Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Originally posted by AmnaIsh

Hmmm..first of all sorry for the delay in reading and commenting...had a lil family emergency Unhappyhope all is well Ermm

The update*braces herself...go on*

Brilliant Ari ClapClap - you did justice to the VM..LOL - my hard work paid off..Thumbs Upaapne yeh keh diya my work paid offROFL

naughtiness touches her eyes...ji daddi arjun mera khayal...she lingered on khayal for a while looking at arjun...his eyes changed expressions from anger to irritating to pleading...arohi was enjoying this but she didnt want to hurt dadi...ji daddi arjun mera khayal rakh raha hai

hehehe LOVED IT ClapClap- thorougly thoughtout scene..loved teh detailing of it.Clapthanku hai ji Embarrassed

Thanks for that sweet note at the end...i wouldn't have done it for anybody else Winkn i wouldnt have bothered anyone else...aaahhh who m i kidding i bug everyone the same way ROFLmmuah..luv u sister with all ur craziness and nagging ..LOL
Hugn i love u just the same

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Originally posted by -Awantika-

Dadi is such a sweet heart :)i know Embarrassed so is the person who is making dadi such a sweet heart ApproveCool
At least tha kabab main haddi is chu mantar for few days LOL

Rashi track needs to be over yaar -.ummm if it ends then i will be left with no strong storyline...and i cant end it aiwehi also...let me take my time...i want to shape up the story properly...i promised myself i will give kmh2 a proper farewell...

And their moment together was so special.thats cause they are so special Embarrassed
Beautifully written by you :))thankuEmbarrassed
I so love da flow of words :D n i so love the sweetness of ur commentLOL

The VM was out ov the world.thanku on behalf of the makerWink
Simply Awesome.

Loved it so much :Dme too me too

Please update asap ! next update will take two three days time...i need to like write a major part and a long part...hopefully that will be worth the wait as wellBig smile
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ShockedShockedShocked ShockedShockedShocked ShockedShockedShocked
ErmmErmmErmm ErmmErmmErmm ErmmErmmErmm
GeekGeekGeek GeekGeekGeek GeekGeekGeek
ConfusedConfusedConfused ConfusedConfusedConfused ConfusedConfusedConfused
WackoWackoWacko WackoWackoWacko WackoWackoWacko
HeartHeartHeart HeartHeartHeart HeartHeartHeart
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Day DreamingDay Dreaming Day DreamingDay Dreaming
HugHug HugHug HugHug
ClapClapClap ClapClapClap ClapClapClap
Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile

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Two Halves Of One Whole

Arjun arohi were lost in each others eyes...mesmerised in the moments that had just passed between others it was just a dance...a song...and a few minutes...but to them it was their whole journey of love...all those moments flashing before their eyes from the beginning till the really does have the power to revive love...arohi could clearly see the love in arjuns eyes...arjun couldnt take his eyes off the innocence in hers...they were lost in each other...couldnt know what was going on around them...then suddenly there was a sound of applause from everywhere and arjun and arohi snapped out of their dreamland...

Embarrassed they quickly moved away from each other and looked away...they both started walking towards their room side by side...

Arjun and arohi started mumbling to each other...thinking practically the same thing...afterall they were two halves of one whole...they completed each other

Nahi yeh nahi ho sakta....started arjun

We cant stay here anymore...continued arohi

arohi and me together here...thought arjun

its wrong...mera dil behak raha hai...completed arohi

Main yeh nahi hone de sakta...concluded arjun

Mein yeh nahi hone de sakti...concluded arohi

this closeness isnt good for us...Humein abhi yaha se jana hoga...they both spoke out the last part aloud and turned to each other staring into one anothers was when the persons coming from before them asked them to make way did they realise they were on the steps...this was getting badder by the second...they both rushed to their room and threw open both their suitcases and started throwing their clothes and stuff and packing them in the suitcases as fast as possible...they were done in ten minutes...arohi started to pick up her luggage but before she could reach for it arjun picked up both the bags and headed for the door...she looked admiringly at him for a second and then snapped herself out of it...picked up softy ahluwalia and rushed to the door to open it for him...while they checked out the hotel staff placed their luggage in the car...

Par sir...aap ki reservation toh kal tak haina...aap kal tak ruk jate toh dance ki cd leke jate... the manager tried to reason with arjun...but he was in no mood of arguements

Tumse jitna kaha jaye utna karo...saying this arjun paid for their stay and dragged arohi out of the hotel...he sat in the drivers seat and opened the door on her side from inside so that she could get in...arohi quickly took her seat and closed the door...and they zoomed off to singhania mansion thinking that the worst was over...they had no one idea that the night was just getting started...


