Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

May 24th, 2011 Written Update

Wafah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
Runjhun and Guddu come to a different part of the mall and Guddu tells Runjhun to wait. He tells her he will be right back and gives her one of the bag to hold. Runjhun waits for Guddu for a few minutes, then he comes out wearing the shirt she bought for him. She can't help but stare at him. Guddu asks her how he looks, but Runjhun just looks at him. Guddu waves his hand in front of her, clicking his fingers and Runjhun breaks out of her reverie and Guddu asks her if she is still here or not. Runjhun just shakes her head. Guddu asks her again if he looks good, and Runjhun says he looks really good. Guddu asks her if she is telling the truth, and they both smile at each other.

At the shop Kukkan looks at Jabbo and asks him why he's so stressed. He tells Jabbo that not even an unwed mother looks so stressed and he asks him if he has another girl problem. Jabbo tells Kukkan curtly not to interfere in his business and try to figure out more why the shop isn't selling any goods.

Guddu walks in and introduces himself in English. Kukkan looks at Guddu surprised, and Jabbo looks unhappy. Kukkan comments that Guddu looks very smart and very decent. Guddu asks them if he looks nice or not. He sits on the counter and puts the things he has purchased on the counter. Kukkan asks him about why he's changed his clothes. Guddu says that if he wants to sell his product then he has to look decent and professional to his customers. He pulls out the bag of cell phones that he has purchased and tells them to look at the new models and put it on the display.

Tipi and Teelu are also present and they all look at the phones. He tells one of the men to print twenty percent off fliers. Kukkan says but that would make it a loss for them. Guddu says that the discount will attract more customers so they will make their earning in volume even if the profit is less to begin with, as their sales increase they can make more profit, and that's how business is improved. The important thing is to attract the customers. Kukkan looks impressed.

Guddu notices that Jabbo isn't happy. Guddu asks him if he isn't happy. He tells him to give his input as well and not to be shy like a pregnant lady. Jabbo says he isn't happy. He says this is all stupid. He says when soon the thirty days challenge will be over, and Guddu will have no relation with Runjhun, this all is unnecessary. Kukkan tells Jabbo that whenever he talks, he spews poison from his mouth, and asks Jabbo whether he has anything positive to say. He tells Jabbo what does the thirty day bet have to do with the shop. Guddu tells Kukkan that Jabbo can speak what is on his mind.

Guddu explains to Jabbo, that he isn't doing this to win any bet or lose any bet. He says this is his way of showing the world that he can do anything he sets his mind to. He wants to show that no matter what he does, he can be at the top. If he was a world class thug, he wants to show people that he can be a world class gentleman as well.

He then pulls out gifts for them, and hands it out to them. Kukkan takes his and asks Guddu whether it was Runjhun's ideas for the gifts. Guddu smiles but lies and says that since they are like his brothers he bought it for them. Kukkan smiles convinced that it was Runjhun's idea.

They get a customer, and Guddu turns professional, first offering the guy water, and then asking him to sit as he shows him all the cell phones. Kukkan watches happily as Guddu shows great customer service, while Jabbo watches without any smile on his face.

Mahadevi in her room is lamenting at her fault for associating with Jabbo. She says that Runjhun warned her but she didn't listen, and if she's listened then this wouldn't have happened. She blames herself. She says that how can she keep this a secret from everyone else, and what will she do because as the days go on it will be harder to hide. She is worried, and spots her mother in the room. Mittho questions Mahadevi what she was talking about. She asks Mahadevi what did she talk to Runjhun about and what is she trying to hide from them. Mahadevi stutters and Mittho tells her to tell the truth. She asks Mahadevi if Jabbo is involved.

Mahadevi is shocked and asks Mittho how does she know about Jabbo being involved. Mittho says she isn't a fool. She says she saw them talking again. Once it could be ruled out as a coincidence but the second time there definitely has to be something involved. Mahadevi lies and says that she was trying ot be friends with Jabbo so she can find out more information on Guddu and Runjhun. She know what her mother wants to hear so she tells Mittho about the thirty day challenge, which Mittho knew, but adds and says that if Runjhun loses the bet then Guddu will forever leave the house. Mittho is happy to hear this and as Mahadevi tells Mittho the details of the bet, Mittho gets happy and tells Mahadevi that she gave her some good news. Mahadevi just smiles uneasily.

