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//Happy Birthday Sue// The Dil Girl <3

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My very dear friends...on this very very very very very very (i can write many more very but spamming is not allowed in IFLOL) So cutting it short i welcome u all angels to wildest birthday party everWink just kiddingLOL relax no need toget any weired ideas so let me give u intro of THE GIRL in whose honor thisthread is openedBig smile and we all have put so much effortD'oh

let me introduce you first to the JHZUEKS ur hosts for tonightBig smile

she is so famous need no introduction but

i have to do it to create hype u knowLOL


ek larki thi dewani see

ek larke pe vo marti thi (KSG ofcourse)

kuch kehna tha shayad us ko

par kise se nahe darti thi

jab bhi milti thi mujh se

bus yehe pocha karti thi

ksg itna hawt kaise hai

ksg itna hwat kaise hai

or mai bus yehe keh pati thi

shut up loozer HE IS MINELOL

not to get any wrong ideas..its just a corporate practice for herROFLbcz she is

once again for clearance i would say yes you are very rightBig smileshe is very sexy in every way in her looks plus thoughts plus attitude plus vms..everythingWink

her vms...are like uff my god and u have to say yesh hun WE LOVED IT <3

no matter how much she is busy in her life and work she manages to take out time to drool usEmbarrassedLOLand yes sometimes ksg tooLOL

she is not heart specialistLOL but ya she is known for her <3 and other reason is that she owns a golden no she owns a heart of diamondBig smile


I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday's done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.

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ya since its your birthday sweety so with the help of donation from different sources we have managed to call these guests for your party...and ya i know these all are your so so so favorite so i have invited no other guests in the party so baby you can enjoy with them all alone...have funBig smile
on this special occasion we have arranged a live cricket match for her

all the players are instructed to play in least possible clothes so she can enjoy both cricket and boysWink
dis is wat we call DOUBLE DHAMAKABig smile

her sachoDay Dreaming
running to make a triple century on her birthdayBig smile

dhoni the man in black Day Dreamingwant to come and greet u sue for your birthday and he asked a special request too he wants your pic with him with WC trophy...both of u holding it togetherWink

bret lee has left his team for her sake and ran to US to wish her only and joined indian cricket team forever and everLOL

the KK boy is coming to wish u sueBig smile and we have begged him to smileDay Dreaming for continuous 5 minutes while wishing we dont care about his jaws ROFLonly thing we care about is your birthdayBig smile

oooh look Atif is here to sing for u birthday girl...all the way from pakistan come to sing for u

~~tera hone laga hon~~
~~jab se mila hoon~~

after the rock and rock of ATIF its

oooh if u dont get surprised even now then sorry we cant do anything better than thisErmm...this man is coming all the way from heaven to sing for u in his melodious voiceBig smile omg how we have arranged this short time visit of him we know onlyD'oh

if you get to go on Holidays alone where would you go?

if u got the chance to meet simo or zaru...who would you chose???

Which one of your birthdays is the most memorable one for you and why?


if you are given chance to born again as par of ur choice...who would like to born as

(a) shardha nigam (b) nicole

(no need to act smart just chose oneTongue...i dont want to know whyEvil Smile)

Dil pe hath rkhke tel have ur ever bashed ksg (like ullu.. Or idiot.. Aur gadha kind of) kabhi bhi...???? ;-P'

What scares you the most and why? If you were granted three wishes,what would you ask for?by

who do u love more KSG or yourself??

wat will u do wen ksg says he loves u how will u propose him

wats ur fav time pass other than admiring KSG lolzzz ;) ??

wat one thing which u don't want to share with KSG

know you're a big KSG fan so it's gonna be related to him and it's pretty simple. So here it is- When did you fisrt become a KSGian- before or after DMG? :p

What are the qualities which your husband HAS to have ?

who was your fav hero for whom yu were crazy before yu saw ksg :P

how many kids do you want and why?

