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Written Update 24th May 2011

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 7:53pm | IP Logged

Thumbs UpHey all hope your good!!...

I just spend 20 minutes trying to figure out why the link I used kept playing Sangini instead of Sanskaar Laxmi… before realising there was a Maha Sangam episode going onLOL…..this episode is mainly SL so it's a long update!! Big smile 


Suraj & Laxmi are sitting at the Dhaba watching a song & dance performance. Laxmi glances over at Suraj whilst Suraj just keeps looking at the girl dancing. Laxmi continues to glance over at Suraj and he finally looks at Laxmi, both look upset. Laxmi walks off.

Suraj is sitting by himself and a man & woman come up to him asking how his movie is coming along. Suraj says it's good but he hasn't come up with a title yet. The lady asks who the hero of the movie is, Suraj replies that hasn't been decided either. Laxmi arrives and says Ragini Suraj looks worried and asks what happened, Laxmi grabs his hand and takes him with her.

Ragini is in her trailer & Pankaj enters. Ragini freaks out & tells him to go home. Pankaj tells her to relax he only came to apologise for listening to Laxmi, Ragini smiles.  Laxmi is still dragging Suraj he asks where they are going. Laxmi stops and points to the window where Ragini & Pankaj are shown hugging. Suraj see them and is getting angry, he has flashbacks of when Laxmi told him Ragini's truth & how Ragini told him that Laxmi was trying to separate them. He shouts Ragini and enters her trailer. Ragini let's go of Pankaj, and shockingly says Suraj. Suraj grabs hold of her arm and says come with me, Pankaj goes after them. Outside the trailer Suraj is asking Ragini what's going on. Suraj & Pankaj start arguing which breaks out into a fight.

Laxmi walks towards Ragini's car and see's photos of Ragini & Pankaj together, she tries opening the door but can't. Manav (from Pavitra Rista) arrives and asks Laxmi to hurry up as everyone waiting for her. Laxmi says that she left her luggage in the car and can't open the door. Manav tries to open it but is also unsuccessful he asks Laxmi for a hair clip, he manages to open the car door with the hair clip. (Talented fella!!LOL) Laxmi thanks him, he tells her to hurry up as his mother is waiting for her. Laxmi says she'll get her stuff and come. She picks up the photos and goes back to the fight scene. Laxmi goes between the two and tells them to stop. She shows Suraj the pictures & says I don't know how many men Ragini has trapped for her own gain. Ragini snatches the pictures and says it all rubbish, she tells Laxmi to shut up & raises her hand to slap her. Suraj holds her hand & angrily shouts don't you dare hit Laxmi, did hearing the truth hurt because of her I know your truth, he tells her to get lost. Laxmi is looking at Suraj, Suraj and Ragini are having an intense eye lock and then Ragini walks off closely followed by Pankaj. Suraj looks away and is trying to hide his emotions. Laxmi walks up to him and says forget what happened, let's go home. Suraj shouts how will I face everyone and storms off. Laxmi runs after him.   Suraj gets into his car & Laxmi manages to get into the passenger's side, she tells Suraj to calm down but he speeds off angrily before she closes her door, her phone falls out the car.

Dada calls Kaveri and asks if everything at home is alright to which Kaveri replies yes, why. Dada says he's bringing Kanchan home from the hospital. Kaveri smiles with happiness. He tells Kaveri to make sure everyone at home is happy so when they welcome Kanchan, the atmosphere is good.

Suraj & Laxmi are in the car, Laxmi is telling Suraj to slow down, but he ignores her. Laxmi looks scared whilst Suraj looks angry. He's having flashbacks of when Ragini's truth came out. He slams the breaks, gets out and walks up to a tree and starts hitting it. Laxmi holds his arm but he pushes her away. Laxmi says I know you're in a lot of pain but one day you would have found out the truth, better now than afterwards.  She also says Ragini doesn't care about you, why are you hurting yourself for her. Suraj looks like he's about to cry he has flashbacks of good times with Ragini. Laxmi says Suraj and tries to hold his arm again he pushes her away & shouts why did you do this to me Ragini. He goes towards the car Laxmi tries to stop him from entering but he pushes her to the floor and drives off, leaving Laxmi in the middle of the road shouting Suraj.

Ba arrives home and everyone is welcoming her. Ba refuses to enter without Shobna being present. Shobna arrives and Ba lectures her about trying to become the queen of the house. Everyone smiles. Ba says you should know how to welcome someone home, sometimes I think your waiting for me to die. Everyone laughs. Ba says why are you standing here Kaveri get the tray and welcome me. Ba goes in and asks about Laxmi. Kaveri tells her she's gone to Manav & Anchana's anniversary party. Ba asks Hurshuk if Suraj has come home. Everyone goes quiet Ba says Suraj has a good heart, one day he will get on the right path.

Ragini is on the phone talking about what happened between her and Suraj. She tells Pankaj that she loves him & says you trust me right. Suraj is shown standing listening to the conversation. He shouts trust, from your mouth this word sounds like an insult. Ragini looks at him shocked, she puts the phone down. She says why have to come here, to which Suraj replies I want answers as to why you did this. You know that I sacrificed everything for you I stole and went against my family. Ragini says what answers shall I give you and why should I give them as you won't be happy with anything I say. She says it's not possible for every relationship to last, Suraj asks why. Ragini goes up to him and says look your angry go home we will talk later. She tries to push Suraj towards the door but Suraj won't budge and shouts why should I leave. I always do what you tell me, and I'm angry because of you. Ragini shouts back that we aren't the first couple in the world to break up this doesn't mean that our lives should end (The woman has a valid point... if she weren't evil I'd appreciate that dialogue a lot more!!) Suraj goes quiet and looks down. Ragini says Suraj I am not interested in you anymore. Suraj looks up at her.