Pyaar Hum Ko Bhi Hai
Pyaar Tum Ko Bhi Hai
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye
Bewafa Hum Nahin
Bewafa Tum Nahin
To Kyon Itne Gile Ho Gaye
Chalte Chalte Kaise
Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye
Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale

Duniya Jo Pooche To Kya Hum Kahen
Koi Yeh Humko Samjaade
Thes Lagi To Pal Mein Toot Gaye
Sheshe Ke The Kya Sab Vaade
Jaata Hai Koi Kyon Sapno Ko Thukraake
Payega Yeh Dil Kya Kisi Ko Batake
Chalte Chalte Raakh Hum
Bin Jale Ho Gaye
Bujh Gaye Diye Pyaar Ke
Pyaar Hum Ko Bhi Hai
Pyaar Tum Ko Bhi Hai
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye.

Doob Gaya Hai Kaise Dard Mein Dil
Aansoon Bhari Hai Ab Aankhen
Tanhaiyon Ki Jo Ruth Aa Gaye
Udji Hui Hai Sab Raahein
Socha Tha Paayenge Dono Ek Manzil Ko
Raahein Jo Badli To Tumhi Batado
Chalte Chalte Gum Kahan Kaple Ho Gaye
Kho Gaye Kahan Rastre
Pyaar Hum Ko Bhi Hai
Pyaar Tum Ko Bhi Hai
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye
Bewafa Hum Nahin
Bewafa Tum Nahin
To Kyon Itne Gile Ho Gaye
Chalte Chalte Kaise
Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye
Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale
Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale.

By the time arjun got frustrated and switched off the sterio the song was over...arohi had a few silent tears in her come everything remotely related to love reminded them of each other and their moments come everytime they wanted to go away from each other they were always pushed closer together...They didnt realise it yet...but one day they would sure understand that everything happens for a reason and they were each others destiny

Innumerable silent minutes had passed between arjun and arohi and they were comfortable in this least it was better than fighting endlessly about anything and everything...finally when neither would budge from their silent stance the car decided it had had enough of their silence and broke down...

Kya hua asked arohi innocently coming out of her trance

Dekh nahi sakti...gaadi start nahi ho rahi kharab ho gayi hai...arjun got down and reached to open the bonnet only to realise that he had forgotten the tool box at home...he kicked the tire of the car in agitation with the leg which arohi had if hurting himself furthermore would have made the situation any better...Yeh sab na tumhari un bad night wishes ka asar hai...damn can it get any worse he said more to himself making a face looking at arohi...she stepped out of the car with softy in a hand while giggling like a child

She held up softy to her eye ahluwalia shayad iseeko adding insult to injury kehte hai she said look at arjuns foot which was now swollen...her laugh was ringing in arjuns ears and it was irritating him...

Hehe very funny...has liya?? he said mocking that you are done...start walking...its late in the night and abhi koi lift nahi milegee...bas do teen ghante ka chalne ka rasta hai...he said with a smirk....he loved irritating her...and it helped alot that he knew exactly what she liked or didnt like...

Are you mad...2-3 ghante chalke??monster tumne mujhe samajh kya rakha freaking ways...we are waiting right here for a lift...ya phir call for help...i dont care i m NOT walking home

Arohi pagal mat bano...even if we ask for someone to send a car it will take two hours to reach dont suppose we sit here in the middle of nowhere till then na...magar phir bhi agar tum yeh chahti ho toh suit yourself...mein ja raha hun...said arjun with a frustrated look...oh and btw arohi even if you arent lucky enough to come across soem drunkard's wandering across oveer here i m sure iss jungle ke janwar tumhe achi company denge...wo bhi tumhari tarah hi haina...JUNGLEEE...he said this with an evil smile and started walking knowing for sure that she would follow him just like she had ran towards the jeep and gotten kidnapped by herself when he started driving away while kidnapping her...she was so predictable he thought with a smile at the rememberence of old sweet memories...

Arohi tried to act stubborn for a while...then remembered how he had left her on the road alone while going to the hotel...that coupled with the wierd sounds that she started hearing compelled her to rush forward towards arjun and start walking beside him slowly keeping a close distance...arjun couldnt help but get bothered by the fear on her face...he had always hated seeing the helpless expression on her face...that was what had forced him to talk away her fear of dark from her and spend the night with her in the his thoughts wandered back to those beautiful memories he couldnt help but notice how cute arohi looked trying to keep close to him...almost gripping his hand at the sound of some leaves moving or animal howling only to realise it was arjun and taking her hands back...he had seen this routine of hers for 20-30 minutes and though he was partially enjoying it he had had enough of it...

Arohi tum abhi tak apne dar pe kaboo karna nahi seekhi...said arjun trying to divert her mind...he rather prefered the fightful arohi it was more fun that way...

