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||ABHI&NIKI's FC ~A Tribute To Love~||

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Abhi Nikki Video Mixes

[100th FC special]
[100th FC special]
[100th FC special
[100th FC special]
[100th FC special]
more coming up Embarrassed

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 3:24pm | IP Logged


All AN sigs and caps: http://s731.photobucket.com/albums/ww311/dmg_abhiniki/

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SBS Videos

July 13th 2007 - Shweta Gulati's choti choti baatein

September 26th 2008 - Karan-Shweta's dance on ZND

October 29th 2008
 - Karan/Shweta/Pankit/Mayank celebrate Diwali

May 7th  2009- Abhi-Niki ka takraar - Abhi sees Niki hugging Armaan

May 12th 2009 - Amit sings for Shweta

May 23rd 2009 - Jennifer/Shweta at Ashita's bday

Other Videos

Shweta Gulati

Shweta at music launch of Detective Nani


Shweta hosting Weekend Popcorn


Shweta on Zoom about Remix


Shweta as host of Pardey Ke Peechey (title song)


Shweta as Tia in Remix (title song)


Amit Tandon

Amit's music video - Tanha


Amit's music video - Phir Teri Yaad


Amit on Lehran


Amit's talks about his new album Tanha


Amit-Jenny perform to Khuda Jaane on ZND


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-MERRY- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 06 April 2010
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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 3:27pm | IP Logged


Shweta Gulati in DMG


Amit Tandon enters DMG


It's Armaan vs Abhimanyu now! 


Save Sanjeevani Concert in DMG

Amit excited upbeat about his second album


I am very clumsy in real life - Shweta Gulati

yep...reconstruction work as you can see! Wink

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
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for me ABHI-NIKKI meant the whole world...
before they made an entry in DMG...i never watched any of the shows but just reality shows...n specially i hated DMG a lot!!!! for me DMG was the worst show on the earth!!!
one day suddenly i watched a part of DMG when ABHI and NIKKI were fighting and i simplly enjoyed it a lot...n from that very moment i was a fan of theirs..i really loved them a lot...   
they were the best couple in my life of television...they had such a lot of passion,love love love love... ,craziness...there r many more to pen down...
they had such a lot of beautiful scenes together for which they r loved by all...like...thr rain scene,my dil goes mmm,BNHH,their wonderful cake fights,Panchgini trip n many many more to b pen down...
i don't have words to express my feelings about the wonderful coupl...but i can simplly say that they were the best n they still remain deep inside our hearts...
i am feeling really proud that i m a fan of ABHI-NIKKI...
and 1 more thing is that i m very greatful to abhi-nikki as coz of them i got a lot of wonderful friends...
a tiltle for the 100th thread..nmmm...let me think...
I DUNNO...i hope u all will select this thing...  

4 me...Nikki was d sweetest charactr of DMG...being Armaan's best frnd...
To be very Honest at first...i hated Abhi like
anythng coz he dismissed my favourite charatr
Keerti 4rm Sanjivani but as Tym Passed i strtd
liking Abhi-Nikki's pair over Armaan-Riddhima's...dis
is solely due to d fact dat Ridz has changed thrice...N
it totally wasted Armaan's chemistry wid her...on d
othr hand Abhi-Nikkis chemo wid d same actrs...
Amit Tondon n Shweta Gulati...De ROCK IN MY LIFE...!!!!
Abhi Niki they mean magical enchanting, cuteness together, AmShlicious(That's Amit Shwetas common name for me) '. Sometimes u neva know why u love a pair so much but wid AN I knew what it was. I didn't fell in love with them when I saw them the first time together, actually I never thought they wud even make a good pair (Read Im a Tia Ranveer fan too)'.But I  guess quality speaks for itself..  It was their breathtaking chemistry n the rapport they share with each other... The way they looked at each other their smiles n laughs for each other their anger towards each other'Their LOVE for each other'.The time they looked at each other my heart used to skip a beat'When they cried for each other I felt a deep ache somewhere deep within'.I left watching the show in May 08 and had vowed not to make it to the show again but Abhi Niki got me back to it'  Many pairs are liked by us only some remain with us even after the show ends.. Abhi Niki are the one'I had gone crazy only for 2 other pairs before AN but the intensity with which AN are in my life is irreplaceable'.. Sometimes while watching them I used to think what when this jodi ends'Wud neva imagine things widout them but I guess time changes everything 'I miss them, will always miss them but they are eternal, they will always remain wid me as MY BEST PAIR...

