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Mistis thoughts 24th may 2011 (Page 3)

PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Misti interesting analysis and everyones ideas  and my thoughts about the room was they shot from another angle as once Dev was also shown standing there so it did not appear odd to me but Rohanis he is acting is slowly becoming obvious that he is not what he is and today it was getting obvious and as u said it started from Radhika's vrat day for me but the pehli rasoi was also bit odd.
 liked the way they are showing Dev's thoughts now and was laughing thinking of you and Angie and i am now liking the way he is with Radhika not so frowningWink though still a long way to go lets see how they bring this change of Fruitcake he was quite impressed at Phuljari's daan of her fruit to his familyWinkand was LOLabout Dhaba and Pakoras was reminded of your post where you were quite annoyed at them wasting 2 plates of good pakorasLOLWink hope they dont waste it this time.
 well I liked the story today including Chenu Ashanti convo. By the way were did the maha kavi GD disappear.

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Ok now for some favorite scenes I would like them to copy from CB1.

This came from that "jyot mannat" that Radhika made to Devima for making Rohan and Dadaji healthy.  So I was wondering about that one and realized that they combined Radhika's parikrimas (of Govardhan mountain) and Dev carrying "jyot" on his hands to ask for Radhika's recovery after Radhika was set on fire.

So since Radhika is doing Dev type tests in CB2 (takshak gufa will come at some point too where this time the snakes would be crawling on her),  I would like to also see following scenes.

1.  Punishment for Dev - It should be "Father India" type punishment prescribed by Chief Mahant (father of Mohini) and Radhika should be preparing the poison potion.  It is for Dev forcing his "childhood wife" to live like a "fake wife" to his "cousin brother/friend".  There is a lot of melodrama in this one because Radhika would be crying that she can't poison her own husband and she is being anti Savitri and so on.  Then Dev convincing her to do so as he never wanted her to be fake wife to Rohan but he had to do so out of his majboori and he has to pay for that.  Of course since Kanha doesn't listen to Dev,  Radhika would have to do puja this time and gendwa phool would be used on Dev (Misti, you were needlessly worried about Gendwa phool).  Of course we can have Radhika threatening Kanha not to let anything happen to her Bumbum, otherwise he would have to come in person to cure Bumbum.  Kanha would be tired of Radhika's demand but would have no choice because she is his most devoted and unique bhakt.

2.  Horsie (Misti's description of the one used for Dev and Radhika's second date) can chase Maheswari all over Mathura and then she falls and breaks her back and is paralyzed.  Viraat is riding the horsie (poor horsie).  The snake bite from the Takshak gufa renders Maheswari mute.

3.  Now people won't like this but would like Dev to personally decorate Radhika and Rohan's room for their SR against his will.  Here Rohan would be asking him to do so.  Of course here we can have Radhika slapping Rohan scene because she is unaware of all his schemeing and finds out at the last minute.  Obviously, she doesn't enter the room as it is against her "Patni Dharam".  But she would see the room from the corridor and slap Rohan really hard.  She is the only one who can do so.  Normally, I am against all the slapping scenes regardless of whether it involves a guy or a woman, but here it would be fun to watch.  This would be like Dev slapping Vishaka.  So here Radhika would be slapping Rohan for the selfish things he did to Dev.

4.  Sindoor scene.  This is Rohan trying to put Sindoor on Radhika.  Dev is standing there helpless.  Now here I am in two minds.  Either Kanha can create those high winds so that the curtains move in rhythm with some loud thundering music and that creates so much movement that it knocks out the sindoor bottle from Rohan's hand.  Padma and other PF members are shocked  and Radhika calmly declares that this is the final proof that Kanha never wanted this marriage and the marriage between Rohan and her never happened.  Now Padma would freak out at this.  The second option is somebody holding Rohan's hand (it could be Radhika but maybe it would be Dev as it is the moment when he decides that enough is enough).  I am open to suggestions.

5.  We can have a rath scene but Radhika would be pulling it this time to get Dev.  This would be her atonement for the cancellation of the first marriage.  She can do it for a day instead of three days.  Dev would be walking with her and taking care of her in the night.  Dev would still be bare-chested (what is the fun otherwise).  Then Shanti can come and loosen up the bolts and Dev sees her (nothing would be done here).  But this time Dev would fix the rath and then do some cheating and pull it himself rather than letting Radhika do it.  It would be raining so all the spectators would run away.  

For now these were my favorite scenes.  Will think of more and get back to this thread.

