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SS new..LA HASIL (UNREACHABLE).CH3..16/9PG 26 (Page 19)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged

Fiza, m nt pressing like button.
bcoz i dnt like it.
it was so touchy story.
i dnt knw wht to say now.
actually my heart is too heavy now...n m no mood wrt more.
reality is stranger than fiction!
how true it is!
drug ruined everything!

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kirti123 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 December 2009
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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
just read all the parts
could not control my tears
it was terrible to see it

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Hello Guys
i Know im terribly late in updating these series of SS...n so as in rplying u all...
life has been extremly hectic...n im really sorry ..i know this isnt an exuse to thnku for the time u took out for reading whtever i like to write...
thnku soo much
i'll be continuing next SS...tht will b i cant imagine two of my lovly charcter in this story next is not an MN ss...
Maybe starting this from next week
love ya all

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
take ur time Fiza.
waiting for another SS.

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged

Hey Guys

It seems what like ages I have not updated the Reality Series that I thought of doing so and also promised will do soon, but life is life and my mind is devils house. So I was just not able to put the story together.

This story I have named on non fictional characters as I just cant do this on mayank Nupur, if u want can imagine faahad as mayank and Hira as Nupur….but better not to…

All characters name and place are fictional bt as its reality series ..Yet again its real life experience ..not of mine plsss…

It will be in like 4- 5 parts…I hope it can be regular…

LA HASIL means that's out of reach

Credit of updating this story goes to DR MAHA, who reminded me today abt this and I was fortunately able to pen it down. I hope u all may tolerate it while reading

Love fiza

Edited by drfizaahmed - 04 August 2011 at 10:29am

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged



Hira: Faizan when ur gonna talk with ur parents

Faizan: soon a sweet heart…just wait a while….

Hira: how long should I wait u knows I have line of proposals for me…

Faizan: ya jani I'll just give me this wk

Hira: oki…chlao im sighing  off..mama's caling

Faizan: hey like tht…atleast pyar se good night tu kahao….;)

Hira: Faizan….kuch sharm krlo….gud night..

Faizan: oki gud night…hugs…n …k….


Faizan and hira are two net friends tht r madly in love with each other ..thy met at chat club and soon become the best of the friends…slowly progressing towards a moment whn they find it too hard to pass even a day without talking..thy exchanged there cell no n so thy were in contact 24/7 with each other…

When the craving for each other reached a hight ..they agreed to meet each other..n now they at time met each other…either at hira's university or at time a restaurants  away from there home….hira's life completely n souly revolve around Faizan and so as faizan's….

Fahad(faizan'sfreind): so why r u appearing so happy

Faizan: im gonna tell mom n dad abt hira

Fahad:  ary bhi hira se humain kab mil wa rahy hoo…

Faizan: shadi per…

Fahad: aur uncle anty se kab baat kero gay

Faizan: aj hopefully woh man jay….n mana  ki tu koi wajha hi nhi hai

Fahad: chal bst of luck, mein chalta hon, mjhy ali se bhi milny jana hai….

Fazan: yeah aj kal tu Ali k ghar buhat jaraha hai…kya baat hai…

Fahad: dost hai mera , childhood, us ki ami  ny bolaya hai, aj meri pasand k khana ban hai…oki bye…



Faizan: hey jan, wish me luck….

Hira: for wht …

Faizan:  mein ami se baat kerny ja rahoon.

Hira: really…I hope anty man jay..

Fiazan: meri jan ko koi mana kasa kersakta hai bahla…hira I just cant wait  to hold u as mine…

Hira: fizannn…tum bhi na….

