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Originally posted by mia12

Originally posted by Binny1247

Originally posted by mia12

[QUOTE=MERARAI][QUOTE=zash_LubUKriYa]excellent post mera i said in the WU thread...was prats booking her seat at MMFGJ coz she gonna be out from TN in  a few days?
what was the need for the early visit to dear papa wen ur marriage is hanging on a loose thread?
neways lubd ur quotes di...Clap

Seemed like it, didn't it? Her countdown has begun, she has no plan of action, Krishna her SAAT denewala is going tel lene, and now she wants to hint to Shamu Papa that his gudiya Pratigya is coming home for the foreseeable future. Just a warning to Shamu Papa that his damadh is about to let him down big time.

if cvs, make her take that path (plan of no action)...just to bring in outside help from YKW. it will be the most stupiedest thing cvs has come up with...Confused[

/QUOTE] So true Mia.. this problem is between Kriya and they should be the one's to solve it.. and learn about each other along the way making their relationship even stronger.. there is no need for Arushi to get involved !!
it is a love story, these two solve their problem as one, is what make this show unique...and am going to trust cvs, on this. but not  just to give someone airtime and ruin it for me.Embarrassed[
/QUOTE] Mia I can't trust these CV's so simply waiting and watching you never know what they hit us with... I am hoping T and C have a hand in their reunion that I can handle... but it should mostly be Kriya who make an attempt to  better understand one another !!

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Great post!
What can I say other than I'm disappointed with the current track and the 2 lead characters.
The cvs are proving they don't think very highly of their audience . What are they thinking trying to sell us this ridiculous plot?????

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Originally posted by MERARAI

Originally posted by zash_LubUKriYa

excellent post mera i said in the WU thread...was prats booking her seat at MMFGJ coz she gonna be out from TN in a few days?
what was the need for the early visit to dear papa wen ur marriage is hanging on a loose thread?
neways lubd ur quotes di...Clap

Seemed like it, didn't it? Her countdown has begun, she has no plan of action, Krishna her SAAT denewala is going tel lene, and now she wants to hint to Shamu Papa that his gudiya Pratigya is coming home for the foreseeable future. Just a warning to Shamu Papa that his damadh is about to let him down big time.

y d hell KriYa cnt clear the maters themselves?thats wat irking me. .y cnt they talk d thngs properly wit each other. .n to put oil on fire,komarsh baby. .grrr!do we realy need anothr one who have evn a trait of hs/hr parent?

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Originally posted by Atticus

Great post!
What can I say other than I'm disappointed with the current track and the 2 lead characters.
The cvs are proving they don't think very highly of their audience . What are they thinking trying to sell us this ridiculous plot?????

Your avatars are very Ermm recently. Tongue See my PM for further details.

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Mera Akka..

MUUUAAAHHH   Heart--  Badam Halwa, Sooji Halwa, Rabri, Choclate cake---all for you...Hug

YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT---  Just read the article--Amma tries to burn herself-----Clap ClapClap

This post is awesome too--Brilliant points--- Me going to make a second cup of masal SAX brew...

Will be back to comment on your latest post--- YOU ARE ON A ROLL--- LOL-

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Originally posted by MERARAI

The trap is in place, the walls are closing in on her even as Prats neglects to fight for her marriage after the countdown as begun.

Krishna sees Prats dozing off seated on the bed. He flashes back to recent events as he looks out his window in his bedroom straight into the hallway at the far end of the Niwas LOLand ponders over the truth in his parents's statements. If indeed he trusted Prats why does his parents' words affect his thinking about her or influence his decisions? They fill his mind with toxic stuff with Prats's name on the label and Krishna even considers it.  Where did the man who often said  "hum sab ko achchi tarah se jaante hai" go? He barely knows who he is these days for he is just a pawn in his parents's wicked games.

Prats awakens to find Krishna deep in thought. Why does Krishna even question if Prats is happy with his success at the Dhaba? Isn't Prats the one who encouraged him to take responsibility and start earning his own keep? So why question her motives now? Prats still assures Krishna that she is and looking forward to the day he makes a name for himself and not recognized just as SS's son. They call it a night both of them coping with insomnia (just like Yemi, the dazzlerWinkBig smile) as far away from each other as they can possibly get their eyes focused on the ceiling (searching for the Saptarishi Taron, are they?) After being close as two coats of paints and close enough to use the same toothpick they no longer make eyes at each other or even share a glance, and they've been married just a year.Ouch The tensionya in the room can be sliced with a knife. Baba who couldn't keep his hands off his Babu or ask for a chummis by the hour is now focused on the Dhaba and nothing else. Again, just a man of extremes, all work or no play makes for a dull Baba.  Now his business upstages Prats? Baba and multi-tasking don't jive.