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by why6

My head was spinning too in last two days.  In Friday's episode, Dev was declaring his hate for Radhika one minute and by the end of the episode had declared that he would never be able to hate her and he loved her too much.  By early Monday, he was declaring that he couldn't fall for somebody like her.  Then BB was declaring that Radhika was too naive and was not a threat only to change few minutes later.   Is it TRP related?  What are the ratings for last week?  Is this another desperate move but wasn't CB at #9 on May 16th when Radhika showed her dignity to Dev and stopped him from destroying her puja?  Oh, the dialogue writer S. Mansavi was hired by Rajsri to direct (write ??) their new movie and it was out last week (Mr. Kalakar).  But it was panned by reviewers for being stuck in some time warp with cliched story and dialogues.  

Maybe TRP related ...maybe end of IPL related...and by TRP I mean this weeks and not last week...yeh I read about the movie...the name of the movie is very 1980's....

Now why did they have to kill the suspense.  Couldn't they have shown the promo the day before they were going to show it?  The scene could have been more effective if we didn't know about Rohan's fake illness and were just speculating based on his dialogues and expressions.  So they messed up this episode by their promo.  Haven't they heard of too much information being a bad thing.
They have done this before...remember Shantanu hanging from the cliff scene and his death in CB1...they broadcasted it and as a result all of us knew what is going to happen...and on top of that the scene was also not well shot so it became a cartoon show.That time also they were in panic because the TRp dropped sharply...these people do not have any trust in their own product and always react to what others are doing and spoil their own product. Yesterday they gave enough clues as to Rohan and his behaviour...but in one way they did waste it.

Fruitcake didn't like that marking system.  Probably after Rawal trip, his jealousy would start coming out more promptly.
Yes and that will make bhasmasur more psychotic...this family is really a pagalkhana.

Banshee is coming out to be more extreme to me based on her pre-wedding persona.  So there has to be more to her resentment too.  But liked your attempt at melodrama Misti.  But did fall short from chunnu munnu's standards.  I mean what was the need for Kabutarni to stop Dev by making that announcement. Did she knew she was going to ask him to go to Rawal?  This is one strange family where BB has been given so much power and nobody is questioning it.
Yeh I know chunnu munnu are much better in melodrama...I am better at rolling my eyes seeing their melodrama.Big smile...this is a strange conservative families even if the eldest member is domineering, the others do put their point of view , argue, get angry but here the family behaves like zombies who have now suddenly woken up...and looks like they all are making up for the years of silence. 

Misti, you have added laro to your bhughtoh line.  Yes, no sympathy from me for Fruitcake.  He is such a duffer where he wants to go and yet acts like this.  He wasn't shown particularly happy with Bad Baby Bhasu's request to go with his "Pari."  On that note,  Phuljhari was also not impressed with Bhasu's marking system.  She gave him a mirthless slight smile.

Well he is fighting uselessly here and so he will have to suffer.

 This reminded me of that revolving doors of Dev and Radhika's room from CB1 where Vaishali once came to their room from the bathroom.  Here both the servant and Bhasu were coming from the bathroom door too.  Didn't they show Phuljhari coming out of their after her shower the first morning when she encountered Fruitcake in the garden?  Talking about that,  how long will Bhasu be ok with Radhika staying in Dev's room?  I guess at least for one week, we can see them gazing at them across the rooms or room to garden.  In any case, the way track seems to change every week, nobody knows for certain least of all Chunnu munnu.

Yes Radika did come out from there...and I thought during that time that she climbed the wall and entered the room through the window...but let that be but them doing it again made me write about it ...even if a imagine a bathroom there...then these two were hiding in the bathroom...the tracks are changing...the position of doors are changing...soon rooms are also going to change...

Misti, that was an excellent observation about the joker character.  As soon as you mentioned joker,  I got reminded of that scene in the restaurant where Jack Nicholson pops in front of Kim Basinger.   Saurav was great in this scene where he changed his expressions pretty quickly.  Really, the promo was not needed at all and this scene and the dialogues were more than enough for the hint.
Saurav was very good yesterday...hopefully they will make good use of him and his acting ability.