Tell me about your wildest Dream that you have seen about you & KSG ;)

what was your biggest pagalpan you did for KSG??

why do she keep disappearing ...dint talk to her as we all did with each other ????

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hold ur breath and heart beat
bcz its time for

Hey Sue! Wish u a very happy Birthday!! Thanks for the lovely gifts! May god bless u!! Keep smiling!Keep in touch..
Love Always

***Karan Singh Grover ***

Happy Birthday SueeeHug

Today is very very very very special day not just for you but for your friends too. We all love you a lot Sue.Heart

First of all tu i want to wish you a very very very Happy Birthday. May all your dreams, wishes and prayers come true, May GOD fulfill each n every single thing you ask for, GOD bless you. I wish you get everything your heart ever desire for and all yoru dreams turn to reality. May you live long successfull life with loads of love and fun. May you be blessed with happiness all your life. May god always bless you and may you shine brighter than the sun's brightest rays and your life is like a bed of roses. May this day bring smile, laughter and joy in your life. I knw i am saying one thing again n again bt juz wanted to wish you in all way hehe.

Sue meri jaan you are the best best best. I don't think i have met a person who is so sweet like you, the way you talk to people is the think i admire most about you. Meri Jaan i still remember how we become so close to each other and now we are each otehr addiction, this day is not juz special for you but for us too. We really love you Sue, we will always be there for you no matter what people think n say. You are beautiful, gorgeous, simple, intelligent, genius, wonderful and many more things which i want to say about you. I am a big fan of your creation, your Vm's are the best ever. You are my guru and obviously i wil learn how to make vm's from you only hehe. You have got great personality and you know the best is that everyone loves you alot. You are so special and so talented. I am lucky to have you as my sister, my best friend and also thanx to you bcz of you i also got few friends from AAKDD. You are very positive person and i love that about you. In short time we have become so close that now its hard for me to keep something away from you. People want to be like you and i feel lucky that i am your friend. I absolutely adore you i am gonna miss you when you will go for vocation as its really hard not talk to you for one day. You are so so so sweet. I just want to say don't listen to what other people say, we all love you and be yourself because we love you the way you are. You are a very friendly person that everyone wants to talk to you. I love you sooo much that i can't even tell you how much i love you as my love for you is something which cannot be described in words you are my sister, friend and ofcourse someone with whom i can drool on KSG but i cant fight with you at all. I love KSG more because of you and ArSh are special to me because of them we came so close to each other so my loving KSG n ArSh more has a reason and dat is you. I am happy that this year i am there to celebrate your birthday. Dancing

Hope you have a rocking day once again enjoy your day fully as this day is yours do lots of masti and party hard and bring us some cake bcz i want to have a cake fight. This day belongs to you. May you get loads and loads of gifts. We all love you alot. Happy Birthday once again. mwahhh

From morning till night,
May your birthday be bright.

Hope lovely surprises are coming your way
To make your Birthday a Wonderful day.

May brooks and trees and singing hills
Join in the chorus too,
And every gentle wind that blows
Send happiness to you.

May your spirit keep the freedom
of a butterfly in spring,
and may your heart be filled always
with the joys of simple things.
May your essence claim the freshness
of the new laid morning dew.
All of this... and more...
is my Birthday wish for you.

Lots of luv

Happy birthday SueeeDay DreamingHug

May all your dreams come true ...and may you have many many many more birthdaysHug
I wish you the longest of lives and anawesome year ahead and hope you are always full of happiness for the rest of your lifeHugLove you loadsHug
*ahem ahem* time for complimentsTongueLOLOMG Sue I don't even know how to describe or compliment youDay DreamingLOLYou are seriously too good for words and there is no one like you in this world...you're just so unique...tumhari jaise koi nahiEmbarrassedDuring DMG times I fell in loveee with your wonderful topics and I was just a newbie back then with zero friendsGeekROFLSo becoming your friend was of course beyond my imaginationDay DreamingButI'm so so so sooo glad I met you and became friends with you otherwise I would've missed out on such a precious thing...you are such a beautiful girl both from inside and outsideDay DreamingI love you for your muahs and <3 and dil se and heheheEmbarrassedLOLOK I'm going overboard with the compliments hereSillybut whatever I said, I honestly said it dil seHeartLOL
I don't know what else to say other than I love youuu <3 and you anyways told me you don't want birthday messages but something different haanWinkLOL
Happyyy birthdayyy once again Sue ...Hug
Enjoy your day to the fullest and party hardParty
Love you foreverrrDay Dreaming