Abhi (AT) and Niki (SG) will always be close to my heart. Every time they came on screen, they just got your attention, as a result of their superb acting and their sizzling, passionate chemistry. They really lit the screen on fire whenever they have a scene together!
The only reason I started watching DMG was only because of them, (having come across them on youtube!! not having watched an indian TV show before that!) and the first scene of them I saw were the scenes just before the Abimaan boxing match, and I just fell in love with them - I just had to watch more of their scenes!  Probably because they are not like any other couple that I had come across before. Their fight scenes in the beginning of their relationship are so cute and funny!
Their characterization is unique, showing that opposites do attract!  For me they are the best on-screen couple ever - and probably always will be!!! AND they always look great together!! I just love every one of their scenes: the riots, rain (after Keerti and Shubhankar's Sangeet party), the pool incident...etc and their song sequences ('My Dil Goes...' and 'Bol Na Halke') are one of the best!! All of their scenes are really worth watching more than a few times! Amit and Shweta have portrayed Abhi and Niki so perfectly and I just love them for that!
Abhi and Nikki are one of those wonderful pairs who have etched out hearts !!
A beautiful couple always remain a special place with  a beautiful memory and smile forever !
about AN!! dese two peoplee forrmm onee of d cutest tv coupleee!!!  no actually deyy havv cuteness n hotness personified at d samee tymm!!!  deyy used to b one of my fav tv coupless bt unfortunatellyy we dun c dem in DMg anyy moree!! i wantt demm to returnn n wishh to see moree of der lovelyy sceness f ter marrige!!! swetaa playedd dis rolee beautifully n amitt wzz damnn good too!!! derr chemistryy z rockingg big tymm!!! i wishh to c dem again!!! may b nt in DMG bt in sumother show!!!
Abhi and Niki
Like Fire and Ice
Two completely  opposite natured individuals
magnetically drawn towards each other
consumed  by intense  love and passion 
And  even if they try to
they cannot do or live without each other.
Come What May
The flames of their love and passion 
will always keep  on  burning

Abhi Niki are my fav couple and i am missing them so much that i didn't find any other couple like them on television right now i watched DMG only for them
so u can understand how much i like them.The day there role ended for me DMG ended .They have a special charm in them that can attract anyone to them .The moment i saw them i fall in love with them.
Dr.Niki what can i say she is a character who would do anything for her friends and Dr.Abhimanyu modi the person who is strict and has closed his heart for love.
But When this two ppl met it was magic .It was great that they were paired against each other.The way they fight and fall in love it was all great .I was happy very happy when they got engage.
A jodi of Abhimanyu babu and Niki pehlwan.The name itself makes me laugh .I am missing them a lot. And i am glad that such nice characters where played by shweta and Amit who did brilliant job while portraying it .I will always love AN and miss them.
Abhi-Nikki!!! wt to say?they r sooo yummmyyy 2gether I just dont find words to describe wt they mean to me...a perfect example of timeless love n passion,frndship...thats why I love them eternally fr eternity...I love them evn more coz they made my small world evn more beautifulll by giving such wonderfulll frnds like u ppl!!!

