. That I actually liked you more. That I cared more. Thought of you more'But all you thought was to kiss that troubled girl--."

            Maan pushed Geet down no longer being able to bear what she was saying and pinned her hands over her head. Geet was perplexed by his actions and questioned his intentions, "Never say that!" Maan growled.

            Than he forced his lips upon her petal ones.  





Here is part two...Really hoped you enjoyed it.
And thanks for everyone for your lovely comments..Loved reading them!!!!
bad news..all my updates got deleted. I had 3 parts written out and my little bro
deleted them all. So never EVER give your younger siblings your laptop to play
games...Never now what they are going to do...
So i pulled this out over the last two hours! NOT edited..Please ignore!
So i really hope you enjoyed it.
Hit the like button, comment or BOTH

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loved it
thnx 4 da pm Smile

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really nice
do continue soon

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nice dialogues and like the way of giving past and present together

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Its confusing. . . . They love each other then y they engaged wid other persons????

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