Ragini continues and says so there's no point in having a relationship with you. Suraj shouts and starts attacking the room throwing everything he can get his hands on. At the same time he is shouting at Ragini as to why she lost interest. Ragini grabs him and tells him to shut up. She says she is not his Laxmi that's she will quietly listen to what he says. Suraj is staring at her. Ragini says this is my house not yours that you can behave any ways you like. Suraj is shocked. Ragini tells Suraj that's she was never interested in him, she needed his money but now she doesn't need the money or him anymore. (This is the point in 99% of serials when the man go psycho and kill the woman!! LOL... I guess this is the other 1%!!Wink)  Suraj looks in disbelief. Ragini says I need Pankaj now so I'm forming a relationship with him. (I think someone should tell her there's a word for women like her DeadConfused!!) Suraj holds her head and says I love you, I want you marry you. Ragini shouts forget marriage you're not worth of my love so get out or I will call the police. Suraj starts to walk out, he stops and looks pleadingly at Ragini who looks away he leaves. Ragini kicks an item that's on the floor.

Laxmi is in a taxi, she see's Suraj's car and gets out. It starts to rain and she looks around to see Suraj slowly walking towards the car. He is crying. Laxmi puts her hand on his shoulder for comfort. Laxmi says Suraj. Suraj turns and hugs her.

Kaveri tries to phone Laxmi but she can't get through.

Suraj still in the hug pose cry's and says I was betrayed in love. I never thought my love would turn out like this. Ragini says I'm not worthy of her because I never became successful in life. She was pretending to love me. Laxmi tells Suraj to forget her. Suraj replies but I loved her with all my heart & whether she loves me or not I still love her. (Shockedwow I'm starting to feel a tiny bit sorry for him!!) Suraj lets go off Laxmi he doesn't look at her, but just turns around. He says Ragini has hurt my pride, I will prove to her that her decision was wrong and she will eventually beg at my feet. Laxmi says no Suraj by taking revenge you will never be happy, you're only be disappointed. Suraj replies no, from today onwards I shall show Ragini how successful I can be and how far I can reach. (he's going to try and win her back...after everything she said and did…he still doesn't want some one like Laxmi he wants her instead... what an Censored !)

Laxmi say Suraj lets just go home. Suraj looks at her and say I don't need you or them. Go from here. (I agree leave him Laxmi and marry Mahen Day Dreaming!!)  Laxmi folds her hands and pleads with Suraj to come home. Suraj shouts go, get lost. He turns around and starts crying. Laxmi stands there.

Hurshuk is shouting at Kaveri for letting Laxmi leave with Suraj & now they can't get in touch with her. Kaveri tells him to calm down otherwise Ba will hear them. Hurshuk says the driver told me how Suraj drove away with Laxmi in the car she must be in some sort of trouble. Dada says looks its late & it's raining we should go out find Laxmi . Shobna says yes find Suraj, he doesn't consider Laxmi his wife & if anything happens to her then this house shall have another problem to deal with. Dada tells her to be quiet.Thumbs UpLOL He tells Hurshuk and Uttang to go find Laxmi. Laxmi walks in. Hurshuk shouts at her for being late and not calling.  Laxmi stands quietly. Mahen tells his father that shouting is wrong. Hurshuk tells him that Laxmi didn't phone. Mahen says Laxmi should phone. Kaveri asks her what happened. Laxmi tells them all that Suraj knows Ragini's truth. Everyone is shocked, Kaveri smiles and hugs Laxmi. Laxmi looks emotionless and has a flashback of Suraj saying he loves Ragini even though she doesn't love him. Laxmi smiles slightly and walks up to Hurshuk, she says Suraj is completely broken, he needs his family. Please call him home. Hurshuk says no, Suraj will only come home when he accepts you as his wife whole heartedly and walks off. Laxmi tries to call after him.

Laxmi is in her room packing when Mahen enters. He asks Laxmi to tell him the truth about what really happened. Laxmi tells him that she though after Suraj found out Ragini truth he would go back to her but this didn't happen and after all that has happened Suraj still loves Ragini and so I am leaving this house

Precap: Shobna is holding some papers she says these aren't papers they are a bomb which shall explode in this house and hurt Hurshuk the most. She hides the papers under her pillow and is shown talking to someone on the phone, the conversation can't be heard.      

Its definitely a watch worthy episode today... I recommend to all!!... All actors did an amazing jobClap !!

By the way forum members do please remember to hit the Chaska meter rating on the front page of the Sanskaar Laxmi forum. To those that don't know what this is... its a rating system IF has chosen to use...the more you rate  a serial, whether it be good or bad... points are given and this make the serials go higher on the IF serial popularity scale!!... Its at no.34 this weeks... lets try and make it higher next weekWink

Take Care xx

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tks rani... its wonderful epi... worth reading n watching tooClap

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Ermm Well Suraj definitely needs help, he seems to be lost and child like. What the hell did Ragini do to screw him up like that Question Dude is like a Wacko

Laxmi it is about time she leaves, she has tried all her best but if the person doesn't want to be helped, there is nothing more she can do. It's not about pride but I think she should leave for her sanity and livelihood. She gave Suraj a lot of chances, showed him the truth but he is still the same. They don't share a bond, so Suraj can't connect to her and Laxmi can't help someone who doesn't grab her arm even when she had reached out to the max. Suraj needs to grow up, man up and come out of his insanity himself. Perhaps his mom can help.

Thanks for the updateBig smile

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it is gtting really tricky with the tracks...
love ur updates and the whole side commentary!!!!Approve

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