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SS: Forbidden Thoughts ~MG~ Part 4 Page 21 ~ 6/4 (Page 14)

khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
Hey Isha...thanks 4 da pm n lovely update! Loved teh prsent n flashbacks...seems like Maan has feelings for Geet! Hope Geet realises this update soon !

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 3:51pm | IP Logged
Update will be today. Dont know when though...

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LuvScooby IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
I finished my Memorial day shopping, I hope u finished waiting for the update Embarrassed

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            Than he forced his lips upon her petal ones. 


            Than he forced his lips upon her petal ones, stopping her from allowing anything from leaving her mouth. Maan lost himself in the kiss completely; he entwined his hand into Geet's and forced himself onto her, harder. Geet was trying hard to suppress her desire to kiss him back, but Maan continued to suck on her lips to allow entrance into the forbidden territory. Geet involuntarily arched herself into him, as they fit perfectly together.

            Maan continued to probe her but Geet refused to give in, but Maan, losing his patience and nipped her lower lip and forced himself in. Geet no longer containing herself let out a soft moan, and a smirk appeared on his lips. He continued his passionate assault on her precious lips and Geet, completely fallen to him, reciprocated the same intensity and sometimes more. Geet bit Maan's lip causing a deadly growl to erupt from this throat but Geet was no where neared scared. She simply kissed him harder enjoying the little time they had. She had waited for this moment for twelve years.

            The twelve years of simply withering away for him, waiting for him, for that moment when everything would eventually change. Standing there in the scorching sun waiting for him to come and whisk her away into the nice and tranquil place where eternity would be bearable, because he was there, with her. It was the long penance that would be broken with a kiss upon her lips, but it wasn't has easy as she thought it would. It came at a high price for it was completely wrong.

What they were doing was completely wrong. She pulled her lips away from Maan's in a hurry and tried to push him off, but her feeble hands were nothing to his stone hard chest, where his stone cold heart resides, protected from her, something she desired eons ago, but it was little to brute for taking.

Geet hoped that he would relinquish her from his grasp but Maan simply groaned and reached down her long and slender neck to continue to show his passion. Geet worked harder to push him off her but she began sinking into his touch. She knew she had to contain herself or else everything would go wrong.

"Maan, stop," she whimpered out, "This isn't right. Please."

She tried whole heartedly to try and shove him off but all her attempts were useless.

"Stop," she tried again, "Please, Sameera."

At that word, Maan's head shot up. He was appalled at Geet for taking that name, he looked at her in disbelief, but his eyes were emitting question, but not the agonizing ones, but the sweet and lovely that made you question if you were right. Did you do the right thing?

Maan sighed as Geet's stubbornness to the situation and got off of her and walked to the couch. He looked back to see that Geet was hugging her knees and slightly shaking, whether it was for the draft in the house or about what just happened a couple of seconds ago.

"Told you, you would get cold," he tried to lighten the mood up, but it was all in vain.

Geet turned her head sharply giving a very astounded expression. She was undoubtedly shocked at the calmness and the humor that Maan still had, even after what they had just done.

"Are you seriously cracking jokes at this moment," she stood and up and walked to him in a very predator type stance but doubt in every step that she took.

Maan scoffed and spoke, "Well--."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Huh," he was perplexed by her question and did not want to state the complex answer.

"I didn't stutter. Why are you doing this?"

"What kind of question is that?" he attempted blow off the steam that she was trying to make into a full fledged fire.

She stopped in front of him and simply stared, did not say anything but just stared. Her eyes were accusing him, asking him, answering him, and deep down, the darkest desire, wanted him. But if her heart was a rebel that fought for his wants and needs than her mind was strict and cunning enough to catch the rule breaker every time it wished to come out, but what was a person to do in a war between two loathsome enemies whom were working against her.

"Do you even know what you are doing?" she tried to prevent the treacherous tears from falling but failed miserably, she no longer had the power to control herself, "Do you not know that you are engaged, and that I am too?"

            She turned to leave him and to prevent another display of emotion that may reframe her keeping whatever control she had at bay. She needed to stay away from Maan but will he let her was the biggest question of them.

            And as if fate was mocking her, she felt something tug her hand in her movements to escape. She fell upon a cold but firm surface and she looked up to see that Maan was staring intently at her. She looked back with equal zeal and awakened her hidden feelings. She looked at his eyes but found his desolated, weak, beguile, and destitute soul. A lone tear escaped at her revelation that altered her enter world.

            "Why?" she asked as she remained seated on his lap.

            "That is a very ambiguous question you are asking, do you not realize," he spoke to her with his eyes still transfixed on her.

            "Where did it go wrong?" she spoke out loud, hoping that he wouldn't answer this rhetorical question.

            "I think we know that answer very well'"




            Geet stood at the doorway in her house hugging everyone of family members attempting not gaze upon their tear stained faces, afraid that her own set of tears would end up adorning her face that was already contorted.

            "Beta I'm really going to miss," a lady in her late 40s hugged her daughter and was not willing to leave her precious little bundle of happiness that came 17 years ago in her womb.

            "Why do have to go this far," her father came behind her as he hugged his family. Geet was not able to hold back her tears that threatened to fall. They came down in gush and she began to whimper in agony at the thought of leaving her entire family, "Why couldn't you go to the same college as Maan, why so far," her father sobbed into her hair.

            "Papa, please," Geet turned and wiped her father's tears, "If you are going to cry like this than what will happen to Mama."

            She shook her head disapprovingly and slowly looked up to Maan who stood at the corner sulking away.

