Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
@Ari...beautiful the textStarClap...Hug
and superlove your post tooEmbarrassed...Star Star Star
Congo for the 150th episode...PartyDancing..this beautiful love story..this beautiful journey of arjun and arohi...has been a pleasure to feel and watchHeartHeartHeart...n in this journey i have met my wonderful ML we r now like a close family...HugHug...super sad that we can't have anymore epi's than thisDisapprove...but it's best for KMH2 to end than tolerating so much injustice to the show...Cry Cry Cry
gosh..!! what shall i rite?!!...totally disappointed wid the episode...i feel as if DVs are not interested in this show at all!! which is why we cannot see the passion and effort we were expecting from them to put in the remaining epi's...instead of going uphill...they r dropping downhill...n that too very badlyThumbs Down..i still don't understand what is wrong with them..??..why are they making these epi's so bad and making it so painful for us...??Cry Cry Cry...i really wanted to enoy these last few epi's...enjoy every moment, every arjuhi scene...i wanted everything to go so well and hope to see things we wanted to see in the last few epi's...n rite now i am seeing every dream n every hope getting shattered in front of me...Cry Broken hurts so badly!! why r DVs hell bent on ruining such a beautiful love story?!! why are they ruining KMH2?? why are they ruining the esscence of the show..?? for Gods sake KMH2 is a Passionate and Intense Love Story NOT sum stupid, dragging family drama!! what have they been eating?!! dumb food?!!Stern Smile Angry Angry Angry ...this is not the CVs we appreciated for their work in the initial epis of KMH2...i fele as if we r seeing sum CVs that don't care abt KMH2, are not bothered and just want this to end...Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
Coming to the episode...was not even pleased with arjuhi's scenes todayOuch...mainly because of repetitive dialogues and the dialogues itself were pretty poorThumbs Down..this is whysumthimes i miss Rekha Modi's dialogues from season one..because each dialogue had so mucn depth..n had it's onw magic..i also agree that this season's dialogues have been great too!! n there r many which i love n cherish...but some of the dialogues this season have been repetitve and just not so gudOuch...n again we had to see a FB wid Saibo in the BG..Sleepy...arjun being scared to lossing arohi has he had lost his mum before was understandable..n den arohi's dialouges...hume koi alag nahi kar sakta!! Cry...where the hell has the creativity gone?!!Confused..n what is this?!! we don't want a Tatto dikhai of the tattoo wala banda..we want his Muh dikhai n his end!!Angry.. we have such a beautiful and original title track...just for KMH2..why the hell aren't they using it?!!Censored..the song isn't dere as a showpieceAngry...such a waste of a beautiful songlooks like our efforts in sending PB messages has gone vain..because he is not interested at all..AngryOuch...doesn't he realise how much it hurts?!! we r humans after all n have feelings and sentiments as well...we love this show and the reason we sumtimes criticise them is because we want the best for our show..!! we want the CVs to improve next tym we get a epi!! thats how we can get a long running show...but sumtimes i think because of the fact that CVs didn't improve..KMH2 is going off wouldn't hurt if you guys could take some time and effort to come to ML and read our feedback, take it in and try to improve..if you had done this from day one then maybe KMH2 hadn't been going off air and you guys wud have been appreciated alot instead of recieving bashings!!...but from the past few weeks you guys have bee very uncreative and very laid back...Thumbs Down..this is not at all professional...the last episode has been shot so we can't expect anything the DVs shud changeCry Cry Cry...which is making me very scared now...what is in store for us in the next 2 epi's?? seeing a SR n Aman-preet ka khawab...will remain a dream even this season...Cry Cry Cry Cry ..
why are we getting an overdose of Ullu's?!! and arohi being upset that Ullu's didn't cum to collect her was understandable..but why is she feeling guilty for being rude to her chachu?!! doesn't she see how rude they were to her?!!Confused...really..arjuhi don't need Ullu's..they can live their life with each other onlyHeart...arjun deciding to go to his mum's house wid arohi was gud...warna luking at DVs and Ullu's i had thot they were planning to make arjun their Ghar Jamai because they kept talking abt brining them both homeDead...after seeing arjuhi in arjun's mum house, i was hoping to see a nice romantic scene wid intense dialogues today..but that didn't happen...Broken Heart..why are DVs making us suffer so badly..what have we ever done to dem?!! isn't it enuf that KMH2 comes on a channel thay never ever respected, appreciated the show and KK2...and also that the last epi is on Thurday..n that we have DVs hu just dnt care and r killing the love story n turning it into family drama..?? and no way i want a sequel to KMH2!! i will die!! i dnt mind having KMH3..but as long as we get to see it in another channel that will treat it equally and give KK2 a chance to get the success they longly deserve..i dnt mind if KK2 cum in a new show completely...i just want them to b happy and for their show not to go thru any injustice.
I am done for today...sorry it's long n sorry i didn't say much abt the epiOuch

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Very bad  .Angry.Aaj toh even Arjuhi par gussa aa raha tha .ConfusedLagta hai ullu's ne chupe se script balde de taki unki aur band naa baje .arre jo dialogs ullu's ko bolne the woh Arjuhi bol rahe the .ShockedWacko this is the only logic  which I can give for the mess in dialogs in the today's episode Ouch.