How can any lawyer open the will if there is a time frame for the will to be opened?  
Yes and thats what I am wondering too...they can contest the will after the will has been opened...but how can they force open a will

Also,  all the involved parties have to be present for the will to be opened.  That implies that Dev has to be there too.  The lawyer for Dadaji can easily show the court that the will would be opened in say "x" months. 
 But maybe this is also Kabutarni's dream world.  I am hoping that this track of Pagphera is meant to give hint to Radhika.  She knows a family member is involved.  The PF is not that big, so she should figure out easily that it is Kabutarni who is the culprit because Kabutarni is so insistent on giving the medicine and restricting visiting hours for Dadaji.   Again it is not plausible that nobody picked up on this.  They better make Padma more complex to make it palatable for audience.  But then all the soaps dumb down their characters in order to justify a particular track.
Yes...if Padma is made more complex then some of the loopholes can be closed..that there is a reason why she kept her mouth shut...but don't know about chunnu munnu.

Ok, I kept on expecting seat belt in this scene.  In CB1, Radhika initially did not put a seatbelt and then didn't know how to put one.  This is after years of traveling in a car and putting on a seatbelt.  So I expected that Radhika here would be doing the same thing.  Otherwise, this scene was a deja vu for me.  The only thing I liked was Radhika ignoring Dev and looking out of the window.  Otherwise, I was expecting to her say, "Stop" at any moment.  They waited until the song was finished.  Now this song was played two times in CB1 - one when Radhika was being stubborn and second when Dev as Abhay was being obnoxious to Radhika.  So today playing that song was not a big deal.  I will wait for it to come again when this time Radhika rejects i
But they could have come up with a different song with the same theme...on one hand they are saying don't think about the first season when you are watching this show but then the makers deliberately use scenes and songs used in the first how can the viewers not thnik about the first season...they cannot have their cake and eat it too. 

They had to show delay in this trip as well as show Dev getting to know real Radhika and falling for her all over again.  My question is that they could have easily shown it at Dev's house.  Why create such artificial scenes?  They only disrupt the flow of the story.
Well they have to show rituals...real ones and the ones they pick out from their magical hats...oh the Dev's house scenes might be coming later ...and that will turn Bhasmasur psychotic...until now he is only fishing.

 Ok, I have to admit that I did like Dev blinking his eyes in amazement at Radhika's sweet nature as if he was seeing her truly for the first time.  So kind of goes with your observation that he was in love with a dream girl and is now getting to know Radhika as a real person.  This time the love would be strong because the person is real.  Radhika on the other hand is not falling for Dev yet (what is there to fall for at this point anyway?).  
Radhika is firmly clinging onto Bumbumbhole...well the kid was much better than this guy...she is very determined Dev will fall in love with the real Radhika while he will have to become KK.Wink

 Who knows.  But hope some of Radhika's atrocious jewelry pieces would be gone this time.

She can sell her ornaments for Chenu and with the money left but some nice delicate necklaces for herself.


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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by radha_bilahari


Thanks and enjoyed your thoughts.
You are welcome Radha.

Looks like BB is not interested in making us happy, especially you and me that she has decided to listen to her son, in the bargain she has been kind to the wheel-chair for the time being.Wink
Well he son is a short she listened but lets see what else he does.

She has dug the next hole.  Infact i was looking for this pagphere rasam, this will be a good learning curve for our angry young man.  Radhika is likely to be in danger because of Chenu---she will be saved---Radhika may also refuse to help Chenu and express in clear terms that she cannot support something which is wrong, bring shame to her father and also explain to him how it could have been dangerous to anybody.  I also would like Dev to witness this scene---only then will he realise that in the fire accident radhika could have also been in danger.  He will start to get lots of insights about Radhika's behaviour and the person she is.  This could also be used to slowly remove the obligation factor from Dev's mind.  So when radhika returns from rawaal she will not be alone to dig the mystery in PB but may also have Dev with her.  If dev and radhika are brought together because of logical circumstances it would be interesting.
Well if Radhika tells Chenu that she cannot support something that is wrong and bring shame to their father then won't the audience think that she should also look at herself...what she has done is also morally wrong  and will also bring shame to her father...she is living officially as a false wife of someone...never mind what she thinks, but she is not married to Rohan. So won't Dev (and also the audience) think that she is a hypocrite taking into consideration that he is angry with her for coming in as the false wife and accepting all the gifts (I am just talking about Radhika here and leaving Dev aside). So is it possible that she rushes to save Chenu without thinking about the consequences and then gets stuck...Dev coming in to save her and in this way realising that this is what Radhika does... she just does what she has to do without thinking about the consequences of her action...and link that to her coming in as the false bride...she is not selfish or self centered...then she wouldn't have rushed to save Chenu not thinking about her own security...