Krishna yells out to Pratigya who is long gone to MMGJConfusedThese moments first thing in the morning are going to haunt him when she is no longer around.  What's her rush to make it to MMGJ so early in the morning? Did she want to catch Papa before he went to the University? What was so urgent that she couldn't speak to her family on the phone? It's not that Adarsh is boarding a flight that morning heading for Dubai either. 

SS is ticked off at Krishna for ruining his mood with his callout to Pratigya first thing in the morning. Takurji, wait till Prats is out of the Niwas, you'd wish she was back home again just for your own peace of mind once you see your ladla son moping around or lashing out in anger at the rest of you. After all the young sher can't get by a day without seeing his sherni.  Deprived of her darshan for a few days will finally fire up his brain cells to get to the heart of the matter to protect the matter of his heart.

Man is the only kind of varmint sets his own trap, baits it, then steps in it.

Pardon me, but when did Krishna ever use the house phone? He carries his cell phone with him everywhere he goes.  It's not like Krishna is calling Prats for talks on global peace or the environment. It won't take 10 secs to ask her "where did put the money?" and get a reply.  What is Takurain's beef with that?  She doesn't want him to disturb Prats during her time with her family? Are the Saxes negotiating trade deals between India and Dubai this morning that they must not be disturbed?  Sad Saxes are always pareshaan, do they really need an excuse to mope around day or night? A few seconds on the phone with Krishna is not going to disrupt her visit, yet Krishna falls into Takurain's trap.

None pities him that is in the snare, who warned before, would not not beware ' RoBert Herrick

Takurain offers to help Krishna find the Rs. 40,000/= and instead flings Prats's clothes leaving a mess for Prats when she gets back. The queen of the Niwas is hell bent on extracting revenge any which she can from Prats for being the love of her son's life. She talks Krishna into accepting money from her until Prat reimburse the money. Yeah right! Like that is even possible when you've already stolen from your son's closet. Chi, chi, chi! How low can you go Takurain!Tongue

Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts...perhaps the fear of loss of power.

Why does Takurain want to switch bundles of cash is it SS's black money with Krishna's collections at Dhaba?  How come she has the exact amount on hand too? With every step she takes to widen the gulf between Krishna and Prats Takurain is writing her own ticket to ensure her son cuts all ties with her forever. Is she deserving of such self-inflicted punishment or is it just the nature of how life works''what goes around comes around?

It's a Mahila gathering at MMGJ, the four Sax women are recording minutes of pareshaan moments in their lives. Prats judges Adarsh's choice to go overseas as the wrong thing to do from Papa's perspective.  Her marriage has been threatened and Takurain's countdown ticker has already begun. It's the case of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns. Shouldn't Prats be minding her store first. When Takurain tosses her out she is going to have plenty of time to chat about everyone's problems at MMGJ including her own, IF she doesn't do whatever she must to avert the bulldozer headed her way.  Adarsh is going overseas, not to the moon and in this day and age adult children move away from home to pursue their career. Do the Saxes have to blame everything that goes against their expectations on someone else's evil eyes?

Komal praises her mother for embracing Prats these daysShocked. Saxes should wash down their opinions with a tall glass of chai for the moment they speak it trouble finds it way into their lives. Dadi praises Prats "why wouldn't the saas change?" There we go! In a couple of days she's going to find out how much Prats's saas has really changed when she sends Prats back to MMGJ. Live and learn Saxes!Geek

Human brutes, like other beasts, find snares and pison in the provision of life, and are allured by their appetites to their destruction. ' Jonathan Swift

Takurain is feigning innocence, she probably swiped the money herself. The old Krishna would have called her suspected foul play but not the clueless dude who has been a pushover these daysErmm  She takes the perfect opportunity to inject another round of "I am your mother" once again like he needs to be reminded. It's not like he has been in Dubai for years.

Shamu happily says now he doesn't have to worry about Prats and Krishna and how he's turned his life around. We know what's coming next but the Professor hasn't caught on to it after all the times things have gone downhill after he makes such statements.  Right on cue Prats drops a bomb that while Krishna is hard working and responsible these days he is also very nave. So why isn't she spelling it to out to him about his mother's vicious plans for their marriage. She is talking in riddles to Krishna. Shamu gets that something is amiss right away and is immediately pareshaana about Prats's life. Why does Prats always wait for the clock to run out before she protects her own interest?

Komal needs to keep those red lips sealed. Her ignorance shines through every time she talks about Krishna and Pratigya's marriage.  What she sees as a clever Krishna is actually a confused and stressed out dude. She has unconsciously set in motion Takurain's plot to oust Prats out of Krishna's life after when she told her Prats would relegate her to GD's status with a bell in hand.  Krishna's family is out to ruin his married life and he is clueless about it. Every one of his blood relatives but for GD just wants Prats out of the picture. How deep will he fall when the truth outs itself pointing to his parents and siblings' willingness to sacrifice his happiness and have pay a heft price for their hatred of Prats.

