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Dil Dosti Dance-FF-Part 21 - page 36! :) (Page 35)

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OMG first kria kissed him..n now he kissed...ahhh i can't handle such hotness !!! just kidding...i want more practice scenes...buaahahah!!! loved it !!!! pm me... !!!

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Anamika sorry for the late Reply
It was awesome
It was just beyond imagination
I mean I never expected that Rey will teach Kria how to kiss????!!!!!
Good Job
"We'll practice more later. I'm sure you'll get better eventually."ROFLROFL

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u r superbb!!! :D
grt D3 ff yaar!! :)
wd lk 2 b u plzz ask nikita?? :)
hello..nikita,cd u plz??
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superb ffClap
.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by upeka

what a story teller yaar   u captured each and every feeling very nicely  this longer part is very very best one  and waiting for next part when kriya-rey's meeting  plz continue and all best for ur final exam

Thank you soo much, Upeka! I'm finally done my finals!


Originally posted by SwaRonluver666

man that was really good..
n rey..omg that poor guy is so confused...hope they confess soon...n yeah waitin egrly forswaron part...hehehe..n best of luck 4 ur exams

Haha! Rey won't be confused for much longer! And I still haven't thought of a Swayam-Sharon part...sorry!...But there will be a Vikki-Neha part soon.

Originally posted by sweetshine

WOW wat an update ...all d feelings of Rey nd Kria very nicely written ...awww luvd d way Kria was sooo bothered abt kissing Rey ...nd Rey's confusion hehe sooo cuteee

Neha's lipstick scene ...luvd d way she was teasing Kria

AWSUM part...cnt wait for more ...nd alll d BEST for ur xams

Thank you soo much, sweetshine! Kria is one confused little child, isn't she?

Originally posted by -Aicha-

 Awww!<3 That was such a CUTE part!! :D Idk why but I think it might be one of my favorites just because the feelings are described SO well, and with simplicity! Like like like! =D

I loved Rey's confusion, lol poor guy xD

and aww!! Neha-Kria scene was the cutest! They are best friends indeedd!<3 So cute! =D

Great update! =)

Oh and GOOD LUCK for your exams!! =D

Thank you, Sneha! I didn't think this would be a favorite for anybody! That means a lot!

Originally posted by _Monu_

omg what an amazing updt

rey n krya 's feelings were written so well

kkrya in frustration  n rey in

loved neha's lipstick

i can imagine her =),,,n she was teasing krya also

so yyeeeaahhh this meant ki krya likes rey ...=)

cant wait 4 the next  kriyansh meet..=)

continue when u can

n Good LucK 4 the ExamS!!!

love yaaa

Thank you, Monu! I could totally imagine Neha doing something like that! hehe! Kria's still a bit confused but she won't be that much longer!

Originally posted by sweetapple2995

i loveed it :) the part where neha teases her is cute and i cant wait to see how he finds out :) ...

Thank you, sweetapple, Neha can be a pesky little friend at times. But cute, nonetheless!

Originally posted by Tabzy

Omg...u knw wt i actually read dis whole ff in 2day..frm prt 1 till prt 19...nd m speechless...i could imagine each nd every prts..
Swaron- swayum helpin sharon to wear a saree..d whole prt ws aweesoommeee nd cute..

Viha- all d prts wre supr cute..seriousley!

kriyaansh- bedroom/shower prtys , dancin in d library, nd d Kiss...omg dint expect ws beautifully written...

I thnlk cvs should get sum ideas frm here...seriousley...ur tooo gud...i really wanna see each n every prt in d3...PLZ UPDATE IT SOON CNTTT WAITTT...

Wow! It always amazes me how people can read this all in one day! Kria-Rey's washroom part and Swayam-Sharon's sari part are actually my favorites too! I really wish the CVs would use all these ideas! I get bored at times with all the nonsensical fighting!

Originally posted by spring567

I loved reading it. Loved it indeed. I am looking forward to Rey and Kryia's meeting. That will be something!!!!

Thank you, spring! I hope you liked their meeting!

Originally posted by neetusidhu

that was written amazingly...great job...

Thanks for the update!

Thank you, neetu!

Originally posted by 2cute4u_22

good luck for ur exams and ooh... a few more parts for swaron??!?!?!? try to hurry and ill try to stay alive while waiting 

Thank you, 2cute4u! I will eventually get a Swayam-Sharon part soon. I do have an idea but it still needs to formulate. But Vikki-Neha soon! I think I've saturated you guys with Kria-Rey! hehe!