Before I forget fantastic acting by Rohan, he is getting into lime-light and is doing great justice to his role, wish he is retained as grey.
Yes...Saurav is good and I wish that they keep him as grey too.

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ChinadollTwo

Musti, Funny and insightful analysis as always... Clap
Thanks CDWink

Your eagle eyes doesn't miss much and CM should be aware of this by now. I thought Radhika was in a different room and didn't pay attention. 
They entertain me with their goof ups.Big smile

I wanted Rohan to insist on going with Radhika for Pugh phere and CM obliged.. His temper tantrum and his appearance in Radhika's room ( via bathroom ) freaked her out and I am wondering, if in the future, he will try to punish her by attempting to force himself on her, for coming into his home under false pretence? Dev ofcourse will be there to save her virtue and ultimately hate Rohan.
Well they did manage to nicely link Rohan's temper tantrum because he was not allowed to go with Radhika and then sneeking in to request Radhika and also to see her reaction to the fact that Dev is going with her and in turn freaking her out. As for the forcing himself on Radhika , that might be coming...and that might be the drastic step that might finally make Dev open his eyes to what Rohan is...

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by why6


Dev's frown was very interesting as it was Puja ladoo (prasad) that Rohan threw this time.  So Dev didn't like it as he has respect for such things.  Now would chunnu munnu follow up on this scene or will they just let it make a stand-alone scene.  They have a tendency to do that as many times there is no continuity of reactions.  Afterall, if they can show Padma forgetting her daughter and the entire PF forgetting about her,  they can show anything and change anything at anytime.  They did that with CB1 where they changed the entire history in year 2 (suddenly the property that could be transferred to Radhika was only attached to RP title, change of timing of Dev's confession of Radhika being his DG  and so on).   I hope they show it because the seeds of distrust start building slowly and usually somebody doesn't have a switch button where they like a person one day and hate that person the other day.  Usually, it starts with small events which start creating doubt in one's mind about one's beliefs and then a small seed of doubt starts becoming big as the events that challenge those beliefs continue to happen.

Yes thats my thought too...usually people notice small things but then the number of small things steadily increase and that makes the person step back and rethink his decisions. Here Dev was packed off to the hostel so he might not have been aware of exactly how spoiled Rohan is but now he has seen it for himself...Rohan had a temper tantrum and as a rsult he threw pooja ka ladoo on the floor and no one told him off. In other houses he would have got a whack for doing this. But knowing chunnu munnu I am not too sure whether they will make Dev think...when they removed one character from the story after introducing her (Padmas daughter)...what an irresponsible bunch these people are, so why will the audience trust them.  

I too hope they make Rohan grey rather than an outright villain.  He is a good actor and would hate to see him in one-dimensional role.  They did that with Shantanu and ruined the entire track.  Hope they don't do it here.

Yes...Saurav is a good actor and he can handle the switch between good and bad...and Rohan as a character has those layers in him...he is spoilt, self centered but he did give Dev some good advice...he did stand up for Dev before anyone else...he uses Dev maybe because no one has stopped him from doing that...maybe Radhika can change that...In real life also good influence and guidance does work, so why not give Rohan that chance and they will get more tracks out of him. 
As far as Radhika is concerned,  usually people especially women know when somebody is giving them that kind of vibes.  Rohan was quite creepy and his questions were also not that of an innocent child.
Yes...and he was repeatedly coming into her personal space and a woman usually knows when that happens.  

 The problem with all these tracks is that they never show any realization on anybody's part.  They showed Radhika getting happy at Shanti's acceptance where she even went to the temple.  But then there was no realization that she was deceived by her.  She didn't confide in Shanti but still there were no emotions shown at that time.

I think she was so obsessed about finding the identity of KK that all those things did not strike her...because that is what she has been taught. To not pay attention t Shanti and do what she has to do. That has helped her a lot but the downside is that she does not understand that another human being should not behave like this with her. The same thing is happening with Dev now...she is again focussed on her aim and she is not seeing what others might see as abuse. Goal oriented people do that...they only think about their goals and how to achieve that and everything else becomes secondary. But at some oint there has to be realisation in her that there has to be a balance specially if she is going to become the future RPtian...and I am not sure whether the creatives will show that.
Same with Dev.  So far they haven't shown any remorse on his part for abusing Radhika  much and that too repeatedly.  Now we are all assuming that he would be remorseful at one point, but again there is no gauarantee.  They can just show him feeling betrayed at Rohan's nature and Radhika consoling him by telling him that it wasn't his fault.  But will they ever show him realizing that it was wrong behavior regardless of what he perceived to be "Radhika's sins."  That one human being doesn't behave like that with another human being or if they do, they apologize profusely and don't repeat it again.
Again with Dev...he also does not know that what he is doing is abuse because that is what he has grown up with...but again at some point he should also show remorse after he realises what he has done but like you not too sure whether the creatives will show that.

