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M/G OS: In Your Arms Forever last part: pg.17 (Page 16)

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heyyy folks...
i started the last part a couple dayz ago but then i got busy and got no chance to write...
so i am gonna try to post in a few promises though...but i shall try my best...

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hey all...sorry i took forever for the last part...i was just so busy...thank you all for ur lovely comments and likes Hug

Part 3


I unwillingly followed Lucky out through the back door dying to look back at her, longing to be with her; to touch and hold her to see if my dream of ten years was finally come true. I had found the girl who still held the key to my heart. I broke out of my thoughts as we made it to the front of the house and Lucky turned to look back at me.


"Here we are Bhayia, I got you out without caught.", he said proudly.


"Thanks buddy", I said with a grin and holding my hand out for a high five.


"No worries", he said smacking our hands together "I gotta go now, we will see you in a bit."


I nodded and he dashed back inside giving me one last grin. I couldn't help back smile back but the smile faded off as soon as he was gone.


I looked at the decorated house knowing she was in there; somewhere in there but I couldn't see her, I couldn't talk to her even though I had seen her after 10 long and painful years. I walked to my car I had parked next to the house. I sat on the bonnet and ran a frustrated hand through my thick black hair. There were so many questions in my head but there was one that kept nagging at me; Who was she calling mom when her parents had died that night? The most horrifying thought came to my mind next: could it be that she was referring to her mother-in-law as mom? Could it be that she had gotten married? Unexpected tears of agony began to wet my eyes. Just then my cell phone started ringing, it was Yash; I quickly picked it up and tried to sound normal.


"Hey best man, where are you? Don't tell me you got busted dude.", he said in his usual cheerful voice.


"Nah man, I am just waiting for you guys outside Meera's house. No point in coming all the way there and then back. So I thought why not just wait here", I said


"Yup, that works. See you soon.", he said and hang up.


I leaned back to rest my head against the front glass of the car wondering how i was going to face her again? How would I look at her and not engulf her in my arms? I closed my eyes praying for courage to get through tonight for Yash's sake. Just then I felt her presence, suddenly the wind blew and I could smell her scent; her sweet fruity scent. I quickly opened my eyes and looked around thinking she might have come outside but she was nowhere in sight. I ran my hand through my hair once again; a habit Geet said I had whenever I was angry or frustrated. But I swear to god, I could feel her presence. Just then I looked up and there she was; the most beautiful girl; my Geet standing by the window grazing at the full moon with tearful eyes and I knew she was thinking back to the lake and my words.


I am looking at my moon. The moon's beauty is nothing compared to my Misiti's beauty. And for me you are the most beautiful in the world.


I shook my head to shake off the memories and told myself she was no longer my Misiti but she was just as beautiful with her soft creamy skin, her hazel eyes, plum cheeks (I laughed to myself softly thinking how she always complained that she didn't have plum cheeks whenever I use to tease her in the early years of our friendship), her rosy lips, her slim waist and everything about her was still perfect. I kept staring her and even with the distance; I knew she had tears in her eyes and I was the responsible. I suddenly wished to myself that we hadn't met each other today; then she would still be living her life without the tears.  


It saddened me that I had done everything to be eligible to have my name joined next to hers. After that dreadful night, I found out that Geet's parents had died in the car accident but I never found out where Geet had gone overnight. I searched for her everywhere but I never found her. But I had done everything in my power to become a successful man. I studied hard throughout school and got scholarships to fund my post-secondary education. After, Dadi had given me the trust fund my parents had set up for me when I was born. With that money, I had started my own company, which was now one of the most successful companies in India. Despite all the success I had today, I knew it was useless I could share it with the woman I loved.


Then I saw Yash and company at the end of the street waiting for me. I took a deep breath to ready myself. I ran to the end of the street to join the barat and soon the dhols starting beating. Yash gave me a grin as he sat on the horse and nudged me on the shoulder to start dancing.  I gave him a smile and went to join the guys. The barat danced all the way to Meera's doorstep where the girl side was waiting. I blended myself in the crowd so I could watch her without getting noticed. She had a small smile on her face as she watched Meera's mother do Yash's aarti and put a tika on him. I involuntarily smiled seeing her smile but I could tell the smile didn't reach her eyes. Just then our eyes locked as she caught me staring; I quickly looked away but when I looked at her again, she was still watching me with her hazel eyes.