Originally posted by murphy369

Wonderful part Anamika ,aww Neha is such a cute friend!!! All the best for your Exams!!!! You will do well definitely . Thanks for the pm. 

Thank you, Murphy! Neha is definitely a sweetheart! Thank youu! I can't believe I'm finally done my exams! It feels like a huge burden off my shoulders!

Originally posted by Muks20

This part definitely counts as one of my most favorite parts. Kria's and Rey's feelings were so beautifully expressed and Neha was soo cute in her support to Kria. 

But all I can think about is, what is Rey planning to do? 

Super update Anamika! I totally love how this ff has shaped up. Thank you loads and loads!!! 

And thnx Nikita for the pm!! 

Thank you, Muks! I hope you didn't anticipate what Rey was going to do and were totally surprised! Thank you so much for following this fic!

Originally posted by SwaRonluver666

man the neha lipstick scene was so good...she is such a good frnd

Yupp! Neha is definitely a great friend!

Originally posted by switangel27

Nice part... U have described both their feelings so well, their confusion...

Love kria and neha scene, the teasing.

Do continue soon...want to know what rey will do..

Thank you, Switangel! It's great that I was able to convey their feelings!

Originally posted by JZephyr

Okay - my quick reviews chapter wise: 

Chapter 1 - Can I say your Sharon is a vast improvement on the show?! I've always thought its unfair to show her character as slow on pretext of her vanity - people can be vain and brainy at once! Oh, and hot and happening at that, lol! I like her already - she has the right mix of being mean and heady, yet thoughtful and smart. More on Swayam, when I read more of him... 

Yes! Thank you! I really hated Sharon in the beginning but slowly she started growing on me! And she actually is the most complicated character on the show. She's got more depth and layers than anyone else.   

Chapter 2 - Before I forget (I had to memo to myself mentally to mention this without getting lost in the Kriyaansh dynamics  ) your 'bold' font for parasites totally caught my attention but I have to admit it was a second before I related the pun in the coincidence that she was getting wary of this 'hunk parasite' called Rey, while reading its literal definition over and over struggling to grasp meaning ... Kudos to bringing out the nuances without being blunt! And you were calling your writing child-like?! I think light and subtle is the hardest way to write, and impress - so I'm already thoroughly planted in your PM list, thank you! 

Oh should I add Kriyaansh were already Ice and Fire much! I like them on the show - but there are just those times now and again, when their scenes are stretched into too much staring and rob it of the impact it could otherwise have! In general - I think they are a classic teen couple to explore in fiction... and if your introduction of them is anything to go by - I know I'm in for some fun reading! 

 I don't think anybody else got the parasites reference! haha! I think I should re-name the fic "Ice and Fire"...but that wouldn't include Vikki-Neha and Swayam-Sharon. Yes! Enough with the staring! OhEmGee! I really get tired of it at times. I wonder how Kunwar and Shakti do it keeping a straight face...

Chapter 3 - Oh I love Vicky and Rey! They are my guilty secret - cause while I like Swayam and Rey, and their oh so awesome bonding beyond LOC, Rey and Vicky are quite another level and thing! I miss them on the show - so I really hope you will never ignore them! Neha liking Vicky better when he's mean is so expected - at least he's not grinning with food stuck in his teeth then   I like how easily Neha complies with Rey's indication - and of course the hot and cold Kriyaansh dynamics continues! A little cooler towards end of chapter 3. More on SwaRon next? I would think...! 

 Oh I love them too even more than Swayam-Rey. Vikki is the bestest sidekick ever! I do try to give them importance but somehow the couples always end up hogging the space.

Chapter 4 - ooh! Here come ShaRon Galore! That was one neat scene! For all my love the Kriyaannsh original dress rip scene - especially the follow up of Chabilal and Romaira - you totallt get all the points to make that rip sound plausible and fitting. The scene had SwaRon screaming all over. As for boys being dimwits - lol, we're talking teen fics after all!   It's their natural prerogative! The little section about SwaRon past since kindergarten was so adorable! 

 I loved the Chabilal scene. Before that, I wasn't really sure if Kunwar was cut out for acting but after that, I loved him! I just imagined this on Sharon with her short clothes and all. hehe! That kindergarden bit was inspired by their Pehla Nasha song. It just made me think of childhood love...

