Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:KMH2~Mohabbat Reloaded~Updt Pg 38~Nte Pg 43 (Page 25)

soni4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 July 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
finally u updated lol
luvd da updated plzz cont soon x fanx 4 da pm

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zach Goldie

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Posted: 12 July 2011 at 6:18pm | IP Logged
Beautiful Update...took my mind to KMH moments when Arjun was struggling to prove his love to Arohi after his bad image had got exposed and the effect of that unfortunate rashi incident Cry everything came flashing before eyes.

love their silly fights LOL Arjun got a good point...why do Arohi have to spill all the clothes everywhere to pick up one suit ?? C'MON Jerry...dont let tom get on ur nerves LOL
i have got to support Arjun's side...Jerry Zindabad Big smile

good to see Arjun taking care of Arohi after the food poisoning scheme...hmmm...sache pyaar me yahi rehta..kitni bhi nok-jhok ho ego ho..ek dusre ko pain me nahi dekh sakte...that mutual feeling of care develops. its weird...can't be put into words Stern Smile

Ari...very nice update...loved it SmileClap

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glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 10:20am | IP Logged
finally you updated LOL i've been waiting for it..and i must say i was not disappointed ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

you are an awesome writer ari...i know i don't comment often but that doesn't mean i don't read Wink

keep it up Thumbs Up

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by glitter567

finally you updated LOL i've been waiting for it..and i must say i was not disappointed Claphow would i know u were waiting?...nyways m glad i didnt dissapoint jhansi ki rani LOL

you are an awesome writer ari...thanku shanku ji Winki know i don't comment often but that doesn't mean i don't read Wink i m glad to hear that Big smile

keep it up Thumbs Upbas aapka ashirwaad bana rahe aur kya chaiye ROFL

-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 5:16pm | IP Logged
Rajveer's Raid

Rajveer hurried back to chandigarh after receiving a call from arvind

Kya hua bhaiyya?kya info mili hai?

Arvind showed rajveer the papers that arohi had sent home...she had collected evidence against singhania's though none of it proved that arjun was a bad husband it had crypted information which hinted towards a huge business deal of rps taking place that very day...rajveer couldnt let that happen...he rushed back to chandigarh to assist arvind in raiding the business deal and making sure it couldnt was their lucky day if they caught rps red handed he could go beyond bars for a very long time...

Rajveer and arvind reached the place where the deal was supposed to take was one of rps's many head quarters the ahluwalias knew about the place but couldnt do anything about it cause he had bought it through legal ways...but today things would change...rps would loose not only his deal but also one of his head quarters

rajveer took half of the police as back up and proceeded towards the front door silently...arvind took the remaining half and went towards the back door...he asked the police officers to stay out and surround the place so that the criminals dont escape...he slowly sneeked into the garage and started firing at the people he saw there...he knew none there could be innocent...he was searching for rps though he should have known better...rps would have never come out in the open and risked his name just for one deal...and though rajveer was successful in stopping the deal jignesh took advantage of his diverted attention and hit him on the head from behind...he left a note for rajveer...cleaned the place without a trace of them and left...

Rajveer woke up after an hour to see arvind tied in front of him and a note beside him

"Kartar singh ahluwalia ke bete hoke bhi its sad that tum mein unke koi gun nahi hai rajveer..."

Rajveer knew who that message was from...the evil master mind rps...but he couldnt do anything about it...he crumpled the note away and slowly got up to open up arvind...and then arvind took rajveer home...he was in pretty bad shape...jignesh had beaten him a bit too hardly on the head...he had been made to lie down on the bed and advised bed rest for 3 days...and thus gauri was called back so as to take care of rajveer and also cause ahluwalias didnt want her alone there...though rajveer and guari hesistated at first siting arohi as reasons finally they had to listen when dj put her foot down saying arohi is not a kid and she can take care of herself...and thus gauri was back to ahluwalia mansion and arjun and arohi were alone at the resort without any haddi's

Hum Saath saath hai

Oye khotte da puttar manager kaha mar gaya si...mere bache kaise hai?khayal toh rakh rahe ho na ache se unka...agar ek bhi shikayat hui na unki toh merese bura koi nahi hoga...Acha ab yeh sun ke tujhe aage kya karna hai... *muted convo takes place between daddi and manager*

10 minutes later...

Arjun and arohi come down to have break fast cause they both were sick of being in the same room since 24 hours and wanted some fresh air...they hand their room keys at the reception and head for the restaurant...they both have a quiet breakfast not wanting to start a fight...arohi wants to go outside and do some sight seeing but with arjun by her side she knows it would be with him everything would seem horrible to her...her face drops with dissapointment and she drags her feet behind her arjun to the reception to return to the room

*At the reception*

Arjun: Kya matlab aapka ke chabiyan nahi mil rahi?how can you be so damn careless?isse toh acha hum keys apne paas rakhte...ab hum kya kare? his pitch was serious and annoyed...he didnt like people screwing up...if it were upto him everything in the world would be perfect just like him...