Some times I really don't understand why Arjun behave like door mat. Koi bhi aao kuch bhi karo , bolo aur chale jao but he will be always good. First time I felt that Arjun needs to clear the facts : us ghar ne use uski maa nahi chini ' it was one of the ullu who snatch away your childhood from u .Ouch

Nothing much to write as there was more of ullu panti Sleepy& I don't want to trouble my finger writing about them .

Lots of Love to MR Totta and Mrs Maina .Heart pls move beyond papa ' beti hug .D'oh yahi haal raha toh Aman preet kabhi nahi aaye ge hi nahi.ConfusedLOL

Tatto man is getting into my nerves. ConfusedJab bhi Arjuhi hug karte hai woh aata hai aur chala jata hai .jab bina kuch kare jana hota hai toh aata kyon hai OuchLOL.

Ok as far as sequel is concerned I think that imagine is giving lollipop to us so that for the sake of KMH we will still stick to it . if they are planning some thing like this  then why not  there is any official confirmation from imagines. There is no need to take break like this , they are having many empty slots . they would have easily shifted  KMH to it . they know that RKR is at stake as they have done a blunder by axing KMH & GKD. This is just a trick by themAngryAngry .

Only two episodes are remaining 'kya kare ge Confused. Ullu's time se nahi pahuche achi baat hai , hum chate bhi nahi the but where Romit , shafali , billu, sanchet and simi Confused

But one thing for sure I am going to be off Imagine After KMH ..why to watch a channel who don't care for the sentiments of its viewers Angry.

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ari wonderful siggie SmileClap
congrats  for 150 epis!!

Pata nahi main kya likhu, kya nahi ..this emo explains my state right now -->Ouch i was left feeling disheartened, helpless, exasperated and sad after having watched the epi. Really thought today's epi was gonna be a 'feel good epi' and by the end of it we would be left smiling, but boy, oh boy! was i wrong or what Ouch

I can't pin point anything positive as the ullus were once again dominant, practically taking up half of epi Thumbs Down, leaving arjuhi  to be sidelined Ouch even the dialogues were VERY poor today Thumbs Down why is this happening now? why so much screen space for ullus now? when there are only 2 episodes left for the show to conclude..or that's what i'm assuming at least, as i'm hoping that the rumour about a sequel is false.

HATED the way the epi started off by showing the ullu brothers asking for forgiveness from bua Thumbs Down it was unnecessary and wasted a good few mins.
HATED  the way arohi confided guiltily in arjun. Absoloutely hated the dilaogues here. Why should she be made to feel guilty?? did she do anything wrong? i think you'll find the answer to that is NO!! it's her family, who did so much nainsaafi with her and her husband, that should be feeling guilty...NOT HER!!! i didn't like arjun's dialogues either!

So Arohi thinking that her family is still naraaz with her (really not liking thisAngry) as they haven't come to pick them up and arjun tryng to console her, decide to go to the bhoot bangla...good move...such a shame it was totally ruined by what happened after this!

Next more overdose of ullus Dead don't even want to comment. What's the point, it was nothing worth watching, so just forwarded it Sleepy

Next arjun we see arjun and arohi in the bhoot bangla, where arjun informs her about his fear of losing her, as he lost his mother (Seriously i can't even recall the dialogues and scenes properly because they were so dull, so i'm sorry if anything is incorrect.)
anyway they hug and have a flashback (once againSleepy) with the song 'saibo' as the bg. Like everyone else i am sick and tired of  asking for the title track *sighs*  why bother going through the trouble of making it when it wasn't gonna be used anyway? what a waste of a beautiful song.
In the midst of this, the tattoo shooter, who is being made to stalk his ass off comes to the scene...and he graces us with his special appearance AGAIN!! sirf muh dikhayi ki baaki hai...but in the mean time he should be given a burkha to make his silhouette undistinguishable LOL
there was no need for him to appear on the scene really Thumbs Down

ok coming to the last part, we saw rajvir chachu embarking on his latest mission of 'find the tattoo guy if you can' Sleepy ffed the whole can't comment on it really!!

all in all, i am utterly disappointed with the epi today because we were hoping for beautiful arjuhi moments, which we can cherish but aisa kuch nahi hua, instead we sat there and wasted like 20mins of our lives...gosh i could've done so many things in those 20 mins Ouch
dukh iss baat ki hai.. ki CVs ne jo beautiful love story shuru kiya isse vaisa beautiful ending nahi de paya (i know it hasn't ended but after watching today's epi i have lost my hopesOuch)
CVs you guys were given a deadline and all you had to do was plan and work towards it...we even suggested ideas, so you could've just taken them..honestly! you guys had potential but it was all flushed down the loo...such a shame really!

god give us strength to pull through these last two episodes, pata nahi what is waiting ahead of us Ouch 

p.s. we DO NOT want a sequel...we have had ENOUGH of the alhuwaliya family, can't tolerate them anymore...if kitani is to come back, then we want a new story!
(really don't know why i'm writing this, it's not like they listen to us anyway)

