Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

M/G OS: In Your Arms Forever last part: pg.17

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Geet Handa ran up the staircase decorated with garlands of flowers and lights of the lavish Mehta  checking everything one last time before the groom Yash Maltorta brought the barat with his family to marry her best friend/ sister Meera. Yash, Meera and Geet had always known as the inseparable trio being the best of friends ever since they became friends in grade twelve when Meera and Geet had come to Canada and joined Bayview High school. Of course, friendship over time bloomed into love for Meera and Yash ; Geet wouldn't have been happier that her two besties were marrying each other. Now after 10 years of friendship, love and of course fights; they were ready to give it the name of marriage.


But Geet and Meera had been the best of friends even since they met in 2nd grade of school back in India. Geet had always been the loud, friendly social girl who had stepped up to be friends with Meera on her first day in school when they use to live in Delhi. Now years later, they were now in Canada and the Mehtas were her family.


Geet sighed as she saw Meera's bridal dress laid out for her to wear once she got her make-up done. It made her wish that he was here too; and if he was here today then she would be wearing the red bridal dress she had once promised she would only wear for him. Ten years ago, She would have only been his bride but now... 


"Geet beta, remember to bring the platters of rose petals.", her mother hollered. I snapped out of my thoughts as i heard my mother and wiped the tears that had snuck out without my permission.


"Ji Ma, I am coming.", I yelled back. I quickly grabbed one of the platters of rose petals for the welcome of groom and company.


"Geet beta hurry up, they are going to here any minute", my mother Pammi called again.


"Mummy, your Geet is coming.", I yelled loud enough so she would hear me.


I half-ran and half- walked with the platter in my hands, "Lucky, bring the rest of the platters down with your gang.", I instructed my fifteen year old brother as I passed him in the hall.


"Ji Didi, coming in two minutes.", he replied back obediently but then went back to his iPhone game as his friends hovered around him.


I kept walking forward approaching the stairs and turned to look back to yell, "NOW Lucky"


He immediately put his phone away, "Yes Didi",he said with a fearful voice and ran with his friends to the other room. Not looking forward, I suddenly collided with a hard chest, as I was about to fall; the platter jumped up from my hands into the air as I attempted to save myself from falling backwards. Unknowingly, I let out a small yelp, as I feared a fall. My eyes closed shut as I fell backwards; just then in the nick of time, strong hands gripped my bare waist to save me and I crashed against his chest once again. Rose petals rained on us I felt the soft petals brushing my skin and the clinking of the metal platter falling off to the side.


I drew in the scent of him as I held onto his arms; not just his cologne, which was my favourite but also, his own intoxicating scent. It smelled exactly the same as it had ten years ago; the last time I drew in his scent at the beach.


I felt his warm hands on my waist as he held me tight against his chest; I ran my hands over his muscled chest unaware of it myself, reliving the memories of being cuddled in his strong arms.


I kept my eyes squeezed shut refusing to open them; fearing if I opened my eyes then he would disappear; just like he disappeared every morning.


"Misiti", he whispered softly as he plucked off one of the rose petals resting my neck.


No, it can be, it just can't be be. He can't be here, I thought myself. But despite my best efforts, my eyes fluttered open slowly as I stared into his intense chocolate eyes; the eyes that had always spoke me.


"Maan", I whispered unable to believe my eyes as I took my hand to his cheek and felt the light stubble I loved on him.




He couldn't believe, he, Maan Singh Khurana was sneaking into the bride's house right before the wedding..and for what? For a letter his stupid friend Yash gave for his bride; his best friend of five years. They had hit off in the first year of MBA in London even when they were extreme opposites; Yash being the loud social one and Maan being the quiet and not so social one. He guessed it balanced out as he did most of the talking for Maan, the partying for Maan, etc (you seem to get the gist of it). Even after MBA wrapped up and Maan headed to Delhi and Yash to back to Canada; they had managed to stay in touch. Maan knew the love Yash had for his girlfriend but he didn't know he would finally tie the knot. So when Yash called two weeks ago saying he needed his best man in Canada; Maan couldn't hardly say no even though he had just come yesterday and missed most of the wedding rituals because of the business meetings he had. Even now it was hard to believe that Maan was a successful businessman with his company when ten years ago he was working part time and studying for Dadi and himself. Even MBA in London had been a full scholarship Maan had received.