Faizan: kyun…don't u feel like that….bolo…bolo

Hira: hmm…I do …acha ab jaldi se jao, n tell me good news….love ya…


Faizan: ami mjh ap se kuch baat kerni hai

Ami: han bolo beta…

Faizan: ami mein  ny ek larki pasand ki hai

Ami: kya…tum ny khud hi pasand kerli….aur woh hai kaun…kaha mil gai tumhian

Faizan: ami woh meri dost hai…we know each other from 5 years,

Ami: university ki

Faizan: nhi woh…woh actually net friend hai…

Ami: tumhara deemagh tu nhi karab hogay friend ….kuch aqal ha k nhi..

Tumahra elawa aur kitny ko us ny behasa rekh hoga …uff

Faizan: ami plsss…hira asi nhi hai..aur us k mery elwa koi friend nhi hai…woh buhat achy ghar se belong kerti hai, educated hai,

Ami: Faizan..tum ny khabi soch hai ek net per jo larki kisi k sath ishq ker sakti hai ….woh normal life mein kiya kiya kerti hogi..

Faizan: ami whts the problem of her in being my net friend, mein ny kaha na us  k koi asa dost nhi hai…

Ami: dekho beta mein tumhary bahly k liyan hi kaha rahi hoon, net per woh larkiyoon ishq larati hai , jo aam zindagi mein bhi asi  kis k kam kerti hai…tum ny kabhi socha hai k , woh larki kis kayal k sath online ati hogi…this tht she wants to do frinshship with men, and than which evry will be the best she is gonna take him, n will play with him, ur to simple my boy….

Faizan:  ami pls as nhi hai ap  ek baar us se mil tu layain …pls ami..i really love her

Ami: and woh, does she really loves u, go and ask her not directly but indirectly how many friend she has on net, and then u'll get to know, I am right or wrong….if ur father is gonna listen to it , u know wht will happen. Jao us se baat kero….

Beta practically scoho, kasay us ny tum per atebar kerliya, aur shadi tak baat agai, achy ghar ki larkiyan asi nhi hoti, agar as hota tu jab tum ny usy propse kiya tha tab hi woh family ko involve kerny ki baat kerti, per nhi….woh tumhary sath her level per baat ker rahi hoogi haina….kiya tum apni behan ko is jaga rekh sakty hoo…..socho aur phir meray pass ana

Faizan: left from there but was in strange dilemma….her mother was right , may be they haven't cross the limits but has talked about almost everything, how many children they have, there wedding night, and loads of romace, she has never been uncomfortable abt all this, but mayb as she trust me aloot,

But kya waqi us k dost , I mean koi propse kerta tu tab bhi…

Faizan: hira online aao

Hira: kya hoa jan pls batao

Fazian: kuch nhi ami ny sochny k waqt manag hai…

Hira: really ..chalo unhony na tu nhi kaha na

Fzizan: han yeah tu hai..acha pls mein yaha yeah baatein kerny nhi aya …

Hira: tu phir kiya baatein kerni hai…

Fazian: tumhain khabi ajeeb nhi lagata..i mean hum dodno tu husband wife ke tarha baateing kerty hain

Hira: nhi…kyun k mein tu tumhary baray mein sochti bhi wasy hi hoon …blush…

Fazain: oh really…samny tu aaoo…:P  ;)

Hira: tumhari kismet….:P

Faizan: arya hira tumhar woh dost tha na net per, waji us k kiya hua

Hira: kuch nhi yaar, us se tu mein ny baat kerni hi band kerdi hai , actually woh mjhy mein interested tha per mein tu committed hoon

Faizan: nhi hoti tu

Hira: sochti :P…ROFL…

Faizan: oops dad is calling me sweet heart I'll talk to u later…

Hira: oki…keep me updating jan ..i just cant think abt losing u ..

His father was not at all calling hin but hearing she may think, made him a little doubtful abt his choice and his mothers word, so she use to talk with everyone like this, and its just me who was the first to propose that's y she said yes….but maybe she was teasing me….GOD mein kiya ker…her last words showed so much of worry for our future….

Hira was very much concern about why Faizan was asking like that but than she shrugged of these thought and n strt praying for his mother to say yes…she was pretty much involved him and moreover they way they have been talking with each other she knew she cant b of any body else….

