Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

DevilDen-MSKs pol khuli Dev chadega pyar mein suli

swan20 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:13am | IP Logged
Today's episode was like a typical masala bollywood film...such films work with the masses so hopefully today's epi will garner some good TRPs...Big smile

Jugnu mamu's jaasusi finally rang laayi. After so many failed attempts he finally struck gold...LOL The bhaagam bhaag that ensued after was hilarious but could have been cut short.

Lucky & Preeto ki prem ki naiyya aage badh hi nahi rahi many roadblocks. His entire family has become his pyar ka dushman...LOL

The entire confrontation scene was again funny but stretched a bit. Kaise Jugnu mamu's dimag ki batti finally lights up was shown well..LOL

Teji & Beeji's reaction on learning the truth was completely justified. Although Teji was way too rude but thats him...can't expect him to behave any better...Ermm I completely agree with what Beeji said...they were angry with MSK because of Geet. If Geet had told them Ballu's truth after their re-union her family would have accepted them willingly. There was no need to continue with this charade...Confused I still don't understand what was the purpose behind MSK's plan but well he's THE MSK so me not taxing my pea sized brain to figure out what was going on in his mind...TongueLOL

Geet, like yesterday spoke up for Maan & his honor...ClapClap...Loved to see that. Now i want my old sherni back who stands up for what is right and doesn't shy away from speaking the truth...Thumbs Up

Pre-cap :  I think Maneet are just going to leave the house and not Amritsar. After all how can they leave without taking Dev's dulhaniya with them...LOLLOL


And Everyone who wants their favourite show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi to continue and want their favorite characters Maaneet/Gurti to keep on sizzling on their screens then Join the Halla Bol launched by Jhan in the link Given below

Remember Folks, the more number of people who sign the petition and raise their voices, more are the chances of the Channel hearing us...So


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swan20 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 February 2008
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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:14am | IP Logged
To All the Devils of the Devil's Den hereby declare the Den to be 
a Bird & Dot free zone !!!

If you dare to fly, be ready to fly all the way to heaven, because

we will shoot you. HAAN!

This is particularly in light of the moderator warning 
(chk here..
and henceforth every Devil (old & new) solemnly pledge to NOT indulge in crooning aka bird language 
(except : ofc the pengu tribal linguistics)
and here is the dare.. 
one more croon frm a bird and u know what...!! HAAN!!Approve


The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT! Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz...Cool to de Core! 

- Devils of the Devil's Den-

1. If U don't like the Devil's Den residents then just fly away! We don't like to be mean hosts!

2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

3. The Den is not just about CONfakes, but reel takes so discuss dey story constructively in all its gloryBig smile

Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs! Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not! So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop! Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post. Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.

9. There is Devilsden A/C. Its for emergencies & our awesome Kreations Corner
All the Devils raise hand and repeat after me 
"And hereby Pledge to diss All de Spoilers n Spoof de Pictures"


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Previous DENS with THEMES

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged

Episode Take

Good and Sensible Episode today...Good mixture of Drama and Comedy...Perfect recipe for trpsThumbs Up
Today it seems CVs r sort of throwing few questions back at the viewers which we once asked to the CVsROFLROFLROFL...For example :Beeji asking Geet why they had to continue with this lie even after she patched up with her hubbyLOL...Another example is Beeji confessing that they did a mistake by coming in between husband-wife ka circus and so today they r suffering this betrayal coming from their own ghar ki betiLOLOuch./..These were the questions and issues we raised to the CVs once upon a timeLOL and today CVs via Beeji's mouth hv thrown all these questions back at Maaneet and indirectly back at the viewersROFLROFLROFLROFL...I will say this is a smart way of doing damage controlWinkThumbs Up; CVs themselves had no answer to these queries and issues and so they thought the best is to throw these questions back at Maaneet and portray Maaneet both wrong together in their decisions which will prove that they r not God but humans who can make blunders and neither MSK nor Geet r right or wrong in this case but both r equally responsible for the whole circusBig smileLOL...
So the question of MSK is right or wrong or even Geet is right or wrong...does not arise...MSK did wrong by hiding his identity even after his patch up with Geet and also Geet did wrong by blindly supporting MSK in this whole lie...And coming to Dev ,like Teji said whatever his name is doesn't really matterLOLLOLLOL...
Positive aspect of the whole episode was that Geet stood in her husband's defence irrespective of whether he is right or wrong because she was equally part of this whole messThumbs Up;Loved the way she tried her best to defend MSK in front of Beeji and even Beeji's dialogues were spot onCool ...Beeji was actually playing the role of public prosecutor today who raised all the queries and doubts today from viewer's side as wellWinkTongue..thats a smart move by BarryThumbs Up...
Amritsar family today is fully justified in their anger towards both Maan and Geet for playing with their feelings  for so longApprove;Even the family did a mistake of interfering too much in Geet's married life which Beeji accepted today Thumbs Up..So again a good logical move towards damage controlLOL...
Humour element provided by Jugnu Mama ...Lucky and Preeto were awesomeClap;Finally Jugnu Mama and his shatir dimaag emerges as the real hero of this trackLOLTongue...Lucky-Preeto bedroom scene was hilariousLOL and the actors did a good job...Thumbs Up...
Teji-MSK eyelock scene was coolCool...It was finally a relief to see our MSK back without that turban in the precapEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Now it remains to b seen whether Maaneet go back to Delhi tomorrow or they will stay in Amritsar separately till Dev manages to woo Nandu maybErmm...Today Beeji said she cannot tolerate betrayal and lies...So does that mean Nandu's future rishta Daman and his family will turn out to frauds and then Dev will come as Nandu's saviour ??Ermm..So a guy who once screwed up a girl's life will seek redemption by playing the saviour of that same girl's sisterConfused...Question is are viewers ready for this sick track ??I don't think soStern Smile; If CVs r smart and want Trps desperately then hopefully they won't do this suicide of Dev-Nandu honour or marriage track but will instead make sure NT gets out of coma soon and gets hold of her patidev soonTongueTongue...Lets wait and watchCool...
Episode Rating:8.5/10...Good Episode..Good dialogues...Good drama factor...flow could hv been better