by jessy


hey sue happy birthday i wish u a great great year n wish u great great birthday wish u get all your happiness wish ur all dreams come true wish u always be happy keep always smiling ( becoz i love ur smile Big smile)

here is a poem for u which i don't write but i wana to say all ths
u may know u r the first friend on IF to me lol then i liked ur mixs avis siggies n topics uff i always love thm n love u too keep rocking like ths u r the sweetest girl i met on IF n my very close friend u mean a lot to me wish u get whatever u want as u really deserve ths i said u many times u really have a golden heart who forgives all so easily lol n yup i learn a lot from u thanks a lot for being with me when ever i need a friend u r always there how much busy u are u just talk love u u r really a true friend who all wants ;love u lot
happy birthdayyy

now here is surprise for u i finally made siggies happy birthday sue wish u great great great birthday

ths is your birthday gift from me hope u like it the lyrics of ths song i mean all ths sue u r my angel

Wishing yu many many happy returns of the day sueeeBig smile
enjoy the day have a blastDancing
Happy Birthday Sue

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in life we need certain things to survive,water,air,food and


i do all the bakwas all da time when i have to write something for you

i am speechless bcz i am really finding it difficult to say something good about uLOL but as u said once the relationship we share is very different and unique and thats what we cherish more about it...with you i am just myself...no sweetness no pretending just myselfLOL there are very few people in life with you feel like some spark and some chemistry and unfortunately i feel that for youEmbarrassedLOL so today i just want to wish u a very very very very very

ksgliciouse birthday...!

i should say karanliciouse birthday that is more convenient for u i knowTongueLOL

i cant say be like that as you are Big smilebcz you really need improvements in lots of areas like you have to learn how to reply reply fast on chatLOL and many more...naaa just kidding you i just love the way you are that is what makes u YOU not any one else...keep this rudeness...keep this attitude with golden heart which u hardly useROFL

i am really sorry i know i should not say all this crap on your birthday but i am just helplessEmbarrassed so bear with me like u do alwaysBig smile so making it more simple for me i ll just say LOVE U A LOT and i mean it u knowBig smile

phew i said it read it...i ll edit laterLOL

Note: this OS is being written by me just for fun purpose only I did not mean to offend any one intentionally in it if I did then read it again bcz I did not its ur perception mistake hehe

She was sitting before dressing table, all dressed up in bridal dress, looking beautiful as ever but something was missing on her face but what was that...that was her smile, why she was not happy ...after all it was THE DAY of her life...she was getting married to the person she really adored for some time, he was good friend of her for quite some time but what was this feeling now...what she wanted...did she wanted some one else on his place...did she had ever imagined her self beautifying herself but for some one else...was he not THE MAN for her...her chain of thoughts was broken by a voice, entering the room:

"hey sue...i love u" a very cute but young figure entered in the room and without wasting another moment she hugged her tightly with all the love and innocence but when she looked at her carefully...she went wow in big shock " you look so beautiful sue...i cant believe it...its you". Sue only smiled on her gesture "thank jessu...i love you too sweetu" which was retorted back with "but I love you more" and one more hug followed it and both of their smiles "ok...i have to go downstairs now...karan is eating all rasgullas all alone...i have to keep and eye on him or rather on all sweets" left her with the thought of name karan.