Seekh chuki thi...i had found someone jispar mera trust mere dar se bada tha...but then woh trust toot gaya aur wo dar magnify ho gaya...a sort of bitterness had come in her tone while she said this...she turned her face away 

Trust toh meine bhi kiya tha tumpe arohi...i trusted you with my lifes biggest secret that i havent shared with any outsider and what did you do in return you asked  me to get out of your room...he said saddened at the thought of the memory...arohi had broken his heart that day in a whole new way...he hadnt expected her to be so heartless...he turned away his face as well...he didnt try to make conversation after was a mistake in the first place...arohi thought for a while...she was about to retort to his comment when it started to rain and her thoughtwave was interrupted...

Arjun looked up at the sky with a fierce expressive question as if asking the person above...could it get any worse?!?!?

Arjun realised where they were and started rushing forward which was practically more of a run...only when he realised that arohi wasnt with him that he stopped... "damn dadi will kill me if she falls sick" he thought...he ran towards her and caught her hand and dragged her forward with him...within few minutes they had reached the place arjun was aiming for...JAMUNADAS BAL ASHRAM...the orphanage where arjun had met makrand and billu,where he had been brought up until he had come across RPS and his life changed...

Sach Ka Samna-Part 1

Arjun walked into the ashram hand in hand with arohi...the ashram where every wall every step had a different story to tell...arjun couldnt help but get nostalgic at the thought of those vulnerable times...he knocked on the front door only to have the care taker of the orphanage come out...he had a smile on his face when he realised that their guest was arjun

Arjun beta tum yaha iss wakt,,,

Wo sir humaree gaadi kharab ho gayi thi...kya hum aaj raat ke liye yaha ruk sakte hai

The caretaker looked at arjun and arohi from top to bottom...his eyes stopped at their interlocked hands...he blushed and shifted his gaze...arjun realised what had stumped him and removed his hand from arohi's at once


The caretaker managed to speak out broken words...clearly confused at seeing arjun with a girl...

Ji...yeh...yeh...yeh meri wife hai...he said kinda embarressed not wanting to talk about it...the care taker sensed that and changed the topic...he asked arohi to change as her clothes were wet and sent a girl with her to give her clothes and help her around the ashram...while all the sleeping kids woke up at the sound of arjun and ran to him to engulf him in a bear were smiling and pulling at him to get a piece of him...they all just loved him and arjun couldnt resist loving them he saw a bit of his childhood in them...neglected and rejected he always felt a different kinda peace giving them some of his time and being the reason for their smiles...arohi couldnt help but adore the image in front of her eyes...he looked so cute surrounded by all those kids...

She goes and changes into the dress the girl gives her...arohi is about to ask her something when someone calls for the girl and she dissapears...arohi finds her way around the orphanage and reaches the main office...where she finds arjun and the caretaker of the orphanage immersed in deep conversation...

The girl comes back to find arohi...

Arohi di aap yaha ho i thought aap gum ho gaye the itne saare rooms mein...arohi gets startled as she was immersed in trying to make sense of arjun and the caretakers conversation trying to gather something against arjun...she is still in her trance

Yeh...yeh aur yeh caretaker kya baat kar rahe hai...why was he so shocked to see arjun here...whats up with everyone being so nice to him...has he kidnapped you all and trying to blackmail you or something...if only arohi could hear herself would she know how stupid she was sounding...

The girl started laughing...

Yeh aap kaisi batein kar rahi hai...arjun bhaiyya toh yaha par har kiseeke role model hai arohi snorted as if that were possible...something in arohis looks told the girl that she wasnt buying i am serious...woh well hes done alot for us...him being a orphan wo samajhte hai anaath hona kya hota hai...unki life change ho gayi jab unhe RPS sir mile...but that didnt make him forget all that time the people here had taken care of him...he still comes here sometimes...spends some time with the kids...helps us with the money...aur jaha tak shock hone ki baat hai its just that no one here has ever seen arjun bhaiyya with a girl before...wo us type ke person hai hi nahi...he rather likes to keep to himself...

Arohi didnt have it in her to listen further...she hurried off from there as normally as she could and found a quiet corner for herself in the balcony...before she broke down and anyone saw her...her thoughts trailed back to the conversation she and arjun were having some time back...about trust and secrets...arjuns words now pierced through her heart like daggers 

Trust toh meine bhi kiya tha tumpe arohi...i trusted you with my lifes biggest secret that i havent shared with any outsider and what did you do in return you asked  me to get out of your room

Her mind trailed back to the night which now seemed ages away...the night when arjun had come to her house...the night when he had tried to reason with her...the night when he had shared the biggest truth of his life with her...

How come she had become to heart less...when had she become so self centred...some one had told her the biggest truth of their life...and all she could ask was lekin tumne mere defence mein kuch nahi kaha tha...if her love was so true then she should have understood...she should have trusted...after all love is all about giving rather than getting...being drunk wasnt an excuse...but then again she was drifted between heart and mind...she was going to trust arjun...but gauri...gauriii...gauriii...stupid gauri who was in love with arjun...did she stilll???nooo...there was only one way of finding out...she pulled herself together thinking she would handle it like a mature person...she picked up her phone and called gauri

Gauri mein arohi...sun mujhe tujhse kuch baat karni hai...