Arohi was amused at his anger...the way his face became all red and the tone of his voice would always raise her heartbeat...she controlled her smile...she didnt want him to loose it furthermore and create a scene before everyone by seeing her smiling

The manager had a great urge to answer back at arjun in the same rude tone he was using but then he remembered daddi and knew she would do lot worse than just shouting...he clenched his fists...apologised to arjun and asked him and arohi to take a tour of the scenic locale while they searched for the key...

Arjun understood it was worthless wasting his time on the dumbhead manager...he quickly rushed outside dragging arohi alongside by catching her hand...the manager couldnt help but smile looking at them going outside together hand in hand...dadi's words came back to his mind..."ik kamre vich dur dur rehne se acha...vadde c jagah mein saath saath ghume" shayad wo saath unhe saath le aye dadi had thought blushing to herself...maybe she was right maybe it was just the time which wasnt ready yet...wakt ko abhi aur imtehaan lene the...akhir use bhi toh samajhna tha ke arjuhi ko akhir kitani mohabbat hai


Arohi starts hitting arjun from the back...
haath chodo mera gande vahiath aadmi...samajhte kya ho tum apne aap ko...

arjun gets annoyed by arohi's bickering as if the stupid manager wasnt enough...he lets go off arohi's hand with a jerk which makes her loose balance...she trips and falls to the ground...

Mere saath ke bina do kadam khadi ho nahi sakti phirbhi arjun singhania ke khilaf khade hone ka shauk rakhti ho...sambhal jao wifey and apna rasta badal lo warna tumhe uthane ke liye sahara nahi milega kahi bhi...saying this he hands out his hand to her as a suppport...she pushed away his hand and got up on her own

Khudhi girao aur phir khud uss chot par marham lagane ki koshish karke khudko acha dikhao isse exactly kya sabit hota hai arjun?kuch are as pathetic as you always were...a sharp pain shot up in her eyes which saddened his eyes...they had moved beyond the superficial conversation...whatever they did they always ended up on this dead end...would it never end??? 

Yeh batein tumhare muh se achi nahi dikhti arohi...doesnt suit you at the least he said with a sad sarcastic tone...arohi understood he was referring to the rashi incident

Tumhara matlab kya hai haan???tum mujpar aise ilzaam nahi laga voice trailed off...arjun wasnt in the mood of listening to any arguements especially in this matter he just let her say whatever and started walking forward on the cliff...arohi was infuriated with the ilzaam that arjun had put on her this was she started walking rapidly walking towards him...she was arohi ahluwalia she wasnt going to take it lightly...thats when her leg tripped from the edge of the cliff...they were so lost in each other that she didnt realise that the hotel was at a mountain top and one of side fences was broken...she shouted in shock as she realised she was falling and there was nothing she could do about the very last moment at the nick of time as she was about to close her eyes she saw a hand come forward to grab hers and she held on to it and came to the all happened in a moments time but arohi had felt as if that moment was a century long...she stared into the eyes of her saviour in is it that even after everything between them he was always there for is it that after cheating her he didnt have a shred of guilt in his come even after so much hate she could see love in those eyes??were those eyes a mirror to what his heart actually felt??were they speaking to her telling her what she actually felt??arohi was so lost in his eyes she couldnt take her eyes off them...

aise kya dekh rahi ho wifey kaha tha na humesha tumhe har museebat se bachaunga...tumhe pareshan karne ka hak sirf mera hai he says with a smirk and seperates himself from her...being this close to her did wierd things to wasnt safe...he had to keep his calm and stay as far away from arohi as possible...they both headed towards the hotel together both thinking of the same thing the moment when arjun had saved arohi from falling down from the cliff in the jungle and todays much the times had changed then it was arjuns love that made him act that way and today it was his nafrat...arohi was contemplating how life changes colors with a dull smile on her face to those sweet memories...arjun was thinking about their love-hate relation which one was stronger?

Mohabbat ne paas laya tha unhe...
karte hai nafrat beinteha ab...
par unka sach aaj bhi tha wahi...
chahe ho nafrat kitni bhi...
nafrat ke aag ke neeche mohabbat ki chingari thi dabi...

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Arjun and arohi returned to their was their last night there...this closeness was getting to their head...this had to end soon...and as luck might have it everything happened exactly opposite to the way they wanted it...jab saath rehna chahte the they fell apart and jab dur hona chahte the toh they keep bumping into each other...