The other rejoice at Mahadevi's smartness since they'd been trying to figure out the thirty day secret and Mahadevi found out all the details for them. Billo and Buntu come into the room and say that they've been left out of discussions now. Mittho consoles Billlo and tells her what she has found out and Billo says that Runjhun will win because Guddu is changing. Kalsanwali says it is Vishnu's fault, and if Vishnu hadn't challenged Guddu to run his shop he wouldn't have cared. They both fight again, and Billo tries to stop them but gets pushed around. Rajju comes (back from his trip away) and stops the fight. He says that more important is for them to discuss how to make Runjhun lose the challenge. He tells Mittho he was thinking about it on the phone since she mentioned it to  him and he says that if Runjhun wins then Guddu will take Runjhun and her fortune with her so they have to stop her from winning. All six agree.

Runjhun is pulling out the clothes that are hanging out to dry and she watches Guddu making sales to a few customers from the balcony and is happy. She walks up the stairs and hears Mahadevi vomiting. Mahadevi is staring at a positive pregnancy test. Runjhun walks in and Mahadevi hides the stick, behind her back. Runjhun asks Mahadevi is she is feeling well. Mahadevi says nothing happened to her and she is fine. Runjhun says how can she be fine, she says for sure she might have food poisoning. Runjhun says she will tell Mittho and take Mahadevi to the doctor. Mahadevi says she doesn't want to go to the doctor, and she says she already tooke the medicine and will be fine soon.

Runjhun asks Mahadevi why she looks so tenses and nervous. She asks Mahadevi if she is hiding something. Mahadevi quickly denies it. Runjhun isn't convinced but lets the matter go. After Runjhun leaves, Mahadevi says she was saved this time too but she can't keep on delaying and hiding the matter. She says she has to throw the pregnancy stick away somewhere where no one will find it. She says even then she won't be able to hide anything for much longer. She says she will have to find a way to terminate her pregnancy.

Runjhun is worried about Mahadevi and feels like she is definitely hiding something. She is lost in her thoughts, she doesn't see Guddu, and he grabs her hand and pulls her into the room. He corners her and they both look at each other (this is the part where I shake my head) Runjhun looks away first a little uncomfortable and asks Guddu what he's doing. Guddu sighs and tells her to give him her hand. Runjhun is hesitant but puts out her hand, and Guddu takes it. Guddu puts money in her hand, and Runjhun asks him where did all the money come from. Guddu says he brought it, and it didn't come flying.

He tells her that when she made the first sale of their shop, she put it in his hands, so he thought that today's profit, it was most appropriate to put it in her hand. She's happy that they made so much sales and asks him if it is really from their shop. Guddu smiles and nods. In her excitement she almost says that she will show this to Amma, but stops herself. Guddu asks her what she wanted to say but Runjhun says that it was nothing. Guddu looks at her then smiles and sighs and says that if she wants to show it to someone else, namely Amma, then she can.

Runjhun asks him how he knows she wanted to show their profits to Amma. He says he met a fortune teller, and he's learning how to read the future and people's mind. He tells her he knows that for her, Amma is a fixture, and all her happiness and all her sadness she wants to share with her Amma. He knows that much. He says she can go share her happiness with her Amma if she wants. He says if she wants he will accompany her to Amma, that is if she wants.

Precap: Runjhun drinks Thandai (cold drink made mainly of almonds, milk and other nuts, and sweet spices) and Guddu comes and stops her. He asks her what she is doing, and she says she's drinking Thandai, as it is too hot. She tells him to drink too, as it is very nice. He says he knows it is very nice, because it has Bhang in it (Marijuana) . Guddu asks Runjhun how much she drank. Runjhun says four glasses, and looks sad.

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Thanx for the update. Waiting to see what Devi will do. Confused
 Woweee, R drinking bhang, now that is one must see scene. Smile
Loveeed the last scene! Smile

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:05am | IP Logged
so, runjhun will be on a high. ROFL love to see that.  thanks so much for the update wafah. 

hmmm... what could runjhun have been thinking when she saw guddu in his shirt...maybe

"my husband is so handsome"

whatever it was she was thinking, all i know is that SHE was checking HIM out.  FINALLY!!!

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Thanks Wafah for the great update..
Today episode is really sweet aparts from M&Ms..
Guddu and Runjhun were cute in the last scene..
Pre-cap: Poor Runjhun! LOL Can't wait to see how Guddu will handle her! It gonna to be awesome! LOL

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Nice update , Thanks
So we'll see The "Bhang Special " in  tomorrow's episode ...

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged
ROFL!!! she drank Bhang!! nice!! i hope we get a nice funny epi tmrw..thanks wafah for the wonderful updt!

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Thanks for an excellent update...
I do not want any misunderstanding between GR...

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:24am | IP Logged
Super update as always Wafah. You rock

He corners her and they both look at each other (this is the part where I shake my head)


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