Haan bol arohi...what are best friends for...arjun tujhe pareshan toh nahi kar raha...tu kahe toh main waha aa jaun asked gauri in a desperate attempt to know or get closer to arjuhi

nahi gauri everythings fine...i just had to ask you something...wo arjun haina wo phirse mujhe behla phusla kar apne jaal mein phaasne ki koshish kar raha hai...all that crap about being an orphan...remember you had warned me against it...

Gauri was getting nervous and freaked out now...why was arjun trying to make amends and talking to her about all this again this wasnt good...the anger and distance between them couldnt decrease no she wouldnt let that happen...she had to think fast

Nahi aru tum uski baton mein mat aana...wo bohot bura hai...usne tumhare baare mein mujhse pata nahi kya kya kaha tha...and dont even ask about the crap he had written in the letter for you...

par gauri...yeh woh kisee ashram ki baat kar raha hai...uskee baton mein mujhe sachai dikh rahi hai

Nahi arohi wo jhut bol raha hai...wo har ladki ko us ashram ki kahani batata hai...MAHATMA GANDHI MEMORIAL ORPHANAGE mujhe toh waha lekar bhi gaya tha its all a fraud arohi woh ek bohot bada cheat hai...

Are you sure gauri ke orphanage ka naam wahi hai aur wo tujhe waha lekar gaya tha??asked arohi in desperation unable to beleive that her so called best friend could be such a big fraud

haan haan arohi i m very sure...mein tujhse jhoot kyun boloongi bhala...exactly my question gauri and i will definitely find out about it...thinking this arohi cut the phone...

Arohi thought about all that arjun had said...about him...about their love...about those feelings

Sach tha...sab sach tha...she ran her hands through her hair...she was so disoriented she didnt know what next...she didnt even realise that she was crying...knwoing that your best friend lied to you and knowing that the love of your life wasnt so bad afterall in one go was too much to deal with even for arohi ahluwalia...

Tune Jo Na Kaha

Almost an hour later arjun finally reached the balcony and located arohi with her back to the wall and her legs close to her chest her hands holding her legs as if she would fall apart if she let loose...arjun was literally scared seeing her like wasnt a daily sight seeing arohi ahluwalia so shaken...he rushed to her side in a second...she was was still raining and she had gotten wet all over again...this girl just gave new definition to stupid everyday...he went to her and covered her up with his jacket...this time he didnt even bother with the dadi excuse...he was too engrossed and disturbed seeing arohi's condition...

Tune jo na kaha, mein woh sunta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar
Is shehar mein na apna tikana raha
Durr chahat se mein apni chalta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha

He put both his hands on both shoulders of arohi and helped her get up...for the first time since he had entered their arohi looked into his eyes...those chocolate brown eyes filled with concern she couldnt understand wo itni achai lata kaha se tha...even after that night he was always there for her,tried to save her from chiku,took on so much humiliation,RPS is like god to him...arohi ke liye usne use bhi chod diya...kitani mohabbat hai thought arohi silently...

Aaya woh phir nazar aise, baat chidne lagi phir se
Aankho mein chubtha kal ka dhuwaa
Hal tera na hum sa hi, is khushi mein kyun gham sa hi
Basne laga kuyn phir woh jahan
Woh jahan dur jisse gaye te nikal
Phir se yaadon ne kar di hai jaise pehal
Lamha beeta huwa, dil dhukata raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha

she swiftly fought loose from his grip and tried catching his face in her hands...but she couldnt she couldnt get herself to go closer to him...all those words...all that hate...all those misunderstandings...there was too much between them...time wasnt right yet there was lot to do before telling anything to arjun she didnt want to defend herself with any bahanas afterall reasons cant cloud love whatever was her fault and she would make it right...

Gar woh pehle se hai zyaada, khud se phir yeh kiya wada
Khamosh nazrein rahe bezuban
Ab na phele si baatein hai, bolo tho lab thar tharatein hai
Raaz yeh dil ka, na ho bayaan
Ho gaya ke aasar koi hum pe nayi
Humsafar mein tho hai humsafar hai nayi
Durr jatha raha, paas aatha raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha

Tune jo na kaha, mein woh sunta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar
Is shehar mein na apna tikana raha
Durr chahat se mein apni chalta raha
Bhuj gayi aag thi, dhaag jalta raha

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My dear isko jaldi se updatr karaingi aap..? Umm itni jaldi khagam hogya..thr night haf just begun.. Embarrassed

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loved the part
do continue soon
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nice update after a long time ari
pls continue

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will edit when you complete :):)

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