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Dil Dosti Dance-FF-Part 21 - page 36! :) (Page 4)

.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
^^Hehe! Sorry!! I was at school ALL day today! Just got home 2 hours ago...I spent 6 HOURS with FLIES. *Sigh* Neways...The next part will be up in a few minutes and Pree like away! LOL You're keeping me on my toes! And I will def add an index! Thanks for that!

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.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
Part 4:
Swayam couldn't believe Sharon - his very own Sharon - came and sat right beside him! He fixed his hair quickly and smiled at her. Sharon looked at his face and scowled back. Uhh. It was bad enough taking Genetics. It was worse having him in that same class as her partner! And now to make her day a complete disaster, he was sitting beside her in Calculus as well. At least spare my favourite subject, she thought. And this stupid dress! Why was it so tight?! She hadn't gained any weight...She checked two weeks ago. No, Sharon, you're just stressed, she told herself. I have not gained weight, she repeated this mantra many times. She took out her notes and eyed Swayam.

"Board wahan hai." She said coyly, pointing to the front as she caught him looking at her. Swayam's cheeks turned into a deep shade of pink as he took out his lecture notes. Idiot, Sharon thought. She'd known this guy since kindergarten and he was still the exact same shy, awkward dumb boy. She remembered helping him numerous times on his letters as a child. He would always write his d's and p's backwards. He was always slow to learn but one quality she had admired about him was his persistent. Even at the age of 5, Swayam didn't give up and go to play. He would stay in during the lunch break to finish his work, slowly but better late than never, right?

She glanced in the front row to where Rey and Vikki were sitting. They were laughing at something. Rey. Rey. REYYY! Is it that difficult to understand why I'm angry? Whatever. She took her notes out and last night's homework. It had nearly taken her 45 minutes to solve the last integral. She glanced at Swayam and thankfully he wasn't looking at her. She slowly took out her recorder from her purse and placed it in front of her, making sure that her Calculus textbook and her pencil case surrounded it. The last thing anyone needed to know was that Sharon recorded her lectures. Swayam blinked. Sharon ' recording lectures? There was no way! He leaned closer, pretending to drop a pencil to get a better look and sure enough, it was a recorder. He smiled at himself. People thought she was a mean little b****. But he'd known her since kindergarten. She had protected him from bullies when they stole his juice box and she had helped him with his alphabets. The first time he saw her in kindergarten in her pink dress with the Disney Jasmine lunch box, he had flipped. And it had been the same ever since. He looked at her sheet and realized that she had done the last question completely wrong.



"It's not sine. That should say cosine. We learned that identity last week. You missed that class because of extra dance rehearsals." He took her pencil and crossed out her work. 45 minutes on that one problem and all that she had to fix was a sine into a cosine. Life was so unfair. Swayam was relieved that Sharon didn't mind him that close to her. He finished the problem for her, taking extra long steps so he could stay close and take in a whiff of her fragrance. In elementary school, Sharon would always smell the nicest of all the girls. She used to secretly bring her mother's perfume bottle and spray it all on her. Swayam had caught her once but never told her.

"How did you do that?"  Sharon looked at him in disbelief. The lecture had started already but Sharon was shocked that this slow boy that she had once known in elementary school had now turned into such an intelligent young man.

"Oh, it's not that hard. I just ' "

"It is hard! It took me ages just to get the first two steps. I couldn't find the right identity! Let me see how you did question 5." Sharon touched Swayam's arm and gently lifted it off his homework sheet. Swayam gulped. Sharon looked at his answers and compared them to her's. She had gotten four wrong. Swayam got perfect. She looked at him in disbelief and smiled at him.

"Swayam, I can't believe - " She started but quickly stopped. Someone had just clicked her picture. She heard the sound. She took his hand and violently pushed it away, looking disgusted. Swayam looked confused and even hurt but Sharon didn't look at him for the rest of the class. She shifted further away from him in her chair to the best of her ability in her tiny black dress and started taking notes.

"And so I'm ending off with a challenging problem. Let's see how many of you get it" Professor Rathod chirped excitedly. Challenging problem meant you weren't going to get it unless you were a descendent of Albert Einstein. Sharon glanced at Swayam. He was already working on it! She looked at him in disbelief again. And this time he caught her staring at her. Sharon quickly looked away.

Finally the 2 hour lecture had ended. Sharon looked up to see if Rey was coming towards her but he was busy writing something down. Uhh. When will he learn, Sharon thought. "Why are guys so stupid?" She thought aloud.

"Huh?" Swayam looked at her. She hadn't said a word to him all lecture and now she was calling him stupid. What had he done?

"Nothing." Sharon shook her head. She felt suffocated. This black dress was sexy but it was a little too tight. Maybe she should have bought a medium-sized. No way, she told herself. She wasn't fat. She got up a little too quickly and her worst nightmare became true. She heard a loud rip. Shit! She knew this dress was too tight on her. She looked around her and thankfully, everyone had left the classroom. Even Rey?! Even Simi and Rimi had left without her! What was going on?! Vikki, Nilesh...they'd all left her. She turned to her left and realized Swayam was still there, copying down notes, slow as ever. Please go...She sat down again and hoped he would hurry up.

                Swayam pretended to copy down some more notes. He took out a blank piece of paper and wrote down all the questions again. He had heard the rip and he could see it as well. He didn't know what to do. He would have helped her but that would probably make her hate him even more. But he had to do something. Sharon looked around her for a sign of any cloth. It didn't even have to be designer this time. Just anything!! But alas, what can one possibly find inside a Calculus class.

"Sharon?" Swayam looked at her, hesitantly taking her bag.