Komal puts in a request for a baby with AdarshErmm. Shouldn't she grow up first before she brings a child into this world? Biology alone doesn't guarantee good parenting and if she's got Takurain for a role model, Lord save and protect that child. This is an unexpected development in the story line at this point. Will she be preggies that SS then orders the Dubai bound Damadh to return home to Civil Lines?  It's scary to imagine Komal as a mother at this point.  She is selfish and self-centered to bring a child that is totally dependant on her for the first few years of her life. Does she think babies stay that way until she wants them to grow up?  What a reason to bring a child into the stop wagging tongues in the community. She hasn't figured her wagging tongue affects others' lives as well.

Takurain is one heartless woman. KN has dust in his eyes and Takurain wants him to go looking for Kesar yet she is willing to bend over backwards to get Krishna back in her grasp. Someone ought to tell Takurain that holding someone in their grip too tight or for too long can choke the life out of them. Doesn't seem like Krishna even sees the disparity in the way his mother treats her two sons in simple matters. He is in for an eye-opener that will change him forever.Shocked


The whole world is strewn with snares, traps, gins and pitfalls for the capture of men by women _George Bernard Shaw

A jeweler arrives to fulfill an order from Prats or so he says.  Bet Takurain paid the family jewelers to follow her script.  He is the same dude that KN met at the store to sell the family haar. Is Krishna confused or did he forget that Prats is not a materialsitc girl by nature. Prats has ordered a gold set for Rs. 40,000 says the jeweler as Takurain turns on the notanki "Pratigya" in her usual dramatic tone. It's obvious a jeweler is never going to deny a request from a Takurain to do as he's told. It could be her gift for Kesar but she leads Krishna to believe it's Prats blowing off his bucks on herself.  Not once, does Krishna ever stop to think that there are way too many coincidences all pointing at Prats as the culprit. For a man who defended his wife with a passion, he has switched allegiance and is now firmly in his mother's corner and all bec' the wicked woman convinced the family she embraces Prats as a daughter.  How does everything she says become the gospel truth and any defense from Prats to explain is deeply discounted even if she is clueless about the tricks played against her? You are going to rue the day you turned your back to Prats's pleas in recent days. Get those knee braces ready, you surely are going to need it mister!

Now readerswa,Big smile would you like to share your thoughts and comments?


Di-- Great Post Smile

Krishna And Pratigya---- Both these characters are just Ouch

Krishna because he has turned into a puppet---with the mastermind Amma pulling his strings--- Where is his Budhhi??? How can he believe that P can lose 40k at night or as seen in the preview , can spend 40k on a necklace---when he specifically told her that he needs it for the dhaba..

He gave her the money late at night---Jeweler came in the morning---what does he think?

Pratigya drove the jeep and went to shop at midnight?

Pratigya---She needs a plan--- desperately-- Amma is winning all the battles---She saw the Bar thing escalated yday, so was it necessary to go to MMGJ early in the morning?

Cant she go after Krishna left for the dhaba?Amma has given her 2 days in TN and she goes to moan about Adharsh? It would have made more sense if she had gone there to talk to Dadi or Nainanji about Amma's issue--- and ask for their help--I dont know what Naninaji can do...other than flood TN--- But Dadi is feisty LOL...this old woman might actually give her the solution.

How can she moan about Adharsh when Amma has thrown her a open challenge--the same Adharsh who basically told SAX's to take a hike

Komal and a baby--That is going to be a comedy-----What does she think? Taking care of her child will be easy??? Or maybe since she is goin to move in withthe Thakurs---- her assumption is others will take care of her baby--while Adharshwa is in Dubai

Amma--- she is one twisted lady--- all this nautanki for Baba---who will throw her out when the truth comes out--- has she forgotten how Krishna went crazy when P was in hospital??

She is delusional if she thinks that Krishna will throw P out of his life for ever--- He just cant...

SS might be in Amma's plan or Amma mite be flying solo this time------ SS hates P--- but after P leaves and Baba goes mental---what will SS do????

SS mite be a ruthless politician and he also tried to burn Pratigya--  But he really loves Krishna-  some where in between he gave up his plans to kill P not coz he loves Pratigya...but he knows that Pratigya's death means Krishna too will die..

For him, Krishna is his life--- I think this happens in many families---either Mom or dad--they always have one kid who is more special--Not that they dont love the others---but some one whom they love the most--pamper the most.

So what will be his reaction if it is confirmed that Amma went Solo on PRARTIGYA BAHAR project?

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