Abhi Nikki, to me, define love. It is not only the passion which attracts me, but it's the mutual trust, respect, and the beautiful sweetness they share in their relationship that makes it so special. They are the ones who taught me (and Abhi himself learnt this too ) that even arguements can be based on love. They are the perfect couple.They are the essence of love...
Abhimanyu and Nikita alias Abhi and Nikki
The first time I saw a scene of AN I was already addicted to their amazing chemistry.
My first AN scene was the scene where Abhi was trying to convince Nikki to come with him just when it  started to rain. For me they are not just two characters in a television show, but a romantic, entertaining and magical duo. They also are the main reason why I began to watch DMG. They may not be in this show anymore, but all their scenes are a proof that they are an amazing Jodi and I hope to see Amit and Shweta in another show together someday
I never imagine that i become insane for both of them(Abhi Nikki).I stated watching DMG only because of them.I fall for them as they r different from other.How??????I told u becuase they potray a normal human being who good or bad at times not some being who become Mahan or scarifice statue.Both commited mistakes at times as humans does normally.I don't believe in gr8 lovestory but simple ones.I searched many sites to talk about them and finally found the most intersting place India Forum.Here are many like me or i can say more bigger AN fans than me.AN FC is become my home where can i share my feelings of AN with others.Thanks for making me a part of it.I m really proud to be member of it.DMg give AN but all of ur work i.e vidmix,siggy,FF and caps make it more worthy place to stay on forever...n...ever...To have our own AN whether their character end in dmg but always remain fresh in our hearts.
*ahem* Tongue
Abhi and Nikki's story on DMG was something of a journey for me. I went from being completely turned off by this show to being reluctantly drawn towards it. I didn't want to like it, but I did. I tried watching without being invested in it because I knew the makers of this show wouldn't be able to do justice to the story they were creating with their own very hands. My efforts were futile though, because of the two characters that were so spontaneous and larger than life. They were lovable and egoistic, insecure and sarcastic, hurt and troublesome, devious and realistic...in short, they were the perfect foil to each other. They had looming, dark pasts and a colourful, often zingy present...somehow, they were shrouded in mystery, while wearing their hearts on their sleeves. I think the writers of this show created two characters that could be interpreted, analyzed, and developed in so many ways that the imagination ran with it from the get-go. So much so, that the writers themselves couldn't keep up with the characters and give them what they deserved ;)

All of that of course is thanks to Amit and Shweta, who portrayed Abhi and Nikki like a dream. Individually, either of them doesn't do much for me, but together it is as if they play off of each other and make the other act better (: I'm always razzing on Amit, but my (imaginary) hat off to him for playing Abhi in a way that made us all, without exception, love him. And Shweta, for making us love flawed Nikki, despite all her nautanki. The complexity and naturalness that they brought to the characters is truly commendable in every way.

And the FC, with all the wonderful people that made it a ride worth taking, once and again and again (: Shanti and Annu's live updates, Sayra's caps and creations, our very first AN Fiction Thread by Ivy that gave us a creative outlet to channel into, Michi and Honey's amazing FFs, reading and discussing analyses by Rachel, Bhavana and Priyanka, Shazia, Fizza and Javey with their hyperactive squeeing, the young Neha, Megha, Zainab, Clarsie, Prietha, Jazmine, Leaves, Sonali, Sushi, Rati, Fahi, Shachee, Shale, Annie, Aisha, Sanjana, Himanshu, Sheena, Khushboo, Leah, Ditto

The FC has always been an open place to unabashedly discuss and throw around ideas, thoughts, comments and one thing I truly admire about AN fans is that they're thinking people. We can dissect scenes, gush about them together, and call a spade a spade without any hesitance when we feel like it...there's never any obligation to like AN unconditionally...just as we can talk about all the things we love about AN, we can also talk about the scenes we didn't like, what dialogue made sense or not, what expression sucked and what expression blew our minds...just as we can obsessively chat about Amit and Shweta, we can roll eyes over tiger tattoos and joke about them. Guess what I'm trying to say is...AN fans don't take AN or Amit-Shweta so seriously that they are ready to cut wrists over them, like certain other fanfactions are known to LOL This is one place where we can laugh, and joke, and have fun, without worrying about whether someone will take offense or not (: In all the time I've been here, I haven't witnessed even one case of escalating conflict or fighting between FC members and that just goes to show what an amazing bunch we've got here Smile

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