Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

~The Wedding~ A Radhika and Dev OneShot

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Hey all! Some of you know me, I've currently got a RaDev FF running called Zindagi. For those of you who don't know me I'm Raji.

I've got wedding fever right now! We're currently planning my Bro's wedding so I'm in a very happy wedding mood, so we were talking about weddings and rishtas and stuff and a thought came to me so thought I'd pen it down! So here goes:


Radhika woke up content with the last few weeks of her life. She was 27 and enjoying her life in Chicago. Her job was great and she was just about to get promoted after her hard work on a wedding for the last few weeks. Finally she would be that one step closer to becoming a partner at the Wedding Planning company where she worked. Her life consisted of weddings weddings and more weddings and she didn't mind it at all. Of course marriage was definitely not the thing for her though. Sure she loved helping the giddy brides make sure that their day went perfect but she had never imagined herself as one to go through all the phases that made a wedding a marriage. Nope she wouldn't get married, at least not anytime soon.

Her phone rang and looking at the caller ID she groaned. It was her mother. She knew her mother would tell her another story about how some other friends daughter had just gotten married and how happy the family was. Wishing that she had the guts to ignore the phone she answered, "Morning Mama."

"Not a good morning Radhika. Jaanti ho kal woh Mrs. Kapoor hai na woh keh rehi thi ke unki beti ka rishta paaka ho gaya. Beta woh tum se do saal choti hai."

"Ma agar usse shaadi karni hai to karne do. Mujhe abhi shaadi nehi karni." Radhika said as she got up and poured herself some cereal for breakfast while still on the phone.

"Beta tum kab karogi shaadi?"

"Pata nehi ma. Maybe I won't get married at all."

"Radhika! Shubh shubh bolo! Aise mat kaho."

"Sorry mama."

"Dekho Radhika ab tumari umar ho gayi hai shaadi karne ki. Beta tum ab soochna shaadi ke bare mein thik hai?'

"Ji ma. I will think about it. Now I'm getting late so bye." Radhika hung up before her mother said anything else. He cheerful mood was just a little affected by her mother, but no matter she had a wedding to attend today.

Gathering up her dress for the wedding she took her briefcase and walked the few blocks to get to her office.

Her assistant was there with morning coffee and her schedule for the day, which was just what she needed to double check on for the wedding.

They got in the car and went to the wedding venue. This was one of the rare Indian weddings that Radhika was able to plan, and so far she thought that this may just be her favorite. The bride had been referred to her firm by a good friend and Radhika had made sure to take extra special care of the wedding. Since she was the only Indian on staff it was no surprise that she had been given free reins to do whatever she wanted by the company. The bride's family was a well known and established family so after she had nailed the contract she knew that after the wedding she would receive that promotion she'd worked so hard for.

She walked into the hotel where the wedding would take place and gave herself a mental pat on the back. It was exactly as she had imagined. Even better if that was possible. She went around double checking everything and making small adjustments on the decorations. She received news that the bride had just arrived so she rushed to the front door to greet her and take her up to her suite where she would get ready. She was busy giving instructions in her ear piece so she didn't notice where she was walking and bumped smack into a person who was standing in the foyer. Bracing herself for a fall she was surprised when she didn't feel pain on her back but instead two strong arms holding her from the waist. Slowly she opened her eyes to meet a pair of chocolate brown eyes staring back at her.


He had arrived just a few minutes before his sister so now was waiting for her in the lobby of the hotel. There weren't many people there as they had booked the whole hotel for his sister's wedding so there wasn't anyone he had to have a pointless conversation with and he thanked god for that. He heard the click of heels and turned around to see her coming at him like a frenzy. She was talking to someone on  the phone, hopefully on a phone because or else she looked weird. She was all business from what he could tell, so not a guest or else she would be very out of place with her pencil skirt that fell just above her knees and button down formal shirt with a navy blue blazer on top. Her hair was let loose and all he could say was, "Beautiful." He was too busy staring at her that he didn't move out of her way and she bumped smack into him. His quick reflexes stopped her from falling on the ground as he wrapped his arms around her thin waist and held her. When she looked up he got lost in her hazel eyes.


Radhika looked up at the man holding her uncomfortably. It seemed he didn't want to let go now. She cleared her throat, but that failed to get his attention. She tried again but it didn't work so she nudged his arm and called out to him, "Excuse me?"