Ksg...is it??...karan ?? this name is so important in my life...ksg, kk and ks...remembering ks...a smile appeared on her lips...she remembered his useless comments on her dp umpteenth time...how he used to comment on my vms same comment every time...i doubt that he had ever seen my vms or not?? She was brought back with shout in her ear:


"grrr karru don't shout...its my ear... not my wall".

"oopss sorry...so how are you sue?".

"how do I look? You tell?" she asked with a wink.

"you look like a day dreaming emo...sue".


"sorry..i cant say more than this...i really respect you a lot".

"aww...karu I love u...muhz".

He blushed a bit then to hide his embarrassed he continued:

Lets go downstairs...every one is waiting for you and poor kk's neck is stick to stairs for past half an hour..hehe".

On mention of the name that was waiting downstairs for her to hold her hand for entire life...her face showed a sudden change of expressions which did not went unnoticed by him.

"are you ok sue?".

"ya..I am fine karu...u go I am coming". She told him what she was unsure of herself..will she able to go downstairs ever to face him which she cant face...can she that much cruel to her heart which has forgot to beat even on the name of karan but not any other karan but ksg only.

Her attention was again diverted by the ring of her cell.

"hello sue...its me simo..how are you?".

"hey simo...i am fine".

"sorry I could not come to your wedding...really sorry but I am so happy for you sue...cant tell you."

"thanks simo".

"so any news abt ksg...did sbs showed him today? When the movie is coming?".

Sue was hell shocked at her questions...is she mad or what then there came laughter on other side of the phone.

"just kidding sue...thank you so much for leaving my hottie for me...he is mine...i love u for dis".

"I love u too simo...bye take care".

She cut the call.

Why the hell every one is reminding me of him only...how much I want to remove him for my mind and heart...everything on earth is reminding me of him only...why they cant understand we are not meant to be...i cant put my mom and dad down.

A tear rolled on her cheek which she wiped out very fast as she saw some more guests coming towards her room.

Two beautifully dressed up girlz...with wide smiled on their faces reached her hands in hands..she greeted them with smile.

"hey oishi...hey nazu".

Oishi "sue...you look wow".

"thanks hun".

Nazu "ya sue...you look beautiful but not more than jenny" she giggled on her joke and gave high five to oishi.

Oishi "ya nazu...u remember at roka time she was looking gorgeous with ksg".

Nazu "of course kamini I remember...hayee she was angel in keh do na song sequence".

Oishi "I know...and ksg in white shirt...i am gona faint".

When nazu was about to mention some other kajen drool able moment, she who was already pissed off with the every one reminding her of him only...she had had enough of them.

"plz oishi...it will be my pleasure if you go and faint out side of my room."

Oishi "its ok sue...i can understand your situation...losing ksg forever is not easy...take care".

Both left her...she fell on bed, holding her head in her hands...fresh tears slipped on her cheek. She had to wipe out her tears again on foot steps of some one.

Zahra "omg jaan...u look so beautiful...i had always imagined as a bride but never thought you could look that much beautiful...actually beautiful is an understatement what you are looking now...i am sure jija jii gona die today to see u like this".

She came to greet her very excitedly after all it was her best friend's wedding she had to be happiest person on earth but when she looked at her closely ...at her spat face she paused for a moment:

"are you ok sue???...you are happy na with this marriage??".

She bended down her head and focused on her nails "I don't know zahru".

"what do you mean by you don't know...you yourself have agreed to this marriage and kk is such a nice guy u have told me...you know him for quite some time now...both of you are good friends...uncle and anti are so happy with him... so whats the problem jaan?

"I know zahru...even I use to think like that till yesterday but today I feel like I feel nothing for him...yes we are good friends no doubt...but friends only I believe...nothing more".

"you cant be kidding jaan...is it what I am thinking?".

She made her face up and look in to her eyes. Sue did not reply anything so she asked again:

"is it about ksg?".

"no..its not about him".

