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SS: Forbidden Thoughts ~MG~ Part 4 Page 21 ~ 6/4 (Page 20)

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Congratulation Geet, you truly have broken this relationship.


            A long reticence consumed the entire house. Maan continued to stare into the blazing fire, conflagrating his own desires and his calamity into the never ceasing inferno. Geet stared at Maan's back keenly, searching for long forgetting answer to plaguing question that could never be quenched. The eerie silence was enough to indicate that their despondency was suffocating as their capacious amount of misunderstanding were shown before them.                      

            Geet was neglecting Maan's statement and spoke out in fury, "So I am the one who broke the relationship," she amplified her volume, so that Maan could be able to hear.

            Maan turned around immediately with accusatory eyes that caused Geet to stand up with an aberrant feeling in her, "Are you really asking that? Aren't you the one who seemingly had lost all your faith in me? In what we had."

            Geet stood up baffled, but as cognizance settle in, rage took over, "What we had? Do you really have the audacity to ask that Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. Really. Do tell me, what exactly we had.  And for your kind information, I never ever lost faith in us. Never. So do not accuse me of such a preposterous crime I never committed."

            "Really, Ms. Handa. Oh, sorry. Ms. Soon-to-be Mehra. You truly never lost faith, which is why you are going to be married very soon," Maan spoke through his teeth but the venom in his voice never seemed to dim down.

            "You have no idea what you are saying, so please stop, before you make a mockery of yourself," Geet spoke with her voice constricted.

            "A mockery of myself, why not? Since I have already seen you do it. Break our relationship, but keep utter faith in me, and marry some one else. If that isn't mockery, than what is?"

            Maan and Geet began to come closer to each other with each accusing statement. Till a space for only another body prevailed between them.

            "Maan, do not test me. You are too marrying another."

            "But whose relationship was settled first. Yours. Your love precious love marriage."

            "Maan, please."

            Geet swiftly responded to avoid the topic, but in vain.

            "You come back from Princeton and dig yourself in work."

            "It's in not like you weren't'"

            "Two years pass, but nothing about your true feelings comes out'"

            "Listen Maan."

            "And than you declare that you are going to marry someone else."

            "Its not''

            "A love marriage, nonetheless."

            "I never said that'"

            "And now you tell me about these stupid tabloids, what am I to assume. You are going to marry someone else; you fell for someone else because you trusted those meaningless magazines rather than having faith in me."

            "I FAKED the marriage, you duffer."

            Geet let out a whimpers as she spoke the truth that changed the entire perspectives on the entire room, and inwardly, of both of their lives.

            "I faked it," a series of sobs left her mouth but remained untouched by Maan's, now, stone hard exterior.

            "You did what," he grasped at her shoulders and held her up, from falling feebly to the ground. Her whimpers became amplified. Due to the pain he was causing on her shoulders and the pain that resided in her heart.

            "Tell me Geet, what did you do?" he shook her fervently as he waited his dying question to be answered. The rage that resided him what not still barren, it still held an unaccountable amount animosity for her.

            "I waited Maan, I waited. For you," Maan released her from his death grip as the revelation dawned upon. Geet collapsed onto the ground as she was a dulcet liquid. Maan stood aghast, he was figuring out many pieces of the past, and yet many more were still unknown to him.

            He walked away unable to sallow the new information that he has just received, "You're lying to me, aren't you?"

            Geet huffed in disdain; nothing could ever be enough for this obdurate man.

            "What would I gain to you, by lying to you now," Geet spoke between her hushed whimpers.

            "Why did you do this? Why?"

            "Because you never came, that is why."

            "What nonsense are you taking about?"

            "I waited Maan, for you. Do you think that I actually submerged into my work for fun, or did you make me? You never talked to me Maan, never. You were consumed in your work and never once looked at me. I tried to make plans together but you never showed up. Do you even now how many countless days I waited at our spot, for you to show up, because you promised. But I forgot that you were to busy in work, rather worrying about a petty little girl and her feelings towards you. How the hell am I supposed to realize that you loved me? Was I supposed to believe my heart or my eyes that spoke plainly of the truth?"

            "Geet I never meant to."

            "You never meant to. Right, you keep telling yourself that. But remember this Maan; I waited for you, for two years. You do not even realize how much trouble I had to endure in those two years. Seeing you everyday, but you seemingly remained oblivious to me. The amount of talk time we actually received we wasted on formalities. But I kept faith, Maan, I kept faith. From the day that you kissed me, I knew that we had something better but you just failed to recognize it continuously."

            "I never meant to."

            "Never meant to what Maan, hurt me. Well you already managed to due that."

            "But this doesn't justify your reason to have a FAKE marriage."