Her melodious voice broke Dev out of the trance he'd been in. He helped steady her on her feet and was about to say something when his sister walked in with her friends. Radhika said a quick thanks to him as she walked to where his sister had just entered.

"Good Morning Payal. Ready for your big day?" Radhika asked though she really didn't have to. The glow on Payal's face told her everything she needed to know.

"Gosh Radhika everything looks so beautiful. I'm so glad I chose you to do this."

"Payal you haven't even seen the venue yet. Come I'll show you and then take you up to your suite where you can get ready ok?"

"Thanks Radhika. I don't know what I would've done without you." They walked along with Dev trailing behind them with his mother.

Payal gasped as she saw the arrangement around the mandap that was placed in the middle of the hall. White and red was all around. The carpet of the mandap itself was red, and white flowers were placed on the pillars and the sides. There was a red carpet leading from the stairs to the steps of the mandap. The rest of the hall itself was decorated with red and white, with a hint of pink all around.

Payal twirled, giggled, and then hugged Radhika. "Thank you, thank you! This is even more amazing than what I wanted." She pulled out of the hug and went to her mother. "Mama kitna acha lag raha hai? Haina?"

"Bilkul. Radhika beta you did a wonderful job."

Radhika smiled at the mother-daughter duo. This had truly been one of her favorite weddings to plan mostly because she had fallen in love with the family. They had been so sweet.

"Aunty it was a pleasure working on this wedding."

Dev watched her every little move silently. He stood a little away from everyone else so he could obverse her. He had noticed the slight nervousness on her face as they had walked into the hall, which he saw turn into relief and finally happiness once she saw Payal's reaction to the venue. Then when she smiled he was completely bowled over by her.

As if only remembering her son, Kajal Purohit called out to him and he came to stand next to them.

"Radhika beta meet the only member of our family you haven't yet met. This is my son Dev. He's been busy with work."

"But we all know that was just an excuse to stay away from the wedding preparations right bhaiya?" Payal added in.

"Well had I known somethings maybe I would've been happy to help." Dev replied looking at Radhika the whole time.

"What's that supposed to mean bhaiya? Eh whatever. Half the stuff you say goes over my head. But anyways this is Radhika the wedding planner, or should I say the person who can grant wishes?"

"I'm flattered that you think that Payal but I'll stick with wedding planner." Radhika said laughing at the second comment. She held out her hand and gave Dev one of her dazzling smiles. "Hi, sorry about the little collision back there I don't look at where I'm going sometimes."

Dev took her hand and smiled. "No problem I was happy to help."

"Bhaiya you and happy to help?" Payal laughed. "Yeah right and I'm the queen of Mars."

"Payal you…" Dev began but was cut off by his mother.

"You two stop it. Payal tumari shaadi ho rehi hai, at least now you should grow up."

"Ma so what if I'm getting married? I'm still his little sister so that gives me a right to tease him. Haina Bro? Anyways I suggest you get yourself a wife. Who'll you fight with now?"

"Haan Dev, I agree with Payal on this one. You should get married. Kaho tho should I start looking?"

Radhika watched the little family interaction with a smile on her face. In her family it was just her parents and her, no siblings so she had never really had the pleasure of bickering with a brother or sister and she missed it. It was cute to see.

"Ma I might have already found her." Dev said looking right at Radhika who didn't notice as she was still in her thoughts, but it didn't go unnoticed by his mother who just smiled.

Kajal had loved Radhika from the moment they had met, and if she was going to become her bahu nothing would make her happier.

Radhika glanced at her watch and suggested Payal move to the bridal suite to get ready. The groom and his family would be arriving soon.

Payal's hair dresser was already there and as soon as Payal entered she got busy with dressing her up.

Radhika took Kajal and Dev around the rest of the hotel and when she was informed the groom's family had arrived she excused herself and went to greet them and show them to their suite.

As she left Kajal turned to her son who had been staring at Radhika the whole time.

"So you like her huh?"

He was watching Radhika walk away and his mother's words brought his attention to her. Without thinking he answered. "Yes."

Kajal smiled. She didn't think that he would agree so easily.

As if just now realizing what he said Dev stammered out, "I...I… mean…uh.. you know… she's..uh.."