"don't lie to me jaan...you cant...listen I know you more than you I know you are already late to take any decision but still because its about your whole life I want you to listen your heart...and whatever decision you take jaan I am here always with you...do remember".

She hugged her and this was end of her leis which she was telling to every one and even to herself for past one month...she had huge crush on him for many years then one day may be that was power of her love for him only that she got to meet him personally and it was from the very first meeting that ksg found her interesting and asked her to meet again meet him again if she wanted...if she wanted was never question...this was the first and last thing she wanted form her life she just could not believe her stars for this...second meeting, third meeting, fourth meeting and that chain continues they became friends then close friends till she saw him with some other girl in a cafee...flashing his dimples on her which she could not take at all...she thought their countable informal meetings she took too far..which was her fault he never think abt her like that how she live him at her every breath...she was a mere mad fan for him or may be an interesting friend nothing more...this broke her in to parts she decided to forget him forever...not give him any place her life any more...she just cant give any one to give right to hurt her so easily she cant be puppet of his hands...this was the reason of her extreme decision of her getting married to her very good friend with in a month only.

But now she was sitting there...with tears on her cheeks flowing down on her red lips...her fingers in her silky hairs on a damage what she had done for herself with her own hands.

But damage was irreparable...is it irreparable? She questioned herself then all srk movies revolved before her eyes... in which he preached to all youngsters to follow their heart only...no mater how much zalim samaj came in between...she felt inspired all of sudden...all his shirtless caps flashed before her eyes and they were enough to give her reason to go against every thing even against herself and drool him only for the rest of her life. She was just thinking on the lines what step to take to follow her heart...just then she heard his voice which was enough to stop her heart beat...she forgot to take next breath when she heard him saying very softly"sue..."

She looked at him with disbelieve...he was standing at few paces distance , with worried look in his deep black eyes, casual black shirt whose buttons he forgot to close as usual with most casual pair of jeans...he moved to her "sue...i was trying to call you for one week but you never picked it...i was out of station for shooting...i just came back and got to know you are getting married...how can you sue...how can you do this to me".

There was clear disbelieve and pain in his eyes which reflected in his voice also...she stood up to face him

"what I have done karan...it was you who made me do this?".

"me..what are you saying?".

"haan how will you know...it was never about me...it was always about you...ur likes ur dislikes...ur fav food, ur fav hang outs..ur fav brand, ur fav color...ur avis...ur siggs..ur vms...i was never there karan...never".

Tears floating on her face...opening her heart to him.

He moved forward to her and put finger on her lips saying "shhh...dont cry...i cant see tears in these eyes...which have so much love for me only".

"now I have to cry full life...its my destiny only". She sobbed.

"why...koi eye infection hai kia?".

He asked making an innocent face which followed her more pair of tears but he flashed his dimples on innocent frown on her face. She took a step back to move away as she was irritated enough with his behavior not wanted him to show her weakness any more. But just then he held her wrist and pulled close to him.

"Listen to me...look at me" he made her look above.

" I know sue...what made you take that decision...I have seen you that night there but I never knew you will take such a big decision so fast...you did not bother to talk to me once...i know I have not done anything still to gain my trust on you but at least u could had trust your love only...because this was the only thing which made me fall for you".

He said all cupping her face, leaving her shocked at his last words, he was actually confessing her in so much casual attitude which was matter of life and death for her.

He smiled at her open mouth and make it close with his palm " I know I should have said it much before...but I thought it was un said confession between us already...but I was wrong...these three words always need to say as soon as possible". He giggled at her blush red face matching her bridal dress.

"so?". He asked bending down a bit on her but she was so overwhelmed and shocked that she don't know how to respond and what to respond so she asked back "so what?".

He noticed her nervousness and thought to cash it "so you have to say something to me naa...just like what you told me first time you met me...what was that?...ya I remember...you almost jumped on me saying karaaan I love u sooo much and ...no no I know what u want to say now...u want to say Plz hugg me as u hugged jenny in last epi...no no kash confession hugg...actually no no...can we repeat kasu 10 july scene"

before he could had complete his sentence she placed her hand on his mouth to stop him embarrassing her more but which he ended embarrassing her even more with kissing on it.

