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Dil Dosti Dance-FF-Part 21 - page 36! :) (Page 11)

--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 7:11am | IP Logged
wow!! awesome part!! 
loved Vicky for bacho-ing Neha from humiliationDay Dreaming
thnx for the pm nikita!

sweetapple2995 Goldie

Joined: 11 February 2011
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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
awww that was so sweet how vicky saved neha man now i feel bad for vicky cuz hes going to get in trouble with dazzlers probably...:( oh well pyar mein sab kuch chalte hai well plz continue soon :)
mayurlover4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 11:00am | IP Logged
awww the vicky neha scene was tooo good, how do you come up with these ideas? lovely post!!  Hug thank youu but seriously yaar you had me hooked and then... it finished CryLOL

also thanks nikki for the pmThumbs Up
CoffeeAddict IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Annie... mere yaar mere dildaar!

You just reminded me why i love Vicky so much!

And those lletters... the first one had me buzzing it can't be from RDX or Vicky... but the second one 'dooba dooba rehta hua aankhon me teri... meet me in the cafeteria at three!" Woah... i was like dude this has to be Nilesh!!!

Loved it... gonna write mine too... maybe will update soon... just hope!
.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 6:27pm | IP Logged

Thanks people! I just finished my exams today so I was just relaxinggg! I will get back to writing soon enough!

Hey sups2222 I have told Nikita to add you to the list!

mayurlover4ev, Usually when I watch a scene and I don't like it, my brain starts reformulating a scene to make it work with me hehe! I'm very demanding...

Pree! Haha! Yeah come to think of it, it does sound like Nilesh!

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CoffeeAddict IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Anamika.

Thanks people! I just finished my exams today so I was just relaxinggg! I will get back to writing soon enough!

Pree! Haha! Yeah come to think of it, it does sound like Nilesh!

Lol... so do you mean you didn't write it thinking of Nilesh? Haha... and i was like great brains! ROFLROFL

Seiously... writing is becoming tiring now... maine bhi kaafi time se nahi likha kuch!

BTW i made my first VM!!!

can you believe that! Tongue
.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged

Noo! Pree lol I wanted y'all to THINK it was Vikki! Not Nilesh! So then in the end you'd be surprised it wasn't Vikki!

And I watched your VM! Good job! When you making another one?!

Okay the next part is going to be updated in a few minutes (hopefully)! Sorry for the delay! I got really lazy after exams...


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.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 10:20am | IP Logged

Part 9 - 

Vikki sat outside the cafeteria with his head in between his legs. Oh crap..What had he been thinking?! She's way out of your league. Wait, what?!You're way out of her league, he told himself. He was the Dazzler. So why was HE after HER?! And more importantly, what was Sharon going to do to him now...

He walked stealthily towards the rehearsal hall. He had to think of something and fast! Nilesh, Simi and Rinni had seen everything. How was he going to explain this to them? He took a deep breath and opened the door. Everybody turned around to look at him. Oh crap.

"Guys! Why'd you leave so soon?" He tried to make small talk. Kuch soch, Vikki, warna...

"Toh kya wahan beth ke tumhe aur Neha ko dekthe!?" Simmi retorted back.

Sharon walked up to Vikki. "What is wrong with you, Vikki?!" Vikki looked around. Even Rey wasn't here to help him.

"Dudes! You don't understand! This is part of my plan!" Vikki came up with an idea.

"What plan?" Sharon asked, doubtful.

"Didn't you see? How she was looking at me? She's so into me, dude!" Vikki patted Nilesh on his back.


"So, this is going to be the ultimate payback for Weaklings! She's going to be so humiliated in front of everyone when she finds out that our 'relationship'," he made quotations with his hands, "is all one big lie. And then..." Vikki looked at them and smiled, clapping his hands hard. Slowly, the Dazzlers understood what his real intentions were. Thankfully, they approved unquestioningly. 