            She slowly let go of her parents hold and made her way to Maan. She tapped his shoulder and he turned around rapidly and encaged her in a deadly hug, "Why Geet? Why this far?"

            "This is the same question that I asked you 4 years ago when you went to boarding school, and this was your response, Geet, you are right here. And you never ever going to away. So Maan, you are right here. And you never ever going to away," she raised her hand to heart her instead indicating the place that Maan so graciously holds.

            "But why?" Maan was still unwillingly to believe that she was going to leave him, "Stanford has a really good writing program, than why Princeton. Do you realize that is across the entire country. Literally, coast to coast. Why?"

            "Maan don't I get a chance to get a taste of the outside world, to live in this world. To have a chance to make something of myself. And not have you defend me every single time. I need to stand up on my two feet, without you."


            "No buts Maan, I need you to be with me on this decision, I really need you on my side, rather than against it."

            "Fine, I am with you but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it." Maan playfully hit her but Geet remained expressionless, being able to see the agony that was in Maan through those beautiful and luscious brown eyes.

            "Yah, I wouldn't want it any other way." She now smacked him on his shoulder.

            "And don't forget, we all are still going to be with you, waiting for you. We have the rest of our lives to spend together." Maan spoke completely being unaware with words he choose to say and walked away to load my bags in the car.

            "Yah, spend our lives together Maan, I'm counting on it." Geet mumbled after Maan left and quickly wiped her tear and walked to the car.





            Maan slowly began to bring his hands around Geet's waist out of instinct, but when Geet felt the slithering sensation around her, she rose and sat at the seat next to him avoiding his gaze.

            "Geet it was your decision," Maan placed his head on her lap and heard Geet led out a small little gasp, "You wanted to leave."

            "But I didn't want our relationship to break. I didn't want to suffer, be in pain, but I was nevertheless. Happiness didn't seem to stick around did it, but you seemed to having fun, didn't you. But why would you care about what Geet was doing when you were having the time of your life. Having fun with other girls, but that is was frat boys, do they not?"

            Maan was stunned by her allegations but he tried to remain calm.

            "Having fun with girls," he asked skeptically, "When was I ever doing that."

            "So you were telling me that the tabloid was wrong in saying, Maan Singh Khurana, the prestigious son of a tycoon is seen partying with girls."

            "Geet what you are saying is incredulous."

            "Yes, of course. You are going to deny those facts now, aren't you?"

            "Geet do you even know what you are insinuating," a baffled Maan rose from Geet's lap. Even though he found it rather difficult to let go, but he did. But the nagging feeling of emptiness still remained.

            "Is this really what you think of me?"

            Geet remained quiet and Maan found his lost answer and it only raised his temper, "I am truly left astound. That the only person that I have ever trusted in my life, never actually trusted me. You never what life will through at you; a bad day, a failed test, a new friend, or a cognizance of baseless childhood. I guess I got the short end of the stick."

            "Please Maan; do not try to defend yourself. It is really pathetic," Geet once again looked away from Maan; ignore the feeling inside of her, telling her that what she is doing is completely wrong.

            "You think I am defending my self, or speaking the truth. I really have not 'partied' with any girls. None of them have managed to hold my attention for five seconds with you running through my mind, but that was a complete waste of time. And do you not realize that tabloids are basically yellow journalism. They lie to make a story that people fall for you, and you are one of those inane people that fell, and took me down with you. Congratulation Geet, you truly have broken this relationship."

Hey friends!!!
Well here is the update. I hope that i clarifed many of the questions you had.
Many more are still there, i know. Next udate.
Actually there are only 2 more left. As i have planned them. So enjoy.
Not Edited...Please Ignored.
Ummm..My Memorial shopping was amazing!!
If i told you how much i spend, you might just
Anyways. Anyone one in the US...i hope you guys had fun shopping!!!
If any question concerns, do ask!! More than willing to answer, unless it will be answered in the next update!!!

There are two notes on the next page..Please have a look!!!
Please Comment, Hit the Like Button, Or Both.

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Originally posted by LuvScooby

I finished my Memorial day shopping, I hope u finished waiting for the update Embarrassed
Hope you had lots of fun...I because i most did...who doesnt love shopping plus sales!!
I really hope  you like the updateOuch

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kkaavvyyaa Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 1:33am | IP Logged
hey,,,that was some gud relevation n d update was gud,,,hp they becum 1 soon

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Originally posted by drashsree100

Childhood love Glitter Heart Red
Maan was really rude in their 1st encounter not only pulled her piggytails but also threw her teddy bear Angry
I know it hurts ; myself had experienced pulling of hair plaits in school Ouch

So Maan had to leave her . From Geet's talk it seems Maan was in denial whereas she realized she feels something deep for Maan Ermm
Now @ present both are engaged to different people Confused !!! wonder why Question

Update was fab Glitter Star Red Glitter Star Red Glitter Star Red

Purple Hearts Glitters Glitters

Loved it 


Please join the petition 'Please don't end Geet' ... here's the link:

Also comment in DD's profile . Links :

comment here 2wice .

comment once her videos , pics , news & articles once.

Im truly sorry about you pigtail incident...I to had pigtails, but they were never pulled...
Thanks for your comment...Sorry for the confusion on the whole relationship..but you seem to have figured it out...
PS...i signed the petition

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Originally posted by zaara2212

hey enjoy your shopping Tongue
I used to be same when in US back in india nothing much
but do miss the sale back in US

will wait for your update
The sales are always awesome!!
But being in India is a lot more fun, missing itCry...

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