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SS: Forbidden Thoughts ~MG~ Part 4 Page 21 ~ 6/4

.Regal. Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 1:33am | IP Logged
New SS...ENJOY...Part One on the Bottom...and Yes...the title means somethingWink 



            The rain and hail was bursting down upon us in frenzy. She tried hard to shield herself from the hard hitting force of the down pour but all was in vain. With every sharp hit of hail she clenched the hand tighter that she was dearly holding on as if her life depends on it. And he would look back with every squeeze observe if she truly was okay or not. After which he would relinquish the gaze to look forward to be sure that they were still following the other couple.

            In the midst of running away in the vast woods they encountered many mishaps. She fell down immeasurable times and he would help her get back her former stance with complete patience but with apprehension completely bestowed on his face. Worrying was the only thing they could do.

            They could not see anything as the path was consumed by obscurity and the path remained opaque with a chance of falling easy. She could not completely see his face and nor could he but they held on tighter than ever.

              Thunder exploded through the sky and resonated continuous. A small whimper could only be heard from her mouth as the thunder shot across the sky and with every lightning strike she would cringe.

            At that moment she was vexed by her decision to make this the vacation spot. Had she known that this would have been the outcome of the colorful weekend than a 'No' would not hesitate to escape her lips.

            Another thunder roared and she yelped in disdain. She was acting like the perfect damsel in distress.

            "Geet, are you okay?" his troubled voice came out.

            Geet shook her head fervently in response as shut her eyes with another roar.

            "Are you OKAY?" he shouted again. Geet was appalled because he was asking again. But than she remembered that they really couldn't see, and shaking your head was not a verbal response.

            "Yes," Geet managed to choke out and she shook her head.

            "Than why are you shaking your head sideways," he chuckled again and continued to look back at her.

            Geet, however, looked ahead of him into the vast empty place that was covered in darkness and slight shadows or outlines of trees.

            Than she noticed two figures fall down in a flux. She slowly made out that they were the other two people. And they were running into the same ditch that they fell in. An accelerated scream left her mouth as she shouted, "WATCH OUT."

            He turned around immediately, bewildered.

            By than it was already too late. He slide down in strife in the deep and solid yet liquid mud and landed on one of the figures trying to get up.

            Geet too slid down the revolting and dulcet substance on the ground. And when her body made contact with it, an abhorrent expression graced her face.

            "Ugh." Geet expressed her dissatisfaction.

            "I know, right." Another female voice perturbed her.

            "Not only this detestable weather, but slipping in MUD." Geet voiced her opinion.

            "I knew that this was a bad idea, but no one listens to me," the other female spoke up again.

            "I knew it from the beginning, but it's these boys," Geet eyed the two boys who were still attempted to abdicate themselves from the monstrous mud.

            "I know. You should have listened to us," Geet's anger was coming out.

            "Yah, and miss a chance to save you ladies and become a heroic figure in your eyes. Not a chance," he yelled back in mockery.

            Geet huffed and looked away, "Well than do something."

            "Hey, man. I think that we are close to the hotel. Look, there is a play ground right there. I see the big bright yellow and ugly colored slide."

            "Okay, so let's just go straight," they both exchanged information as if they were prepping for a football game. Geet was expecting anytime for them to clap and 'And Break'.

            A hand slithered into Geet's palm and she immediately grasped it tight out of instinct. She looked at him even though it was masqueraded by the darkness around them.

            "Let's go," they both said in unison and we parted into another frantic run to reach the hotel before this erroneous weather desired to show its true self.

            All of them kept close watch of each other to make sure no one parted from the group. The hotel lights where amplifying as they got closer and they were going to be safe in the warm and toasty haven, their room.

            As they were coming closer Geet tripped on a rock and twisted her ankle as the consequence.

            Geet yelped in pain and caved to the ground which was muddy as well. She slithered her way down a sloped ledge and he jumped down after her and prowled down.

            They both landed on the ground with a thud and bumped each others head.


            "Sorry," she replied apologetically.

            "Are you okay?" he was very concerned for her injury that it shocked Geet of the sweetness in his voice. But among the raging down pour, hearing was very difficult.

            "I'm fine. Its just twisted a little," Geet loudly responded and is almost came out boisterous.

            He chuckled and helped her up.

            Geet shivered at his touch now. It was almost eerie, dj vu. And when his hand wound around her waist, she jolted in response. Almost as she wanted to run away from him, run away because of the havoc he was wrecking in her.

            "I don't think that we will be able to climb back up." He spoke up after surveying the sloped ledge quickly.

            "Why not? Its sloped isn't it," she maliciously responded.