Chapter 5 - Classic lines: Damn Dazzlers, even their eyes dazzle!  Er, maybe its just this one Dazzler Kria...! And again, Did you seriously bite me?!   *shakes head at these two* Kriyaansh are so awesomely punk! Totally enjoy the punch in their parts! Oh and, Neha getting love note from RDX?! She can dream! its probably Vicky, for all you know!   But then again, the note didn't bear food marks - yeh?! Hmmm... As for the 7PM date... I doubt she's that easy to draw... or is she?!

 haha! Yes, damn Dazzlers! LOL the note didn't bear food marks! haha!

Chapter 6 - Hah! I was right, she didn't go after all! But trust Rey to bring the date to her   Now he's gone from being a Dazzler to a plumber?! Sigh! Things you do for love! I like how he buys a 'pink' rose after 'destroying' the red one. Smart move mate, you know you're going too fast when a girl holds up a 'Dazzler' for a 'date'   

 I wish he gave her a pink rose instead of red in the real show...Maybe Kria wouldn't have slapped him? Oh well, we still don't know if she actually slaps him. I just think red roses are a bit too...intense. Pink is a very cute way of saying, "I think I'm falling for you," instead of saying "I love you" which I don't really think is appropriate right now.

Will read the rest soon and be back again!

be back later to edit for other chapters. I hope you don't tire of long comments, I can get tedious at times... 

Originally posted by -Awantika-

I read it all in one go

I just came across this form for the first time and read it all and trust me, its AMAZING !

I got so engrossed in it that idk what do i say.

Honestly, it was supercool.

I loved every part so so much !!

And i am like WOW !!

Specially, Kriyansh

And i just love it how she kissed him

Please update soon.

And pm me kay ?

Hi, Awantika! Thanks so much! It means a lot that you were able to read it all together! I will surely ask Nikki to send you PMs!

Originally posted by 100littledevils

OMG OMG SHE KISSED HIM!!!!!!!!! ahhh

Anamika IAM SORRY FOR not commenting on the last part!!!! damn awesome yaar!!!!! loved the way you described their emotions!!!! and yeah i have not forgotten about your vm request...iam sorry yaar ...actually nowadays iam quite busy with studies...but will surely make one on ur song!! plzz can u post that song again so that i can download it :))))

Piyyuuu! No worries! Don't worry about the requests! School comes first!! But if you do have time and you like the songs, I will surely PM them to you so you can choose one!

Originally posted by JZephyr

Chapter 7: Aww these two! He saves her from the shower only to get irriatated at being the only one drenched and pull her back under in vengeance?!   Kria's right Rey - you are a Dazzler, can't take another upper hand   It was so cute to watch the little but consequential (?) bonding between Mommy and Rey - good idea to get on the good side already... ofc, it helps she has no idea about cut pipes and plumber wannabe acts 

 haha, yes Rey...Confused little child. Yupp yupp, bonding with Auntyji already!

Chapter 8 - Line of the chapter:  he was kind of cute in a gross, disgusting, burger-eating pig-kind of way   Viha were uber cute! Vikki just a tad more than Neha, cause I always side with the guys   Glad it wasn't RDX or Vikki writing the notes, cause RDX would be a shock and Vikki too cliche! You made the best call there! I wonder what he's going to tell the Dazzler gang though... specially Sharon? Maybe Rey will rescue his pig-mate?! 

 LOL! That is when you know that you're lacking adjectives! They are super cute! They don't use them properly on the show. It's quite sad. Yeah, I really wanted it to sound like Vikki had written them but then realllyyy, he hadn't!

Originally posted by JZephyr

Chapter 11 - Hostility and indifference were the only ways she could deal with a Dazzler, sure! Operative words were - could she manage indifference?! Hostility, maybe, just for a little while! Kriyaansh continue being hot and cold - I think nothing can really change that for them, even long after they get together... I wonder if there will be a day when Rey throws a tantrum and Kria has to appease?! 

ViHa were cute. Vikki's trying so hard, but he's also been an A level jerk, more than once at that! He can't have his cake and eat it too. Am I the only one who finds a Landon Carter semblance here?! 

 Hmm, apparently not! Hmm, I should make a day like that. But I think once Kria slaps him on the show, Rey looks pretty angry. I really hope that for once SHE realizes her mistake and goes up to him while Rey ignores her! haha! Vikki and Landon Carter? hmm...I think you're the only one! lol

Chapter 12 -       I officially love Vikki more than ever! the guy just implies insanity and fun, there's no other way about it! Walks into a puddle and thinks of how hard love is (seriously princess, grow up!) then thinks about his sneakers, then remembers again that he was supposed to think about this verbal diarrhea girl, rebukes his 'pyaar' but looks for her anyway, gets attacked by a hooker and the girl plays his knight-ess with the armor   Life can be so unfair! 