Neha walked behind Kria and Vishakha. She could not believe for the life of her what had just happened. Did it really just happen? Vikki? She had never seen him as anything more than a snobby Dazzler. So how did that loser turn into this sweet little boy? She felt her cheek with her finger and smiled to herself. Kria and Vishaksha looked at her and started giggling.

"What?" Neha looked flustered.

"Nothing. Nothing at all!" Kria looked around. She really hoped this boy wasn't messing with her friend.

"Neha, just be careful around him." Kria warned her, quietly.

"What do you mean?" Neha looked at her friend, questioningly. Vishakha had also been thinking the same thing. It was hard to believe it but you never knew anything with these Dazzlers.

"Vikki..." Kria looked at Vishakha who urged her. "Neha, all I'm saying is that he might be doing this for his own selfish reasons. Or maybe he just wants to hurt you? I mean, what he did there seemed really genuine and sweet's hard to believe a Dazzler." Kria touched Neha's shoulder sympathetically.

Neha stood there, thinking about what Kria had said. She was right after all. Vikki had always been mean to her from the first day she arrived to St. Louis. But what she felt there was so real! Could he really be pulling another prank on her? She had to find out.

"Kria, Neha going to change into kurti. This dress is uncomfortable. Meet you in the library." Neha turned at the balls of her feet and left before her two friends could protest.


Neha walked out of the change room, wearing a simple black kurti with tights. This was the real Neha. The only reason Vikki had even noticed her was because of her "hot" outfit. He would probably not even look at her if he saw her wearing this. She decided she had to confront him about what had happened. She would go to the Dazzler's rehearsal hall. She took a deep breath and walked outside.

"Neha?" A familial voice called after her.

Neha turned around quickly, slightly shocked. "RDX sir?" She gulped. This was awkward...

"Can you help me with something? I need to get these books to the library. I had a trolley but I don't know where it is now. I think Professor Gupta took it." Neha looked at the huge pile of textbooks.

"Sure, sir." Even if  she had realized that RDX was her teacher and could never be anything more than a crush, Neha couldn't help give him a big smile. She grabbed a bunch of textbooks and walked ahead.

She walked down the stairs, still thinking of Vikki when suddenly she felt a hard push on her shoulder. Losing her balance, she dropped all the books. She scrunched up her eyebrows and looked up to see who had done this. It was Vikki.

"Uhh – " Vikki looked at the girl he had just bumped into. He slowly walked down the stairs and stared at her. What was he supposed to say? He stood there frozen, while Neha was the same.

Neha gave him a weak smile, unsure of whether or not this was the same sweet Vikki or the Dazzler. Vikki slowly stooped down and picked up one of the books, giving it to Neha. Neha smiled for real now. He was helping her! She couldn't believe it! Her smile was growing as Vikki continued to stare at her.

"Ahem." Rinni walked in, raising her eyebrows at Vikki. He harshly slammed the textbook on the floor.

"Woh- Woh main phisal gaya tha. Nahin..pir gaya tha. Nahin- nahin nahin! Gir gaya tha! Haan main gir gaya tha" He explained to her. Neha's smile vanished as quickly as it had come.

"Chalo chalo.." He urged Rimi to leave.

"Kahaan?" She asked, gesturing with her hands.

"Uh – can't you see Ms. Verbal-Diarrhea is here. Isske pehle woh aapna moon khole we should go."

"You're right Vikki." Thankfully, Amar came on time and started helping Neha with the books. Neha felt as if something hard had just punched her. All that was fake. Everything was a lie. She glared at him. Looking at Amar, she motioned for him to leave.


She walked on, fighting tears.

"Neha, ise kahan lakon?" Amar asked her upon entering the library.

"Uh..Here. Neha will take it." Neha grabbed all of the books and gave them to the receptionist.

"Oye! Neha! Kahaan thi? We're done reviewing the lecture. It's almost lunch. Let's go grab something to eat."  Kria approached the two, leading them outside. Neha practiced breathing properly. She was so angry. She needed to break something. Or hit something. Really hard. Really really hard.