She went red again so unlike her doh...LOL.. but it was ksg to effect to banta hai boss (Embarrassed) he made her look at him then she closed her eyes in anticipation when he leaned on her face...kissing her forehead very lightly, making her close her eyes...then moved to her nose packing..cupping her face kissed on hercheeks one by one..moved to her ear..Whispering "happy birthday sue" this was already too much for her to absorb when his hot breath fell on herear with these words she forgot to breath "you remember?" she asked unbelievingly...he smirked on it

"yaaa...i know everything about you what you tell me what you even don't tell me...like I know now you want me to kiss you"

he was expecting another session of blush but he was hell shocked when she pulled him from collar and taken in to deep passionate kiss...she felt like this was end of her life she got what she wanted form her life ever...nothing could be more beautiful nothing could be more pure and nothing could be more satisfying than this...she was living her dream on her lips at the moment which he reciprocated with just love love and only love...any mad would not believe on the purity of touch this man then how could she even deny this...she can smell and feel purity of his love in his breath...and that was it...no words was needed now...no lyrics no songs not even three magical words were needed to make sure anything to each other...they belong to each other and this was moment of realization...moment of celebration..a moment to relish for entire life...a moment which was gona b base for their happily ever after life

"do you know what I want know?" she asked with a wink and slight naughtiness in eyes

"ya...I know you want to go downstairs and marry that kk"

he giggled and this followed a much expected hit on his chest

"I love you karan"

she confessed sincerely, he kept his hand on her hand which was already on his heart

"I love you too"

both found their heaven in each other's arms and their heart beats promised each other to stay like this forever and ever.

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Hey Sue, HugWish you a very happy birthday. May you have an awesome, happy, healthy, wealthy and successful life. God bless you. Have Fun, and save me a piece of cake? Okay. Sue Sue Sue its ur day so lemme tell u some true ;) you are the MOST LOYAL KSG fan I have ever met in my life! Really yaar trust me :D Thanks for being such a Sweetheart to me! I really love our chats and lemme tell u ur VM's and Creation are really Awesome! I love to watch them! Hope u get everything what u deserve for! Love u so much! Muahxx!
Here ur Gift's
Hope u like them


happy birthday sue

by nori

" Hey Sue! :D You don't really know me but I know you from AAKDD. :) Happy Birthday hun!! Hope you have a really good day and a really good life ahead. May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true. Enjoy loads,have a blast! May God Bless You. <3 Happy birthday again, have a good one! :D"
- Much love,
Yashika(Kasharti1) xoxox

Birthday Blessings
Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.
Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who've enriched your life
Just by being there.
Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small

That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,

"Instead of counting birthdays,

Many many happy returns of the day Sue...may all your dreams come true and god bless you all through your life..my best wishes are with youEmbarrassediam sorry for not being able to make any siggy gor you as iam busy with exams but my love and wishes are with you

So cut your cake, and say,

-love Anu(laddoo)Wink

by aishi

Hey Sue!!!

A very very veryyy happy birthday to you. May you get everything in life that you have wished for. Be happy always. God bless you.


Wish you a very very happy birthday Sue
May this birthday fulfill all ur wishes
Have a rocking Day and awesome life.
Good Luck
Keep Smiling
Have a Blast!

by asra

by rido

Hey Sue, A Very Very Happy Birthday Girl. May God Bless you with his choicest blessings :]. Have an awesome year ahead. With Love, Vaishu <3

Now now, here is my question..choose one, your VM goes representing International forums or KSG saw your vid?LOL toughy?..Enjoy ur day girl :D
by vaish

hey sue wish u a very very veryyy


May God Gives You Whatever You Wants To Achieve In Your Life...
Have A Rocking Day And A Great Year Ahead..
always be happy and keep smiling...

stay fresh like flowers...