"Dev I got my answer my bolu bacha. Now you watch your mom work." With that said Kajal left from there to check on her daughter and Dev was left confused. What did she mean by watch your mom work?

The bride and groom were settled in their respective rooms. There was about a half an hour before the guests would start arriving so Radhika figured she should get dressed now. She would've opted for a nice pajami suit to wear but Payal had basically forced her to choose a sari saying that it was her wedding and Radhika was not just her wedding planner but had now become her friend so she should dress up.

Radhika made her way up to the room that she had reserved for herself. She placed the sari on the bed and took off her blazer. She stepped out of her heels and started working on the buttons on her shirt when the bathroom door opened and out walked Dev.


Dev stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror cursing his sister. The sherwani was so damn uncomfortable. Why couldn't he have just worn a suit. At least he would've been comfortable. He'd been against the idea from the beginning but his sister had emotionally blackmailed him into wearing the stupid sherwani. So here he stood clad in a black sherwani. Well not much he could do about it now. Taking a deep breath he walked out of the bathroom and stood there frozen to his spot.


Radhika froze. She had just unbuttoned the top three buttons of her shirt when she heard the click of the door.

Seeing her state Dev quickly turned around as did Radhika.

"Woh sorry I didn't know anyone was in here." Dev apologized.

"No I'm sorry. I must've gotten the rooms confused. Umm I'll just get out of you way here." Radhika said as she began to gather her things.

"No its ok. I'm done so you can get ready in here." With that said Dev rushed out of the room making sure the door was locked behind him.

Radhika sat down on the bed to calm her nerves. It was an honest mistake and thankfully she was still fully clothed but there was something about the man that just managed to frazzle her. The opposite sex didn't really bother her too much. Most were hypocrites and the nice ones you met always seemed just nice. There wasn't anything else. With Dev it was different. Even before when he'd held her in her arms she had felt electricity jolt down her spine. She brushed those thoughts aside. She didn't have the time to idle by and think about Dev. That would be later now she had to get ready and go down to make sure all the guests were taken care of. She quickly changed into her sari, added some eyeliner, a light eyeshadow, and a light lipgloss and put her hair into a neat bun and was ready. She neatly folded her clothes and placed them into her bag which she left on the bed. That was when she noticed the other bag there. She assumed it was Dev's and realized she should've noticed it before when she walked into the room. Too late for that now. She put on her heels and walked out of the room. She made her way over to the bridal suite.


Kajal was on mission get my son married ASAP. The first of the guests to arrive was Mrs. Singhania, the lady who had referred them to Radhika in the first place. Thanking her lucky stars Kajal walked over to her. They exchanged pleasantries, and Mrs. Singhania mentioned how beautiful the venue looked.

"I should be thanking you for this. You were the one who referred us to Radhika and without her this would not have been possible. She's such a good hardworking girl."

"Yes she is. Her mother is so happy with her, though she refuses to get married."

"Oh and why is that?"

"Something about not having found the right guy. I don't know. Children these days, have to know the person I marry. You know Radhika has rejected men without even looking at them. In our day we would marry without even seeing the man. Such a waste I tell you. She's a beautiful girl."

"Hmm. You wouldn't happen to have her mother's number would you?" When Mrs. Singhania gave her a weird look Kajal quickly added. "I just wanted to tell her what a nice daughter she has."

Mrs. Singhania bought her excuse and gave her the number. Kajal thanked her and excused herself.


Dev had just finished visiting with his sister who truly looked like a princess in her bridal dress. He gave her a small peck on her forehead and wiped the stray tear that had formed in his eye before walking out of the room.

She was about to push on the door when he pulled and she collided with him again. Oh god not again Radhika thought. This time he wasn't able to get hold of his balance and fell backwards onto a chair with her on his lap his arms wrapped tightly around her waist which was bare thanks to the sari. They sat there staring at each other his dark brown eyes holding her hazel ones captive. They were brought back to reality with a flash.

Payal grinned at the two of them holding the camera in her hand. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for the first one, but this one will always be remembered." She said as she laughed.

Radhika quickly got up and so did Dev. He was about to say something but instead just shook his head and dashed out of there as quickly as he could.

