Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge#131[24/5:Epi-151]

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Ok Before We Start With Our Regular Business Of Everyday...We Know No One Is In Mood Of Any Celebration As Of Now But Our KMH2 Has Completed 150 Episodes Full Of Mohabbat Lets Congratulate And Thank Our Beloved Kmh2 Team For Bringing Such A Beautiful Show And Giving Us So Many Sweet Memories...Congratulations To the Whole KMH Team On Behalf Of Us MLians Thank You For Making Us Laugh,Cry,Angry,Sad,Confused,Happy,Lovestruck And Making Us Feel So Many More Such Beautiful Emotions And Above All Thank You For Showing Us Kitani Mohabbat Hai...Kitani Is Ending But It Will Always Be In Our Heart And Its Memories Will Always Be Cherished In Our Hearts...Kitani Will Always Be Our Baby...Thank You For Making Us A Part Of Such An Awesome Journey Of Love...
Hearty Congratulations For Completing 150 Episodes...Every Ending Paves Way For a New Beginning...New And Better Opportunities Are Waiting For All Of You Ahead Of KMH...We Wish You All The Very Best For Your Future And Loads Of Success And Happiness...

We are here to discuss about the show
Kitani Mohabbat Hai
Start sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments; however,not to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
3. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
4. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
5First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for Mohabbat lounge"

*Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team*

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Link 2 d previous thread:
Mohabbat Lounge#130[23/5: Epi-150]

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Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
HeartThank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our livesHeart
*Credits* -Sanju- <<- we love you..HugHugHug

So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for Arjuhi


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TeekhiMishti IF-Sizzlerz

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Blank,Numb,Disgusted,Dissapointed...So many emotions about todays episode dont at all feel like writing take about kitani ullupanti hai from DVs and here is the song for the day from my side i so feel this justifies what i m feeling like asking DVs...Kyunki itna pyaar kmh ko hum karte hai ullupanti se jaan loge kya humari CryAngry

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beautiful siggie & very good speech miss SMART
just watched the epi now. 
very short Arjuhi scenes & flashbacks but the only worthy part to watch in the epi.  But the rest was a waste of time & has made so many wierd stuff come to my mind. At this stage i am thinking so many wierd predictions. looks like i have totally gone mad today. Oh god cv's have made me crazy.
seems like i will be needing anger management classes by friday when KMH ends. CV's are making me so angry & i control it. ok i am angry & crazy today so nothing written here will be in order. but i hope to make sense.
For all the ullu's why waste time on them at all i fail to understand. Cv's r wasting our time too aswell as their's i don't even want to write about them. But CV's had this coming when the epi started with the ullu's so ab bhugto. Humare sar mein dard karwa diya ab aap ke sar mein bhi hona chaiye.
So they are waiting for Arjuhi. Another nonsense i understand they don't have brains but we do & need it so can't give any to them but pls spare us. If thier law works on allowing who Arjuhi can & can't meet & the jailer was KSA's friend then how come he won't listen if the ullu's had told or asked for Arjuhi to be taken home. Not that i want them to.  But seriously they could have come to meet them waited for Arjuhi if they were so desparate to meet them & take them home they should have beentheir 1st thing in the morning. They could have waited till they were released till then turn by turn asked for forgiveness. It was the least they could after all they had done to them. 
I loved arjuhi moments but what the heck all the dialogues were mixed up they were speaking lines that belonged to the ullu's. How can Arohi feel guilty & eager to seek forgiveness. Cos the person in the wrong should be feeling like this & all she has done is give the ullu's answers back to their nonsense & tried to knock some sense to them.But first they should ask for forgivness then Arohi feeling bad at all she said is justified but not required cos she is not at fault.
Cos of Arjuhi dialogues our sweet Arjuhi moments got cursed.So I am trying to ignore that so I could enjoy my last Arjuhi moments even though u have fully ruined all this.The haveli scene was good & karan at his new talent singing 1 or 2 lines was great. I am going to miss this so much. Both were amazing. I hope Arjun's fear of losing arohi is not a hint cos i can't trust cv's. And what was the need of Mickey popping up is he 24/7 monitoring them.This is so difficult to digest. And did he just pop to show his tattoo & see Arjuhi romance. Totally ridiculous why would he come their just to go back after seeing their romance.
I am having so many weird predictions at this stage that  I dont even want to mention cos I dont want to put words in CV's mouths cos never know when they pop through. but today's article & updates have made me crazy with wild idea's which only have start & no end to them.
And Rajveer turns up shouting at the officer who let them early.I thought they should be happy that they are out but instead they are pondering over the fact that  why they were released early & where they have gone. of course it would be hard for him to trying to find them  cos theese ullu's can't do any work of searching them.instead will ask god for help.
And now his dead brain has come alive & is trying to put 2 + 2 together.If only he had done this earlier this would have not dragged on too much.Just hope he solves this without god's help.
No point requesting for anything from cv's cos recession is high & they have cheap khichidi ready to serve us.even though we are not interested in eating it but as if they care.