 Yes, poor Vikki! All that hard work and his sneakers all ruined! AND about to be raped by a hooker. So sad...haha!

Chapter 13 -   ViHa continues, as does the laughter riot. Can this guy get anymore cute?! Yes Neha, he is the diva, and Sharon can never beat him at that   The whole pati patni role play bwas so cute - reminded me of Chabilal and Romaira from the show between Kriyaansh (I wonder if you refer to that?!) And Vikki - its enough that you're one hell of a princess, stop trying get all SRK too 

 Ohh..I didn't even think of Chabilal and Romaira! But I can see the resemblance! I just thought Neha would be most affected if a guy called her patni, esp if it was Vikki!

Chapter 14 - Oh what's with these girls accusing the Dazzler men of being girls! I think a guy who can tell emerald and aqua and green and algae apart - just has a sharp sharp eye. Maybe he wont groan at shopping trips too - how awesome is that?! Psst Kria! Also, I like the silent symbiosis between Rey and Neha - they are each dealing with a nuthead and pighead respectively... might as well help each other   And Swaron playing unintentional cupid to give Kriyaansh a UST moment - wow, if only she knew! 

haha! It's the Dazzler men's fault! They're being too girly! Oh and he's loaded too! So he can pay for her too! ahaha!

Originally posted by JZephyr

Yay you to post the new chapter, I'm going to review the ones left now -

Chapter 15 - Oooh SwaRon going all touchy-feely   They were actually cute, no I mean Swayam always is, even Sharon was! Her cute side tends to shine only when he's around and no one else... the dynamics of knowing someone from the age of dolls and action figurines I suppose! 

haha! Touchy-feely? Yupp! Having known him for so long, I think Rey and Swayam are the two people that would completely understand her. 

Chapter 16 - ViHa exclusive this time! I love the diva boy... I know Rey is the perfect one, and Swaron is a sweetheart like no other - but my favorite shall always be this blundering buffoon! He's SO MUCH FUN! Even when he's trying to be a pain, lol! I just wish you'd bring outb (eventually) this other side to him which can beat Neha at being the profound guy... like something he's such a natural at, that it throws her of for her diva boy to have such a knack - and let that not be dancing... I mean, all these people are dancers- so ofc he's good at that! Something else. I wouldn't care of he was just this excellent (secret) cook - given his food obsession! Because in the end, there is something pretty menial about cooking and it would surprise Neha if she found spoiled boy to know his ways with winning hearts through stomachs! Just a random line of thought ...! 

 haha! I love Vikki too! He's so cute! Blundering buffoon is correct! Oh that's true! Hmm..I could think of that...

Chapter 17 - LOL @Vikki getting jealous of a nerd... The Dazzler sure forgets his stature around this 'lowly' people   tch, tch! Rey getting under Kria's skin is so expected - she does it to him all the time and deserves a taste of her own medicine, sure thing! And whoa, I'm glad the next three parts are up after this - I'd hate to wait on an update at such a point! 

Remember - Vikki = blundering buffoon! Poor Rey!

Chapter 18 - Ooh really, she didn't just kiss him! Oh I feel for Rey... poor guy gets pulled into an argument he's absolutely not called for, then gets pulled into a kiss that there is absolutely no defining off! I wonder what's he's going to make of this becoming the first kiss in their history - he can grudge her all his life to make the first one an outburst!   Oh Kria - your head is one convoluted place! 

*Gasp* Oh no she didn't! Oh yess she did! haha!

Chapter 19 - Haha! See, I said he wont let go of ruining his first like that! Not in the vengeful way, but really, everyone wants their first moments with someone special to be special - then again, for Fire and Ice people, this is special   Kria - ever the more messed in her head! She goes out to kiss the guy to prove to herself that there's nothing she feels - and misses out an important detail like his reaction to the same?! Hello! You didn't just lock lips with Reyaansh Singhania's wax statue to test! This was the guy himself - alive and kicking! Oh she's called the action on, she better be ready for reciprocation   

On a side note - Neha and Kria were so0 so cute! Girlfriends are made of stuff like that! 

Yupp, it was special in it's own confusing way! Neha is a sweetheart!

Originally posted by SwaRonluver666

hey...dude...1 word...AWSOME...that part was so good...kria bad kisser... ...keep updating...

haha! Thank you!