Arohi walked upto the bed to see a packet with her name on it...she opened it with eagerness only to find a rani pink color anarkali dress with golden color embroidery on the top half and accessories and bangles to match...arohi fell in love with the dress in first sight...she turned towards arjun with a huge smile...

Meri taraf kya dekh rahi ho...mujhe koi shauk nahi hai tumpe apna time and money barbaad karne ka...

arohi made a face at that comment...she was about to retalliate when her phone rang...

daddi popped on the main screen...arohi's face lit up with a smile...she loved dadi...dadi gave her a feeling of home away from home...she answered the phone with a cheerful smile

daddi...sasriakal...kaise ho aap?

mein theek hun puttar...tu kaisee hai?arjun khayal toh rakh riya si na tera?

naughtiness touches her eyes...ji daddi arjun mera khayal...she lingered on khayal for a while looking at arjun...his eyes changed expressions from anger to irritating to pleading...arohi was enjoying this but she didnt want to hurt dadi...ji daddi arjun mera khayal rakh raha hai

acha toh puttar tujhe mera tohfa mila jo mene tere vaste bhijaya si...

daddi yeh dress apne bhijwayi hai bhot bhot achi hai daddi...

arohi was literally jumping like a 6 year old out of happiness of getting a new dress...arjun was amused by her innocent childishness

acha toh puttar dress pehenke toh batayi menu ki kaisa dikh riya si tere upar

Arohi goes into the washroom and comes out all dressed...she looks stunning in the pink dress...daddi deffo had style and taste she very well knew what would suit arohi and what arjun would love on her...arjun was mesmerised he couldnt take his eyes off of her...

the phone rings again...its arjuns this time...

arohi kaisee lag rahi hai puttar?

bohot zyada khoobsurat says arjun involuntarily and then bites back his lips at what he said...arohi would never leave him for this...he would never hear the end of it

acha toh meri gal suno tum dono...yeh tumhari waha akhri shaam hai mein chahti hun tum dono khoob maze karo...wo khasmanu khana manager bata riya si ke unke hotel mein aaj kuch khaas naachne ka programme hai kuch jalsa...palsa...nahi salsa night...tum dono usmein zaroor hissa lena...mein chahti toh thi ke mein bhi aau lekin yaha rashi aur ghar ka khayal rakhna bhi toh zaroori hai na...tum dono maze karna aur mere liye uski recording zaroor lana...akhir mein bhi toh dekhoo mere bache nachte hue kitne ache dikhte hai

daddi hung up the phone without giving neither of them any chance to say no...choiceless they went down to the hotel ball room...the music started playing and the videographer started recording...arjun and arohi looked into each others eyes with a similar expression and opinion "daddi ke liye " they both said under their breath to themselves...arjun took arohis hand and escorted her to the dance floor and then they started dancing...creating new memories...relishing old ones...its true music has a deep rooted link with love and sometimes it does enhance and encourage the feeling of love and togetherness...arjun and arohi countinued dancing in each others arms...mesmerised within the moment and within themselves...if time could be stopped they would have stopped it right then and there in that magical moment

Bahon ke darmiyaaan...
do pyaar mil rahe hai...
jane kya bole mann...
dole sun ke badan...
dhadkan bani zubaan...

Guys this vm is the special surprise...i wanted to have a dance sequence but i couldnt think of anything to write that could equal the arjuhi+karanika have no idea how much i have bugged amna di for ideas and help...i went through all kk2 segments but couldnt find a proper sequence that i could use here since i didnt wanna use kmh1 scene in then again it became inevitable...i made her make two vm's just for this purpose trust me making vm's is the most time consuming and energy taking i want to thank her here publically for making this part of the FF so beautiful and would never have been anything even close if it werent for you...Thank you very very much amna di [amnaish] for the beautiful you...muahhhHug

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
me first !! Yipeee yay!!
wow! i love you for removing the master haddi from arjuhi's life for atleast some few days!!
so..whats your surprise??

will update the comment as you update LOL


that was a beautiful moment on the cliff...
i loved the part where arohi was silently observing him and smiling...
i just wish that rashi's track gets over soon...
'coz everytime they talk this thing comes up...its such a big turn off :(:(
as usual your selection of words were wonderful!!
nd dadi is a darling!! i seriously love her!!


nafrat ke aag ke neeche mohabbat ki chingari thi dabi...

i loved that line :):)
hmm...the vm...i'll watch it for sure :)

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vrshn

me first!!yay!!
so..whats your surprise??
bata diya toh surprise kaise hoga dhakkan LOL

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