Smilehappy birthday to u...Clap
Partyhappy birthday to u...Hug
happy birthday dear sue..Party
happy birthday to u..
a very happy birthday to u sue...may u be blessed with all good things in life n all that u r wishing for,enjoy yr day n have fun..Thumbs Up...partyParty...enjoy n dance...Dancing
by nandini di


Birthday Wishes

Me To You - &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;Happy Birthday&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot; Teddy Bear with Present


Discount Perfume and Cologne


hey sueBig smileBig smile

manyyy manyyy happyy returns of d dayy shweetie...
mayy u hv a ksglicious bdayyy...
njoyy loads n loadsss...
p[rtyyy hrd...Thumbs Up

and may all ur wishes cum trueeeWink
by lavanya

Let the GOD decorate each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching u with wishes of Success, Happiness and prosperity 4 U, Wish you a super duper Happy Birthday.Big smile

Its a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you, someone needs you;but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday."HAPPY BIRTHDAY".Big smile

Kick off ur shoes, take a break, Crank the tunes, Dance & Shake, light the candles, cut the cake. Make it a day, that's simply Great!!! Happy B'Day..

A prayer: 2 bless ur way
A wish : 2 lighten ur moments
A cheer: 2 perfect ur day
A message: 2 say HAPPY BIRTH DAY

Flying papers , multi colours of balloon, delicated blossom, fantastic people, love and laughter. What it describes? HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Happy b'day Sue
Happy b'day Sue

On This Wonderful Day, A Star Of Pure Love Appeared To Be My Gift ...
May God bless u with Happiness, Goodness, Wellness & Richness.
May u be Successful in each & every endeavour of your life.
Happy Birthday.

JYOTI MANI/@[email protected]@ni

May God bless you with love and care and all positivity. Enjoy every moment, every day of your life. Happy birthday. loads of luv aashi !!!!

by aashi


On this Special day as you celebrate your birthday..I wish you a Lotta Happiness and Sweet Surprises..!!Big smile

" Sun arises as usual time
Rays fall on Grass as usual time
Birds fly at usual time
But all they shouting
Where's the party tonight "

You are really really very sweet person Babe and I Love You 1,2,3,4,5...raise to infinity.Big smileYou are an amazing friend with a Good Heart.And I am really lucky to have been blessed with a friend as wonderful as you.Big smileMay God pour his love and warmth on you, in all walks of life..I wish for your great success in whatever you do.Hope all yours dreams come true and you get all that you desire for and deserve in Life.Big smile

Warm and Happy Wishes from me for a Lovely GEMINI...
YOU..!!!Big smile
Dear Have a great time with all those whom you Love..!!!Big smile

With a new year of your journey,shall come more challenges, opportunities and greater success.Bless You Babe..!!!
Thanks alot for EverythingBig smile

Once again Many Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.Have a Great day.Forget all your tensions worries and just PARTTTYYY..!!
Lots N Lots of Love
Ur Late Lateef

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE... Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Miss HatWinkEmbarrassedLOL May God Bless you & Hope your all wishes come true Enjoy this special Day By thinking about Karan...I am not talking about KSShockedI am talking about KSGEmbarrassedWinkLOL, Though I have a doubtLOL
You are a very sweet friend of mine & always Helpful..an awesome Siggy, Avi & VM Maker.
I love your all creations..you VM always brings a Big Smile On my faceBig smile Because of you we got AAKDD where we all can drool freely,Embarrassed The way you Host & Organise every Party of AAKDD is too goodClapStar..Because I know How tough it isOuch( thanks to jessu & zaraAngryLOL) But you always manages it smoothly. You are really very sweet girl with a Big heart. I love your Love for KSGEmbarrassed You are also a secret Jaasoos..though sometimes you hide it from usOuchLOL I love to comment on your every siggy saying KSG is mineLOL..But only for today You can have himOuch, I'll not say it today..
This Birthday will bring Lots of happiness for you & i hope One day you'll meet KSG & Your dream will also be fulfilled..
You are really sweet...always be the way you are..Love you..Have Fun & spend an awesome BirthdayBig smile