"What are you doing? Gimme my stuff back!" Sharon pulled it but grasped nothing but air.

"Uh - I'll take you to the girl's locker room. Your dress..." Swayam looked away.

Shittt! He heard the rip, Sharon thought. "Get lost, Swayam." Sharon looked hurt and her eyes looked teary as well. Swayam didn't move. He couldn't leave her like this. "I said GET LOST!"

"Okay..I'll try to find Simi and Rimi for you." Swayam took a few steps away from just when the fourth year Physics class started to come in. Before Sharon knew it, Swayam grabbed her hand and pulled her up against him.

"What the - " Sharon began.

"Shh..." Swayam gave her two Calculus books. "Hold them on your sides. The rip is kinda big." Sharon looked at him in disbelief yet again. But he was looked at a bunch of fourth year boys, not her back. Swayam eyed the boys who had undoubtedly noticed Sharon and were already looking at her like a bunch of hungry predators. "Come on, Sharon, let's go." He picked up her purse and firmly grasped her hands, leading her outside the room. The fourth years walking her were very confused about what was going on.

Sharon had never EVER felt so embarrassed her in life. She just hoped that Rimi, Simi or any Dazzlers wouldn't see her like this. That would be horrid. People were taking pictures of them. She wanted to hide, disappear away. She wanted to push Swayam away but then she also wanted to pull him closer. Swayam tightened his fingers around hers and continued walking behind her, covering her to the best of his ability. Sharon didn't protest.



"The girl's locker room." Swayam looked at her big brown eyes again. She was about to cry. She had that same pout on her when someone pulled her pigtails back in grade one. Nothing had changed about this girl. Sharon looked at his face. He was still trying to cover her. Should she say, "thank you"? No way...But he did help her... So what? Anyone would jump at the chance of helping Sharon. She looked around her and quickly pulled herself away from him, rushing into the room.

The good thing about being a dancer meant that there were always extra clothes in her locker.

"Sharon?!" Sharon turned around swiftly on her toes upon hearing the familiar voice.

"Rimi?! Aww, you have no idea how happy I am to see you." Sharon walked up and gave her a bear hug.

"Sharon?! Your dress! It's all ripped from the back!" Sharon felt Rimi's cold hands on her bare back. She hadn't realized the rip was that deep. She looked at her back in the mirror. Crap...From the base of her neck to almost the end of her spine. Everything was ripped. Damn.

"Did you walk all the way from Calculus like this?!" Sharon looked at Rimi. She had to tell her the truth. "Swayam.. Uh...He covered my back." Sharon went through her gym clothes and picked out a normal t-shirt. After this incident, she wanted to wear full clothes.

"Swayam? Covered you? With what?" Rimi looked at her, questioningly.

"Uh...His body?" Before she even said it, Sharon knew how wrong that sounded. Rimi distorted her face.

"Eww. You mean that Weakling touched you? That's gross, Sharon! Why didn't you text us?" Sharon looked at her face. She was angry. The poor guy had missed about a quarter of his class and all this girl had to say was ew? Rimi could be so ruthless at times. But why hadn't she texted them? She hadn't even thought about it. Sharon removed her dress quickly and put on her pink t-shirt and black shorts. They walked out of the locker room. Sharon almost smiled as she saw Swayam waiting for her outside.

"What are you doing here?" Rimi looked disgusted at their company.

"I just wanted to see if Sharon - " Swayam walked up to her but Rimi slid in between.

"Uh, Sharon's still recovering from having a Weakling so close to her. I suggest you stay away and let her heal." Rimi replied. "Let's go, Sharon." Rimi pulled Sharon's hand.


Sharon looked back at his hopeful eyes. "What?"

"My Calculus textbook?" Sharon looked at her purse. She was carrying two of them. He was waiting for his textbook? Rimi was right, he probably didn't care about her. Just his stupid textbook. She grabbed one out and almost flung it at him. Swayam picked up the Calculus book and realized it was her's.

"Sharon, this book - "

"Is what you wanted. I know. Just get lost." Sharon looked at him one last time before pulling Rimi away from him. She thought he genuinely wanted to help her...Nasty pervert.


So I wrote a rough version of this part on Tuesday and I cannot believe for the life in me how similar Kria's dress ripping scene was! Sorry this may seem like a repeat! But I really imagined this for Sharon and not Kria and I wanted to still post this.

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.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Dudes. I need help with this PM business. I think I got it through to Pree but I can't send it to all of you collectively for some reason? I dunno why...Help!

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Angry_Bird IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Awesome update... I love the Sharon in ur FF...

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mjht_one IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 7:14am | IP Logged
@.Anamika.:yaar awesome update...just read part 3 nd 4
LOL...loving the ViHa vicky...
nd sharon i wonder if she wld be like that one day in reel life...
keep up the good wrk

btw if u need help PM ing people for updates i could pm them for u...

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CoffeeAddict IF-Dazzler

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Amazing, you kinda turned the Kria-Rey scene from last week into a Swayam-Sharon scene and it still seems so new! Way to go girl!

Ah well, Rimi alright, but don't turn my sweet Simi into bitch please, i really like Samantha's acting and Simi as a character

Btw, between Swayam and Sharon - Kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai. Wink

To PM all together, you'll have to add everyone to your buddy list.


P.S. I put up my update last night, hope you read it!

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100littledevils IF-Dazzler

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awesome update yaar!!!!! please continue soon. can't wait for next part!!!!! pm me plzzz!!!Embarrassed

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.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mjht_one

btw if u need help PM ing people for updates i could pm them for u...
Seriously? That would be awesome if you could! Thanks a lot! I barely get time to write this after I come from school. It would be much appreciated! Smile

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