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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awesome siggy ari... happy 150th KMH!!Hug
tota mynah ki kahani mein ullu kya kar rahe hai bhai!!Confused *aksh scratching head*

epi starts wid ullupanti.. aksh scrams to fastforward, but watched for bua.. i have one question though, if CVs are so interested in showing Ullu's drama, they should have shown daddu going to pick up bua from wherever she was staying after she left home na.. khair.. bechari itne saare ullus ke ghere me khadi hai,unhe thodi company de di.. but cudnt bear the dialogues.. toh mute kar diya..LOL title track sun liya instead.. phir arjuhi screen pe aaye.. n the song was still on in my ears.. n it looked so beautiful watching arjuhi nok jhok wid the title song on!!Day Dreaming then song ended, i rewinded the scene n watched wid dialogues this time..wished i hadn't..Broken Heart

loved the scene until the hug.. then starts the ullupanti of the dialogue writers..Angry

"woh log hume lene aaye honge na, tumhe lagta hai, itna sab hone ke baad bhi humari family hume accept kar legi?" - accept?? Dialogue Writers (DW) seriously??Stern Smile accuse unhone kiya, ghar se bahar arohi ko unhone nikala, jail dono ko unhone bheja, aur maafi arjuhi maange? aap ka dimaag kya ghaas charne gaya hai? plz bring back Aprajita Sharma and Divy Nidhi Sharma.. they did such a mindblowing job and now this.. plz don't change DW in the middle of the show.. well this is not middle but u get the point.. changing DW means new DW don't rem the older work n so write disconnected lines!! Thumbs Down

"obviously accept kar legi na, i mean.. humare dushman thode hi hai woh log? choti si, nahi badi si misunderstanding ho gayi thi. but sab kuch clear ho gaya ab" eh hello!! MU unko hui thi.. toh maafi bhi wahi maangege.. arjun aur arohi ne acchai aur sacchai ka theka nahi le rakkha ke har kisi ko maaf karte phire, aur jab galti unki nahi...maafi maangna toh dur ki baat hai!!Angry

"i know par, rajvir chachu, mein unse kitni rude thi. woh abhi tak mujhse naraaz honge na" aur jo chachu ne kiya uska kya? chachu se rude hona padha tha kyunki woh khud tumhari insult pe insult kare jaa rahe the.. why shud arohi feel for chachu? chachu ne kaunsa teer mara ke arohi shud feel guilty? agreed she shud feel bad coz shez younger so she shud show her morals n feel bad.. but doesnt mean she has to worry abt manaofying him.. she shud also think abt arjun who has suffered a lot at chachu's hands! Ouch

"tumhe idea hai tumhare family wale kitna pyar karte hai tumse!! bahar, laddoo leke, band baja leke tumhara intezaar kar rahe honge!" ullus ka pyar toh hum sab ne dekha hai.. jab marzi aaya tab gale laga liya, jab marzi na hui, toh darwaze se bahar.. arjuhi tissue paper nahi ki use kiya aur phenk diya.. unhe toh iss baat ki bhi khabar nahi hui ke ye dono 2 hours pehle choot gaye.. if i were at fault n i wanted to rectify it, i wudnt wait for 5 PM.. i wud have reached at 12 PM at jail to talk to them n clear the air long before they even got out..i wudnt be able to live wid myself knowing someone i love n care has misunderstood me.. ullus se toh ye umeed nahi thi but DW.. aap se toh umeed laga sakte hai na?Stern Smile

"woh log lene nahi aaye!! unhone ab tak mujhe maaf nahi kiya...woh ab bhi humse naraaz hai" they are not in a position to be naraaz.. haq naraaz hone ka tumhara hai!!Shocked

"Ye jaanne ke baad bhi jo hua usme hamari koi galti nahi thi, un logon ne phir bhi hume maaf nahi kiya.. lagta hai humare family members hum se kuch zyada hi naraaz hai.. " and then finally i concluded.. only one possible explanation.. the notes got exchanged.. arjun's lines got mixed wid rajvir's.. arjun was supposed to say, "mein arohi ko iss haveli mein lekar hi aaunga.. aur usko saaf karke hi rahenge, nahi toh mein unclean home maintenance ke jurm mein wapas jail chala jaunga!!"