Thankfully Payal's attention was diverted at that moment as her mother walked in. Kajal looked at her baby girl and felt tears prick in her eyes. "Meri bachi. Kisi ki nazar na lage." Kajal said as she put a kala tika behind her ear.

Radhika stepped out of the suite to allow the mother-daughter duo to have their moment. She made her way to the groom's suite. After checking to see if anyone needed anything she made her way back down to the venue. Seeing that everything was perfect and set just how Payal had wanted Radhika left it satisfied. It was almost time to start the rituals. Radhika grabbed Kajal and Payal's father, Raj, as they settled at the entrance of the hall to welcome the groom. Unfortunately Dev was nowhere to be seen. Radhika went out to look for him around the hotel. 10 more minutes and brother of the bride went missing. Great!

She walked up and down the hall of the first two floors and he was nowhere to be seen. She had just finished checking the corridor in the second floor but he wasn't there. Letting out a sigh she turned around to collide with something hard, or someone.


Dev took a minute to compose himself. He couldn't believe that his little baby sister was about to get married. Seeing her dressed up as a bride had brought unexpected emotions to surface so he needed a minute to himself. He glanced at his watch and groaned.

"Oh shit mom is going to kill me." He rushed out of his hiding spot when he saw Radhika walking down the hall muttering something to herself. He followed her but when she turned it was so unexpected that he couldn't move away. Thankfully this time both were able to stay on their feet just they were very much in each other's space.

Radhika glanced up at him and forgetting the position they were standing in she blew up. "Where were you?! You do realize that everyone downstairs is waiting for you to start the rituals. You better have had something important to have just disappeared five minutes before your sisters big day."

Dev said nothing just watched her rant with an amused expression on his face. Judging from her looks she didn't seem like the type to have a temper. Obviously he was wrong.

"You have nothing to say for yourself? Uff….just come so we can get started." With that said she grabbed his hand and walked down the stairs.

She ran/walked to the entrance of the hall and Dev had no choice but to follow her. They walked in hand in hand. Kajal looked at her, then Dev, then at their adjoining hands. Radhika as if only now realizing she was holding his hand let go quickly. God was definitely on her side today as someone announced that the groom and his family were at the door so everyone turned their attention towards him.

Radhika went off to the side to instruct the photographer on some last minute details. While everyone settled in Radhika avoided Dev.  Dev tried to find her but he couldn't as he had to keep his brother-in-law entertained.

Soon it was time for the ceremony and the bride walked in with grace. Just when they were about to take their vows around the sacred fire Dev spotted Radhika standing off to the side. He walked over to her and pulled her to the front. Radhika tried to protest but he wouldn't hear it. They were given flowers which they showered on the bride and groom as their took their vows.

Radhika glanced at Dev to see him wipe a tear from the corner of his eye. She smiled. He obviously loved his sister a lot. When he looked up at her she pretended not to notice and turned her attention back to the wedding ceremony.

Payal and Rohan were officially husband and wife. They took the blessings of their elders and after Payal hugged Dev she also pulled Radhika in for a hug catching her by surprise. Payal smiled at her. "Thank you for everything Radhika. This was better than I had ever imagined."

"Payal no need to thank me. It's my job, and I honestly had a lot of fun planning your wedding."

Radhika excused herself from the family and went to go check on the lunch. Soon everyone assembled and had lunch in the hall. Radhika kept an eye on everything to make sure that nothing was out of place. When it came time for the bride and groom to depart everyone was crying. Dev was not ashamed of his tears. He loved his sister very much and she was going away from him. He gave her a big hug and made Rohan promise to take care of his gudiya.

The bidaai was over and even Radhika had to wipe her tears. Kajal, Raj, and Dev had planned on just spending the night in the hotel as they didn't want to drive home.

Radhika took a seat and stepped out of her heels. She was supervising the cleaning crew but she needed to get off her feet. She closed her eyes and thought about the day that had just passed. The wedding had been a huge success, in fact she had gotten two more contracts for weddings and one for an anniversary.

Without her realizing her thoughts went to the man who had been in the back of her mind since she had bumped into him this morning. Her body instantly warmed as thoughts of him filled her mind. He was a sweet man, that had been proven when he'd shed tears at his sister's wedding. He obviously loved his family a lot, and was a complete gentlemen.