We were welcomed in as the girls threw rose petals at us; I caught a few she was throwing and she noticed. Yash went to sit in the mandap (altar) while he waited for his bride. Soon, Meera was led down the stairs with Geet and her mother by her side. Meera was dressed in a red and golden lengha . I sighed to myself; I would give anything in the world to see my Misiti clad in a red bridal dress for me. Today, she was adored in a white and sliver saree looking like an angel. I noticed that she was not wearing any signs of being married. Could it be that she had not married? I couldn't help by feel a ray of hope. Geet sat Meera down next to Yash and went to stand on the opposite side of me maintaining distance and avoiding eye contact. I watched her throughout the pheras and as the couple took everyone's blessings.



"Come on girls, time for the Kalire ritual", mom called everyone. I was dreading this; this is where Meera would shake her Kalire choora to see which unmarried girl would get wed next depending whichever unwed girl the golden pieces would fall on. I tried to walk to the kitchen holding a tray of empty glasses so my mother wouldn't notice me but tough luck.

(Thank you sonia for the help on the Kalire part...u were a great helpSmile..) 

others who don't know what a kalire is : here is the link for a visual

"Geet beta, you too. Come on", she gestured me to join them. I watched Maan's eyes light up as he saw me join the unwed girls semicircle. Meera gave me a wide smile before she started shaking her wrists starting with me. I squeezed my eyes shut praying to Babaji that they wouldn't fall on me. I heard her footsteps move away from me as she went around the circle and I breathed a sigh of relief. I kept hoping everyone would start clapping soon as the pieces would fall on someone; anyone but me. But then I heard her footsteps approaching once again; then what happened next was not what wanted. The golden pieces fell into my lap and I opened my eyes to stare at them unable to utter a word.


"I knew, my Geet would get married next. I better start finding a handsome boy for my daughter.', my mom said as she came to hug me. I hugged her back and saw Maan staring intensely at me.


I watched as realization dawned in Maan's eyes, his face lit up and I could see the happy tears in his eyes. He still thought we had a chance at happiness. I had no right to lead him on like that and I silently shook my head negatively at him; his happy expression quickly turned into a frown. I quickly tried to tear my gaze away from him as I excused myself from the crowd. I tried to get a grip on my tears knowing I couldn't break down yet, not until Meera's wedding was over. I busied myself with guests trying to avoid Maan's gaze I felt at the back of my neck most of the evening.  


It was then time for Meera's bidaai; I held a tray of rice for her as she threw them back. I then hugged her close crying to be parted with my best friend sister. Meera hugged everyone else including mom, dad and lucky before she bid farewell.


We sat together for a while my mom rested in my embrace. After a while dad took mom upstairs telling lucky and me to rest and I instructed the servants to clean up. Lucky kissed me on my cheek as he bid me good night. I sat in the living room as the servants moved around cleaning up. Then without another thought, I grabbed my car keys knowing there was only one place that would give me the solitude to break down  


I drove the car down to Rice Lake and parked the car on the now vacant street knowing no one would come here at one in the morning. I sunk to the soft grass unable to hold myself  together any longer. "Why? Why Babaji? Why did you bring us face to face again after all these years?" ,I asked with angry tears as I looked at the sky.


"Because even he knows that Maan and Geet are meant to be together.", a voice said from behind me.


I whipped my head around to see his handsome figure standing there washed in moonlight. I wiped the tears I knew he had already heard. "Maan, you shouldn't be here. Please leave", I said as I turned back to the water.


He came to me and gripped my shoulders tightly forcing me to look at him, "Why? Why shouldn't I be here?", he asked angrily. I sat nothing as I tried to turn my face away.


"How did you know I was here?", I asked him a question of my own without answering his.


"i...i couldn't go home without seeing you again. I was waiting outside your house fighting with myself when I saw you leaving; I followed you here. I need answers Geet", he said as he stood in front of me.


"I don't need to give you any answers Maan", I said and turned ready to leave.


"Yes you do Geet. God damn it. You left me years ago without even saying a word. Do you have any idea how I spent these years without you? ", he said with anger as he held my arm and crashed me against his chest.

"Maan, we already said goodbye at the beach that day", i whispered more to myself than him but he heard me.

"Did we Misiti ? Did we really?", he asked but i remained silent.


He held my chin lightly and tipped my face up to look at him; I saw his anger melt away and only tender love shone in his tearful eyes. "Ten years, I am seeing you after ten years and you are denying me this too.", he whispered softly as he pressed my forehead against his. "Ten years, I have pined for you for ten long years, dreaming of you every night, hoping to find you someday. ", he continued to whisper as he put his hands on my waist pulling me closer gently. I melted further with every word as I felt his slowly pulling me closely but I made no effort to step away. "Ten years, there hasn't been a day in the 3683 days that I haven't thought of you. I have missed you everyday for ten years and 16 days.", he said as he nuzzled his nose along my cheek. "Didn't you miss me? Didn't you think of me even once?", he asked.