"ho sakta hai humare families ko humari zarurat nahi hai, toh kya tum abb apni saari zindagi mere saath bitane ke liye tayyar ho?" and there you are, itne tute phute trials ke baad, DW ka first success.. ek logical line.. arjun indirectly proposing arohi.. isnt this their first proposal guys? pehle toh ainvayi shaadi kar li thi na.. but famiily ko inki zarurat ho na ho, arjuhi ko aise families ki zarurat bilkul nahi.. but wait a sec.. families??Shocked iss story mein toh ek hi family thi na..Confused ... ... ... o wait.. kuch kuch yaad aa raha hai.. there was another family wid whom ullus ki jamti nahi thi.. .. .. .. o ya!!! Arjun has a family.. the Singhanias..  CVs n DWs.. where are the Singhanias? Koi quota system hai kya? ek time pe ek hi family dikhegi, aur dusre family ka member sirf represent karne roz 10 sec ka shot dega.. jaise aaj kal micky kar raha hai Wink

rajvir finding out arjuhi left early, ullu trio thinking what arjuhi must have thought!! ye sochne ke jagah, u shud be thinking why u werent at work during duty hours!!! nalaayak, vardi utar ke phenk de!!Angry

"Unke bina ghar bohot sunaa sunaa lagta hai" am sure mind mein soch rahe honge, ki ghar nahi.. unke bina toh jail suna suna hi lag raha hai!!Evil Smile

amrit keeping her character n shedding tears for being misunderstood by arjuhi!! again.. rona unko chahiye ke unhe itne bade MU ka shikaar hona padha, woh bhi apni hi familiy ke haathon!!Angry

arjun arohi come to bhoot bangla in ari's words...Day Dreaming iss din ka kabse intezaar tha.. ke ye dono aayenge, iss bhoot bangle ko ghar banayenge.. yahan pe apna ghar basayenge.. par nahi.. inko toh in deewaron ki baatein sun ni hai D'oh
"jaanti ho, iss ghar ki har deewar pe meri yaadein basi hui hai!! har kamre mein koi na koi kissa hai mera.. " arjun was 2 yrs old then.. DWs r u telling me he remembers such details? or in the few hrs that he hung out in that house, he found these memories that hez talking about?? wrong move DWs Thumbs Down

Saibo BG!! me won't pull my hair this time.. its too precious to waste on u morons.. where is that title track!! har roz, har take mein yaad dilate hai.. par aapko toh baaki movies ko promote karna hai.. i dont see u promoting the show as much anywhere.. how dare u guyz complain that there are no TRPs Angry Ekta Maam i have respect for you, but my patience is waning.. using songs to promote ur movies, great tactic.. but there is such a thing called too much n u dont seem to be getting that.. draw the line somewhere plzz

"mein arjun aur arohi ko iss ghar mein wapas leke aaunga, chahe mujhe kuch bhi karna pade.. aur ab iss ghar me tabhi kadam rakhunga jab arjun aur arohi mere saath honge!!"
so then can we have our hopes high not to see your face ever again??Day Dreaming but DWs.. ye kya? why is chachu being the drama queen here? as far as i remember, woh kaam amrit ka tha.. n iss story ke leads to arjun arohi hain.. toh beech me ye chachu kyu itna footage kha rahe hai?? this line was completely unnecessary here..

cute nokjhok of arjuhi..scene of the day! 
"Ye ghosla hai, mein tota aur tum mynah!!" 
"Mr. tota singhania, i love u"
end mein baaz ko tota bana diya??Shocked khair, they looked cute.. n that scene was very sweet.. much needed for this episode to be even considered as part of this show.. nahi toh u can easily delete this episode, n still the story will flow smoothly.

chachu ka ye scene ram punjabi ke murder wale episode ke baad hona chahiye tha!! but finally police ko yaad aa hi gyaa.. CVs very disappointed with the way police have been portrayed here.. they r biased, presumptuous, arrogant, greedy and vile. Please Indian police ki image aisa toh nahi hai!!Ouch

flashback of arohi's insults, flashback of arjuhi sweet moments. waste of time n purely used to fill the minutes.. u cud have showed new moments of arjuhi.. unke pichle scenes dekhne hote toh hum woh episode dobara dekh lete na.. Disapprove

micky mouse ki muh dikhayi..
ye kab hoga?? micky saab aaye, dekha..oh arjun arohi abhi shweet shweet baatein kar rahe hai.. theek hai.. karne doh, baad mein aake goli maarta hun.. abhi maarunga toh bohot insensitive lagunga!! u specifically made him come n turn back so that u cud show his tattoo!! r u mad? u have shown 'amazing' camera angles ke talent before na.. why not show tattoo from behind him.. why make him turn back.. 