Originally posted by sweetshine

Anamika LUV dis part '..OMG wat an AWSUM ROCKING update

OMG he kissed her awww dat was realllyyy cute .hahaha bad kisser nd practice more lmao'.nd wen Kria xpresses her feelings wen Rey closes d door 'rape' nd 'angry vulture' hahaha...aahhh I wonder wat else is in store for us aftr dis

Awsum writing 'nd all d best for ur last xam '..nd keep updating'.YIPPEEE u'll update often cnt wait 2 read d next part

Thank you, sweetshine! Thanks for the wishes! My exams are finally over!

Originally posted by Kriyanshlover

He he he love Rey

Yupp, it's hard not to!

Originally posted by Muks20

Awww... I love this part!!! Rey was adorable! And I think Neha is the bestest BFF!!! 

I loved how Rey just kissed kria, and their interaction ws so real. Nothing over the top, just a really adorable kiss. And I'm so looking forward to them practising more. 

Thanx so much Anamika! I really wanted a cute romantic part about Kriyaansh because the only thing in my mind was the slap promo and this just gave some new scenes to imagine!! Thanx loads!!! 


Neha is the bested BFF! haha! That might take some time! Yeah, I just saw the slap promo yesterday and I was like :O! Here I am planning their first kiss, and there they are planning their first sad.

Originally posted by neetusidhu

loved was did a great job...

Thank you, neetu!

Originally posted by Krishnaluv94

That was... unbelievable. Loved the update. Looking forward to some more practicing. Haha.

Good luck on you exam!

Thank so much for the wishes! haha! Practicing might take some more time!

Originally posted by sweetapple2995

OMG IM IN SHOCK literally when i read this i stayed in my chair for 5 minutes ahhh rey kissed her now shes going to have to admit he likes her too oh yeah :) 

haha! Well, she won't admit it just yet! Kria's a bit stubborn you see! (:

Originally posted by pulu1995

heyy !! u r just too awesome gal!!! the way u express every feeling.. we go to a diff world of imagination!! thank u soo muchh !! u rokk to da core n all the very best!!! *dil se*

Welcome aboard, Pulu! Thanks a lot!

Originally posted by 100littledevils

OMG first kria kissed him..n now he kissed...ahhh i can't handle such hotness !!! just kidding...i want more practice scenes...buaahahah!!! loved it !!!! pm me... !!!

haha! That might take some time! I will surely pm you!

Originally posted by murphy369

Anamika sorry for the late Reply

It was awesome

It was just beyond imagination

I mean I never expected that Rey will teach Kria how to kiss????!!!!!

Good Job

"We'll practice more later. I'm sure you'll get better eventually." 

Thank you, Murphy! Glad to hear you liked it!

Originally posted by reylover




Originally posted by debomaaneet

u r superbb!!! :D
grt D3 ff yaar!! :)
wd lk 2 b u plzz ask nikita?? :)
hello..nikita,cd u plz??

Hello! Thanks a lot! I would love to see this on the show as well! I wouldn't mind if the CVs took all these ideas! I'd be downright elated! I'll let Nikki know!

Originally posted by Shilpa258

superb ff

Hello, Shilpa! Welcome aboard to the fanfic express! haha! Hope you'll continue reading!

Edited by .Anamika. - 18 August 2011 at 5:45pm

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without-fathom IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
Oopsie doopsie! I'm late here, I know, I know. But I just... yes this is partially and excuse and partially very true - was very caught up... with stuff! 

Anyway - whoaaa! If she thought she was going to pull off a whammy, she was forgetting who was the Dazzler between them - one of the rare Dazzlers, deserving that tag! He must have done tons of practice to ignore her through class, fix her with intense look downs, before actually having fun at her expense - poor babe, but she really did call for the action. And lol - knowing her, knowing she's a girl, with one convoluted mind like hers - maybe she's going to work up an insomnia fit over being a bad kisser now - oh Rey is being so mean. Dazzler in every sense indeed - he's leading the mean bunch for a reason, even the reason chooses to remain latent for the most! LOL

ps: done with exams yet?
.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 11:56am | IP Logged

Yupp so late! I'm so disappointed. *shakes head* tisk tisk...hehe! kidding! I'm equally late in replying so I shouldn't talk.

haha, Yes. I can imagine her going crazy over being a bad kisser. That's Kria...I think it's time for Rey to be mean! Even on the show, I'm getting a bit tired of the "nice guy act". I hope after she slaps him, he gives her the cold shoulder for once.  YES I am finally done with exams! Thank God! And all caught up on sleep too! The only problem is work now...*sigh*

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