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hi ML ians... ts been ages dat i have wrote smthng here d main thng s am very week in writing cmnts  n i love to read ur views bt today i thnk i have to write smthng...
frst of all i congratulate d whole kmh team fr cmpleteing 150 epis..Clap

n abt todays episode .. i just njoyed arjuhi scenes...Embarrassed
Arjun was totally good !! as far as his comedies i cd c karan in dat !! TOTHA SINGHANIA lolLOL
initially i thnk d ullus + lovdep scene was nt needed dey made it long n i wd have loved it if dere was enuff tyme bt nw dere r many thngs to b rvealed n CVS r still after smal family scenes..Sleepy
i cd fel arohi's emotions bt she cd have been more strong ...she need nt feel gulty n say dat her fMILY MEMBERS WERE NARAAZ WTH HER..Angry
i mean dey were never ryt n hw cd she thnk dat dadu will allow ds to happen??/
blah blah n arjun also asked d same lyk arohi ...Confused
anyways deir decision to move to ajun's real house was a good !! Clap
thank god dey dint ask fr anyones help...Tongue
btw 1 doubt hw dis KILLER cmes everywhere n dat too wth d same dress ...eeewww frst he shd change hs costume...i mean in public hw cd he wear ds  ?? ROFL

abt ullus i loved amrit she was fabulous as a mom desp f daughter n othersss ...Sleepy
esp i was literally laughing at chachu's kasam !!
uffo man hw many tymes he ll take dis???ShockedLOL
n where s sanchit ?? do we have to add him in d missing ppls list?? Crypheww n where s billo romi shefo simi?? dese cvs ...i wanna kill dem ! Angry
oh yeah i missed one.. today dey gave us an explanation scene of an expected blooper !! dats  ullus scene in police station where dey were nt aware of   arjuhi's release...
otherwise we all had to guess ab dese thngs na...Wink
i thnk in dese last epis cvs r concentratin on family scenes n explanations n 4geeting d MAIN points...
pheww am concluding ..thnku buddies fr reading ds Big smile

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Dunno i'll edit or not!! Depends on wen i watch the epi!!

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Though i wished in ysday's lounge but wishing again ..CONGRATS 4 COMPLETING 150 EPISODES ...ClapClapClapClapClap but the countdown has started Cry

Now abt 2day's show ..the most boring episode so far ..yawnSleepySleepySleepySleepy n bounced over my head .

i need to clear so many things b4 writing actual take :-

1. y was arohi crying Confused instead of being happy that she is now out n arjun is safe , they r free y she was crying Confused . she was wanting to settle down with him at some far place na now what hppnd Confused suddnly adarsh beti ne adarsh patni par kabza kaise kiya Ouch. use to ye sochna chahiye tha that her family did so much bad to him so they should apologise 4 it . but rona QuestionOuch

2. allu family's drama in whole show ShockedAngryDead y Question what's d need now . n arjun arohi allu house mein kyun jaye  Ouch that was so unbearable 4 me . AngryDead . but thank god nahi gaye.

3. n where is singhu family ...arey atleast show dadi n rashi ..who were so close to them n suddnly arjun bhi bhool gaya n said to arohi that now u r only person in my life .ShockedOuch

4. where is the gang of friends Confused poore struggle mein the ab kahan gaye ShockedConfused

so overall there r too many loopholes . n show is going downward . n i m just not interested to see that who was d shooter ,arjun ke bachpan ka raaz etc etc ...only 2 episodes left ...n now no chance 4 improvement ...n 2day is the last day of shooting .Ouch

n acc to nitin' sts ..their is some gun shot shooting is going on bw 2 ppl n 1 will die . so after watching 2day's episode i think chachu hi to kahin marne wale nahi  ..or shooter ko jail LOL
or d way arjun was saying that this home is unlucky 4 him as last time mom cheen li to this time arohi to nahi ShockedShocked or may b arohi ko bachate hue chachu ka d end ho jayega Confused n aise arjun ko apni mom ki death ka insaaf mil jayega Shocked pata nahi what i m thinking lolLOL

n 1 more thing acc to that article that cvs r changing d culprit 4m mikhael to sm1 else . hmm may b bcoz uska chehra already reveal ho gaya tha Confused but who cares now Ouch

anyways ending jo bhi ho ..but i m only intrested to see ARJUHI'S saaf safai 2omro .LOL n 2day d highlight was tota - maina thing LOL so NOW MR. TOTA N MRS.MAINA SINGHANIA IS BUSY IN MAINTAINING THEIR GHOSLA LOLROFL

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Congratulations on completion of 150 episodesEmbarrassed We wanted more n more to come but sighCry
Big Disappointment DeadDead
Extra footage to Ullus n RajveerAngry Total wastage of the whole episode except the Arjuhi scenes at Arjun's mom's homeEmbarrassed 
Dnt understand why CVs are more intersted in showing Ullus drama in the final episodes tooAngry n that shooter is getting on my nerves nowAngry kahi pe bhi ghus jata hain n aaya hain toh kuch kar na..bas darshan deke chal diyaAngry Kuch karega toh hi pakda jayegaD'oh
Not in the mood to write takeDead

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