 He didn't even know anything about his bride other than her name Meera; it reminded him of her best friend whose name was also Meera. He sighed to himself; he could never forget anything connected to her.


Being his best man; he wasn't able to refuse when Yash asked him to deliver a love letter to his bride. Now what could be so important that couldn't wait till after the wedding that Maan couldn't understand. But he had been instructed to find Meera's brother Lucky who would deliver the letter since he was the only one he met at yesterday's bachelor party.


Maan had walked in with one of the basket that other guys were carrying hoping to blend in, saying namasate to people he didn't know. He ran up the stairs looking back hoping to be out before anyone caught him.


Just then he ran into a petite female body, she let up a small yelp as she threw the platter up. Maan stared at her unable to believe his eyes. He instantly held her slim waist as he saved her from falling; for the millionth time. He held her midair as he continued to stare at her. She kept her eyes shut tight as she ran her soft hand over his chest and then placed against his cheek. He sighed against her touch after ten years. She slowly opened her eyes and he stared into her captivating hazel eyes.


"Misiti", he whispered as he reached to take off one of the rose petals on her neck.


"Maan", she whispered softly as if she was living in a dream.


And suddenly the ten years of separation disappeared as they were in each other's arms.




Flashback (10 years ago in Delhi = Maan and Geet both 17 years)


I quickly looked at my watch as I got off my motorcycle and as I parked in the parking lot of the beach. Crap, I was late and Geet was going to kill me, I thought as I ran towards our spot on the beach. I saw her back as she faced the water as her open hair danced with the fast breeze; it was a cold day for september. I braced myself for her anger as I sat next to her on the bench. I reached to hold her hand that was resting on the bench but she flinched it away as she continued to look at the water.


"Geet, look baby, I am sorry I am late. You see I got caught up with--", I tried to explain but she got up and to walk towards the water.


"Misiti listen", I said as I ran after her. I turned her around and looked at her face in shock. Instead of the anger I excepted to see on her for being late for our usual meeting; there were tears running down her pretty face.


I instantly cradled her face as I wiped her face, "what's wrong Geet? Why are you crying?" I asked with worry.


She shrugged my hands away as she turned away again, "Geet---"


"It's over Maan", she said simply almost emotionless and started to walk towards the parking.


"What...What's over? What are you talking about?", I asked in confusion trying to read her eyes.


"Us", she said with tears flooding down her cheek. I hastened to wipe them off but her tears kept flowing.


I couldn't believe her words, I walked up to her and turned her around, "what are you talking about Geet?", I asked but she gave no answers as she cried silently. "How can you end the friendship we have had since we were six? How can you end the love we confessed to each other when we were only 13? How can you Geet?", I asked shaking her shoulders demanding a answer.


"Maan, I have no choice.", she said between her tears as she crumbled to fall on her knees.


"Misiti", I said I took her into my embrace holding her tight, afraid to let her go.


She held onto my arms as she sobbed, "Maan, I am sorry, I am so sorry. Dad found out about us and...", she trailed off unable to utter the truth.


"And he being the rich business man that he is refuses to get you married off to a orphan who is supporting himself and his Dadi with a part time mechanic job while he studies.", I finished off her words.

She just nodded, as she held onto me tighter. "I am sorry Maan, I couldn't fight for us. I love you but you know how Dad's health is...he...he can suffer from another heart attack..and the doctors..."


"Shhh Geet..i know. I know you love your family very much.", I said as I comforted her while my own heart was being ripped into shreds.


"But Maan, I love you too", she said as she cupped my face and looked into my eyes with her blurred vision.


"I know Misiti, I know", I whispered softly as tears came into my eyes.


We sat in each other arms for as long as we could have; before Geet had to go home.


I looked at the now darkened sky and knew it was time for farewell. I looked down at Geet who was resting her head on my shoulder with her closed eyes as she held on to my hands.


"Geet, it's late; you need to go home.", I whispered softly.


She suddenly opened her eyes as if she was woken up from a nightmare. Tears touched her eyes once again as she took in my words.