            He scoffed and pointed at the ledge, "It is muddy hence slippery. I would love to see you try," he yelled out his words to make sure she heard him. It was nearly impossible to hear anything.

            "What about the others," she nervously asked.

            "I think they only people you need to be worried about are us," he scornfully replied, "They will make it out fine."

            She nodded her head profusely in agreement and leaned onto him and they walked out way out of the area.

            They walked endlessly. She thought they were going to die, he thought that she was going to get sick. She believed that he will be able to save her for a strange reason. Her trust in him amplified as she held onto him. She wanted to escape from the feeling but fell in to the serenity.

            He held tighter for he feared something ill may happen to her. Something evoked in him when he touched her, it was familiar yet distant. It was new, almost as if she was counting on him, and he had no right to let her down.

            He looked down at her hoping to find his reason why this utter devotion to her existed. He couldn't understand why it decided to surface now, of all days.

            "Look there," she broke his reverie.

            "Where?" he asked incredulously.

            "Open you eyes for a change," she playfully slapped his shoulder, "Over there," and than she pointed so he could finally see.

            "Oh," he reluctantly said, "Don't blame me; we can hardly even see anything."

             "That's why I said, 'Open your eyes'," she mocked him, "And there was a lightning strike over there."

            "I see, so you want us to go to a place where lightning just stroke."

            "Lightning doesn't strike in the same spot twice," she spoke with detectable pride. 

            "That is just an old wives tale," he countered her remark, "And your ego is showing."

            "So that's why you don't walk under a latter." She pretended to ponder on past instances.

            "When did I say that?"

            "Oh, you know."

            "No, I really don't."

            "Shut up and let us go."

            She dragged him to location of the house in a hurry. Soon her coercing ended when he hit a tree and managed to scrap his cheek.

            "Come on, hurry."

            "Hold on, I might be bleeding."

            "That's why I said 'hurry'," she tugged him so he could follow but he would not budge, "I can't be able to attend those wounds if we stay here."

            He was puzzled by her survival instinct skills that kicked in. He had always mistaken her to be a diva queen.

            "That's why we need to get to the house quickly."

            This time he could not refute her request and followed her to the house. A they neared the house, they could easily convey that it was an old, shabby house were most ghost stories, and legends were formed. It was vacant, and who could blame people. Simply looking at the house made goose bumps form, hairs stand up still, and chills to run down your spine.

            They stepped up the first step and the step creaked.

            "Seems like this house can fall apart any time." She retorted.

            "Thank you," he sarcastically responded and than murmured, "Captain obvious."

            She pushed him down the step at his brusque comment and ran inside to shelter herself from the pouring ran. Aspiration awakened inside her when she entered. A chance to make it out. Than she heard footsteps from behind her.

            She turned and wrapped her arms around his waist and dug here head into the crook of his neck and rubbed her nose against it. He instinctively held her head protectively and wrapped his other arm around her back, soothing her. But when she rubbing her nose made a frenzy awake inside him. His tight grip on her becoming stronger, as if he was constricting her, to never let go, he never wanted to let go.  

            He misjudged her hug even though their intentions were same. He was trying to protect her and find his own solace in her arms and she to wanted to be protected and find the strange feeling in his arms that made her body feel alive and her heart to pump faster.

            He lowered himself to her ear and slowly whispered, "Are you alright?"

            All hell broke loose in her when she heard the baritone voice clearly against the absence of the strong rain storm outside.

            She abandoned his arms and shoved him away in chagrin, "Don't you ever touch me like that Maan Singh Khurana. I am engaged to another man. Who the hell do you think you are?"



Part One Above


Since Dance of Dilemma is coming to an end...i thought why not start another..
but dont worry...I have already written all the parts out..This is already completed..
Its just a matter of when i update itEvil evil. I knowBig smile
I have never liked writing in third point of view so i you see any 'i' and 'we' do tell me,
i reread it ten time to make sure, but fresh eyes are always good,
Im a first point of view writer, and this has been hard so if you dont understand it, i would love to shift it back to first!
Just please let me KNOW!
Oh...and the TITLE does imply somethings...



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hey very nice start...!!!!!!!!
well congrats on ur new ss..!!

loved it...!!!
continue soon!!!

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nice plot .. and again their destiny will play the trick ;)
-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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interesting geet loves someone else...continue soon...n thnx for the pm...

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nice start.
loved it.
 update soon.

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Nice Start.

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nice start ...  
how many parts will this SS have?

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So amazing start...loved it...So the forbidden thoughts have already started...for how long they are going to fight what left to see...pls pm me when u update...n update soon...Big smile

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