            "If you look at it clearly, no, no matter what, this fake charade could never to justified. But if you let your heart take a look, it would not hesitate a second for agreeing with my decision. Maan, I asked Aakash to help me, and he obliged. But why we did was completely different. He knew that I loved you dearly and wanted you for he also noticed the strain on our relationship. He was a family friend and I trusted him with this. We did it to make you jealous Maan, for lack of a better term. We never planned for a marriage to come into play, but when mother found out, she took it new levels. But I didn't care; I needed you to realize that you cared for me as much as cared for you. Loved you as much I believed that you loved me.

            Maan I wanted you to realize that you loved me, you seemed oblivious to everything. If jealousy was the only way, than why not. Hook or Crook. If this was the only way to make you come to terms in to your feelings so that we can be together, than why not. But I was wrong Maan, completely wrong. You never loved me; I was the fool who thought that you did."

            "Geet don't say that, please." Maan walked back to comfort her but Geet shrugged his hand off her shoulder.

            "Why shouldn't I say it? Huh. I was seriously stupid, an idiot, and crazy, inane, impulsive and irrevocably in love with you, that I failed see the truth. That you never loved me. Because if you had, wouldn't you have told me. Prevent me from marrying him, try to stop the wedding. Do something. Something anything."

            "How am I supposed to know?" he retorted but Geet remained emerged in herself to have heard his remark.

            "I forget, Maan. You did do something. You went out and got a fiance. I know remember," Geet's head shot up to Maan's which was downcast, but not in guilt but due to the turn out of the circumstances, "Sameera Raina. Wasn't that a perfect moment in life. Where all my hopes and dreams were shattered, my life became void; love seemed to become a burden. You should have seen the amount of tears I shed for you. It was a priceless moment in our lives, sorry, mine. All this for an 'I love you'."

            "Geet. Who was I to say I love you to you when you were engaged to be married to another. How was I? How?"

            "How? Like you did right now, Maan, right now! Almost like this. Where you weren't afraid of your feeling, where you showed me your feelings. If you could do all this now, than why not a year ago. What's the difference Maan, what is the difference now? But no. Maan Singh Khurana had to up hold his ego and be sure to crumble my love, but he didn't seem to realize that he was crushing my love, with the help of his new love, Sameera.

            "You could have said 'I love you' Geet. I didn't need to be the one to say it first."

            "I did Maan. I told you. And you brushed it off as puppy love, even though we were mature individuals. I just needed to make you realize that you loved me as well, and this wasn't one-sided. And Aaskash helped me, but you had other plans. I just wished you had the courage to do what you did today, one year ago. Everything would have been different."

            The smell of an epiphany was prevalent in the room. Geet stood up quietly and walked to the edge of the fireplace watching it burn continuously but able to attain its desire to live on freely. She envied the fire for having its own will and stood dumbfounded at the play of events.

            Maan looked at the raging storm outside. It was wrecking havoc on everything around. As he did to his life and the people he loved, he wrecked havoc on them all. But after the storm comes the rainbow, and he needed to create that rainbow for himself.

            He marched up to wear Geet was standing and turned her around abruptly and pinned to the brick wall behind her. He slithered his hand into her hair, feeling the luscious hair on his finger tips.

            "What are you doing Maan?" a perplexed Geet asked as she attempted squirm out of his reach.

           "Bringing back my courage. I love you, Geet," Geet's eyes meet his and gazed lovingly at his intoxicating brown eyes, "I have loved you, do love you, and will love you. Forever and always," Geet closed her eyes with complacency at those words, "Forever and always," he whispered caringly but with a seductive hint into her ears.

            "I love you too," and those words were enough for Maan to set off in his rampage of desire and loving Geet.

            He captured her lips delicately and kissed them tenderly. He released his hold on her frail body and gripped her waist sliding his hand into her half drenched shirt making Geet surrender to her desire of him. She raised her hands and tangled them into his hair. He smirked at the response he was receiving. He wanted to tease endlessly with hovering his lips on her or giving her small and supple kisses that left her wanting more.

            Geet was submitting to his desire but wasn't liking his antics. She clenched tighter onto his hair to voice her dissatisfaction to only receive a chuckle from Maan.

            Enthralled by his chuckle, his laughter Geet looked at him with a convivial smile. Maan looked at her questioningly, asking for her reason to stop. She relinquished her hold on his hair and slide on hand down his chest slowly allowing a grunt to escape Maan's throat. The other hand reached the bottom of his lip and gently brushed the edges. This small little gesture awoke the languish demons in Maan. He growled and pinned her tightly against the wall.

            "Its been a long time since you have laughed Maan," she continued to stroke his lower lip disabling all the self control left in Maan, "You should do it more often, it makes me really happy."

            "My sole reason for happiness is with me, why wouldn't I be happy." He lowered his head as he planned to assault her neck. He skimmed across her neck with his lips causing Geet to turn her head to allow more room for him. A small moan escaped her lips when he finally placed his lips upon the crook of her neck. Turmoil mixed with undeniable pleasure soared through Geet.

            She was finally happy, but it was too good to be true. She shoved Maan off hastily as apprehension of the situation came through her mind. 