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 November 2009
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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:24am | IP Logged
rejerved Cool

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2005
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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:27am | IP Logged

Nice episode, good comedy, but I felt they dragged a bit in Mammu wala scenes! 

Maaneet expressions were really good!  I loved how Geet opened her mouth today, she defended her MSK, but I gotta hand it to MSK, he didnt utter a word after what her family was saying about him!  He never allow anyone to talk to him that way, but for Geet's sake this man is ready to take it all! 

Teji hot headed brut, oh god they way he pouted one time, I thought I saw Sunil Shetty ka lips! LOLLOLLOL

Lucky's gol matol Pretto, out to seduce her man and all he could say, u tickeling me, quite a funny scene!

Mammu and his running and diving thru window instead of just climibing over, oye now why would he do that! 

In the middle of all this I missed Lachi, her facial expression would have been priceless if she was there and Balwant is MSK!  After all she's the one who was serving him on hand and foot na, well I take it back, she was to serve him, but Geet always grabbed everything from her! ROFLROFL

A lesson to be learned by all, when a husband and wife have a misunderstanding never get in the middle of it, u only become enemy!  Beeji is right! I truly believe in this!


As much hatred he thought he had for her, it was all emotions of love!  Even he could not deny that!  OH man I wish we get this again! 

The minute he sits in his office he thinks of how he wrapped up her wound and how she hugged him!  What a priceless scene it was!

A woman he left on the streets of HP, came into his life as his ardhangani!  I guess its this love story and the challenges they faced hooked me to this show!  

God Im gonna cry today! CryCry

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-Dimple- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 January 2008
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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:28am | IP Logged
HE is Back HE is Back HE is Back HE is Back HE is Back 

The angry MSK is back. OMG Goshh what a look. we definetly missed that look.
This mamma is getting funnier day by day.
The episode was good. Finally we got the truth out aur wo bhi mamma ke haath seROFL i swear when that beeji and teji was cursing maan. I was feeling to punch them both off. Angry How dare he talk about our MSK in this tone. How dare they.
I really want ki now Geet steps in and give a long bhashan to beeji and teji what is MSK. i really want to see geet in that way.
In the precap maan is telling geet that for now we have to leave afterwards we will come back and talk to beeji. Well this is for sure that MSK koi bhi kaam beech mein nahhi chodta, so how can he leave it this time. I think The Lucky and MSK sequence is about to come. Maan will definately do something \so that everyone belives him.
Finally we got our MSK back and now we will move back to delhi.

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged

RES for bhagam bhaag

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somakazmi Goldie

Joined: 17 July 2010
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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
devilz keep sign petition 2 save maaneet and ghsp...
epi was good...
thingz me like abt epi:
love return of glimpse of angry mskEmbarrassed
1) geet standing up 4 msk.Thumbs Up
2) msk remained silent because of geet.Thumbs Up
3) even through me dont like teji attitude towards msk but love the way he shut up dev.Smile
4) preeto lucky scene was nice.
every 1 was expecting that truth wont be out today CV give us surprise...Clap
maaneet wont b able 2 leave so soon something must stop them... let c whatz in store 4 us...

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