As the whole Weakling gang walked into the cafeteria, they saw the Dazzlers sitting there. As usual, each group was making snide remarks about the other. Neha couldn't even listen to anything properly. She felt so betrayed. This is what happens when you trust a Dazzler, Neha thought. Suddenly everybody was up and exchanging nasty remarks. Someone had insulted Amar. Then Vikki started talking. Neha tried to block her ears out but she couldn't help but listen to him.

"Guys, chill! Yeh Weaklings attention pane ke liye kya kya weird cheezeh karte hain...I mean, remember Miss. Reverse English? English kapde pehene se koi English nahin ban jatah hai. Pathetic..." Neha glared at him. She could feel the tears coming. No, Neha. This boy does not deserve even your tears. He's an idiot. Don't cry. Don't cry. Please..."Kya laga tha? Mid-drift dikhaogi to cool ban jaogi? You'll always be mediocre."

Neha finally looked down, away from Vikki. If he had said this just 24 hours ago, she would have slapped his face so hard. But right now, all her mental energy was going towards preventing herself from crying somehow. Why was this hurting her so much?! Vikki looked at her face; he could see tears glistening by the sides of her eyes. Damn...maybe he had said too much. He tried to make a gesture without the others finding out but Nilesh would have caught him. Please don't cry, Neha.

Kria grabbed Neha and made her sit, not at all shocked that Vikki would do something like this. Kria patted her back and gave her some water, which Neha refused. Suddenly, Rey walked in straight up to Kria and somehow spilled water on her. Bharat got angry and then all of a sudden, food was flying everywhere. Neha wanted to scream loudly. She wanted to break something. She took a bottle of ketchup and emptied the entire thing out on a plate. It was breaking anying and she didn't feel any better. Vikki eyed Neha from the corner of his eye while blocking flying cakes from Vishakha and Bharat. When he got hit by one, he grabbed a fruit cake and slammed it towards Bharat's direction. It hit Neha. Great, he thought, now she's really going to hate me.

Neha was taken by surprise when something hit her hair. She couldn't take it anymore. She had tears coming out now. Before anybody could notice she ran .But someone had noticed and he ran after her as well.


Neha walked into the quite study area in the library. Nobody came in here at lunch. She could cry all she wanted. She grabbed a chair and wiped away the salty tears. But no matter how hard she tried, the tears kept coming. Damn it. Why was this so difficult? She didn't even know Vikki properly. But he was right...She wasn't cool. She could barely speak English. No Dazzler could ever like her. Forget Dazzler. No normal boy would like her. She felt a hand on her shoulder, giving her a tissue. She took it willingly and blew her nose.

"Thank you, Kria." She said, sobbing. Vikki looked at Neha, crying. This was all his fault.

"Kria, Neha should listening to you. Vikki..." Vikki looked around. How was he supposed to tell her..? Neha closed her eyes and thought of what happened earlier. "Kria, he said, 'Kya laga tha? Mid-drift dikhaogi to cool ban jaogi? You'll always be mediocre.'" Vikki felt guilty. Now that he heard it from Neha's voice, his words sounded even harsher than they originally had. Neha started bawling. Vikki patted her back softly. He'd seen Kria do this in the cafeteria. Neha turned around swiftly and hugged Kria hard. Vikki held his breath. Neha stopped crying immediately. She felt strong hands clasp her back, stroking her hair. This wasn't Kria. She broke away from the hug and stared up at Vikki.

"Neha – I" Vikki went to grasp her hand but Neha swung her fingers across his face. There was complete silence for a minute but Vikki looked down, guiltily.

"Don't ever - touch Neha again." Neha looked at him, hiccupping in between. She pushed him away and walked away. Vikki stood there, shocked. He just got slapped by a Weakling.


So that's it dudes and dude-ettes! I really didn't like the way they didn't give any importance to this scene in the actual show so I kinda did it again the way I wanted to see it while fitting it into my story. Comments/Criticism?

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