On the whole this episode was a technical disaster recipe.. bad plot, bad BG, bad dialogues, bad logic, Thumbs Down yet again arjun n arohi were required to save the show!!! CVs ne shuru kiya tha love story.. ab ye dastaan sirf nafrat ki reh gayi hai, woh nafrat jo hum CVs aur Imagine se karte hai!! i declare myself disappointed.. o wait.. i did that last wk already.. k i continue my disappointed status quo.. ab bas hummer mein baitho, seatbelts lagao, aur wait karo ki CVs aayenge aur baaki 2 episodes ko apne haathon se gala ghont ke samandar mein phenk denge!!Cry

p.s. Karan Kritz we love you, and hope to see you on screen again soon. mwah!! Good work KMH Team.. jo bhi tha.. effort toh lagaya na..Approve

add: just read kavya's take n want to iterate the same since CVs ko ek baar mein samajhne ki aadat nahi.. if u r planning on leaving this show at a cliffhanger n start a sequel.. forget it.. don't want sequel of this track. iska chapter aur book dono yahi khatam karo.. plzz u have more than emphasized that humne kitni badi galti ki season2 maang kar.. 
if at all there is a KMH3..Learn from your previous mistakes.. n here is ML ka gyaan 1) make it a new story, 2) plz confirm the whole plot before you start shooting, 3) don't get amnesia in the middle of the season. 4) dont change CVs, Directors, Dialogue writers and script writers during the season. 5) keep the plot central to the main lead since the theme of this show is love story.. we r not interested in side story!! 6) most importantly don't air it in Imagine!! 7) have a title track, a title track video and remember to use it well during the season. 

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Ari  beautiful siggie and opening post .   Congrats to the team for completing  150 episodes.  Clap.  wish we got another 50 more. 
 Karan Kritika  - Brilliant  Clap , Come back soon.
Cast and Crew -  Good job Clap
Coming to the episode - Utterly Disappointed.   No title track , again flashbacks with a song , no good arjuhi scenes , nothing constructive happened , waste of time , waste of resources.
dialouges  -  Thumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs Down  leave aside the ullus today I did not like  even arohi and arjun's dialouges.   Why the hell is arohi  worried about  what her family will think Angry  and  why is arjun also  convincing her that they wont be mad  Angry ,  who cares what they think, they should be the ones who must  worry about what  arjun and arohi are going to say to them.    hated it simply hated it . Angry.   no offence  but  wish that  the old dialouge writers were still there. 
CVs -  Thumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs Down  You do remember that the  leads of  KMH are Karan and Kritika and  the  story  of  KMH  is  about  Arjun and Arohi right ?  no offence  but wish that the old CVs were still there,  they  atleast  had  a vision of Arjuhi's love story and gave us wonderful sweet and passionate moments.   but now we are not  getting them , and especially when the show is ending we expected more of arjuhi and we hardly see them for  4- 5 mins.  Disappointed big time.
Only thing I liked is ,  arjun's  fear that he might loose  someone close to him again,  but again it is a repetitive dialouge, already heard many times in the show,   and the total maina  dialouge (remembered after reading shika's take).
ffed all  ahullu  scenes  including bua , daddu and whoever , not worthy of wathcing Dead.  but came to know that  they miss meeting arjuhi ,  I so wanted them to meet arjuhi and arjun should have said NO THANKYOU to them and walked away with arohi ,    why were we not shown that
 Angry and now  chachu is going to find  the  shooter,  suddenly  ghyanoday  hua isko ki  arohi bhi kuch  edidence ke baare mein bata rahi thi,    so  where was this akal and buddhi before ?  Angry  now that  KSA himself has said arjun is innocent  he suddenly believes  in arohi ?  what a waste of time  in giving him so much footage ,  hated that  arohi  also  still thinks that  she spoke rude  to this chachu who had not believed her earler Dead and now believes only because  arjun is proved innocent .  Disappointed   big  time .  
Below average episode Thumbs Down
 Arjun challenging God yday , to prove their love wrong,  saying picture abhi baaki hai ,  and in SBS today karan was saying something about  who his parents could be,  I might be wrong but  are the makers planning a Sequel for this season?   If so  I would say   finish  this now itself  one more maha episode and  finish the season.   want a  new  story  for  Season 3 with Karan Kriitka as Arjun and Arohi again .  I cannot bear the  fake  ahluwalia family anymore if there is a sequel at all.   