Happy Birthdayyy Sue!
You're such a sweet friend, and I'm glad I met you! I love talking to you about KSG so much! And I miss our talks too, haven't chatted with you in a looong time! ;'( But your super nice and a great KSGian! Hope you get all the happiness, love, and KSGness in your life! May you always be healthy and successful! Love you!
Zaynoo ;)

Yooo sueee happy birthay
There's so many things, I just want to say.
i think i know you bit your thoughts and actions,
specially your calm reactions;)lol
convey my love for you,Hope you enjoy your day, from beginning till end, Here's a hug and kiss,i ready to send.
by nishi

happy birthday sue
many many happy returns of the day
enjoy ur day to the fullest and have lots and lots of fun
may all ur dreams come true and u achieve all the good things in life keep smilling as always and i pray tht u get all the more happiness happy bday once again
lots of love

"Hey sue...Wish u a very Happy birthday to u...Well we just became frnds but i must say u r a gr8 friend...i just wanna wish u all happiness and success on this special day...have a greaat year ahead..and Keep Smiling...take care.. "

You are an angel

In the form of human

God bless us with you

and shower happiness

May God always keep you

among us.

Happy Birthday

by karishma

Yo! Sue.. Wishing u a very happy birthday .. Lots of love luck success and happiness...! U r one of d most Genuine down to earth! And sweet ksgian i ve ever knwn:-)ur vms siggies! Updates (wen u do update! Tehe ;D) al are soo magnificent dat it makes us drool over him! Be as u are always..! keep making amazing vms! And posts on IF ;-D and weneva sum Basher! Spoils d post well CaLl mE! hehe..
Enjoy to the core! Party hard... Hav an amazing KSGlicious bday:-)Love ya

by soniya


I feel shit that I am not that active anymore cuz of which we don't interact that much anymore, but I lav youuu and you know that :$
LOL I have always loved it how we both are so similar in our way of thinking tehe... And I like it howw good friends we've actually become! Anyway let me just get straight to the point now..
May god always bless you, and give you everything you want and deserve... you're an amazing friend and person♥Have a very good birthday, with lots of presents! Partyyy hardd babe!

x Kiran

A birthday bouquet of words I send to you -

May the days ahead be bright and colorful...

full of joy, happiness and friendship.

May you continue to be

such an uplifting and positive force in so many people's lives

And may your year ahead

Be blessed and happy - Always

Reflections on the year that past,

Anticipation for the year that lies ahead,

For so many special qualities we cherish you!

So, our birthday congratulations we send to you,

on this your magical day

with lots of warmth, fellowship and love.

Each day my friend you learn new things,

Each phase is like life's new innings.

Sometimes you get chances, sometimes you choose,

In this game of life, a smile is what I hope you never lose.

Happy Birthday! Sue Have a wonderful Birthday

by poo

hey sue !

many many happy returns of the day

so my dua vil b dat...may GOD bless u alot..n keep all ov doz people cloz 2 u 4ver which r sooo special in ur lyf...n also dt soon u'll get chance 2 meet KSG n hv a pic wd hm n get it framed as big as possible..n hang it in ur bed room...n all ov ur life b full ov masti happiness n also wd d KSG love...n iv u got boured by all dis...dn jst tel u d secret...i love 2 bour d people specialy on thier birthday...a big birthday hugg n HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY...:-)...am dedicating u d song...dhinkachika...dhinkachika...ey..ey..ey...o..o..o..o...n i also dedicated u a salsa dance wd KSG in my recent ff...soo u cn enjoy a salsa dance wd KSG on ur BIRTHDAY


happy birthday sueii pueii. Hope you have a great one and wish you get to meet KSG somehow LOL. Lods of love kangan xoxo


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Happy Birthday

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