Faizan: ami pls..baat smjhy

Father: kiya samhjy….have u lost it, koi izaat k kiyal hai k nhi…asay hi ki sadak jhap larki ko utha ker hum apny ghar lay aay haan..

Fizan: baab pls….woh as nhi hai

Father: acha net per larko ko pahassati hai….educated hai yeahi kaha tha na tum ny..abhi tak us ny degree bhi mukamal nhi ki…

Faizan: woh bemar hogai thi islayn

Father: dekho Faizan us larki ko bhool ja…woh humar ghar ki bahu kahbi nhi ban sakti smajhi tum…asi larkiyoon jo 5-6 se baateinn kerti hai…2-3 ko pehasaati hain aur phir ek koi tumhary jasa bekra mil jata hai tu bs us se shadi kerti hai….magar as yaha nhi hoga samjhy tu

He tried hard to made his parents understand but they refused evrytime, losing hope and as he has nthing to do more, he called hira to tell he rthe truth …

Fiazan: hira

Hira: kya hua..tum itny low kyun ho

Faizan: hira ami baba nhi man rahy

Hira: kya..tum ny kaha tha tum man lo gay

Faizan: mein kiya ker woh nhi man rahy…mein ny her traha se  khosih kerli per…

Hira: ab hum kiya keray gay faizan

Faizan: huain yeah baat yahin khatam kerday ni chaiy

Hira: wht did u said ..han…u always use to say that u will do anything to get me in ur life, and thn now whn its time to prof …tu tum bhag rahy ho…tum meray sath asa nhi kersaty

Faizan: mein apny parents k kilaf nhi jao ga..aur na hi ab aur un se behass kerskta hoon

Hira: Faizan tum asa kasy kaha sakty hoo…faizan pls kuch tu kero…hum ny tu kitna sab kuch soch liya tha, mein kisi aur k sath zindagi kasay guzaroo gi…pls Faizan mjhy asy maat chor

Faizan: bekar k behass maat kero hira…asa ab nhi hosakta…jitni jaldi man lo utna acha hai…yeah sirf tumhar hi liyan nhi meray liyan bhi muskil hai…plss…apna kayal rakhna aur hosaky tu mjhy maaf kerday na…..

Hira: Faizan, fazaaan…he cuted the phone

She droped her sefl on floor and cried whole night, she has placed faizan in her heart as her husband, she has lived with his imagination, lived with him, evey min, to evry extend, how can he just betray her, he just betrayed her, ditched her, his all promise all talks were fake oh lord….

She creid and cried until she was tred and sleep took over her….

In morning she has tried 100 times to call Faizan but he didn't attend it, he delbertly was ignoring her calls.

A, he knows nthing can be done now…

B, he was still in delima

C, he wants to end this here and move on..

But hira was extremely broken by his indifferent behiovour, thought somehow it was good for her, but than she was so much in him and gone so far that cuming back was too difficult, the words and act of his betrayal were difficult to forgot…

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drmaha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
first of all thankx a load to dr maha who reminds u...LOL
Winkhow sweet she is...ROFL ROFL

i love reality series...thanx for this ...
now cuming to the story...
it was nice but faizaan ko aisa nai kerna chayei tha...if he really loves her thn he should take  stand for her...
faizaan mom was not completely wrong coz it happens... net frndshp between boy and a girl is not alwayz pure...but she should have been met hira atleast once thn her thoughts might changed abt her...

but faizaan nai jis tarah suddenly brokeup kiya its really sad...Unhappy

lets see agay kiya hota hai...
god knows who is rite and aho is wrong...
i just loved ur update...Hug  Hug
Hug thanks for the update dear...

love ya...

Edited by drmaha - 04 August 2011 at 11:07am

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 January 2011
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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
fiza-ji... ye kitna achcha likha hai!!Hug
plzz continue soon!! Big smile

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