I hope they are going with your underlined words where BB is getting freaked out with Radhika's actions and in her mistake allowed Radhika and Dev to go alone where probably both start knowing each other and get close mentally.  So Dev starts become more objective where  his family is concerned and starts to question the status quo.  I hope it is not dumbing down of Radhika in order to prop up negative characters.

The reason why I am worried about dumbing down is because they have done this before and badi bahu can only become strong if Radhika is dumbed down...badi bahu is an artificially hyped up character in this story. 

Was wondering about that too.  Is she happy because she is falling for the real Dev?  Or she is happy that Dev is accepting her despite not knowing the truth from Rohan?  

Might be Dev accepting her slowly despite not knowing the truth from Rohan.

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Originally posted by rajsri

Misti ... i did not watch the few episodes leading to the SR during the Abhay/Rads phase of CB1 (was travelling)  ... hmmm wish they would'nt do that ...  if they are using the circumstances again, i hope they show Rads reacting differently this time around .. i do want Rads to continue to ignore Dev and show him that she is miffed at him
i liked today's episode primarily bcos it is the beginning of showing dev that rads is not the self centered girl he thinks she is ... i think they could have done this in PB but Dev in PB seems to be very duty bound and totally obsessed with his work  ... maybe getting him out of there is what works
Rajsri I also liked the spisode because they showed that Dev is slowly getting to know the real Radhika but the similarities in the scene and the choice of the same song irritated me...Dev gets strongly influenced by the people in that house so for him to think objectively most probably he needs to come out of that surrounding.

I do like Dev's "rough and tough" personality ... but the creatives should not do anything to mess with his underlying character ...  they have to continue to show him as being intensely protective, possessive of Rads even as he is fighting his feelings for her ... any ambiguity there will not be liked by the audience ... and a lot of them are watching for Dev as much as Rads  ... as you have said before, he is competing with dev from Cb1
Dev as a kid was intensively protective and possessive about his things...he almost ended up hitting virat because virat was snatching his that possessiveness and protective nature is there in him and if the creatives mess about with that then the audience will not like it...
If there is any saving to be done or any goondas to be thrashed i do hope they have dev do that .. and teach chenu a lesson at the same time .. waiting for some dishum dishum scenes from dev  ... the rohan/dev dishum dishum scenes can wait for a couple of weeks Wink
Yes...I am just wondering whether Chenu might change now...if Rohan is becoming negative then some other character should become positive to balance him just wondering whether Chenu will be that person and whether he will enter the Purohit Mansion...I mean brought in to keep him out of trouble.

As far as rohan is concerned, i hope they keep him grey ... jealous and obsessed ... but not crossing the line and trying to kill or physically harm either dev or rads
Yes...but a molestation scene might be coming up.
It would be a pity if the TRPs were low the past 10 days since the story telling has improved ... let's see

yeh lets see...the false wife entrance damaged the show a lot...lets see whether it has managed to recover.

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Originally posted by chalhov

Misti interesting analysis and everyones ideas  and my thoughts about the room was they shot from another angle as once Dev was also shown standing there so it did not appear odd to me but Rohanis he is acting is slowly becoming obvious that he is not what he is and today it was getting obvious and as u said it started from Radhika's vrat day for me but the pehli rasoi was also bit odd.
 liked the way they are showing Dev's thoughts now and was laughing thinking of you and Angie and i am now liking the way he is with Radhika not so frowningWink though still a long way to go lets see how they bring this change of Fruitcake he was quite impressed at Phuljari's daan of her fruit to his familyWinkand was LOLabout Dhaba and Pakoras was reminded of your post where you were quite annoyed at them wasting 2 plates of good pakorasLOLWink hope they dont waste it this time.
 well I liked the story today including Chenu Ashanti convo. By the way were did the maha kavi GD disappear.
Thanks Chalhov...well I hope this time they do not waste any I want to eat pakoras,...not the one made at home but from the street because they are the most delicious and there they were wasting them. Not fair.

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