"I missed you Maan", I confessed as my control finally broke and I hugged him tight. "I missed you Maan", I said it again as I placed my head on his chest listening to his rapid heartbeat.  


"My Misiti, I can't believe I have found you again", he said through tears as he cradled my face in his hands as if I was a porcelain doll. He wiped my tears off and I knew my mascara had ran.


I automatically reached up to wipe my eyes and felt my hair, "Oh my god, I look like a mess. Did you have to see me when I look so horrible?", i whined like a child forgetting the situation we were in. It was like we had gone back in time in a blink of a eye. 


He chuckled softly before he held my face again. "Do you remember the full moon we saw together years ago?", he asked even though we both knew I still remembered.


"Of course I remember"


"I am looking at my moon. The moon's beauty is nothing compared to my Misiti's beauty. And for me you are the most beautiful in the world.", he said again once again cradling my face in his hands and staring intently into my eyes. I felt that I was once again seventeen sitting with Maan by the lake on our camping trip. It was as if the years apart had never existed.


He kissed me tenderly on my forehead before he protectively wrapped his arms around me. I closed my eyes as I relaxed in his embrace finally finding peace. "I love you Misiti. God has given us another chance at happiness."

My eyes snapped open at his words and I abruptly came out of his embrace; he looked at me incredulously.


"NO MAAN, this can't happen. Maan and Geet are not destined to be together. It can't be.", I said with a defeated expression.


"Why Geet? I have become everything you father wanted. I run my own company: Khurana Constructions which is one of the most successful in India."


"Really?", I asked and he nodded. My hearts swelled with pride as I listened to him explain his journey from the day I left till today.


"Geet, do you still think I am a man who your father wouldn't approve of ?' , he asked as he held my hands and looked at me with hope.


I reluctantly withdrew my hands from his, "Maan, that day my parents died because me. I told them I would never marry anyone other than you and Daddy decided to go out in the stormy weather to talk to you Dadi Ma.". His eyes showed the surprise of my words. "I can't afford to lose my parents again. Pammi Mom and Rajeev Dad have adopted me and loved me as a daughter since the day my parents died. I can't hurt them, I just can't.", I explained as I sat on the grass again.


"Geet, I can--", he started to say as he sat next to me but I didn't let him.


"NO MAAN, accept it. Geet and Maan's names can't ever be joined together.", I yelled and ran to my car without glancing back.


"Geet, wait, please listen to me", he pleaded but I ignored his pleas I ran away..again.  


I drove breaking all laws of traffic until I reached home in the fastest time ever from the lake. Deep down, I  kept hoping that he would follow me back; that he would give up on us. I ran into my room and crashed on my bed hugging my pinky teddy. I cried until exhaustion finally lured me to sleep.




"Geet bacha", I heard my daddy's voice call me softly. I fluttered my eyes open and smiled as he patted and stroked my hair with love.


"Daddy", I said with shock unable to believe that I was looking at my father's smiling face.


"Yes my bacha. Daddy is here to see his princess.", he said as he held his arms out. I rushed forward to hug him close. This was the first time my father had come to see me.


"Daddy, your princess missed you. I can't believe you are here.", I said as I held his hand he rested on my cheek. "I know you have never forgiven me for that night."


"No my princess, I don't---"


"No Daddy, I know. I have not forgiven myself for it either. I can never forgive myself for it.", I broke down and hugged him close.


He tilted my face up to look at him, "Do I look upset to you?", he asked. "I have forgiven my daughter. I never understood the love you and Maan shared and Babaji punished me and separated me from my daughter. But Babaji wants my daughter to be happy; that's why he brought Maan back in your life."


I looked at him in shock, but he continued, "Geet, my bacha, you have every right to be happy with the man you love. You have my blessings. Always be happy ; your daddy loves your smile.", he whispered before he vanished.


"Daddy", I yelled and my eyes snapped open. I sat up and frantically looked around but he was gone. Or maybe he was never here.



Seven months later


Geet sat on the bed in her heavy bridal attire awaiting the arrival of her husband. She heard the door crack open and she quickly covered her face with her veil. She then heard him approaching their martial bed and felt the bed weigh down as he sat. He brought his hands forward to lift her veil up slowly and they stared into each other's eyes with love.


"Misiti", he whispered as he kissed her forehead.




Geet Handa's life has changed rapidly since Meera's wedding. Ever since Geet has seen her father in her dream giving her approval to be with Maan; she had told Maan he had to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. She would only marry him if her parents agreed. Only to Geet's surprise and no one else, her parents agreed right away happy that their second daughter had found a man who would keep her happy. The next seven months passed by as they both came back to Delhi and spent every possible moment together making up for the ten years they had lost. Maan wanted to get married the next day saying he couldn't a chance of losing his Geet again but the Mehtas and Dadi requested for a grand wedding. And indeed a grand wedding it had been for the whole Delhi to see.