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Cry..feel like crying loudly!...such a waste episode! much footage given to ullus and clown rajveer!..Angry..just two more episodes to go and they are still showing flash backs and tatoo picture! now i have fully learnt by heart the exact pic of tatoo!..LOL..LOL
 cant believe its just 150 episodes and kmh is ending!..and its not even ending its being killed in every possible way!.. the way the episodes are being shown with no logic ! hurts!..i know its coz of the crap channel that the CVs have to rush it but we are also humans we have a limit to our assumption!..Angry...

on a serious note the clown chachu's scenes are getting on my nerves!..the actor playing the role of rajveer is so bad!. at acting!..for example in todays scene when daddu ,bua and other ullu brothers were having a convo rajveer's expressions were so pathetic! was as if he din know wat to do!..Dead..and yet we have to bear more of him till the end..Cry...

arjuhi convo was the only thing worthy!..yet their dialogues din impress me much!..Ouch..but still it was a relief from ullus torture!..

now i have been thinking deeply ...imagine tv ppl are so cruel and senseless!..i mean it was their show only ! can they treat it like that!..wat wud have happened if they gave few more months extension to kmh 2? wud they die? .
the way they treated kmh this time was unbearable!..and the ending doesnt seem like ending its like KILLING the show !..

so far the journey of kmh 2 has been great ! has given us wonderfull moments !...kudos to CVs and the karan kritz and the other cast who deserve a big round of applause!..Clap..hope karan kritz  come back soon with a bigger project!..and on a bigger channel!.Embarrassed..good luck and loads of love to karanika!..

and if the CVs are thinking of ending the show on a cliffhanger and come back with a sequel!..the cvs A BIG NO ..WE DONT WANT A SEQUEL TO KMH 2..WE CANT BEAR THE AHLUWALIYA FAMILY AND THE CHARACTERS!...PLS END IT THIS SEASON ONLY!..

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-SweetGirl- IF-Rockerz

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Another Lame and waste Epi..OuchI m soo mad with writers & CV'sOuch..Why these people cant do full justice with their Job...They are hell bent to show Such Dragged Melo Drama of Ahuwalia's and Arohi's chachu..Sleepy

Arjuhi's Scene was alwayz Really nice when they came out from Jail..Specially Arjun's Naughyness makes it more adorable...But I dint get Arohi at all When she was talking about her family...Is It her family that need to be forgiven or She !OuchDid she commited mistake or her family...IOuchWhy still she wish her family to come..I wish she wanted to keep away her family .Who never bothered to trust or support her when she needed it most..When she was all alone in this nasty world...OuchArjun again behaved so nice & matured even to explain her family and When she was disapponted when she dint find her family..Big smile
Arohi..I think you dont need anyone when you hv yr arjun..Specially that stupid and Brainless Family..Please leave yr Family jaap..You hv wonderful life & lifepartner ...Live & Love life with them !
Arjun bring Arohi to his mom's house.Star..Great !.That was Good idea..Thanks for showing atleast this much nice CV's...Now Let them live happily in their Gosala without any intrupption of Ahuwalia and Chachu...
I wish Arjun try to find out his mother's culprit and punish them hard...But for now thats wish on Hold..I just want Cv's show Arjuhi's happy married life for god sake..
Last Scene was really adorable..Tota..Maina..Ghosala and all...EmbarrassedAww Arjuhi's Ashiyana Gonna be ready soon..Cant wait those cute moments of them in new house until Chachu or Tatto man come & ruin it..Ouch
Ab Chachu ne Nai Pratigya Li hai ! TongueArjuhi searching operation Ki ! - ConfusedOuch I hope like his every Kasam ye bhi puri na hi ho..LOLEmbarrassedWink
Again they wasted thalf of the show with Ahuwalia's apology and express of Guilt and alll...Pls CV's This is Kitni Mohabbat haiStar..Its all about Arjun & ArohiStar...Where are they Ouch..We hardly get few moments of them..Why  you guys are such a stupid..OuchI feel like come & scold you guys hard to waste such great lead actor's potential and Good story base..
PS : Kitni Mohbbat Hai Completed 150 EpisodsStar...Such appreciatble mile stone for anyshowClap...Congrates to whole team and Karnika on such occasion...I know the bitter reality standing in front of us that for now KMH is taking rest for while to get Better and come back with BangBig smile...I wish and Pray to god That there is many more Great achievements to come for the Show - Which is Brand it self and Great Artists Karan & Karitika ..and whole team brough us this show...God Bless you all..!Thanks ..Its been one of the Best Youth based show I hv watched till the date..Which Guarntee to entertain you for half and hour you give It to itStar!

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