Smelling the food and hearing her stomach growl made her open her eyes. She looked up to see the man of her thoughts standing in front of her with a plate in his hands. He set the plate down in front of her on the table and grabbed the chair from the opposite side and sat next to her.

"Have something to eat." He said as he gestured towards the plate. When she didn't make a move he grabbed the spoon and scooped up some of the rice and brought it to her mouth. She opened and he fed her. "So the wedding was a success. I can't thank you enough for everything you did for Payal. You know she's been dreaming about her wedding since she was a little kid. Always wanted that big wedding, and you made that dream a reality so thank you." Dev said as he continued to feed her.

Radhika finally got her voice back and spoke up. "No need to thank me Mr. Purohit, planning your sister's wedding didn't seem like a job to me. It was fun. Your sister and mother were very easy to work with."

"First of all no Mr. Purohit, no one even calls my dad that. Second, you should take credit where credit is due." He said bringing another bite to her mouth.

Finally realizing that he was literally feeding her Radhika went to grab a hold of the spoon but actually held his hand. Her eyes met his as she felt tingles run down her spine once again. She quickly averted her gaze. The spoon was still held to her mouth but when she didn't open her mouth Dev shrugged and ate the bite himself. He continued to feed himself and her until they finished the food on the plate. When they were done Dev cursed himself for eating so fast.

Radhika got up to leave when she felt his hand holding hers back. Again she felt that tingle and Dev said in a soft voice, "Do you feel it too?"

Radhika gasped as she turned to face him. "Do you?"  He asked again.

She said, "No, " while nodding her head in a yes.

He chuckled and her world stopped. He had a beautiful laugh.

Getting up from his seat he came to stand in front of her and held both her hands off to the side. She watched his moves.

"I've never felt anything like this Radhika and I'll be the first to admit that I've had my fair share of girlfriends but I've never had anything like connection I feel with you right now." He looked right into her eyes and when she didn't say anything he continued. "I don't know what this is, but I do know that if we just let it go we may regret it later and I want no regrets in my life."

Radhika faintly whispered, "Neither do I."

"Ok, so would you join me for dinner tomorrow evening?"

Not trusting her words she nodded.

"Good I'll pick you up at eight tomorrow." Dev leaned in and pecked her cheek before releasing her hands and walking away.

When Radhika's senses came back she yelled out after him, "What about my address?"

He glanced back and smiled. "I've already got it." Suddenly remembering something he came back to where she was and leaned in close to her ear. "Oh by the way my mother is going to be calling your mother with a proposal, so this time don't refuse without seeing the boy ok?" As he finished he gave her another kiss and went to walk away.

Radhika again called out behind him, "But I never agreed to marry you."

Dev turned around and grinned at her. "Not yet but you will."


He'd been right. They had gone on a total of one dates, and Radhika accepted his proposal to marry him, but she had insisted they wait until she became partner in her company.

Now here they sat one year later. The same place where they had met. This time she was the bride and he was the groom.

This time they took the sacred vows. This time it was her maang that was filled with sindoor by him. This time it was her neck that was adorned with the magulsutra that would bind them together.

He had told her that she would agree to marry him, she had never believed in marriage but after spending the past year with him she knew there was no one she could envision her future with other than him. To think this had started with a wedding!

The End!
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khus1973 Groupbie

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Woh raji,

It is a great shot u have written.Thanks for it.Do pen down when u get such ideas so that we can enjoy.

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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wow Raji superb yaar...I love it soo much...your writing skill is it...
thanks yaar...
YourNightmare IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 12:05am | IP Logged
wow great post raji...I just think that CB2 shld have started like that radhika in chicago and  a wedding planner and dev falling for him at the first sight and catching her every time...Your writing skill so superb just keep posting these refreshing posts

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Beautiful post.Hope we are able to see some light momente like these in CB2.
Shivanee31 Goldie

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Wow great job Raji...You have such a good writing skills.Keep it up.
Wish the CVs of CB could read that and take notes.
Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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WOW! This was one beautifull O.S ,u really got talent !i read ur ff and i liket that too! I Was impressed by ur modern characters verry diferent from our radev,also liked the way he held her back and asked if she feel the same,verry romantic!
Great work Clap

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ti is really a beautiful OS Clap thanks Raji...

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