I helped her to her feet, as I looked her at her trying to memorize everything about he as she tried to the same while she held my face. I kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and her nose; every part of her face except her lips not taking the liberty. She cradled my face in her hand as she pressed our foreheads together.


"I love you Misiti.I love you, I always have and I always will. This heart only belongs to you Geet Handa", I whispered in her ear as I hugged her as close as possible.


"I love you too Maan", she kissed my cheek and placed against her cheek as she tightened her arms around my shoulder standing on her tiptoes to reach my height.


"Now go Geet before I lose the courage to let you go.", I said as i stepped back and suddenly missed her warmth as the cold breeze blew around me.


She nodded as she turned to walk away and slowly let go to my hand. I watched her walk away as tears ran down my cheek.


She then suddenly turned around and ran back into my arms, I held on to her as we both cried; her with loud sobs and me with silent tears. She tiptoed to brush her lips against mine very lightly almost like a feather.


Then without another word, she turned and ran. I watched her retreating back until I could longer see her. Then I crashed down to the sand as I sobbed my heart for the only girl l loved; the girl I lost.


Flashback end


"Didi, are you okay?", Lucky asked as he came with a platter of petals. We suddenly snapped out of our own world. He quickly straightened our posture and took his hands of my waist. I straightened my outfit and hair in haste as I fumbled to explain.


"Umm actually Lucky, I was about to fall and this gentleman saved me.", I explained refusing to glance in his direction so I don't know how he reacted as I referred to him as gentleman.


"Ohh okay but Maan bhayia, what are you doing here?", Lucky asked him.


"How do you know him?', I asked in confusion because Lucky never met Maan and he was only 5 when we came to Canada.


"We met at yesterday at Yash's party.", Maan explained.


"But Bhayia, what are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to here later with the barat best man?", Lucky asked with a chuckle.


I was confused; Maan was suppose to be the best man at Yash's wedding; how could that be? How did Yash and Maan meet ?


"Geet beta.", Mom called from downstairs.


We looked at each other in panic, as we feared mom coming upstairs. Maan quickly took out a paper and put into my hand; I shivered at the slight touch as I looked at him in confusion.


"Give this to Meera, Yash sent it for her.", he explained quickly.


"Come on bhayia, we will get you out of here.", Lucky said as he led Maan the other way.


"Geet beta, come downstairs, I need your help.", Mom called again.


"Coming Mom", I yelled back. i gasped when i realized what i had said; I started down the stairs as I turned my head to look at Maan's astonished face.


I knew what he was thinking; who was I calling Mom when my own parents were dead? 

so how was it folks ? 



Index :

 part 2: pg 9 

 part 3: pg. 17

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Okay Reya...I don't get it what is so sad about this OS that u were so apprehensive of my gaalis...I didn't find it that much sad...yeah u parted Maan n Geet but come on u re-united them now after 10 yrs I'm happy...they seem to be in love with each other what happened to Geet's family... how did Maan survived and reached the position he's at now...??

Amazing piece of writing from u I must say...continue this soon...don't make ur readers' wait for long for their happy ending...Tongue

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aww Reya...This was Very Good loved it...Day Dreaming
ab jaldi se dosra part..i cant wait...LOL...kinda desperate LOL

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This is awesome! Loved it!!Day Dreaming

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hey thats quite interesting pl cont soon

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Reya!!! That part was frikkin fabulous!!! I loved every bit of it <3
Gosh. I'm reading SOOO many OS-es/FFs with evil dads who separate their children from the love of their lives that it's really freaky...coz they're all coming out at the same time LOL
But, coming to your update, it was beautiful! I adore Maan-Geet like anything! I'd never watched the show before but after reading a few of yours and Maddy's FFs and OS's, I plan to catch up on it someday! The I've seen a bit of it and I must say the lead pair have amazing chemistry!
Anyway, I loved the new concept of your OS! I loved how Maaneet have been together since they were 13! I love how you brought Maan into the story as Yash's best man, after 10 years and I can't WAIT for the next part!
Wonder what happened to Geet's family...
Continue soonish :)
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Awesome start::
Loved it
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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