            "What are you doing Geet?" a discombobulated Maan asked.

            "We can't do this Maan. My marriage may be a fake, but yours isn't," Geet attempted to run away from Maan's clutched but an agile Maan was too quick for her. She collided into his stone hard chest and she looked at him with anguish. However Maan's gaze was more malleable and cherishing. He ran his hand down Geet's face, "She loves you Maan. I can't do this to her."

            "Geet. She has never loved me, rather my money, status, and reputation. She and I never had a compassionate relationship. She was just playing along with the whole marriage faade. We were never going to have a true married relationship. And I knew she could never take a place in my heart, because you already reserved a spot that even God himself could not diminish."

            Geet readily pounced on Maan with the new discovery. A dubious Maan unaware of the attack fell to the ground with Geet laying on to of him. Her head rested on his heart, silently listening to his heartbeat. A content smile displaced on his face knowing that this is where she will always be.

            They mutually raised from each other's embrace and looked at each other. All their questions where answered with beyond adequate answers, and their minds no longer dominated their over audited actions, but a very complacent heart took over their desires and needs.

            Geet leaned over and placed her lips on Maan's as they began to kiss without any hesitation or any doubt. They were allowed to be together, and no force in the universe could say otherwise.

            Geet began to tease him as he did to her but a powerful Maan was not up for her frolic. He tightened his hold on her waist and a submissive Geet fully kissed him allowing him entrance in her mouth. Their tongues danced in perfect harmony as did their hearts.

            Maan hands went up the hem of Geet's shirt and started to caress her lower stomach area compelling Geet to let of a small stifled moan. She began to unbutton his shirt as they kissed passionately. As air began to essential to them Geet removed her lips and began to kiss his now exposed chest. Each kiss was passionate but very soothing. Geet than nipped his shoulder and she felt his throat vibrate as a low growl escaped his lips.

            Before she could make out the next series of events, she was under a hard force. She looked up to noticed Maan looking at her in playful malevolence. He was ready for his revenge.   

            He pinned her hands above her head and became biting down her smooth and creamy neckline. He was very violent as he bite harshly and began soothing the wound softly, with care as he slowly sucked on it. His hands began unbuttoning her shirt and slide around her now bare skin. He continued his exploration enticing pleasurable moans to escape Geet's lips.

            Soon, after Maan's torture tactics, they both laid bare covered by sheets on the ground. Maan was kissing her now exposed naval delicately and Geet's clenched Maan's back with each pressing kiss. He slowly made his way up as he kissed the valley between her cleavage, and smirking at what he had already done to them. He came close to Geet's face she laid immerged in the pleasure he was giving her that showed his never ending love for him.

            He gazed into her eyes has he asked her a simple question, asked for permission. Geet was transfixed on him but coyness took over and he simply took her lips in as he slide ever so slowly.

            His plaguing kiss was suppressing her pain of the movement with in her and gashed at Maan's back. Maan kiss on her lips became more relaxed and reliably. It was sweet and caring. It was showing her that everything was just right, perfect. And she soon realized when the pain that he was giving turned into bittersweet pleasure that now she became apart of.

            All she could see is Maan, and everything was perfect, as they swam together into perfect bliss, as the striking pleasure consumed them.




            Geet's head laid on Maan's shoulder as Maan's hand was securely holding Geet and lightly tracing irregular designs on her back allowing a small tickling sensation on Geet's skin. Geet was playing with Maan's hand and relaxing over his heart.

            They both were obsequious to each other's love as they finally surrendered. Geet silently placed a small little peck on Maan's heart.

            "Geet this heart is already yours. And you own every single heartbeat of mine. Because I loved you from the moment I saw you."

            Geet raised her head to look to him as she was astounded with his statement.

            "I pulled your pigtails because I thought you were cute, I kissed you when I left because I wanted you to remember me, and I knew I was with in this rain because I know my Geet for I love you."

Geet placed a little peck on his lips and murmured, "Forever and Always."

And than she settled into his chest, "And Maan. I asked you to be my friend because I thought you looked very cute, I was jealous of Sameera for her having you, and I knew deep down that it was you in the rain because I truly have loved you."

Maan quickly turned so Geet was laying beneath him, "Forever and Always."

"Forever and Always." Geet murmured back before Maan once again sealed her lips.   


Hey Friends!!!
Hope i cleared the misunderstanding up to par. And you guys understood
everything. I really hope so!!!
And if the romance was not good, please dont blame me. Im only an almost 17 year old
Nevertheless. I really hoped you liked it.
This was the last part. Have not thought of an epilogue. Time will determine!!!
Not edited...Please Ignore..
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luv d ff n luv d part amazng
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Continue soon
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it was amazing...awsm...loved it...well  abt d was simply superbThumbs Up...
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U wrote superb...and ya this tym i got the pm...thanks...i cant believe ur not even 17 and wrote this part so well...
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awesome part.
loved it.
 continue soon.
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Loveeed it, Awesome update.
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