"I love you Misiti", I whispered close to her ear before I nibbled on it. She moaned as desire shot through her body.


"I love you too Maan.", she whispered back as she trailed her hand along my stubble. 


"I still can't believe you are finally mine, Mrs. Geet Khurana.", I said as I lay next to next holding her in my arms.


"Well you better believe it Mr. Khurana because I am all yours now.", she said lovingly as she kissed my chest and hugged me closer.



I opened my eyes slowly as I felt the sunrays on my face. I started to stretch but I found myself imprisoned as Maan had one leg around my hip, his face buried in the crook of my neck and one arm holding me close. Even in his sleep, I knew he was afraid to let me go. I sighed happily as I felt his even breath against my skin. I grazed down at him lovingly content that we were now one. I tried to move myself out of his arms hoping not to wake him up but it was impossible. He had me pined down..literally. So I gave up and enjoyed the sight I was seeing from the first time in my life; waking up in the embrace of her husband. I trailed my index finger very lightly along his forehead and then his nose, and then his stubble and finally stopping at his luscious lips. I lightly ran my thumb over his lower lip tempted to kiss him awake. I leaned in closer and just when I was about to touch my lips with his, he eyes snapped open and he stared at me while I blushed. I tried to move myself to create distance but he held me tight.

"What's wrong Mrs. Khurana? Why did you stop?", he asked with a smirk and mischief in his eyes.


"Maan, behave yourself", I said as I attempted to get up.


"I behave myself?", he asked in shock. "And it was you who was checking me out early in the morning. I went along with it till a certain point but then I decided I wanted to awake when my wife was kissing me.", he whispered at the end and brought his face close just leaving a inch of space. I closed the distance and our lips met. He kissed me slowly and gently savoring every moment of it as he held me by the waist.


"This has to be the best morning of my life.", he said when we broke apart.


"Hmmm", I mumbled back closing my eyes and resting my head on his shoulder.


"I think we should make it better", he said as he leaned over me.


"Oh no, you don't", I said with a laugh as I pushed him off and ran to the washroom.



She came out of the washroom dressed in a blue saree while I was sitting on the bed with my laptop still in my sleeping attire of trousers and black vest. She smiled as she saw me looking at her appreciating her beauty. Then without a word, she walked to the dresser and started to pick up her brush. I walked over and stopped her as I picked up the brush instead. I stood behind her as I started running the brush through her soft tresses as I sniffed in her fruity shapmoo. Then I picked up her diamond earnings and slipped them on as I dropped light kisses on them on her ears as well. She quietly watched me as I picked up her choker and placed it over her head. I went behind her to tighten the string and kissed her nape before I picked up her magsultura to put it on. Lastly, I filled her mang in with sindoor. Then she was looking every part of Mrs. Geet Khurana that she now was.


"You look beautiful my Misiti. I love you", I said before I kissed her forehead and wrapped my arms around.


"I love you too", she whispered.


And they lived happily ever after :)

The Beginning 

So here is it is...the happy ending u were all hoping for...and the post marriage part was especially for nllu710 ...she requested for a only maaneet post marriage i combined ur request in this OS...

Drop in your comments and likes...let me know how it was...make me Happy Big smile

Reya <3

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Great ending! I loved it! :)

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Awesome ending::
Maan first thought geet was married but then wen they played that game he found out she wasn't
loved their convo at the lake,,Awww the dad came and encouraged geet to be wiv maan as he has no problem
The post marriage part was cute,,and luvd how maan dressed her up as a fully wedded woman
Lovely OS
Thx 4 the PM

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Res =)

Reya!!! The part was fabulous!!! I totally loved it <3

Maan and Geet were so awesome :) I love how you orchestrated the whole thing and the way they got together! And their wedding and their morning after was so cute too :) Amazing piece of work!


P.S - Thanks for the PM and continue writing :)

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Wow...wht an end,beautiful os ,jst luvd it finaly maan n geet bcame maaneet,u r a fab.writer god bless u,keep writng such masterpieces.its fantastic

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Awww that was too goodWink  I loved it to the max!!!  I love happy endings and especially true love happy endings!!!!  thank you so much for writing this wonderful OS and fulfilling the readers requestsSmile  You truly r a gret writer!!!  And the update (the last one) was just great!!!  Nor was it to crazy and far fetched and nor was it simple.  It was a perfection combination to make it what i call a true lovestory!!!!!!  Thank you so very much for making my night so beautiful!!!!Tongue

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wow it was awsome

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